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About the contest Who Is Your Best PS Poet Or Poetess. - Sotto Poet's Blog

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About the contest Who Is Your Best PS Poet Or Poetess.

Blog Posted:12/3/2022 3:21:00 PM

Hello Friends

I'd want to make it clear that this contest is not about selecting the "best" poet or poetess. We all write in such various styles that choosing the best would be difficult. Despite the fact that the main goal is to offer each other by the end of this year the opportunity to reward someone who made you FEEL GOOD and deserves to be recognized. You have the option to name up to 3. It makes no difference whether that individual is living or dead. The most crucial aspect is acknowledgment. Pictures are optional. Thanks

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Date: 12/6/2022 6:25:00 AM
- Agree, with Milton ... I deleted my entry from the contest - hugs
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Date: 12/5/2022 11:56:00 AM
Lassad, I know your heart is in the right place, and I understand that you are giving us an opportunity to reward our favorite poets. But, I simply cannot do it. I can think of fifty or more whom I would want to honor. If I mentioned three, I'd be selecting them over forty or fifty others who have equally thrilled my heart. I wish you success in your endeavor.
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Date: 12/5/2022 11:06:00 AM
Thank you, Dear Poet. Understand what you expect to see. Warm wishes ~ Mala
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Date: 12/4/2022 9:08:00 PM
Sotto, thanks so much for the information about your contest, blessings
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About the contest Who Is Your Best PS Poet Or Poetess.
Date Posted: 12/3/2022 3:21:00 PM
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My Recent Poems

Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
2/3/2023 Wolpertingers Roam Free verseanalogy,dream,fantasy,
2/3/2023 Charisma Rubaiyatanalogy,appreciation,beau
2/2/2023 Cul-De-Sac Quintain (Sicilian)analogy,appreciation,bere
2/1/2023 Frosty Wintry Scenes Haikuanalogy,inspirational,win
1/31/2023 Glimmer Of Hope Free verseanalogy,dream,
1/31/2023 Ignoring Schism Coupletanalogy,appreciation,
1/30/2023 Dynamic Chorus Free verseanalogy,appreciation,emot
1/30/2023 Do most people live in poor countries Listanalogy,world,
1/29/2023 Peace on Earth Rhymeanalogy,appreciation,huma
1/29/2023 Striving Toward Distinction Free verseanalogy,appreciation,wisd
1/29/2023 Flaws And Gnaws Free verseanalogy,character,emotion
1/28/2023 Weening Sensations Free verseanalogy,appreciation,memo
1/28/2023 Dear Heart Free verseanalogy,appreciation,best
1/28/2023 Bereaved Quintain (Sicilian)angst,bereavement,confusi
1/27/2023 Dream Stars Free verseanalogy,appreciation,drea
1/27/2023 Incomplete Farewell Pantoumanalogy,appreciation,fare
1/27/2023 Ominous Riddance Free verseanalogy,appreciation,
1/27/2023 Everlastingly Treasured Free verseanalogy,appreciation,beau
1/25/2023 Playing Children Footleanalogy,children,
1/24/2023 The Fallen Petals Free verseanalogy,fear,life,perspec
1/24/2023 Old-Fashioned Alchemy Free verseanalogy,endurance,symboli
1/24/2023 The Ghost Rider Rhymeanalogy,dream,gothic,
1/23/2023 Dream Date Scenario Rhymeanalogy,appreciation,drea
1/23/2023 Urban Landscape Otheranalogy,appreciation,spri
1/22/2023 Drastic Awareness Haikuanalogy,deep,uplifting,
1/22/2023 Obscuring Sight Haikuanalogy,appreciation,time
1/22/2023 Spring Seeds Sprout Haikuendurance,spring,
1/22/2023 Downpour Of Words Free verseanalogy,appreciation,conf
1/22/2023 A Cat Winter Wish Rhymeanalogy,beauty,cat,winter
1/22/2023 Mystery Of Mellowness Otheranalogy,appreciation,beau
1/21/2023 How Do You Feel Rhymeanalogy,appreciation,beau
1/21/2023 A Search for Idealism Rhymeanalogy,appreciation,huma
1/20/2023 Horrendous Sanctum Free verseanalogy,appreciation,deat
1/20/2023 The Storm Haikuanalogy,rain,
1/20/2023 Tints To Switch-Echo Form Rhymeanalogy,appreciation,beau
1/19/2023 THE TRUE SELF Otheranalogy,sea,sky,
1/19/2023 Wellspring of Fortitude Rhymeanalogy,god,strength,
1/18/2023 Seven Waves Lament Pantoumanalogy,bereavement,moon,
1/17/2023 Stars Spark Rhymeanalogy,appreciation,star
1/16/2023 Indictment Of Hope Sonnetanalogy,appreciation,insp
1/16/2023 Emotional Nostalgia Pantoumanalogy,appreciation,char
1/15/2023 Murky Thick Haze Otherallusion,analogy,blue,
1/15/2023 Swelling Tides Sonnetanalogy,
1/15/2023 Barefoot Walk Free verseanalogy,emotions,
1/15/2023 Spring Hatchling Rictameterappreciation,inspirationa
1/14/2023 Dark Dimension Free versedark,extended metaphor,fa
1/14/2023 Lattice-Husked Willow Pantoumanalogy,appreciation,char
1/14/2023 Poverty-Free Life Free verseanalogy,bereavement,
1/14/2023 Tedious Words Free verseanalogy,words,
1/14/2023 Optimum Turpitude Free verseanalogy,bereavement,world
1/14/2023 Velvet Verse Haikuanalogy,poetry,
1/14/2023 Historical Upheaval Free verseanalogy,angst,bereavement
1/14/2023 Fear Is Deceptive Sonnetanalogy,conflict,fear,
1/13/2023 Shakespeare's Words Free verseappreciation,celebrity,hi
1/13/2023 My Way Light Haikuanalogy,light,sun,
1/13/2023 Simple Nostalgy Free verseanalogy,art,
1/13/2023 Warmth Of Freedom Free verseanalogy,freedom,
1/13/2023 Adducible Memory Free verseanalogy,appreciation,memo
1/13/2023 The Wind Free verseanalogy,appreciation,memo
1/13/2023 The Taboo Free verseanalogy,appreciation,love
1/13/2023 Space Show Haikuanalogy,appreciation,star
1/12/2023 The Gate Diamanteanalogy,garden,inspiratio
1/12/2023 William Blake Free verseappreciation,poets,
1/12/2023 The Dream-Reality Integration Free verseanalogy,dream,psychologic
1/11/2023 Real Hero Free verseanalogy,hero,
1/11/2023 Put That Quote To Use Rhymeanalogy,appreciation,chan
1/10/2023 God-Given Wisdom Needed Rhymeanalogy,appreciation,god,
1/10/2023 Winter Lake on Flame Rhymeanalogy,nature,winter,
1/10/2023 Look And Soul Rhymeanalogy,appreciation,mean
1/10/2023 Theistic Silence Otheranalogy,inspirational,mea
1/8/2023 Embrace or Apreciate Quintain (Sicilian)appreciation,feelings,
1/8/2023 Muse And Booze Free verseanalogy,anxiety,inspirati
1/8/2023 Introspective Reminiscence Free verseanalogy,appreciation,mean
1/8/2023 Caught In The Snow WS Sedokaanalogy,
1/7/2023 Exert Fear Genteel Otheranalogy,bereavement,human
1/6/2023 Tea-drenched Flowers Pantoumanalogy,appreciation,beau
1/5/2023 Sign up For Silent Waves Free versedeath of a friend,tribute
1/4/2023 The Cali's freedom stand Quintain (Sicilian)analogy,appreciation,cour
1/3/2023 Tatters Rhymeanalogy,color,
1/3/2023 Wild Willow Tears Metrical Taleanalogy,bereavement,tree,
1/3/2023 Celestial Strobes Free verseappreciation,happiness,
1/3/2023 Muse And Hues Ghazalanalogy,appreciation,insp
1/2/2023 Zorba The Greek Metrical Taleanalogy,joy,longing,love,
1/1/2023 Mankind Conundrum Metrical Taleanalogy,bereavement,human
1/1/2023 A Romantic Blossom Sonnetanalogy,appreciation,beau
12/31/2022 Happy New Year Abecedarianappreciation,happiness,in
12/30/2022 Gift of life Monokuanalogy,life,
12/29/2022 Truth In The Hiatus Rhymeanalogy,change,community,
12/29/2022 snow Haikuanalogy,snow,wind,
12/28/2022 Plenty Of Time Free verseappreciation,black africa
12/27/2022 Waves Of Emotion Monorhymeanalogy,dream,meaningful,
12/26/2022 Sighs and Skies Rhymeanalogy,light,sky,
12/26/2022 You Hold My Hand Rhymebeauty,inspirational,
12/26/2022 Is the mind traceable Coupletanalogy,conflict,miracle,
12/26/2022 Hopelessness Is A Sin Monorhymeanalogy,appreciation,hope
12/26/2022 Roots And Disputes Rhymeanalogy,character,encoura
12/25/2022 Morphing Mist Haikuanalogy,sky,
12/25/2022 Christmas Gifts Haikuanalogy,appreciation,
12/25/2022 Keep Warm With Family Trioletanalogy,appreciation,snow
12/25/2022 Exterme Climate Trioletanalogy,weather,

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Fav Poems

Not Quite Write Coupletcharacter,fantasy,imagina
Smitten and Bitten by Bytes Rhymecomputer,crush,fantasy,lu
In The Mirror Rhymeage,mirror,time,
A Mystic Place to Live ------ POTD Free versecreation,
Gentle Harbinger Coupletangel,beauty,bird,blessin
A mountain from a pile Rhymeallusion,corruption,preju
Rest Free versedeath,freedom,heaven,jour
A Gift Forgotten Free verseanxiety,conflict,emotions
Simple Honest Woman Acrosticfriend,friendship,woman,w
Monoku Quotes Monokuwisdom,
In Spring Ninettespring,
Authentic Beauty - AP Abecedarianbeauty,
Peace or Problems Coupletamerica,patriotic,
Oblivious to Nature Versenature,
ANATOMY in gestures Ekphrasisart,
In a Sunken Garden Versegarden,love,
Tunisian Winds -- Song Lyric -- Free verse12th grade,
Becoming Morally Impeccable Villanelleinspirational,perspective
Cross Over to Tomorrow Verseinspirational,life,
Neutron binary star collision Rhymelove,space,stars,
Whispers of nature - Potd Rhymenature,
Love from A Tongue Tied Lover Free verselove,
Musing on the Scene below Me Rhymelove,
On the Seas of Night POTD Coupletadventure,fantasy,nature,
A Beautiful Day in Spring Rhymebeauty,day,environment,he
Fig Leaf Free verselost love,love,
Space and Time Free verseappreciation,beauty,bless
Flipped Hourglass Free verseenvironment,natural disas
Best Friend Defined Rhymefriendship,hope,love,frie
Magical Love Free verselove,
Immortality Italian Sonnetlife,
Finding a Rainbow Free verselost love,
The Lady In White Rhymecar,dark,humor,scary,
a kiss under falling autumn leaves POTD Verseautumn,imagery,love,
Our Ring of Peace Tankapeace,world,
Clouds Rhymenature,silence,sky,storm,
A Tribute To My Mother Rhymemother,mothers day,
Winsome Visage of Spring Rhymespring,
If Only My Wish Would Come True Rhymechildren,hope,inspiration
Our Final Test Sonnetdeath,heaven,judgement,li
Ode to Dewdrops Rhymeemotions,feelings,metapho
sun Haikusummer,
Poetry Soup Nameinspiration,philosophy,po
Love Endearing Verselove,
Life On The River Sonnetemotions,life,pain,river,
Womb of existence Juejulife,spiritual,truth,
Onslaught Rhymeallusion,america,world wa
Your Divine Worth Roundelspiritual,
TRIBUTES Otherpoetry,
Gilded Breath of Autumn Quaternautumn,
The Smiles Follow You Coupletfantasy,imagery,joy,natur
Life's a Beauteous Dream Versedream,love,
I Wonder What He Would Say Rhymeadventure,angel,giving,in
Venus Dreamer Sonnetdream,love,
The Poems I Never Wrote Free verseimagination,writing,
Pretty Rich Haikuautumn,beauty,color,god,m
A Simple Whim- POTD Versecheer up,fantasy,river,
Between November and December Quatrainangst,autumn,beautiful,ti
Night of Aurora Free verselight,sky,winter,
IF YOU EVER Quatraingod,happiness,uplifting,
Voice of Poetry Rhymepoetry,
Words Free versepoetry,
WONDERING VII Free versegod,life,people,
Autumn's Serenity Free verseautumn,beauty,color,
WISDOM AND MAN IV Questionkufriendship,men,wisdom,
Beyond Reach Versechild,dream,fantasy,imagi
DAD Free verseappreciation,father,memor
Eroticism Of Inspiration Rhymeappreciation,art,inspirat
Zircon's Fire Rhymedecember,fire,light,
Love in Main Road Free verselost love,
Fashionista Muse Coupletwriting,
Likeness ssenekiL: Part 1 I do not know?word play,
The Lady in Green POTD Coupletbeauty,fantasy,fashion,gr
I Wondered Lonely As A Boat Lyricage,fate,lonely,metaphor,
What about These Days Free verselife,
How Do You Feel Rhymepain,
How Do You Feel Free verseappreciation,feelings,int
A Soul Rhymemystery,
Dear Heart Acrosticheart,

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