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Not to be confused with other poets by the name Elaine George, I am Elaine Cecelia George.  I was born on the 27th day of November in the year 1946 in the city of Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada.
I began posting on this forum in 2006.  The following poems, written by me, Violin, Snowflake, A Winter Rose, From My Porch, The Love of a Gentleman, Where the Heart Resides, One Regret, The Tide of Time and, The Promise of Spring, are some of my published works appearing in books, magazines, and on websites providing courses in poetry writing. 
Many of these on-line courses are using my poems without having ever contacted me.  Nonetheless, I still feel honored.
One website has given credit to another poet with the same name as mine, born in England in 1943, for my personification poem, SNOWFLAKE.   I have asked them on several occasions to correct their records., but they haven't.   I find this disturbing!
Since 2006, in addition to my books of poetry, I have had several short stories and a book entitled, 'Earthbound Angles Made of Stone published. 
Earthbound Angels Made of Stone is an epic written by me in collaboration with the Canadian Photographer, Darren Creighton.
In 2019, I wrote a stage play entitled I Was One of Many, Many. It is the story of a young man killed in World War II, and the impact his life and death had on those he left behind.
The play debuted on November 11th at a dinner event at The Royal Canadian Legion, attended by the Mayor, other dignitaries and, Legion members in honor of the Veterans and ended with a standing ovation.
Garfield George, my father's older brother, a casualty of the war, was the inspiration behind my story.
I am currently writing a historical fiction thriller entitled, Out of the Darkness. I hope to have it completed before the year-end. Chapters 1,2 and three are posted on this site under short stories.
I am eternally grateful to Poetry Soup and all the wonderful people who have supported and encouraged me on my journey of writing.


Blog Posted:7/26/2020 3:26:00 PM

For those of you who may remember me, some time ago I posted under short stories,  three un-edited chapters of my ongoing novel,  OUT OF THE DARKNESS, a HISTORICAL FICTIONAL THRILLER.  I soon thereafter deleted them.  

These chapters have since been re-written,edited, and re-posted.

I will post further chapters when they are ready.

I look  forward to any suggestions or feedback.


Sincerely, Elaine  

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Date: 7/31/2020 10:38:00 AM
Hi Elaine, I have found few people actually check our the short stories on poetry soup, they should promote it more, hope you get some good reviews _Constance
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Date: 7/28/2020 3:29:00 PM
Elaine,I am currently reading Grishams latest,(in England anyway)Moving into a more general novelist approach, away from his ' agenda ' issue law world ,has 278 pages,10 chapters ,sub divided numerically,some with 4 ,another with 14 episodic sub divisions divisions.Clearly this chapter 'thing' is a key issue in the 'novel' artform.... a bit like the poetic priciples that underlie any poem, no matter the chosen form vehicle.
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George   Avatar
Elaine George
Date: 7/28/2020 5:04:00 PM
Thank you so much for this, Brian. The 278 sounds about what I hope to have. I will investigate chapter structures. I have 5 major characters. The story moves back and forth between them. Also the time in history moves back and forth between each character, so each chapter needs a heading clarifying time and place. There is much for me to learn and consider. Thank you so much for your input...It is much appreciated.
Date: 7/28/2020 7:06:00 AM
For my taste chapter length variation is my preference (maybe its myatterntion span!) The key,in the crime genre I read eg Grisham,Archer,Kate Ellis all page turners,and I find that books with too many characters off-putting &difficult to remember,but is probably my age ! and the fact I only read these last thing in bed.
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Date: 7/28/2020 2:33:00 AM
Just a question or two on technique Elaine,how many pages do you envisage 200,or a longer,what about chapter size,is it defined by events so long ,then short?Those I read have variations on this aspect.Is this a one off or part of a planned sequence...just being nosey!!
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George   Avatar
Elaine George
Date: 7/28/2020 4:09:00 AM
Do you have any suggestions regarding chapter size...Should they be consistent in size throughout, or is it acceptable for them to vary in size? What say Yea?
George   Avatar
Elaine George
Date: 7/28/2020 3:47:00 AM
I plan on having more than 200 pages. With regard to the chapters, I realize chapter three is short in comparison to the other two...perhaps, I will have to add to that chapter. This is my first serious attempt at writing a novel that I will attempt to find a publisher for. I realize I have much to learn. I was hoping to have it finished by year-end and then find an agent to represent me.
Date: 7/27/2020 3:12:00 PM
Yes,Laine,I take your point,chapter 2 reads well,your short sentence staccato style makes for page-turning.On the first person 'bit' I have seen the use of italics or similar fonts used in such cases to distinguish from the 'main ' story.Looks promising ,when do you envisage completing? Do you work to a daily timetable ? Many successful thriller/crime writers so do and complete to a schedule ,but presumably to fulfil their publisher demands of the market.
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George   Avatar
Elaine George
Date: 7/27/2020 5:40:00 PM
I must confess, I have been dragging my feet on this project and must knuckle down and commit to a disciplined time schedule if I am to succeed. Many thanks for your suggestions...I need all the help I can get. Elaine
George   Avatar
Elaine George
Date: 7/27/2020 5:33:00 PM
Splendid Idea, Brian! I also thought I could begin Chapter one by saying (She takes a sheet of linen paper, from the pile, dips her fountain pen in the well of ink, and begins to write). Than I would proceed with the beginning of her letter... Dear heart, etc., etc., etc.
Date: 7/27/2020 10:46:00 AM
Hi Laine,interesting to see where your muse is now leading you.Just one comment... some folk dislike reading novels set in the first person....just saying.Stay creative
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George   Avatar
Elaine George
Date: 7/27/2020 12:03:00 PM
PS. The novel begins with the words written as a letter by Annabelle (the main character) to a person she refers to as (Dear Heart).So...all of her writing to Dear Heart is in first person.
George   Avatar
Elaine George
Date: 7/27/2020 11:52:00 AM
So nice to hear from you Brian and thanks for your suggestion. I will definitely take that into account. You have been such a great mentor to me through the years and I truly appreciate it. Yes! I never know where my muse is going to take me and I am always surprised. Thank you! ~ Sincerely, Elaine
Date: 7/27/2020 6:39:00 AM
I look forward to reading them Elaine.
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George   Avatar
Elaine George
Date: 7/27/2020 9:07:00 AM
Thank you, Jeanne...much appreciated. ~ Elaine

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