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Blog- In Tribute to Samuel Johnson, reference, drury-lane-prologue-spoken-by-mr-garrick-at-the-opening-of-the-theatre-in-drury-lane-1747 - Robert Lindley's Blog

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My Biography is Coming Soon...

My biography will be very limited for now.   Here , I can express myself in poetic form but in real life I much rather prefer to be far less forward  I am a 60 year old American citizen , born and raised in the glorious South! A heritage that I am very proud of and thank God for as it is a blessing indeed ~

Currently married to my beautiful young wife(Riza) a lovely filipina  lady and we have a fantastic 7 year old son, Justin ~

I have truly lived a very wild life as a younger man but now find myself finally very happily settled down for the duration of my life~

I decided to rest here and express myself with hopes that it may in some way help others, for I see here a very diverse  and fine gathering of poets, artists, and caring folks~

Quickly finding friends here that amaze me with such great talent~~

I invite any and all to comment on my writes and send me soup mail to discuss

whatever seems important to them ~

Blog- In Tribute to Samuel Johnson, reference, drury-lane-prologue-spoken-by-mr-garrick-at-the-opening-of-the-theatre-in-drury-lane-1747

Blog Posted:8/7/2020 8:16:00 AM
 Blog- Tribute to Samuel Johnson
Drury-lane Prologue Spoken by Mr. Garrick at the Opening of the Theatre in Drury-Lane, 1747
When Learning’s triumph o’er her barb’rous foes
First rear’d the stage, immortal Shakespear rose;
Each change of many-colour’d life he drew,
Exhausted worlds, and then imagin’d new:
Existence saw him spurn her bounded reign,
And panting Time toil’d after him in vain:
His pow’rful strokes presiding Truth impress’d,
And unresisted Passion storm’d the breast.
         Then Jonson came, instructed from the school,
To please in method, and invent by rule;
His studious patience, and laborious art,
By regular approach essay’d the heart;
Cold Approbation gave the ling’ring bays,
For those who durst not censure, scarce could praise.
A mortal born he met the general doom,
But left, like Egypt’s kings, a lasting tomb.
         The Wits of Charles found easier ways to fame,
Nor wish’d for Jonson’s art, or Shakespear’s flame,
Themselves they studied, as they felt, they writ,
Intrigue was plot, obscenity was wit.
Vice always found a sympathetic friend;
They pleas’d their age, and did not aim to mend.
Yet bards like these aspir’d to lasting praise,
And proudly hop’d to pimp in future days.
Their cause was gen’ral, their supports were strong,
Their slaves were willing, and their reign was long;
Till Shame regain’d the post that Sense betray’d,
And Virtue call’d Oblivion to her aid.
         Then crush’d by rules, and weaken’d as refin’d,
For years the pow’r of tragedy declin’d;
From bard, to bard, the frigid caution crept,
Till Declamation roar’d, while Passion slept.
Yet still did Virtue deign the stage to tread,
Philosophy remain’d, though Nature fled.
But forc’d at length her ancient reign to quit,
She saw great Faustus lay the ghost of wit:
Exulting Folly hail’d the joyful day,
And pantomime, and song, confirm’d her sway.
         But who the coming changes can presage,
And mark the future periods of the stage?—
Perhaps if skill could distant times explore,
New Behns, new Durfoys, yet remain in store.
Perhaps, where Lear has rav’d, and Hamlet died,
On flying cars new sorcerers may ride.
Perhaps, for who can guess th’ effects of chance?
Here Hunt may box, or Mahomet may dance.
         Hard is his lot, that here by Fortune plac’d,
Must watch the wild vicissitudes of taste;
With ev’ry meteor of caprice must play,
And chase the new-blown bubbles of the day.
Ah! let not censure term our fate our choice,
The stage but echoes back the public voice.
The drama’s laws the drama’s patrons give,
For we that live to please, must please to live.
         Then prompt no more the follies you decry,
As tyrants doom their tools of guilt to die;
’Tis yours this night to bid the reign commence
Of rescu’d Nature, and reviving Sense;
To chase the charms of Sound, the pomp of Show,
For useful Mirth, and salutary Woe;
Bid scenic Virtue form the rising age,
And Truth diffuse her radiance from the stage.
Illuminations, Temptations, Life's Travails Endured 
Weep for Truth that man's inherent evil betrayed
Zeus hurled lightning bolts, paradise dreams delayed;
Intriguing words, those tales of mythological beasts
Sirens tempt, alluring songs, dark orgasmic feasts:
Man that so blindly eats, stirring to walk upright,
Consuming illusions of life's selfish delights:
No more than mere cannibals of impish degrees
Born of midnight madness and seed from dying trees.
Man in darkened lusts seeking illicit spoils
Raping with greed, as seas of sewage churns and boils
Flying through phantasms of barbaric hate
Rising as a charred Phoenix of dooming Fate
Unto dawn's fiery breath, its unfulfilled dreams
While harbinger of death, drowns with malignant streams
Gasping from a multitude of overwhelming lust
Avoiding light, truth of one day turning back to dust.
From the beginnings of aspirations and greed
First wailing cry, signifying an evil seed
Crawling as a mere babe down in well trodden dirt
Yet unacquainted, to life's many flesh-born hurts
Weak, ever needful under mother's tender cloak
Destined to serve, slave under temptation's yoke
Taught to seek, what sensual pleasures thus abound
Ecstasy's whispers, allures that truly astound.
Born of flesh, a searing flame too oft set to rage
Whether a pauper or prince, each coming of age
Reaching that mature stage when new blacken chart sets
Course of life, and all, whatever future begets
Letting dark to sully and run its wicked course
Rampaging, destroying, without fear or remorse
A Caesar in power, born of demonic ways
God of deceit, creator of a dancing malaise.
Standing aloft, contemptuous of good and light
Evolving monster, lurking into darker nights
Beset by arrogance, stand of a know it all
An Achilles well before his sad fated fall
Ignorant of Time, ill winds of eternal wrath
Prancing, before a tumble from a crumbling path
Left behind as humanity's cycles repeat
Death touched, final blow, mankind's greatest defeat.
Cast into oblivion, reduced to bleached bones
Memory, marked by a plot, one white headstone
Perhaps some tears that time too will one day erase
Fruit of iniquity, sad harvests, a disgrace
Ending, befit for one that embraced the dark
Reduced to dust and sorrows, a stained mark
Alas! To in error, such futile life so choose
Playing with a marked deck, destined to lose!
Robert J. Lindley, started 2-03- 2020.
completed to post 8-06-2020
A tribute to Samuel Johnson...
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Date: 8/9/2020 8:28:00 PM
Perhaps this 'car' phenom is evidence of the Mandela effect? Just like the nation of Jamaica. I went there 21 years ago, remember looking at a map of the country before we left. The island has been flipped twice, once on the horizontal axis and once on the vertical. So Kingston was where Montego Bay is now, and Ocho Rios was on the southern coast. They should never have built CERN.
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Lindley Avatar
Robert Lindley
Date: 8/10/2020 1:22:00 AM
CERN?. My friend, do not get me started on the God particle, colliders, time travel and other dimensions. Folding dimensions, dark energy, etc.etc. Best I can muster myself is a bit of dark poetry..
Date: 8/9/2020 4:24:00 PM
Also, I found that he is credited with; "He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man". That is spoken in the intro of the song 'Bat Country' by Avenged Sevenfold. What a small world.
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Lindley Avatar
Robert Lindley
Date: 8/9/2020 6:34:00 PM
He also said, Man alone is born crying, lives complaining, and dies disappointed. Samuel Johnson......... And he has a great many very famous quotes........ "Most poets never achieve as much as they desire... For the bigger the heart the greater the desires..RJL..."
Date: 8/9/2020 4:14:00 PM
"On flying cars new sorcerers may ride." - interesting. Did not know that the word 'cars' was used that early, in fact, did not think that cars was conceptualized until well after his death. Maybe some other archaic definition? Thank you for introducing me to him.
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Lindley Avatar
Robert Lindley
Date: 8/9/2020 6:29:00 PM
Interesting observation my friend. His bio- Samuel Johnson (18 September 1709 [OS 7 September] – 13 December 1784), often referred to as Dr Johnson, was an English writer who made lasting contributions to English literature as a poet, playwright, essayist, moralist, literary critic, biographer, editor, and lexicographer. A very astute man..
Date: 8/7/2020 10:49:00 AM
Great job here Robert! I love your poems and thank you for sharing
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Lindley Avatar
Robert Lindley
Date: 8/8/2020 8:22:00 AM
Thank you my friend. Samuel Johnson's insightful thoughts on life, humanity, government, kings, the indisputable darkness in the hearts of humans- are laden with truisms, wisdom unearthed and the magnificent soul of a truly great poet. This my sincere tribute to his poetry- this piece in particular- its, inspired thoughts, truth and beauty is the best my own poor pen can muster- yet a poet must pen as he or she is able.. God bless..

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Sunrise Breaks on a Morning Camp Rhymebird,nature,
Small Passerene Birds Rhymebeautiful,romantic,season
You Hit When I was Low Rhymepain,
The Bleeding Sky Versehistory,patriotic,remembe
Nature's Beauty Rhymebeauty,nature,
Autumn's Dreams Of A Country Road Rhymenature,seasons,
JE SUIS CHARLIE -- Afterthought Narrativecourage,death,dedication,

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