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The Woman

See the woman.

See the face behind its age.
See the beauty of her form.
See the way her way becomes her.
See past her once taught skin, as it was 
when it enflamed many a man.

See the way she holds her head;
the tilt of her neck, the ease
of her being.
See the strength that binds her jaw,
unrelenting in its flex.

See her hurt displayed, as shadows
fall like night upon the earth,
eager for rest and resolution -
for the one she could not save.

See her darkness. See it very well.
See it shatter like glass, glinting,
when she giggles like a girl.
See her shine.
As the shades of dark days rise,

See the years that grace her eyes,
like rays of her own sun
exponentially shining forth.
See forgiveness in her patient hands
as they weave memories with a touch.

See the breadth of her breasts,
for they have quenched her children’s hunger,
soothed their frantic cries,
and became the safe haven for her beloved.

See her empty, scarred abdomen –
round and perfect in its imperfections,
once holding the essence of all things;
carrying creation within –
see the divine home of God.

See the innocent baby,
the impetuous youth,
the voluptuous woman,
the devoted wife,
the selfless mother.

See the wisdom of the grandmother –
the epitome of every moment lived
for someone else, and the realization 
of the circle.
Hear the acceptance in her sigh.
See the gifts she has given –

see the woman!
See the goddess!
The beginning and the end!
See the infinite that bares the name,

See her for all that she is and isn’t.
Smell her scent and know you are home.
Taste the strength of her words on your tongue.
Hear her experiences like your own.
To touch her soul is to touch perpetuity!

See her face in your mirror.

See the tears that fall proudly
upon the woman you’ve become,
and hope yet to become
                          in time;

when you have lived through all that has been 
set before you –
tasted each woman’s tears as if they were your own.
When you enter that perfect union,
timeless ancestry;
when you become,
when you come
full circle;

you will see yourself in all things, 
and your journey, will see you back


*Reposted for Chris's Get Your Rebel On, Contest! This was written with my Beautiful 
Grandmother in mind. She saved my life in more ways than one. love you, Gran. This one's 
for you. (and every woman, and woman lover, here)

Copyright © | Year Posted 2009

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Date: 4/24/2012 6:16:00 AM
Kristin, we may have had the same grandma. With each poem of yours I read, I feel so fortunate to have found your writing today. love, Kathy
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Date: 12/21/2009 9:43:00 AM
Kristin,Congrats on your poems winning the first round of PS contest!! Very well deserved, enjoyed reading your wonderful poetry. Here’s wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! May 2010 be your best year ever! Love Light Patty
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Date: 12/20/2009 11:31:00 AM
Many congratulations on reaching the second round with your fine poem Kristin >> James
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Date: 6/13/2009 7:46:00 AM
So much depth for the reader to think about in this poem. Nice tribute to your grandmother. Congratulations on being one of the winners in Chris's contest. Enjoy your honor. Have a nice weekend. Karen
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Date: 6/12/2009 6:35:00 PM
Beautiful tribute. You were lucky to have someone like her in your life. Congratulations on the placing in the contest.
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Date: 6/11/2009 11:34:00 PM
Congrats on your success in Chris's contest Kristin Rgds Brian
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Date: 6/11/2009 7:33:00 PM
congrats on your win.. great poem
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Date: 6/11/2009 4:13:00 PM
Congrats Kristin on your amazing poem winning in Christopher's contest! Love, Shar
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Date: 6/11/2009 12:18:00 PM
Kristin, congrats on your success in the contest...Raul
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Date: 5/28/2009 11:36:00 AM
Kristin,...the hallmark of womaness ! As most know with my writes,..and not being verbose,..I am the romantic, have incited my thoughts dear poet with this extraodinary poetry ! I love this write,..and lovely poet,..this is going into my "FAVS" ! TY kindly for kindling mine spirits ! james
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Date: 5/28/2009 7:03:00 AM
This is such an incredible tribute... not only to your grandmother but to women in general. Thank you for this great right... I'm favoriting it right now... it actually brought tears to my eyes at some point! Gorgeous phrasing.
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Date: 5/23/2009 10:23:00 AM
This is amazing, so sentimental and insightful. A beautiful tribute, from a gifted so inspire!:) You just get better and better....Love, Sara:)
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Date: 5/21/2009 11:14:00 AM
Kristin It's amazing what poetic gifts we ensue when we write straight from the heart of soul. Within this beautiful poem, I wish I could see the look on your grandmothers face when whe reads this as her spirit fuses with yours. Speaking as a woman, our gifts are unique and should be honored for that simple truth. i can't get enough of your beautiful spirit! Take care hun. Love Light Truth Patricia
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Date: 5/21/2009 8:43:00 AM
Yes, you really are wonderful. Anyone who can bring out the beauty and truth of woman, as you just did, holds nothing short of miraculous talent, and is all encompassing of the meaning of your poem. My gosh your Grandmother must be shouting to everyone 'that's my Granddaughter - look what she wrote inspired by me!' Kristin, you are a most beautiful soul. So proud to call you friend. Bravo on this exceptional work of art. Love you, Shar
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Date: 5/21/2009 8:35:00 AM
Kristin that is absolutely the most awesome and beautiful poem on the ongoing life of a woman I've ever read. You mastered this write. God Bless your day. Ron
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Date: 5/21/2009 7:54:00 AM
Allow this old man to say, Kristin, you are wonderful. Well?.... old men can be said to contribute something too, but not so dearly as your poem suggests. Love, daver
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Date: 5/21/2009 7:28:00 AM
Best wishes with this onservant wwrite Kristin.Rgds Brian
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Date: 5/21/2009 6:20:00 AM
Amen ! Kristin.... simply fantastic ! what a celebration ! I bow very low, Poet ! ..... Every man on this planet should read this poem.... ah me.. it once was when women were held in awe and respect, the physical connection to humanities spirituality, mother Earth she is feminine. I could blather on now, bit I won't... just a Wiccan at heart.
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Date: 5/21/2009 4:11:00 AM
Kristin, thanks for the support my friend.
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Date: 5/21/2009 4:04:00 AM
Kristin, this fine work is truly without peer! just incredible tribute to all women, whewww!!!! Jim
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