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Blog Posted:6/13/2022 6:49:00 PM


Thank you so much for entering my Rubaiyat contest and congratulatins to all the winners for your wonderful poems.  

Reasons for NA's ...

syllables off should be 8 syllables per line

rhyming off , true or near rhymes were acceptable but it had to rhyme

no date written noted

no contest or sponsor noted

no theme chosen noted

presentation sloppy

quote used but with no writer noted

form required not correct should be 5 stanzas, 20 lines, 8 sylls per line

New contest posted - any form - about women in my family see the contest description for all the details.

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Date: 6/14/2022 7:46:00 AM
Sotto, thank you so much for the inspiration and the contest and my great placement. I have to NA poems for the same reasons in my contests, what else can we do. Congrats to all your winners, blessings ~Constance
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Date: 6/13/2022 10:51:00 PM
Thanks so much for showcasing this fun poetry form and for my placement. Congrats to all your winners.
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8/10/2022 Invaluable Recollections Tankaanalogy,appreciation,mean
8/9/2022 Aspect of Aloneness Kyrielleanalogy,appreciation,wate
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8/8/2022 Just August Quintain (Sicilian)analogy,appreciation,augu
8/8/2022 Angst And Peace In August Sonnetaugust,rain,
8/7/2022 Epochs Of Life Rhymeanalogy,appreciation,drea
8/7/2022 Virtual Follow Free verseanalogy,community,smart,
8/6/2022 Dismay Matters Otheranalogy,
8/6/2022 Raging Storm Free verseanalogy,storm,
8/6/2022 Zaffre Azure Chimera Otheranalogy,bereavement,unive
8/5/2022 Terra Incognita Rhymeanalogy,appreciation,
8/3/2022 River Stream Elixir Rubaiyatanalogy,appreciation,beau
8/1/2022 Longingly Hankering Otheranalogy,appreciation,care
7/31/2022 The Blackberry Fruit Rhymeanalogy,appreciation,
7/31/2022 Illustriousness Free verseanalogy,appreciation,conf
7/31/2022 Eternal Promise Coupletanalogy,appreciation,char
7/31/2022 Reassuring Positive Vibes Rhymeanalogy,appreciation,char
7/31/2022 Soothing Smile Rhymeanalogy,appreciation,char
7/30/2022 As calm as a lake Rhymeanalogy,appreciation,conf
7/30/2022 Key Life Guidance Rhymeanalogy,appreciation,insp
7/29/2022 Virus Warfare Sonnetanalogy,appreciation,care
7/29/2022 Crystal Blossom Free verseanalogy,beauty,flower,ins
7/29/2022 String Quartet Free verseallusion,autumn,inspirati
7/29/2022 Gained Strength Free verseanalogy,appreciation,beau
7/29/2022 Twilight's Soul Free verseanalogy,appreciation,char
7/28/2022 VEXILLUM Otheranalogy,change,crush,
7/26/2022 Forgiveness Still Prevail Rhymeanalogy,character,forgive
7/26/2022 Leap And Fight Rhymeanalogy,character,
7/24/2022 Joy And Friendship Coupletanalogy,appreciation,care
7/24/2022 A Bright Day Ghazalanalogy,appreciation,best
7/24/2022 Fray Plunge Free verseanalogy,appreciation,conf
7/24/2022 Eclipse At Dusk Haikuanalogy,moon,morning,
7/24/2022 Life Purpose Sonnetanalogy,anniversary,anxie
7/24/2022 Helping Hand Free verseanalogy,appreciation,care
7/23/2022 Unknown Soldier Ode Rhymeamerica,analogy,appreciat
7/23/2022 Lucidity Shadows Free verseappreciation,bereavement,
7/23/2022 Hiding Haikuanalogy,heartbreak,
7/22/2022 Synced Harmony Haikuanalogy,beauty,endurance,
7/22/2022 Fresh Life Haikuanalogy,appreciation,moun
7/20/2022 Poetic Ode Terza Rimaanalogy,appreciation,beau
7/19/2022 Dictum Dichotomy Free verseanalogy,dedication,humani
7/18/2022 Childlike Wonder Haibunanalogy,beauty,child,
7/17/2022 Non-dual Awareness Rhymeallusion,analogy,apprecia
7/16/2022 Express Yourself Rictameteranalogy,appreciation,char
7/16/2022 Cloud-Shrouded Moon Rhymeanalogy,appreciation,moon
7/16/2022 Memorial Dome Sonnetanalogy,character,fear,in
7/16/2022 Nights of July Rhymeanalogy,july,night,
7/16/2022 Lead Me To A Quiet Place Rhymeanalogy,beauty,tree,
7/15/2022 Imperial Water Rhymeanalogy,metaphor,upliftin
7/14/2022 Heavenly Tides Sonnetanalogy,appreciation,drea
7/14/2022 Doubtless Wisdom Sonnetanalogy,appreciation,wisd
7/13/2022 Zealous Waves Free verseanalogy,appreciation,char
7/12/2022 A Living Formula Sonnetanalogy,appreciation,beau
7/12/2022 Swelling Symphony Free verseanalogy,anxiety,bereaveme
7/11/2022 Shaken But Stirred Villanelleanalogy,appreciation,beau
7/11/2022 Patientness Free verseanalogy,appreciation,pers
7/10/2022 Obsessiveness Rhymeanalogy,deep,
7/9/2022 End Of Rebirth Sonnetappreciation,spring,
7/9/2022 Spectrum Lane Rhymeanalogy,appreciation,rain
7/8/2022 The Cat Ear Haikuanalogy,sea,
7/8/2022 Amazing Nature Pantoumanalogy,appreciation,beau
7/8/2022 THANKSGIVING CRYSTALS Crystallineanalogy,god,thanksgiving,
7/7/2022 Thumb Of Fate Free verseanalogy,
7/7/2022 July Rain Haikuanalogy,rain,
7/7/2022 July Glory And Beauty Rhymeanalogy,appreciation,cele
7/7/2022 Exegesis Rhapsody Free verseanalogy,rainbow,
7/6/2022 A Starry Sky Quatrainanalogy,sky,
7/6/2022 July Storm Free verseanalogy,storm,
7/5/2022 Mesmerized Mind Rhymeanalogy,magic,moon,
7/5/2022 THE TIME BETWEEN THE SEASONS Rhymeanalogy,appreciation,beau
7/4/2022 Too Far Gone Rhymeanalogy,angst,confidence,
7/3/2022 Snatching straws Otheranalogy,appreciation,care
7/2/2022 The Last Waltz Rhymeanalogy,anxiety,farewell,
7/2/2022 Peacemaking Monokuanalogy,appreciation,peac
7/2/2022 How Far Is Heaven Away Quatrainanalogy,appreciation,deat
6/30/2022 Ego And Demiurgic Soul Sonnetanalogy,appreciation,god,
6/30/2022 A Soaring Bird Rubaiyatanalogy,appreciation,bird
6/29/2022 Existence Is Imperfect Layanalogy,appreciation,beau
6/27/2022 Ecstasy Paroxysm Free verseanalogy,deep,inspirationa
6/27/2022 Unclaimed Spirit Free verseanalogy,devotion,soulmate
6/27/2022 Skyscanner Free verseanalogy,dream,sky,
6/26/2022 The Soundless Tears Rhymeanalogy,
6/26/2022 Pauperdom Rhymeanalogy,inspirational,
6/26/2022 Forbearance Vast Spectrum Rhymeanalogy,appreciation,forg
6/24/2022 Aurora Of Elysium Otheranalogy,appreciation,drea
6/24/2022 Ostentatiousness Free verseanalogy,community,confusi
6/23/2022 Epitome Free verseanalogy,appreciation,
6/23/2022 summer Haikuanalogy,summer,
6/22/2022 Cellphone Or Book Sonnetanalogy,books,
6/21/2022 The Broken Locket Sonnetanalogy,appreciation,firs
6/21/2022 Greed Seed Quatrainanalogy,
6/21/2022 Twilight Totem Otherappreciation,bird,

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Smitten and Bitten by Bytes Rhymecomputer,crush,fantasy,lu
A mountain from a pile Rhymeallusion,corruption,preju
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A Mystic Place to Live ------ POTD Free versecreation,
Gentle Harbinger Coupletangel,beauty,bird,blessin
In Spring Ninettespring,
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Becoming Morally Impeccable Villanelleinspirational,perspective
Cross Over to Tomorrow Verseinspirational,life,
On the Seas of Night POTD Coupletadventure,fantasy,nature,
Whispers of nature - Potd Rhymenature,
Love from A Tongue Tied Lover Free verselove,
Neutron binary star collision Rhymelove,space,stars,
A Beautiful Day in Spring Rhymebeauty,day,environment,he
Space and Time Free verseappreciation,beauty,bless
Musing on the Scene below Me Rhymelove,
Fig Leaf Free verselost love,love,
Best Friend Defined Rhymefriendship,hope,love,frie
Flipped Hourglass Free verseenvironment,natural disas
The Lady In White Rhymecar,dark,humor,scary,
Immortality Italian Sonnetlife,
Finding a Rainbow Free verselost love,
a kiss under falling autumn leaves POTD Verseautumn,imagery,love,
Our Ring of Peace Tankapeace,world,
A Tribute To My Mother Rhymemother,mothers day,
Winsome Visage of Spring Rhymespring,
Magical Love Free verselove,
Clouds Rhymenature,silence,sky,storm,
If Only My Wish Would Come True Rhymechildren,hope,inspiration
Ode to Dewdrops Rhymeemotions,feelings,metapho
sun Haikusummer,
Our Final Test Sonnetdeath,heaven,judgement,li
Life On The River Sonnetemotions,life,pain,river,

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