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2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

Blog Posted:6/14/2018 10:05:00 AM

Just a short blog post to remind everyone that the FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 begins today, June 14th, and ends 31 days from now on July 15th.  Since PoetrySoup is a huge international community of over 30,000+ poets, there has to be some of us who are looking forward to the World's most presitigious tournament.  

32 countries | 64 matches | 12 venues | 11 cities  

I eagerly anticipate reading the exciting, joyful, energetic, passionate, blissful, raging, and painful poetry that will be generated by you fans out there.  

See you on the pitch!


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Date: 6/17/2018 2:58:00 PM
As long as Sport is the Winner, and clean Sport at that. I'll be supporting Argentina as I have done since 1978, having watched a terrific team, and the wonderful Mario Kempes. Who do I think will win, apart the above, mm - I'll go for Spain :)
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Date: 6/14/2018 9:43:00 PM
Am I the only one who thinks it's an absolute disgrace that firstly FIFA awarded the tournament to Russia and secondly they didn't strip them of its hosting after the scandalous events at the Sochi Winter Olympic Games. Corruption and cheating is rife in Russia, not to mention Crimea, chemical weapons in Syria, shooting down civilian airliners and the list goes on, but FIFA couldn't care less as long as they fill their own pockets. I won't be watching! But if I was I'd go Brazil.
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Toney Avatar
Mark Toney
Date: 6/14/2018 11:40:00 PM
Your comments are much appreciated, Keith. The valid points you make are an important part of the bigger picture that each of us has to process. And Brazil is the favorite to win.
Date: 6/14/2018 3:55:00 PM
The football is the poetry. Enjoy! Brazilian style vs German style. Clashes ahead!! Just a great month with Tour in July. ;ø))
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Toney Avatar
Mark Toney
Date: 6/14/2018 5:24:00 PM
That it is, Wayne!
Date: 6/14/2018 3:35:00 PM
urging sportsmanship on Russian soil let’s play ball
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Toney Avatar
Mark Toney
Date: 6/14/2018 7:34:00 PM
Good point, Paul. In the World Cup we witness the overwhelming desire to win vs. the moral imperative to play fair. Let’s hope sportsmanship controls.
Date: 6/14/2018 11:24:00 AM
Mark,Here is an extract of a football poem about the greatest player I ever saw(pre-tv)THE ONE AND ONLY Stan Mathews...Hopped on a tram to Burden park/ to see Stan Mathews make his mark./Through the turnstile into the town end,/crushed and crammed like cattle penned..Mathews,Mortenson versus Nathaniel Lofthouse,/a match that connoisseurs could not grouse./Wembly star Stan playing on at thirty eight /still making inch perfect crosses on a plate./Shimmy,side-step,feint and dazzle,/leaving the defenders in a right frazzle./Our ageing hero displayed all his twinkling skills,/the complete pro, without modern-day frills.
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Callus Avatar
Paul Callus
Date: 6/14/2018 3:31:00 PM
Hi Brian. Stanley Matthews was one of football's greats! In his 50s he retired in Malta, at the time I was at college. He often came there, and I had the honour to play football and badminton with him.
Toney Avatar
Mark Toney
Date: 6/14/2018 11:34:00 AM
Awesome excerpt, Brian. Sir Stanley Matthews, "The Wizard of the Dribble", "The Magician", the only player to have been knighted while still playing football. Fit enough to play at the top level until he was 50 years old! Thanks for sharing, Brian.
Date: 6/14/2018 10:38:00 AM
Hi Mark,here is an extract from a poem of mine of a football (association soccer kind) memory from the 1940's ..... each day,when school was out/ off to a green,hereabout-/ the teams often numbered seventeen!/ with our jumpers as posts,/ no boots ,referee /or coaches ,you'd see/ back and forth we'd be/ 'til tired out,and ready for tea
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Toney Avatar
Mark Toney
Date: 6/14/2018 11:24:00 AM
Good exercise, good fun, good memories. Thanks for helping to set the mood with that delightful poem, Brian.
Date: 6/14/2018 10:35:00 AM
My interest will wane as soon as England are knocked out but will cheer on any European side after that, should be some good limericks from this tournament hopefully, come on England!!
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Toney Avatar
Mark Toney
Date: 6/14/2018 11:20:00 AM
Thanks, Roy, for contributing to the dialogue. England vs Tunisia on June 18 (Monday), so we shall see what we shall see :) Cheers!

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