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ABOUT ME : Late babyboomer Canadian born in the beautiful Eastern Townships of Quebec, and raised in Northern Ontario. Fell in love with Ottawa where I received my B.A. with a major in french literature. Still living in Ottawa, I'm finding out that oncoming golden years offer a very rich perspective on life and beauty. 

The themes of my poetry are found in everyday life. I write mostly free verse but I'm also a member of Haiku Canada and have had haiku published in various anthologies.

Please visit often my growing collection of poems and I hope you find many will resonate with you. I'd love to hear your comments.

By the way, my name is pronounced Lynn, and my avatar is an ink painting I created on rice paper years ago. The symbol means PLAY - something I have finally learned to do in later years and poetry is definitely my favorite form of play.




I Am - unveils the true me  

Armand (1934-2001) – tribute to my father, a significant role model in my formative years  

Flash Memory Therapy – this was an innovative idea I had so I sketched over 400 sketches of my memories   

How Could I Not Remember – tribute to my grand-mother, the first true love of my life   

My Fondest Wishes As A Child – the innocent years before any of the disappointments of life  

Paradigm Shift – this is about an important life transforming moment in my life  

Welcome to My Avatar – I was packing up my brushes disappointed and said I'll try one more ~ my avatar is the result of not giving up  

What I Remember Most – tribute to my mother, my role model in so many ways during my most impressionable years


Photography Meraki – I let my whimsy loose to have fun expressing my passion for photography  

The Elephant and the Ant – my personal whimsical favorite that combines my love for monorhymes and children’s literature


Bagpipes Wail – picturing my own funeral ~ bagpipes make me very emotional  

Mooney – my warmest bonding moment ever with a pet  

The C Bomb – about my husband being diagnosed with cancer  

The Caterpillar Who Refused To Die – this is me not seeing the big picture, not realizing I am meant to become a butterfly


Land Of Mine – I felt very patriotic while writing this poem  

The Road To My Father’s House – driving 'home' to visit, I always felt an awesome closeness to the countryside my father was deeply connected to  

Waterlily Alley – this poem marries my passion for whimsy, nature, canoeing and waterlilies  

Whale Songs – expresses my deep spiritual affinity to these gentle giants

ZEN :  

Borrowed Bits Of Spirituality – my heart is in this piece  

Sunrise Meditation – it felt surreal to dream up the only meditation piece in my portfolio

TIME :  

Slipping Away – it’s an A to Z look at myself

Into meditation ?

Blog Posted:6/1/2021 4:21:00 PM

If you are into meditation, I would invite you to listen to my new soundtrack of my earlier poem Sunrise Meditation:


And... thanks to everyone who visited my first experiment with mixing voice and background music:


More to come ~


Have a wonderful summer, everyone !

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Date: 6/4/2021 8:44:00 AM
Healing power of the drum is a favourite! It validates a wisdom download I received -
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Date: 6/4/2021 8:42:00 AM
Thought rested stillness ~ embracing vibrant emptiness ~ mindfulness - moment to moment, all moments entwined ~ aspect allowing, enabling bliss to fill us ~ acceptance of all as they are and what is, as is ~ dancing to prismatic hues of love from joy, empathy, compassion, bliss & purity of being ~ recognising that we are being breathed by God Himself
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Date: 6/3/2021 5:07:00 AM
Line your voice quality is amazing... and SO beautiful... God bless... Hugs... ~ Ani
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Gauthier Avatar
Line Gauthier
Date: 6/3/2021 8:27:00 AM
Thank you, Ani ~ much appreciated
Date: 6/2/2021 1:40:00 AM
Meditation for me as committed Christian is to stop for a moment or two & listen to the Holy Spirit .This is often called ' a quiet time' & can also involve reading or reflecting upon a scripture......Line your voice quality recitation & tempo compares well 'mono' one of the leading youtube exponents of this apex aspect of poetry.Something similar overlaid with your art would make excellent haiga exceptionel
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Gauthier Avatar
Line Gauthier
Date: 6/2/2021 10:33:00 PM
Thank you very much, Brian. Most appreciated ~
Date: 6/1/2021 8:59:00 PM
Line, poems and voice readings are amazing and outstanding, you are soaring like an eagle, love _Constance
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Gauthier Avatar
Line Gauthier
Date: 6/2/2021 10:32:00 PM
You are very kind, Constance ~ thank you

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5/19/2021 FR - LES SAISONS PARTAGEES Free versegrief,loneliness,longing,
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5/19/2021 BLUE HOLE Free versedark,grief,loneliness,lon
5/19/2021 HE GAVE HER A BOOK Free versebooks,dad,father,father d
5/18/2021 NOW THAT I'M OLD Free verseage,integrity,introspecti
5/17/2021 GOING WAY BACK Free versegrowing up,nostalgia,scho
5/17/2021 COME SIT BY THE BENCH, MY LOVE Acrosticfaith,grief,hope,longing,
5/17/2021 LURKING IN THE NIGHT Rhymeanxiety,betrayal,hurt,nig
5/17/2021 DEVILS IN THE NIGHT Free verseabuse,betrayal,forgivenes
5/16/2021 WAIT AND SEE Rhymeencouraging,faith,hope,in
5/16/2021 HAUNT OF NIGHT Free verselonging,muse,night,nostal
5/15/2021 FOR CONSIDERATION Rhymedepression,hope,passion,
5/15/2021 FR - Je m'adresse au mystere du temps Proseintrospection,stress,time
5/15/2021 FR - BONNE NUIT Free versedeath,loneliness,lost lov
5/15/2021 FR -A JAMAIS Free versedeath,longing,lost love,
5/15/2021 FR - AMANT DANS LA NUIT Free versedeath,peace,
5/15/2021 FR - J'AURAIS VOULU Free versehope,longing,lost love,
5/15/2021 FR - PRIERES DANS LA NUIT Free versecaregiving,future,sick,
5/15/2021 ONLY THE GOOD DIE YOUNG Free versedeath,faith,grief,life,pe
5/14/2021 FR - EFFLEURE SES PLEURS Free versedeath,grief,lost love,
5/14/2021 FR - A LA MESURE Free versegrief,lost love,words,
5/14/2021 FR - COMMENT TE DIRE ADIEU Free versedeath,grief,lost love,
5/14/2021 FR - DE TOUT TON COEUR Free versewisdom,
5/14/2021 FR - C'EST DERRIERE MOI Free versebetrayal,friendship,peopl
5/14/2021 FR - DANS MES REVES Free versesurreal,
5/14/2021 WAIT AND SEE Rhymeappreciation,hope,inspira
5/14/2021 ALONE TO THE END Free versedeath,future,grief,life,l
5/13/2021 astronomical Haikudark,society,technology,u
5/12/2021 DON'T GIVE UP Free verseconflict,depression,hurt,
5/12/2021 FATHER'S DAY Acrosticappreciation,daughter,fat
5/12/2021 MY PHILOSOPHY DURING PANDEMIC TIMES Free versefaith,friendship,hope,ins
5/10/2021 YOU ARE MY LIFE Free versefuture,happiness,love,rel
5/10/2021 INTERPLANETARY STATIC Acrostichope,men,perspective,plan
5/10/2021 CALMED SEAS Rhymeappreciation,hope,memory,
5/6/2021 A CHARMED LIFE Free versefamily,growing up,happine
5/6/2021 WHAT IF THIS IS AS GOOD AS IT GETS Free versehope,life,loneliness,long
5/5/2021 OLD WOUNDS NEVER HEALED Free versegrief,heart,heartbreak,lo
5/4/2021 FINDING THE ONE Free verseconfidence,faith,longing,
5/2/2021 because Monokuconfidence,heart,love,pow
5/2/2021 I DID IT FOR YOU Rhymedeath,devotion,grief,long
5/1/2021 few Haikudream,hope,life,sun,uplif
4/30/2021 TIME TO GO Free versedeath,lonely,lost love,ni
4/30/2021 COMING HOME Free versecaregiving,death,grief,ho
4/30/2021 your way of looking at me Monokuappreciation,love,magic,m
4/29/2021 THAT ONE DAY Free versedark,death,grief,loneline
4/26/2021 gloves are off Free verseirony,vanity,
4/25/2021 EVERYTHING'S GOING TO BE ALRIGHT Free versedeath,grief,hope,lost lov
4/25/2021 THE DARK CRYSTAL Free versefantasy,inspirational,spi
4/24/2021 ON PARTING Free versedeath,

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More Worse When I Cry Narrativeabuse,childhood,emotions,
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''The Prince of Time'' Rhymelove,
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Moonlit Peace Sonnetintrospection,
Rainy Morning Light Verserain,
Brume Free versechange,perspective,relati
Imagine, After Forever Acrosticlost,memory,
Forget Me Nots Haikuflower,
Swimming Free verseaddiction,imagery,lust,me
Oh Dear, What Can the Matter Be Rhymefunny,
She loves and needs seven Quatrainmath,mental illness,
Orange Terzanellebeautiful,color,
I am strong Free versecharacter,confidence,disc
Particularly Monokubeautiful,giving,love,
Upon Awakening Free verseappreciation,beauty,
A Puppy named 'Pig' N A Puddle Light Versedog,fear,humorous,
When I Grow Old Free verseemotions,feelings,longing
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Some hearts can never be tamed Free verseangst,loss,lost love,love
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When You're Gone Free versefarewell,grief,sad,
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Brief Encounter Free verseeducation,surreal,
---you knew Verseabuse,betrayal,children,r
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A Nook and a Storybook Quatrainadventure,best friend,boo
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Some Days The Poem Writes You Rhymepoems,
Salvador Dali's Cat Rhymeart,cat,
Memorial Day Senryumemorial day,
My God Rhymesea,water,
Dear Santa I want a batmobile Rhymechild,christmas,
The Music of the Wind Free verse9th grade,love,nature,
Not Meant To Last Quatrainbirth,feelings,how i feel
Endlessly Haikudevotion,time,
You Are Loved Quaternangst,anxiety,conflict,de
A Blanket Of Love Free verseanxiety,death,depression,
A Lonely Silver Ribbon Rhymechristmas,loneliness,lone
Make 'em Laugh Rhymehealth,humorous,light,
A blind man and his poetic friend- in braille Quatrainlove,perspective,philosop
Diosa Del Amor Rhymebeauty,fantasy,love,lust,
dementia Blank versecheer up,cry,death,dedica
VENT-RILOQUIST Rhymehumor,voice,
Volcano Rhymefire,passion,
The Weathered Years Sonnetlife,
I Am Biointrospection,metaphor,
Weep Not for Sins That Are Long Past Sonnethope,inspiration,
Brokenhearted sunsets Free verseheartbreak,love hurts,

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