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Bloggers PhotoBorn in New Jersey, I now live in Florida.  I was a journalist for many years and joined Poetry Soup to share poems and make new friends.  

My poetry is very direct and to the point, even if I am sometimes a bit long winded.  I am struggling now to master the shorter verse forms.  Most of my poems tell stories, all are inspired by deep feelings on a very wide range of topics. 

I have written four novels, so writing a narrative verse is a nice change for me.  I love hearing from other writers and always try to respond when someone makes a comment.  I enjoy reading others' works as much as I enjoy writing my own.

Fishing, furry creatures and football are among my greatest loves.  I have no tolerance for bigotry and hatred.  "Judge not lest ye be judged" is my favorite quote.

I have few fears, but sharks and alligators are among them.  I also fear for the future of our world.

Vacation Humor Contest Results

Blog Posted:7/26/2014 11:23:00 AM

Thanks go to all those who participated in the Vacation Humor contest.  There were some excellent entries.  Although I gave leeway for poems that were a bit longer than 15 lines, I couldn’t place those that were very long even though some were quite funny.

Those who ranked highest stayed true to their chosen form (syllable counts and rhyme) and gave me some great laughs.  There are two first-place winners.  Please join me in congratulating C.L. Thornton and Roy Jerden, two poets whose humorous poems are a delight to read. 

Flackmoth's Modest Solution by C.L. Thornton

Flackmoth’s just come up with a solution
he's sure will spawn a revolution
in both the airline and travel industry
and boost air travel exponentially
while at the same time eliminate
those tedious check-in lines we all hate,
and thereby reduce passenger stress,
impatience, and bladder build-up distress.
Flackmoth’s solution is so simple at its core,
he wonders that no one thought of it before.
And if adopted, he predicts with certainty,
travelers will breeze by long lines of security.
His solution, then? Nude flights, and baggage
checked elsewhere as a first advantage.
Ah, but Flackmoth’s solution has a flaw:
Some politician is sure to propose a law –
ostensibly to ensure in-flight security –
likely, a pre-boarding colonoscopy.


Blood on the Saddle by Roy Jerden

We are taking a long horseback ride
On the great continental divide
    They are singing "Mule Train"
    Just like old Frankie Laine
While my poor butt is wailing "Rawhide"
The guide's muscles are trapezoidal 
With ripples and bulges steroidal 
    All the bulges I find 
    Are inside my behind 
And for sure are all hemorrhoidal
I guess I'm a poor city slicker
Of riding I couldn't be sicker
    I would rather be home
    Where no buffalo roam
With sitz bath and plenty of liquor
A bad vacation it was, and my bad luck,

Consoled myself, thinking he must be gay !


C.L. and Roy, send me your addresses so I can mail your prizes. 

Thanks again to all the participants.

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Date: 7/26/2014 10:35:00 PM
I did not write for this contest but see so many great entries and wins.. Congrats to all the winners!
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Date: 7/26/2014 4:49:00 PM
Carolyn, thanks for sponsoring this fun contest and congrats to Roy and C.L. for taking home the gold! All the winners had funny, clever writes and I'm so grateful to place among them. Carolyn, thanks especially for all of your efforts. You always amaze me girl!
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Date: 7/26/2014 2:48:00 PM
Thank you, dear Carolyn, for the placement in your fun contest, and a special thank you for giving us some great laughs. Hooray for all the poets who entered, and I'm glad to see their great sense of humor is alive and well !!
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Date: 7/26/2014 1:13:00 PM
Well done to all who entered, and in particular to Roy & C.L. congrats, and to Carolyn for honouring my poem. Happy Weekend all :)
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Date: 7/26/2014 12:37:00 PM
was a wonderful contest great fun Carolyn thanks for the placements for my own poem and our jadazzle one too. Hugs Jan xxx
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Date: 7/26/2014 12:29:00 PM
I read a lot of funny ones in your contest, Carolyn, Congrats to them all. This contest just stumped me to think of anything original!!
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Date: 7/26/2014 12:11:00 PM
Congratulations to all the winners, especially Roy and C.L. Thornton. Their poems are very funny. Thank you for including my poem among your winners.
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Devonshire Avatar
Carolyn Devonshire
Date: 7/26/2014 12:14:00 PM
You deserved your win. Thank you!

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