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Congratulations to David Kavanagh for his POTD! - Sam Kauffman's Blog

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Hello!  My name is Sam Kauffman.  Knowing what to write for a bio is probably more difficult than writing poetry itself so I'll give you some of the highlights.

I was born and raised in Seattle, WA.  Graduated from the University of Washington with degrees in Music and English- if one major was good, two were better - right?

I am married, to my college sweetheart, have two boys, three grandchildren and one Wheaten Terrier, Mr. Paddy, a show dog - pure octane on four paws! - and now live in California.

Have been writing poetry since college - not sharing how long that has been - along with music - seven albums released  (played on Christian radio) - eight chapbooks of poetry, a series of eight faith based children's stories, three children's books, two full length books, short stories, eighteen one woman musical scripture dramas and a variety of music based programs for churches, youth and women.

Both the music and the poetry have been published.  (I am exhausted looking at that list I might add!)

As you might have guessed I am a Christian singer, dramatist, songwriter, author, retreat leader and "actress,"  that I put in parentheses!

Have been very blessed to have had a music ministry for over twenty years - yikes! has it been that long - traveling coast to coast and sometimes internationally.

While working harder than I have ever worked in my life, I am shocked, amazed and grateful for the reponse this writing and composing - not possible without a lot of heavenly help - has received with numerous awards over the years for both lyrics and poetry. 

When not writing - when does that happen? - I love to ski, walk, garden, cook, create needwork, train our show dogs and be with family and friends.

Well, there you have it in a nutshell - seems to be a rather large nutshell.

I am so grateful for the work of Poetry Soup and all of the "soupers" out there for creating a safe place of encouragement and a community of poets who support one another.

It is an honor to be among an international community of such talented and gracious poets and writers.



Congratulations to David Kavanagh for his POTD!

Blog Posted:5/16/2022 9:19:00 AM

So thought filled.  This monoku has both wisdom and depth!  Congratulations David!

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Date: 5/31/2022 5:09:00 PM
Congrat's David! Great job.
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Date: 5/20/2022 4:01:00 PM
Well done David, blessings ~Constance
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Kavanagh  Avatar
David Kavanagh
Date: 5/21/2022 9:11:00 AM
Thank you Constance, cheers David
Date: 5/16/2022 7:43:00 PM
A lovely gesture, Sam, to highlight David's P.O.T.D., which is quite an achievement and somewhat rare for a monoku. He is so deserving!
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Kavanagh  Avatar
David Kavanagh
Date: 5/21/2022 9:10:00 AM
Thank you Milton, cheers David
Date: 5/16/2022 7:18:00 PM
In context with David’s line of enquiry, we may like to contemplate on Sri Yukteswar Giri’s words of wisdom from the epic book, Autobiography of a Yogi by Yogananda ~ ‘the presence of form in any realm or domain signals unfulfilled desire’
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Kavanagh  Avatar
David Kavanagh
Date: 5/21/2022 9:12:00 AM
Thank you Seeker I think, cheers David
Date: 5/16/2022 5:13:00 PM
Ignore the trash Sam, good blog!!
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Kavanagh  Avatar
David Kavanagh
Date: 5/21/2022 9:13:00 AM
Cheers Mark
Date: 5/16/2022 2:37:00 PM
Thank you Sam, I appreciate the gesture, and am totally delighted to get potd, it must’ve impressed you deeply, for you to mention in a blog, wonder what’s up with Tommy, we had a bit of banter earlier on, about my poem, and everything seemed cool between us, thank you so much again for the congratulations, cheers David
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Kauffman Avatar
Sam Kauffman
Date: 5/17/2022 11:00:00 AM
Was so happy to see you get a POTD!
Date: 5/16/2022 2:27:00 PM
Mark, I always felt it was arrogant to announce his return to the site. Why not just post a poem? To address TJ (Teppo) was insulting after the trouble he caused to that dear man that we all admired, and to many others.
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Koplin Avatar
Mark Koplin
Date: 5/16/2022 5:12:00 PM
He’s not fooling anyone, he is just showing his true colors. Arrogance and ego was his downfall before and will be again. He’ll just quote some scriptures and then delete his comments like he always has done.
Date: 5/16/2022 2:22:00 PM
Sam, David has been a fine contributing member of the soup for some time. He stands up for his beliefs, but in a way that doesn't infringe upon the beliefs of others. If you choose to honor his POTD with a blog, it's your right to do so, and I for one am happy to join you in congratulating David... a poet so many of us admire.
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Koplin Avatar
Mark Koplin
Date: 5/17/2022 3:10:00 PM
All of this negativity was brought on by you.
Koplin Avatar
Mark Koplin
Date: 5/17/2022 3:09:00 PM
No conspiracy here Tommy boy, you are just mean to people. My first week on this site you started attacking me. My intentions were to find a place where I could share my thoughts and write peaceful poetry. You and your buddies ruined that for me and quite a few others.
Koplin Avatar
Mark Koplin
Date: 5/17/2022 2:28:00 PM
You will have to forgive me Boy if I don’t believe you.
Koplin Avatar
Mark Koplin
Date: 5/17/2022 1:24:00 PM
He is already starting to delete. His first comment is now gone. Not surprising, the old smash and dash
Kavanagh  Avatar
David Kavanagh
Date: 5/16/2022 2:42:00 PM
Thank you Jenna, this is all very strange, But if anyone has beef with me they can come directly to my page it’s open for everyone, cheers David

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6/7/2022 spring bows to summer Haikusummer,
6/7/2022 Intoxicated Rondeau Rondeau Redoublegod,joy,
6/2/2022 Chocolate Fanatic's S'mores Epulaeryufood,summer,sweet,
6/1/2022 Scattered Shards Gathered Free verselife,
5/31/2022 Remnants of Eden Free verselife,
5/26/2022 spring high jinks Haikufun,spring,
5/18/2022 Mission of the Yellow Songbird Free versebird,
5/13/2022 Springtime Rondeau Free versedance,spring,
5/10/2022 My Crumpled Wings Verselife,love,
5/9/2022 Opportunity Monokuwork,
5/9/2022 wind whispers Haikuspring,wind,
5/6/2022 Living Truth Embraced Free verselife,
5/5/2022 Servant Heart Free versejoy,life,
5/4/2022 Ode to Spring Odejoy,life,song,spring,
5/3/2022 Wind Song Verseseasons,wind,
4/28/2022 Spring Mischief Rhymespring,
4/28/2022 The Heart of Spring Rhymeheart,spring,
4/28/2022 Spring's Rondeau Rondeaudance,fun,spring,
4/27/2022 Run and Catch the Wind Rhymechildhood,
4/26/2022 History's Greatest Miracle Play Narrativejesus,
4/22/2022 April's Showers Monchielle Stanzaapril,rain,rainbow,spring
4/19/2022 surfriders at play Haikuanimal,fun,ocean,
4/13/2022 Tyrants, Despots and Dictators Monokuirony,life,
4/13/2022 Matrix of Grace Tankaenvironment,life,
4/12/2022 dolphins Haikuanimal,fun,ocean,sea,
4/7/2022 Winged Warrior Free versetribute,
4/6/2022 Easter Wake Up Call Free verseeaster,jesus,joy,life,
4/6/2022 Silence Terzanellelife,silence,
4/5/2022 playful shadow Haikuanimal,cat,fun,
4/2/2022 Fig Leaf Free verselife,nature,
4/1/2022 Friendship Garden Opera Layflower,garden,song,spring
3/31/2022 spring acrobats Haikufun,spring,
3/31/2022 Spring Whimsy Haikuspring,
3/29/2022 My Plea Free verselife,peace,
3/25/2022 Nature Kimoflower,nature,snow,spring
3/24/2022 Keeper of the Flame Free versefire,life,
3/24/2022 Shamrock Reflections Free versepoetry,
3/23/2022 Women of the Word Odeappreciation,women,
3/16/2022 Magical Grace Free verseblessing,magic,time,
3/14/2022 meadowlarks Haikubird,nature,song,
3/14/2022 Fireflies Tankainsect,light,summer,
3/12/2022 In the Midst of Winter Free versespring,
3/11/2022 Winter Bows to Spring Imagismflower,garden,spring,weat
3/8/2022 Nexus Free verselife,
3/4/2022 Spring Garden Party Tankadance,flower,garden,
3/4/2022 March In Versejoy,march,
3/2/2022 Soup and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches Versefood,storm,winter,
3/1/2022 Beside Still Waters Lyriclife,water,
3/1/2022 Lovely as a Lovely Dream Coupletdream,poems,
3/1/2022 Dance of the Spheres Villanellecommunity,dance,stars,
2/27/2022 Avalanche Shadormaflower,life,light,prayer,
2/24/2022 Celebration of Las Animas Free verselife,
2/23/2022 Aurora Pleiadesmorning,
2/23/2022 Harvest of Stars Free versenight,stars,
2/20/2022 reflections on whale watching Haikuanimal,ocean,
2/16/2022 Jubilant Joy Ethereejoy,
2/11/2022 Dappled Winds Dizainwind,
2/10/2022 Winter Spirals Rictametersea,song,winter,
2/9/2022 Flipped Hourglass Free versedance,life,time,
2/9/2022 Flipped Hourglass Free versedance,life,time,
2/8/2022 Pussy Willows Versenature,
2/8/2022 Rose and Violet Tankaflower,love,valentines da
2/7/2022 Pride of Place - My Mother's Piano Monorhymeappreciation,mother,music
2/3/2022 Eternal Vibrating Tones of Grace Rhymegod,life,love,
2/2/2022 Encouragement of Thankfulness Free verseencouraging,prayer,
2/1/2022 Furry Maniacs Haikuanimal,
1/28/2022 The Snowflake Rhymebeauty,me,metaphor,snow,
1/27/2022 Stubborn Lamb Free verseforgiveness,jesus,
1/26/2022 Tanka Pleiadespoetry,
1/25/2022 Cliff Coupletbeauty,flower,sea,summer,
1/24/2022 Chalice of Darkness Free versebirth,dark,flower,
1/21/2022 Keola - Free Verse Free verseautumn,inspirational,life
1/20/2022 snow flowers Haikuwinter,
1/18/2022 windsongs Haikubird,song,wind,
1/16/2022 winter wild geese Haikubird,sunset,winter,
1/12/2022 Winter's Fantasies Free versefantasy,snow,winter,
1/11/2022 Transcendence Free verseflower,life,spring,winter
1/7/2022 winter heart Haikuheart,winter,
1/6/2022 Butterfly Ballad Balladbutterfly,god,hurt,life,s
1/4/2022 Winter's Wishes Quintain (English)winter,
1/4/2022 Five New Year's Resolutions in the Spheres Listnew year,
12/30/2021 Nativity Free versechristmas,
12/29/2021 Fractured Storm Rhymenature,night,sky,weather,
12/28/2021 Angel in a Whirlwind Rhymeangel,miracle,
12/27/2021 A Shout into the Void Free versecelebration,
12/24/2021 Christmas Was Born of Love Lyricchristmas,
12/9/2021 The Wishes of Winter Free verseprayer,winter,

My Photos

Fav Poems

A Strange Galaxy Free versestars,
DAILY VICTORY IN THE LORD Tristichblessing,christian,faith,
Morning Star Verseappreciation,beauty,metap
That Starry Night Ekphrasisart,depression,night,pass
A Spotted Fawn Coupletanimal,beauty,flower,memo
The Old Scribe Versegrandfather,grandson,love
Separated By A Common Language Rhymeamerica,england,language,
Ode to the Sisters Odefantasy,fate,stars,
Paradox Free verseanalogy,courage,
Railway Lines: Toy Trains Rhyme6th grade,christmas,feeli
AFRICAN ANTHOLOGY Haikuafrica,animal,nature,wate
Treasure Hunting Free verseassonance,fantasy,
Bright Star Personificationdark,imagery,light,magic,
Bicycle Playing Cards Rhymehistory,
Dragon's Tooth Sapphic stanzafantasy,
Injustice And Me Coupletamerica,blessing,destiny,
Wander-Lust Free versebeach,betrayal,desire,lus
84 Charing Cross Road Free versebooks,giving,love,words,
The Woman They Know Free verseanalogy,courage,hope,wome
Unshackled Free verseanalogy,journey,life,
The Daughter Of The North Wind Sings In Soprano Free versepassion,snow,winter,woman
The Leaf Fairy Queen Rhyme3rd grade,4th grade,5th g
Naming Life Free versebeauty,life,
Intersection Of Interbeing Free verseinspirational,memory,myst
Spice Haikuautumn,bird,color,cool,fo
rosa hesperrhodos Cinquainflower,mystery,nature,
Amberina Ballerina Free versedestiny,emotions,inspirat
Colors Of My Day Lyriccolor,love,romantic love,
Lies Awake Scheming Rhymecorruption,truth,
A Writer Born to Create Free versewriting,
Somewhere over the Horizon Rhymeimagery,senses,,western,
REALLY Confused Limerickconfusion,
Autumn Awakes Villanelleappreciation,autumn,
Wire Walker Free versebetrayal,conflict,husband
The Nature Of We Sonnetangel,humanity,native ame
Hedgehogs Rhyme3rd grade,4th grade,5th g
Breathe-Rhyme Acrosticcourage,encouraging,endur
The Wonder Of It All Free verseintrospection,philosophy,
Methuselah Star Free versestar,
PROSE POEM temperament Prose Poetryword play,
All in a Day Sonnetappreciation,hope,morning
Hand washed Tetractys10th grade,11th grade,12t
Daydreamers' Drift Tetractysbeauty,child,imagination,
Splendiferous Stories Choka10th grade,9th grade,adve
Nestled in Daydreams Coupletpeace,perspective,
Heart Universes Terza Rimaheart,universe,
Autumn Reflections Coupletappreciation,autumn,faith
Marking Time Dizainappreciation,nature,peace
Can't think it through Rhymehumanity,perspective,phil
Little Giants Quatrainchildren,happiness,innoce
Coming Back Home Acrostichome,longing,
SURPASSING BEAUTY OF NATURE Verseappreciation,beauty,chris
Sunset Tableau Verseappreciation,lost love,na
Appreciate Rhymeanalogy,
O April Free verseappreciation,april,beauty
Soaking Up the Sun Rhymebeautiful,color,flower,na
A mountain from a pile Rhymeallusion,corruption,preju
A Paean To God Free verseallusion,angst,appreciati
PATIENCE V Epigrammetaphor,wisdom,
Muses in Gold Rhymemuse,
Ekphrasis on Isles of Shoals Ekphrasisappreciation,art,nature,s
Giving Godly Grace Acrosticappreciation,faith,god,je
TRIUMPHANT MUSE OF SAM Rubaiyatappreciation,blessing,chr
Blushing Rosebud Ninetterose,snow,sun,
SUNDOWN MEDITATION Free verseadventure,freedom,journey
Rock n' Roll Spin Free verseage,appreciation,emotions
When I Get Home Coupletgod,heaven,
- Haiku X 209 - summer - lazy Haikusummer,sunshine,
Lily Cinquainbeautiful,flower,symbolis
Dark Parts Sonnetcity,dark,fear,places,sil
Stradivarius - MIA Acrosticchild,music,
Lost in Darkness Lentobird,weather,
in reflections Quintain (English)bird,sun,winter,
All Encompassing Verse10th grade,11th grade,12t
Nutty Rhymeconfusion,crazy,
Presence of absence Free verseblessing,devotion,god,hea
Native Peoples Say Haikuamerica,earth,life,nature
MEANDERING Free versepeace,time,
Last Sigh Free versedeath,love,
Miracle On Ford Street Narrativecare,children,christmas,p
Playful Personificationlove,rose,sensual,
Rose Buds to Remember Quatraindeath,flower,life,rose,
Quiescent Verse10th grade,11th grade,12t
Arctic Jewels ABCsnow,winter,
Whenever the Weather Rhymeweather,
Land Of Lost Shadows Ekphrasisart,
Spring Sonnet Sonnetflower,nature,spring,
Hope and Peace Free verseanxiety,hope,inspiration,
TANKA FEB 8 Tankapoetry,word play,
Springtime Coupletflower,spring,sun,
winter dreams Haikunature,winter,
Compost Pile Coupletbeauty,poems,
Easter Lilies Free versebeautiful,christian,easte
Persephone's Plea Pleiadesdeath,god,prayer,
This Spring The Poppies Bloomed Free versebeauty,flower,life,love,r
ordinary Free verselove,magic,mystery,
Seven Secret Garden Secrets Free verseallegory,children,garden,
The Sound of Silence Haikunature,tribute,
The Ides Of March Alliterationanxiety,april,beauty,chan
A Comb-edy of Hair-ers Light Versehair,humor,

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