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PUBLISHED:  A Day In Halifax (haiga 24pp); A Day In Sarnia (poetry/photos 24 pp); After The Rain (poetry/photos 64pp); Afternoon at Pink Lake (poetry/photos 24pp); Ageless Youth (haiga 24pp); Ancestral Voices (haiga 80pp); As Night Falls (haiga 24pp); Boardwalk (haiga 24pp); Bridging The Gap (haiga 40pp); Butterfly Wings (haiga 66pp); By Water's Edge (poetry/photos 44pp); Chasing Dreams (haiga 24pp); Day In The Park (haiga 24pp); Diving In (poetry/photos 46pp); Fall Fiesta (poetry/photos 74pp); Flash Memory Therapy (poetry/sketches 92pp); Hanging Out (poetry/photos 26pp); I Love Lilacs (haiga 94pp);  I Remember Poppies (haiga 46pp); Inner Peace (haiga 24pp); Lessons Learned From Cat Sitting (poetry/photos 22pp); Lily of the Valley (haiga 48pp); Meadows (haiga 74pp); Merrickville (poetry/photos 24pp); Outside My Window (poetry/photos 46pp); Play.Enjoy.Relax.Create. (poetry/sketches 24pp); Ribbons & Clouds (poetry/photos 62pp); Sunrise Meditation (poetry/photos 48 pp); The Road To My Father’s House (poetry/photos 72pp); The Story of Dennis in four tomes (biographical prose/sketches 50/48/44/54 pp); Thru a Child's Eye (haiga 24pp); Waterlily Garden (poetry/photos 42pp); Weeping Willows (haiga 48pp); Wild Roses (haiga 100pp); Winter Calm (poetry/photos 76pp); Zen Garden (haiga 24pp). ASHBY LAKE SERIES (4x 24 pp): A Tour of Ashby Lake (haiga); Sunrise at Ashby Lake (haiga); Sundown at Ashby Lake (haiga); Thru The Lens at Ashby Lake (poem).

WORKING ON:  Anthology/Tips for Budding Poets (poetry).

ABOUT ME: Late babyboomer Canadian born in the beautiful Eastern Townships of Quebec, raised in Northern Ontario, now living in Ottawa, I'm finding out that oncoming golden years offer a very rich perspective on life. 

The themes of my poetry are found in everyday life. I write mostly free verse but I'm also a member of Haiku Canada and have had haiku published in various anthologies.

Please visit often my growing collection of poems and I hope you find many will resonate with you. I'd love to hear your comments.

By the way, my name is pronounced Lynn, and my avatar is an ink painting I created on rice paper years ago. The symbol means PLAY - something I have finally learned to do in later years and poetry is definitely my favourite form of play.









Blog Posted:5/31/2019 8:52:00 PM

There's only one place left before my contest closes so I got a head start tonight on reading the entries... there are a few poems that do not follow the required rhyme so will have to be N/A'd unfortunately. So sorry. It is not fun as a judge to give N/A's for technicalities.

If you have time to alter your entry, please remove it from contest then resubmit to make sure I read your revision.

Have an excellent weekend!

Line xx


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My Recent Poems

Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
10/13/2019 GENEALOGY ROSE Shapefamily,history,pride,rose
10/13/2019 A WORLD OF CHARITY Free versecommunity,integrity,socie
10/13/2019 LOVE POTION Monorhymedevotion,fantasy,imaginat
10/12/2019 COUNT DRACULA Free versefantasy,longing,passion,s
10/10/2019 ICARUS Fibonacciconfidence,flying,freedom
10/9/2019 UNDER THE RADAR Free versedark,mystery,night,
10/9/2019 CALAMITY JANE Free versewoman,
10/9/2019 MERRICKVILLE Free versecharacter,community,peopl
10/9/2019 FOR YOU Free verseday,longing,love,moon,nig
10/8/2019 A BIRD'S EYE VIEW Free versecity,peace,people,society
10/8/2019 SINGING BOWL Rhymeappreciation,introspectio
10/7/2019 AFTERNOON AT PINK LAKE Free verseintrospection,nature,peac
10/7/2019 THRU THE LENS Free versechild,imagination,innocen
10/6/2019 NOT JUST ANOTHER PROF Free verseintrospection,september,
10/6/2019 PIGEON WOES Concretebird,day,freedom,sky,summ
10/6/2019 OCTOBER WINDS Rhymeautumn,beautiful,color,oc
10/6/2019 SILHOUETTE OF REGRET Rhymeangst,introspection,longi
10/5/2019 JUNKYARD GARDEN Free verseage,garden,introspection,
10/4/2019 WINTER OF OUR YOUTH Rhymeage,love,music,together,u
10/3/2019 YET TO COME Free versecheer up,encouraging,hope
10/3/2019 OVERHEARD Free versecrazy,people,perspective,
10/3/2019 ON THE SIDELINE Free versehealth,introspection,life
10/3/2019 BETWIXT Free versefantasy,innocence,integri
10/2/2019 BYGONE DAYS Free verseautumn,seasons,summer,sun
10/2/2019 I SEE YOUR EYES Free verseangst,anxiety,meaningful,
10/2/2019 THUNDERING Free versesilence,sound,strength,st
10/2/2019 INSTITUTIONALIZED Free verseanxiety,fear,health,sick,
10/2/2019 MADE PEACE Free verseintrospection,self,silenc
10/2/2019 YOU WERE MY STRENGTH Free versecourage,storm,strength,to
10/1/2019 MARATHONING Free verseintrospection,journey,lif
10/1/2019 ENTANGLED WEB Free verseappreciation,beauty,earth
10/1/2019 HELLO BUTTERFLY Concretebeautiful,color,imagery,i
9/30/2019 WHEN ALL IS QUIET Free verseangel,heaven,peace,silenc
9/30/2019 THE TIME OF YOUTH Free verseappreciation,growing up,i
9/30/2019 ALONE TOGETHER Free verseappreciation,freedom,intr
9/30/2019 MEMORIES OF YOU Free verseautumn,lost love,memory,n
9/30/2019 NO PRICE TOO GREAT Free versefreedom,integrity,meaning
9/29/2019 ON A COLLISION COURSE Free versedance,fantasy,nature,nigh
9/29/2019 IN SILENCE Haikufish,nature,peace,silence
9/29/2019 SUZIE Free versefirst love,growing up,lov
9/28/2019 MERMAID PLAYFRIENDS Free versefantasy,fun,giggle,happy,
9/28/2019 AUTUMN CHILL Sonnetautumn,father,nostalgia,o
9/28/2019 WHAT I REMEMBER Rhymeanimal,appreciation,bird,
9/28/2019 BRILLIANT AUTUMN HUES Acrosticautumn,beautiful,color,im
9/27/2019 FOUND MY BUTTERFLY WINGS Free versecreation,introspection,jo
9/27/2019 NOVEMBER GREYS Rhymeautumn,dark,death,fantasy
9/26/2019 WORTH A DREAM Free verseanger,angst,longing,peopl
9/26/2019 HALLOWEEN MOON Free versechildren,halloween,moon,n
9/25/2019 FOUND MY NICHE Free versefriendship love,inspirati
9/25/2019 THE WICK OF LIFE Free verseappreciation,hope,inspira
9/23/2019 SO EAGER Senryuadventure,passion,uplifti
9/23/2019 BEYOND Senryumagic,meaningful,memory,
9/22/2019 GIVING Senryunature,youth,
9/22/2019 RENTING Senryufantasy,happy,heaven,natu
9/22/2019 PALPABLE Haikunature,peace,water,
9/22/2019 SNAPSHOT Senryumemory,remember,
9/22/2019 WIDE ANGLE Senryugrowing up,perspective,ti
9/22/2019 SNIPS Senryumemory,nostalgia,remember
9/21/2019 HALF MOONS Free verseadventure,fashion,fun,gro
9/21/2019 WAY BACK WHEN Free versecourage,freedom,friendshi
9/21/2019 OBLIVIOUS Free verseheart,hurt,innocence,insp
9/21/2019 THIS INSTANT Haikuappreciation,time,
9/21/2019 ZOOMING Senryuappreciation,day,perspect
9/21/2019 FOND FAREWELL Tetractysautumn,beautiful,color,fa
9/21/2019 I'LL BE BRIEF Free verseanger,angst,betrayal,hurt
9/21/2019 DUPED Free verseangst,hurt,sad love,toget
9/21/2019 HOMESICK Free versehome,longing,ocean,water,
9/21/2019 THIRSTY Senryuangst,drink,time,work,
9/20/2019 KEEP YOUR SWAGGER Free versedestiny,future,girl,innoc
9/20/2019 IN A WINK Free verselife,memory,nostalgia,sea
9/20/2019 LATE FALL SUN Free verseappreciation,autumn,chang
9/20/2019 SUCH DIGNITY Free versebeautiful,mystery,perspec
9/20/2019 SEEMS SO CLEAR TO ME Free verseconflict,happiness,peace,
9/20/2019 SEABREEZE Free versedream,freedom,music,night
9/20/2019 EVERYONE BUT ME Free verseidentity,integrity,perspe
9/20/2019 BLUESY GYPSIES Free verselonging,music,sleep,surre
9/20/2019 RENDEZVOUS AT SUNDOWN Free verseconfidence,heart,integrit
9/19/2019 IN A POOL OF KINDRED SPIRITS Free verseblessing,character,encour
9/19/2019 SNAPPING Senryuadventure,appreciation,fa
9/18/2019 EXPANSION Senryuimagery,imagination,inspi
9/18/2019 CAPTURING Free verseappreciation,image,meanin
9/18/2019 THE BUZZ Free verseaddiction,crazy,life,pers
9/18/2019 WHAT Senryuappreciation,blessing,chi
9/18/2019 TILL MY HEART CALMS Free verseintrospection,longing,pea
9/18/2019 TABLE FOR ONE Free verseintrospection,music,peace
9/18/2019 LIFE'S LESSONS Free verselife,meaningful,spiritual
9/18/2019 RHYTHMIC NOSTALGIA Free verseautumn,change,fun,nature,
9/18/2019 BREATHLESS Free verseappreciation,autumn,natur
9/17/2019 FORK IN THE ROAD Free verseintrospection,life,perspe
9/17/2019 HOPE RUNS OUT Free verseconflict,longing,sad love
9/17/2019 DIE LONELY Free verseanxiety,confidence,fate,p
9/17/2019 THOUGHT Free verseconflict,confusion,perspe
9/17/2019 CALM Free verseanxiety,confusion,introsp
9/17/2019 RAMBLINGS OF A BREAKING HEART Free verseanxiety,heartbreak,hurt,i
9/17/2019 HER THIRD Free verseaddiction,conflict,rude,s
9/17/2019 WHEN I THINK OF YOU Free versedream,friendship,innocenc
9/17/2019 ON AND OFF Free versecharacter,crazy,mystery,n
9/17/2019 THE VILLAGE IDIOT Free verseconfidence,funny,grief,no
9/16/2019 MAKING PEACE Rhymefantasy,introspection,lon
9/16/2019 SERVING Senryubeautiful,care,cheer up,f

My Photos

Fav Poems

pun with eggs Rhymefun,humor,
The Song of a Blind Man Balladfriendship,music,
Violin Personificationdeath,love,rose,
It is Written in a Star Concretehistory,love,peace,
Hot Chocolate, Coffee and Tea Concretesilly,
Anno Limerickmusic
The silence of my goodbye Free verseheartbreak,loss,pain,
Funny Sexy Me Rhymesexy,
Haiku to Heaven Haikugod,heaven,love,truth,
I am strong Free versecharacter,confidence,disc
Creation Free versebeauty,
of ghosts and relationships Free versebereavement,
Caress my Soul Free versebeautiful,cute love,love,
Diosa Del Amor Rhymebeauty,fantasy,love,lust,
The Weathered Years Sonnetlife,
Coffee Rhymefunny,
Bemused Wonder Free versepoetry,
Can I have a delivery please Rhymefun,
Indian Ink Dramatic Verseabuse,autumn,death,deep,f
Brief Encounter Free verseeducation,surreal,
The Tale Of Fairies Narrativefairy,children,joy,
Talking Trash Prose Poetryretirement,me,me,
Reverie of Wonder Free verseappreciation,creation,lif
''The Prince of Time'' Rhymelove,
Rainbow Promise Personificationearth,rain,
Rainy Morning Light Verserain,
Particularly Monokubeautiful,giving,love,
For Darren Free versefriendship,health,metapho
Stargazing Reflections Haikuemotions,introspection,li
Elizabeth II Rhyme royalchildren,dedication,engla
Dark Wings Free versedance,metaphor,passion,se
Drinks with her maj Limericksilly,
Endlessly Haikudevotion,time,
I Am Biointrospection,metaphor,
HE FORGIVES Free versefaith
My Persona's Adventurous Quests Free verseidentity,image,people,per
Your not alone Rhymeendurance,song,
Poetry Soap Coupletabuse,conflict,jealousy,l
Hero Rhymechildhood,hero,
Seeing Autumn's oak adorn Crystallineautumn,birth,death,life,n
More Worse When I Cry Narrativeabuse,childhood,emotions,
Of Snow And Ice Free verseappreciation,language,wea
Old man Proseangst,dark,life,
The Secrets Of Mornings Free versefuture,happiness,life,mor
I Pass the Graveyard Terzanelledeath,sad love,winter,
I Imagined Him as a Child Dramatic Verseforgiveness,moving on,pai
Moonlit Peace Sonnetintrospection,
She loves and needs seven Quatrainmath,mental illness,
Upon Awakening Free verseappreciation,beauty,
My Perfect Day Rhymeday,death,son,
My Favorite Christmas Memory Coupletchristmas,mom,mother daug
a poet cries real tears Free versechange,
As if she rose with the sun Chokadeath of a friend,lonelin
A Lonely Silver Ribbon Rhymechristmas,loneliness,lone
He Was A Gentle Soul Rhymedeath,for him,
It's Christmas Time Again Rhymechristmas,sister,suicide,
Sweet Ghost Valentine Coupletlost love,love,me,music,o
Alien Abduction Blank versefantasy,imagination,sexy,
Night Free versenight,weather,
Flirty Sunflowers Haikuflower,kiss,sun,
Breath of Love Trioletdeath,love,
Dusk Quatrainbeauty,imagery,nature,nig
Born In A Shack Rubaiyatbeauty,dedication,fantasy
Subtle Sounds Blank versebeauty,feelings,inspirati
Dandelion Dreams Blank versebeauty,day,imagery,nature
Mothers Hear Free verseemotions,family,feelings,
Callused Fingers Blank versebeauty,emotions,feelings,
An Angel Blank verseangel,angst,bereavement,e
A Sassy Spirit Blank versebeauty,character,emotions
Brume Free versechange,perspective,relati
Beautiful Scars Rhymegrief,
One Regret Sonnetintrospection,life,
RENAISSANCE WOMAN I do not know?passion,
The Lovers Rhymelove,passion,sea,sky,
A Nook and a Storybook Quatrainadventure,best friend,boo
Perhaps Monokusad,wife,
Stand Closer To the Mirror Free verseage,anxiety,appreciation,
The Unicorn Rhymefantasy,
When You're Gone Free versefarewell,grief,sad,
Rain Song Rhymechildren,love,music,my ch
A Puppy named 'Pig' N A Puddle Light Versedog,fear,humorous,
Shasta Daisy Haikuflower,nature,
Centurion of Stone Personificationfantasy,
Sardines Imagismfish,imagery,journey,life
California's Pride - Sextilla Rhymebusiness,
''A Fallen Leaf'' Tankaintrospection,nature,
A Stone's Throw Rhymeanger,feelings,life,water
Dance of the Firebird Free versebeautiful,dance,sensual,
The Life Of Death Blank versedeath,life,truth,
Constanza for a Loggerhead Rhymebeach,natural disasters,n
love the unlovable ABCchildhood,growth,how i fe
With Finespun Fingers Rhymefantasy,imagination,muse,
Orange Terzanellebeautiful,color,
May the road never end Free versecute,nature,
Cookie Cutters, Hot Cocoa, and an Angel Rhymechristmas,nostalgia,
My God Rhymesea,water,
Love Letter Rhymechildhood,crush,cute love
Los Angeles Free verselonging,love,

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