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A Must Read

Blog Posted:4/30/2021 5:19:00 PM

Hi Everyone, I hope you all are doing well. I've been feeling sort of blue lately. However, I feel much better to day because I just finished reading a book a fellow resident of SoupVille Lane. Marilene Evans wrote the book a few years back. It's called LOVE AND CELEBRATE YOU.It's a collection of poems that motivates, encourages and inspires. She has great advice that one could apply to their daily life. For me it was like receiving a recipe to life your best life. I recommend this book to anyone who needs a pick me up, I think it's worth read. You can get the book on Amazon. I purchased a ebook.







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Date: 5/2/2021 1:29:00 PM
Thank you Alexis, trying to get the book on Kindle, taking hours to register... Belle
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Y. Avatar
Alexis Y.
Date: 5/2/2021 4:02:00 PM
Hi Belle, Registering can take long. I think you will like the poems; they were so uplifting. I appreciate that you stopped by. Have a great day;-)Alexis
Date: 5/1/2021 3:48:00 PM
A wonderful blog for your frend, Alexis. My congrats to Marilene on publishing.
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Y. Avatar
Alexis Y.
Date: 5/2/2021 4:00:00 PM
Hi Andrea, I found the book to be so uplifting, that I just had to spread the word. I appreciate that you stopped by. Have a great day:-) Alexis
Date: 5/1/2021 7:29:00 AM
Alexis, it sounds like a great book, what is the name of it ? serenity _Constance
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La France Avatar
Constance La France
Date: 5/2/2021 2:24:00 PM
Thanks Alexis, I will check out the cost of the book on Amazon, love _Constance
Y. Avatar
Alexis Y.
Date: 5/1/2021 12:30:00 PM
Hi BW, For me, it was so inspirational and uplifting. I thought I put the title yesterday; it's there now. I appreciate that you stopped by my blog. Have a great day:-)Alexis
Date: 4/30/2021 8:52:00 PM
I am glad you are feeling more optimistic about life. Keep well. Suzette :))
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Y. Avatar
Alexis Y.
Date: 5/1/2021 12:20:00 PM
Hi Suzette, Thank you so much. I feel so much better. Have a wonderful day:-) Alexis
Date: 4/30/2021 5:51:00 PM
Thanks so much, Alexis! I do appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. I am so moved how my poems perked you up. Go out there and pursue you dreams. We are never too old to dream, to do what would make us feel we are making a difference in somebody's life. Work on what you want to do. Thanks again.
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Y. Avatar
Alexis Y.
Date: 4/30/2021 5:57:00 PM
You are most welcome.Your book of poetry was amazing. I just had to post my review here. Have a great day:-)Alexis

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Fav Poems

Dream Fragments - Lune Versecolor,life,
- Love Letter - Shapefirst love,funny,
True Love Ways Free verselove,
But This Day is Mine Carpe Diemcelebration,happiness,lif
Where Birds Cannot Fly Versechristian,heaven,hope,
Slow walking talker Rhymeadventure,baptism,beautif
BE MINDFUL WHEN YOU WRITE Sonnetpoetry,poets,writing,
Curves Senryubeautiful,image,woman,
My Solace, A Poet's Thoughts on Poetry Free verseimagery,metaphor,poetry,
Life is Fine Carpe Diembeautiful,life,
I Will not Break Rhymetruth,
Touch Me Touch Me I Wanna Feel Your Body Light Versebaby,happy,imagination,in
removed for publication Limerickaddiction,humorous,
Toro Rhymedog,
Broken People Free versepeople,
You're the Light I do not know?emotions,imagery,love,
She by the Sea Light Verseangst,beauty,conflict,dea
To Take Each Day As It Comes Light Versecharacter,encouraging,gro
Love Sleeps, Never Dies Light Verseangel,beauty,child,hope,s
To Pray On Your Flesh Romanticismlove,
Your Ocean Free verseintrospection,
Souperstarstruck Haibunlife,poetry,thank you,
Finding Happiness in Everyday Pleasures Rhymehappiness,joy,
The Library of Trust and Hope Light Verseanalogy,garden,growth,hap
WE ARE BROTHERS II Free versecute,immigration,love,pea
Tribute to a brother Free verseappreciation,tribute,
Excuses: A Feminine Experience Coupletabuse,horror,irony,pain,p
I See You In My Dreams Rhymedream,imagination,
An Autumn Portrait of Beauty Rhymeallegory,beauty,earth,god
Big Girls do Cry Free versecourage,freedom,growth,mo
Never, Always, Sometimes Acrosticbeautiful,dedication,devo
Leaf Sonnetmemory,nature,
Where Your Eyes Shine I Want To Lie Down Free verselove,
On The Bottom Shelf Rhymeangst,conflict,fear,growt
Like Zephyr Breeze Free versefeelings,
OLD KING TROLL FOR ALEXIS Y Rhymebetrayal,nursery rhyme,
Still Tomorrow The Sun Will Rise Free verseintrospection,
Moment of Truth Dramatic Verseperspective,philosophy,tr
Seen This Movie Before Lyriclove,relationship,romance
Poetry was Her Best Lover- Not for Contest Free versepassion,poetry,
Love - An Explosive Rant Dramatic Monologuelove,
MY STRONG BEAUTIFUL BLACK AFRICAN SISTER Free versebeautiful,beauty,inspirat
Life is Fine Quatrainblessing,life,
I heard I might find a poet here Part 3 Epicbeauty,poetry,
what does poetry mean to you - contest Verselife,
I Got a Love Italian Sonnetintrospection,joy,love,ro
It is Quiet Tonight Free versedeath,grief,lost love,
Unseen Rainbow Dramatic Monologueallusion,beauty,love,rain
A Glutton for Your Poetry Quatrainlove,poetry,
Our Caves Quatrainheart,inspirational,
A Forever Kind of Love Free verselonging,love,passion,true
We Are Not So Different Free verseinternational,introspecti
Eagle and the Dove Epicallegory,bird,hate,love,m
We are so Different Free versearabic,child,forgiveness,
Fallen Romanticismbeauty,love,romantic,
The Park Bench Free verseart,beauty,inspirational,
Man Apart Free verseintrospection,muse,perspe
Tribute to Poetry Soupers Rhymepoets,tribute,
The Last Slice Light Versefood,fun,humor,humorous,
His Courage Rocked Coupletbullying,character,courag
Time Stamps In The Sand - collab with Darren White Rhymebeach,hope,inspiration,li
Rainy Day Beauty Rhymebeauty,love,morning,rain,
Names with Attachments Pantoumblack african american,co
I don't write poetry Coupletheart,poetry,
I am winter Free versewinter,
Emerald shades Rhymegood morning,
The colour of my heart Lyriccolor,encouraging,feeling
Listen With Your Heart Lyricbeautiful,fantasy,
Weekend Father Verseart,divorce,father daught
Like A Moth To A Flame Shapeabuse,appreciation,beauti
Open your eyes Rhymegood morning,
Brush Away Free versehurt,love,pain,relationsh
The Reason For Our Vitality Monorhymebible,god,truth,
Heart of a Woman Rhymeidentity,inspirational,st
Just Chris Rhymefriendship,life,
Dance With My Words Dramatic Monologuedance,love,poetry,romance
My Father, My Dad Elegiac Lyricappreciation,dad,father,l
Courage in Love Free versecourage,deep,imagery,life
With my eyes closed Free verselost love,love,
Lover of Lies Dramatic Versebible,judgement,truth,wis
Because of You Iambic Pentametermeaningful,truth,
The Same Color Free versebrother,love,sister,spiri
FJ Thomas -A Walking Angel Acrosticangel,
Stepping out of time Lyricangst,body,dance,
Romantic Invasion Verseheart,kiss,romance,sensua
My Kind Iambic Pentametertruth,woman,
She's Beautiful Light Versebeautiful,women,
Where Do We Belong Lyricgoodbye,
Vulnerable Free verseangst,anxiety,life,psycho
Voice of Octave Love Biobeauty,love,tribute,voice
A new day, a new world, a new tomorrow Free verselost,love,trust,
When A Man Loves a Woman - When a Woman Loves a Man Sonnetlove,
Inspired Muses Sonnetfun,muse,poetry,
Broken Nevermore Rhymebutterfly,
the lion is awake Free verseconfidence,courage,streng
Rule the World Acrosticpower,
Centrifuge Rhymeallusion,emotions,love,sc
Never-ending Free versegood morning,
permanent pleasures Free verselove,romance,
A Cathartic Weave Of Three Free versebreak up,celebration,devo

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