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Haiku - Nature Themed 2 has been Finalized

Blog Posted:8/22/2020 9:02:00 AM

Thank you all for your lovely contest entries. I enjoyed them all. There were some that didn't place due to not following directions by having capital letters, too many misspellings or the wrong syllable counts.  Thanks for participating and congratulations to the winners!

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Date: 8/23/2020 1:45:00 PM
thanks so much for this contest. I need to walk my dog more often and be inspired by nature. Congrats to all. I loved reading your winners list.
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Date: 8/23/2020 1:45:00 PM
Tani, thank you for another inspiring contest and for my placement, very honored and congratulations to all your winners _
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Date: 8/22/2020 3:45:00 PM
Thank you so much for my placement,Tania ... congratulations to all the winners. Hugs Eve
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Kitchin Avatar
Tania Kitchin
Date: 8/23/2020 4:21:00 AM
You're welcome Eve, thanks so much for participating!

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My Recent Poems

Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
10/18/2020 The Fall Blue Jay Rhymeautumn,bird,nature,
10/13/2020 Summer Nights Rhymenight,summer,
10/6/2020 Silent Solitude Verseanxiety,desire,silence,
10/1/2020 Fall Slumber Dodoitsuautumn,nature,tree,
9/17/2020 Trolls Rhymebetrayal,hurt,jealousy,
9/7/2020 A Life Lesson Monokuhigh school,loss,
9/5/2020 The Alluring River Rhymeappreciation,bird,nature,
8/27/2020 Enjoying the Show Free versebird,morning,river,
8/22/2020 scarlet sunset Haikuappreciation,butterfly,su
8/16/2020 Racing No More Haibunabuse,animal,appreciation
8/12/2020 ocean music Haikusea,storm,
8/12/2020 Summer Delights Rhymeappreciation,beauty,bird,
8/11/2020 Spiders Haikufear,insect,
8/8/2020 My Precious Do-B-Do Free versecat,death,pets,
7/27/2020 fuchsia orchids Haikubird,flower,rain,
7/25/2020 Underneath A Moonlit Sky Free verseangel,bird,depression,emo
7/22/2020 RST Alliterationdrink,food,fun,
7/19/2020 trophy Haikubird,nature,
7/13/2020 An Abandoned Place Enclosed Rhymehorror,house,
7/9/2020 Herring Gull Personificationappreciation,beach,bird,
7/3/2020 beach nightlife Haikubeach,nature,night,
6/30/2020 summer love Haikubeautiful,bird,flower,sum
6/29/2020 summer rain Haikuflower,rain,summer,
6/28/2020 Missing My Dad Free versedad,death,grief,
6/27/2020 a table for two Haikunight,romance,
6/20/2020 Abandoned Rhymehorror,house,
6/14/2020 Telling Time Personificationappreciation,grandfather,
6/10/2020 My Owner's Garden Personificationappreciation,cat,garden,
6/4/2020 Playing in the Sun Limerickfun,humor,
6/3/2020 fresh morning melodies Haikubird,humor,spring,
5/25/2020 Impostor Acrosticidentity,sick,
5/22/2020 colorful gifts Haikuappreciation,beauty,flowe
5/20/2020 Pistachio Cream Coffee Rhymefriend,nostalgia,
5/17/2020 spring sunrise Haikuappreciation,flower,sprin
5/13/2020 The Woodland Path Haikuanimal,nature,
5/7/2020 The Barred Owl Preys Pantoumbird,nature,
5/6/2020 Lightning Bugs Free verseappreciation,childhood,na
5/1/2020 protected waterfalls Haikuappreciation,bird,nature,
4/29/2020 A Monarch Moment Cinquainappreciation,butterfly,
4/27/2020 The Tranquil Sea Coupletappreciation,fantasy,sea,
4/25/2020 An Early Spring Morning Rhymebird,nature,
4/22/2020 Of Muse - CK Cinqkuimagination,muse,
4/21/2020 My Zen Moment Free verseappreciation,dog,
4/19/2020 Grandma Wears Her Sunday Best Limerickhumor,
4/18/2020 delicate flora Haikubeauty,rose,
4/15/2020 Pandemic Limericks Limerickfun,humor,
4/11/2020 A Majestic Cardinal Personificationbeautiful,bird,nature,
4/11/2020 Cautious and Careless Verseenvironment,fear,health,s
4/8/2020 Spring Has Sprung Rhymeappreciation,spring,
4/7/2020 April Allergies Bring May Flowers Rhymeflower,seasons,
4/5/2020 The Iced Tea Break Rhymecute,fun,
3/31/2020 Lavender Dreams Haikuappreciation,flower,
3/25/2020 Waterfowl Assembly Haikuanimal,humorous,
3/23/2020 Pussy Willow Haikuappreciation,nature,
3/22/2020 Spring Chorus Alexandrinebeautiful,bird,spring,
3/19/2020 Passion Flower Haikubeauty,butterfly,
3/17/2020 Waterlily Erupts Haikuflower,nature,
3/12/2020 Early Bird Haikubird,nature,
3/7/2020 The Last Day of a Racing Greyhound Personificationabuse,dog,
3/7/2020 Just Be Kind-INK Versecare,inspiration,
3/4/2020 Grief Cuts Deep Free verseemotions,grief,sad,
3/1/2020 Healing Tree Senryuemotions,grief,tree,
2/28/2020 the kingfisher Haikubird,nature,
2/27/2020 Uncle Walt Rhymedeath,family,grief,
2/17/2020 Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds Haikubird,spring,
2/15/2020 My Dad is Gone Rhymeemotions,father,grief,sad
2/14/2020 Winter Sparkle Haikunature,winter,
2/13/2020 Hello Tan, it's me, Dad Rhymefather,goodbye,grief,
2/11/2020 Blue Jay Haikubird,nature,
2/9/2020 Dad Rhymebereavement,death,father
2/5/2020 Tufted Titmouse Cinquainappreciation,bird,nature,
1/30/2020 a snowy owl at night Haikuappreciation,bird,nature,
1/29/2020 Overthinking Senryuanxiety,emotions,
1/27/2020 Winter Red Haikubeautiful,flower,winter,
1/26/2020 Ficklebook Rhymecomputer,feelings,friends
1/24/2020 Feeding at Dusk Haikuappreciation,bird,nature,
1/22/2020 Spring Birds - CL Layappreciation,beautiful,bi
1/19/2020 After the Snowstorm Haikuappreciation,beauty,snow,
1/19/2020 Frosty and Santa Pantoumcelebration,childhood,chr
1/15/2020 An Eerie Warning Rhymefear,horror,
1/14/2020 A Love Rekindled Lentodivorce,marriage,passion,
1/13/2020 A Terrifying Night Lentofear,horror,
1/11/2020 Great Escape Acrosticvacation,work,
1/1/2020 Marital Woes Rhymefunny,marriage,
1/1/2020 Hope They Are Gone Monorhymebetrayal,corruption,
12/31/2019 Chris Green Monokuappreciation,tribute,
12/29/2019 The Bluebird on Your Grave Quintain (English)bird,death,grief,
12/29/2019 Inclement Weather Haikustorm,weather,winter,
12/28/2019 Winter Birds - LEI Laybird,nature,winter,
12/26/2019 Literary Thief Monokubetrayal,corruption,
12/26/2019 A Wool Socks Day Epigramhumorous,winter,
12/25/2019 Merry Christmas to all My Soup Friends Rhymeappreciation,how i feel,i
12/24/2019 I Am an Old Oak Tree Shapenature,tree,
12/22/2019 Plagiarism Monokucorruption,writing,
12/22/2019 Birch Trees in the Storm Haikunature,storm,tree,
12/19/2019 Spring Begins Enclosed Rhymebird,flower,spring,
12/18/2019 Just Another Day Free versegrief,loneliness,sorrow,
12/17/2019 Cardinal Kiss Haikuanimal,bird,winter,
12/17/2019 Christmas Eve Rhymechristmas,fun,
12/15/2019 Feisty Hummingbirds Rhymeanimal,appreciation,beaut

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Fav Poems

I Am Just What I Am Personificationhumorous,longing,
haiku - water Haikuocean,
THE MALE MENOPAUSE - please feel free to join in the collaboration Limerickage,body,humorous,men,
NEVER Just A Cat Free verseanimal,appreciation,cat,l
BLIND DATE - NOW A COLLABORATION Limerickbest friend,humorous,rela
Christmas Tree Light Versechristmas,fun,tree,
My Tranquil Garden Rhymegarden,
Winters Sun Haikuspring,
Blue Fluttering Gems Versebutterfly,garden,
My Dusty Dance Shoes Free versedream,
Hummingbird Muse Versemuse,nature,
Wordaholic Rhymeaddiction,humorous,
Broken People Free versepeople,
There is no telling the things you might find Rhymefun,love,nonsense,
MAGICAL MOONLIGHT Fibonaccimoon,ocean,
Rape Free verseabuse,
Chimney Swift Free verseappreciation,bird,psychol
The Women of the Soup Rhymeanti bullying,
song bird Versenature,
One Nightstand Limerickhumorous,

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