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TO READ MY ENTIRE BIOGRAPHY CLICK ON THE + BUTTON ON THE FAR RIGHT OF THE BLUE LINE.   I am a writer.  My poetry is often sad. I write of death and grief. I write about experiences in my life. But, I can write happy if I want to, and I love to write of nature and poems on a spiritual theme, sometimes even romance. And people who know me will verify I like using quotes. I love art, classical music, research, nature, gardening and meditation.  I collect old books, vintage clothing, jewelry and dishes. I adore the old building where I live with my fluffy cat called, Snuggles Kitty Cat. The avatar statue you see on my poems I use, to honor my elderly cat Smudges who died at 20 years old. I loved her very much. She was very sweet and tranquil and loved to lay in the shade of the flowers. 

Ten poems that define me as a poet . . . (from thousands)

1. The Dream Lingers This poem was written after a near death experience, it stills haunts me, I could hear my mother calling me.

2. Safe In My Heart Forever My mother was my anchor, the wings beneath my feet and my best friend, I miss her so very much.

3. Tattered Pages At the end of the poem, a baby born, died and I was told he was adopted, my parents lied.

4. Dad's Workshop I wrote this poem in 1997 but only posted it when I was posting on poetrysoup- it is about Dad.

5. Beautiful Scars This poem gives you just a small glimpse of the pain and grief I carry with me every single day.

6. And That Comes From Within My health is not that good, never has been and never will be, and no money will change my outcome.

7. in my green dream I love this poem, dreamy and spiritual, I am all about nature in this one, come on a green journey.

8. A Lost Feather This poem is very meaningful to me, it speaks of my Ojibwe roots and of my ancestors in the sky.

9. "Kindness is the Key" When awful things happen to us in life it is easy to become mean and resentful but kind is better.

10. I Write Fragments This poem sums up my journey in writing, fragments, snippets that drip, drip from my pen and mostly at night.




















Let Your Muse Be Inspired Writing Challenge Information

Blog Posted:8/13/2022 6:33:00 AM

Hi Poets,

Some poems entered in my writing challende need edits ... you have time as I will not judge until August end.  The challenge deadline is August 31 at midnight.

1.  Check your poem for presentation, I am very particular about this! Make sure there is no empty white space on the top or bottom of your poem. Also, make sure your presention is neat and tidy.  Align your left margin, unless you are being creative and indenting but make your indentions meaningful and follow a pattern. Imagine your poem is going to be used in a book, would you not want it to look perfect on the page. Also, if you do not know how to use the center feature, don't, trying to center your poem by eye does not work and result is sloppy work.  There is no requirement to center. Make sure you end your lines, press enter at the end of each line. Not doing this looks okay on your page but for the sponsor it is a mess to unravel.

2.  Make sure you follow the rules of the form you select as described on PoetrySoup Types of Forms.  Yes, I will concede there are many ways sometimes to pen a particular form.  But, in fairness to all poets entering, just use the instructions as specified on this site for the form chosen. I do appreciate creativeness and flying with your own wings, but in this case hold back and follow the form requirements, please.

3.  Keep you comments at the bottom of your poems to a minimum, some poets are writing quite a lot after their poem.  This is why we have the poets area for images and comments about the poems.  If you do not have this feature, put them in your own commenting area, in other words comment on your own poem and give those details you feel we need to know.  I am okay if someone puts info about how to write a particular form with their entry, however.

4.  Your rhyming does not have to be true, you can use near rhymes, but it does have to rhyme in a clear way and flow well.  When using the Rhyme form, make sure your pattern can be followed, having a rhyme here and there does not make your poem a rhyming poem.  I want to see clear rhyming. And not rhyming that makes me think, does that rhyme ? I use RhymeZone.Com

5.  And, of course for forms that require syllables counts make sure you verify them, I use HowManySyllables.Com. Also verify the spelling and grammar of your poem. I suggest PS Grammar Checker, this is very good to spot spelling errors and grammar errors and makes suggestions for better word usage. I find it is very useful.

6.  I want beautiful poems only, so, no hate, no racial, no harsh or ugly poems no matter how well written will be considered.

7. The only thing on the top of your poem should be the quote and theme I provide in the challenge description in quotation marks.  You can put your another quote if you wish at the bottom. 

This is your opportunity to correct things. Look at your poem on your own poetry page.  How does it look? How does it read?   


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Date: 8/13/2022 10:07:00 AM
Constance, thank you so much for writing this blog concerning the requirements for your contest. I wish more sponsors would do this. If we want to improve the quality of poetry on the site and the quality of poems submitted to contests, we need to have blogs like these helping poets to learn and grow in their poetry experiences. This is an excellent blog, and I highly commend you for it.
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Date: 8/13/2022 3:30:00 PM
Absolutely, Constance, I couldn't agree more. I always want my placement list to reflect the best poems submitted, in my humble opinion.
La France Avatar
Constance La France
Date: 8/13/2022 2:52:00 PM
Milt, thank you so much for the comment, I hope that I am not coming across as too strict but I want the poems I select for placements to represent the best, so no one can say, that poem was not deserving of a placement, blessings ~Constance

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9/23/2022 My Journey Quatrainhow i feel,
9/22/2022 The Court Jester Becomes Serious Versedeath,fate,future,humanit
9/21/2022 The Queen's Long Journey Narrativefunny,
9/20/2022 I Talked To Mom Last Night Free versespiritual,
9/19/2022 I Wandered Lonely As a Butterfly Rhymebutterfly,lonely,
9/19/2022 wind collection Haikunature,
9/17/2022 The Purse Light Versefun,
9/17/2022 Take Me To Nirvana Rhymeheaven,
9/16/2022 Autumn - Constanza Rhymeautumn,
9/15/2022 Chapter 1, Grumpy Cat Narrativebooks,cat,childhood,
9/14/2022 Farewell, Dear Poet Rhymetribute,
9/14/2022 maple leaf brooch Free versehistory,
9/13/2022 In a Meadow Hush Enclosed Rhymebeautiful,death,
9/12/2022 City Street Travelers Rhymejourney,
9/12/2022 Love Letters Rhymelost love,
9/11/2022 FRAGMENT Versechild,lost,
9/10/2022 Wonder Woman Super Heroine Free versefantasy,
9/8/2022 Husband's Death ABCanniversary,death,husband
9/8/2022 Taking A Fall Drive Free verseautumn,
9/7/2022 September 11, 2001 Baby Free verseseptember,
9/7/2022 autumn Haikuautumn,
9/7/2022 Autumn Is Here Pantoumautumn,
9/7/2022 this withered threshold Rhymeautumn,nature,
9/5/2022 Mozart Fills My Mind Ottava rimacreation,inspiration,musi
9/5/2022 Baby Angel Born Quatrainangel,baby,
9/4/2022 At 27 Years Old Free versegrief,
9/4/2022 Your Divine Worth Roundelspiritual,
9/4/2022 Back to Class in Canada Rhymeschool,
9/3/2022 snow white paper airplanes Free versesnow,
9/3/2022 where my memories go Rhymenostalgia,
9/2/2022 camouflage cat Alliterationcat,
8/30/2022 Dark Dreamy Dreams Alliterationdream,
8/30/2022 Writing Is My Prayer Roundelpoetry,writing,
8/30/2022 Why God Coupletfaith,
8/30/2022 Innocence Lost Rhymechildhood,memory,
8/28/2022 nature's decay Rhymeautumn,beauty,nature,
8/28/2022 Dad's Work Shed Narrativedeath,father daughter,lov
8/28/2022 like a hundred violins Free verseautumn,nature,
8/26/2022 A Jolly Fisherman Rhymechildren,fishing,
8/26/2022 Doctor Death Narrativemurder,
8/26/2022 God Is Not Hiding Versefaith,
8/25/2022 The Case of The Missing Cat Rhymemystery,
8/25/2022 Blackberry Dreams Divine Free versedream,fruit,
8/24/2022 spring - NK Haikunature,
8/24/2022 I Write Poetry Pantoumpoetry,writing,
8/24/2022 Peonies Rhymeflower,
8/21/2022 Born Among Snowflakes Filigree Balladlove,
8/21/2022 To Fly Away, Away Versegirl,poetess,woman,
8/20/2022 The Death of Doctor Strange Versefantasy,
8/16/2022 The Battle Within Verseanxiety,conflict,confusio
8/14/2022 Seeing Life's Colors Quaternchange,introspection,
8/14/2022 My Sanctuary Villanelleintrospection,nature,
8/13/2022 POETRY SOUP Namepoetry,
8/13/2022 waiting, waiting Versenature,
8/13/2022 And Leaves Faded Old Are Flying Quaternautumn,nature,
8/13/2022 autumn Haikunature,
8/13/2022 Be Like Water Kyriellespiritual,water,
8/8/2022 Spirit Keepers Heal Villanellelife,
8/8/2022 threads of my dream Free versedream,family,grief,
8/7/2022 Terra Incognita Verseadventure,
8/7/2022 magical park Tankachildhood,nostalgia,
8/6/2022 Cats and Dogs Diamantecat,dog,
8/6/2022 Just August Free verseaugust,memory,
8/5/2022 come my beauty Imagismart,imagery,imagination,
8/3/2022 The World Is Like a Stage Rhymelife,
8/3/2022 My Friend, Linda-Marie Versefriendship,
8/1/2022 music of my soul Free versenature,
8/1/2022 Heartbroken Soul Rhymeemotions,
7/28/2022 Angels With Fur Verseangel,
7/28/2022 Childhood Memory Free versechildhood,memory,
7/25/2022 Serene Love Free verseday,love,summer,
7/24/2022 Sailing True North Rhymefantasy,
7/24/2022 In Falling Snow Imagismlove,
7/22/2022 A Winged Messenger of Joy Coupletjoy,
7/22/2022 My Forever Hero Rhymehero,
7/21/2022 fragile and broken Verseintrospection,
7/19/2022 Vibrations to Perceive Rhymegrowth,inspirational,intr
7/18/2022 Oh, My Beloved Rhymelove,
7/18/2022 Surfing Grandma Limerickfun,
7/18/2022 The Shield Free versefantasy,
7/18/2022 Artists Rictameterart,
7/16/2022 Sentimental Song Rhymelove,mother daughter,
7/16/2022 writing words gossamer Free versegrief,writing,
7/15/2022 The Stray Rhymecat,
7/15/2022 Grief Enslaved Rhymegrief,
7/14/2022 Old, But Still Lovely Terza Rimaold,
7/13/2022 Unblinking Third Eye Free versespiritual,
7/11/2022 in memory Free versegrief,
7/11/2022 A July Christmas Rhymechristmas,july,
7/10/2022 pages written Free versegrief,words,
7/9/2022 The Time Between The Seasons Rhymelife,
7/9/2022 A Loud Hullabaloo Quaternnature,
7/6/2022 Finding The Magic In Me Haibunlife,
7/4/2022 The Slothful Person Rhymesin,
7/4/2022 writing words gossamer Free versegrief,pain,poetry,writing
7/3/2022 Farewell Papa Rhymefather,goodbye,
7/2/2022 July's Tankaimagery,nature,
7/1/2022 Thanksgiving Crystals Crystallinefaith,thanksgiving,
7/1/2022 peace Monokupeace,

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Fav Poems

Healed Wings Quatrainblessing,faith,flying,fri
A Tribute To Broken Wings Rhymepoets,tribute,
Her Broken Wings Free versetribute,
fourth tribute Monorhymeart,beautiful,dedication,
On Poetry Soup Free versefriend,poems,poetry,poets
PoetrySoup Heroes Quatrainhero,poetry,
SHATTERED LIFE Cinquaindeath,for her,heartbreak,
To broken wings Light Versedeath,feelings,hope,
To Constance--broken wings Tankaappreciation,butterfly,ca
Suzanne in the Clouds Verseabsence,family,heart,loss
Shine On Me, Sunshine - Poetry Writing 1 Free versefriend,write,
The Nurse Tankaappreciation,
Shouting In Raging Silence Free verseanger,death,silence,
Let My Quill Always Write Even If Unheard Rhymeconfidence,how i feel,poe
One Silent Word Free versehow i feel,poets,tribute,
INVICTUS Free versepride,uplifting,
'I Was the Last One' Rhymebetrayal,death,
My heart has found a home-song version Lyricfor her,heart,loneliness,
Our Last Night Free versedesire,heartbreak,i love
The White Roses Died With You Rhymechange,sad,
Our World Changing, Not For The Better - POTD Dramatic Monologueanger,emotions,life,polit
Flood Gate Of Memories Haikumemory,
Lighthouse On The Shore Sonnethouse,light,love,
The Christmas Mule Narrativeanimal,god,mother son,
The Voices Echo in Emptiness Rhymedeath,loneliness,nature,v
Define Yourself Free versetruth,wisdom,
The wizard's wisdom Rhymefear,friend,hope,sad,
How much love Free verselove,
A Curious Cat Roams At Peace Imagismchristmas,imagery,
An Omen Of The Taste Of Twilight Free verseangst,animal,death,fate,g
The Sounds Of A Rose Free verseflower,rose,
Too Many Echos Free versebereavement,birth,childre
Behold Death Free versedeath,loss,love,
Sharks in the Soup Rhymeanalogy,conflict,desire,f
I Thought It Was Me Free versechild,
A Putrid Expanding Abyss Sonnet10th grade,angst,anxiety,
My Christmas Tree Proseblessing,christmas,love,
THE LITTLE FIR TREE'S FIRST XMAS Rhymechild,christmas,inspirati
Cherokee Tears Free versenative american,
I Send You My Love Rhymebereavement,death,son,
My perfect lover Rhymei love you,love,
Sepia Dreams Free versemissing,
Soul Ink Alliterationaddiction,corruption,moon
September 1945 Free verselonging,war,
She Is Not Defined By Poetry Alone Free verseidentity,
Let me go Dramatic Verseboyfriend,break up,desire
Universal Brilliance Prose Poetryimagination,stars,visiona
The Storm Quatrainage,memory,storm,
My Little Lioness Free verseinspirational,
Poetry Cats Monorhymeanimal,cat,conflict,humor
The Perfect Christmas Tree Enclosed Rhymebeauty,bird,christmas,
Machinating The Manger Scene Rhymebible,
Daddy's Snowman Shapefather,inspirational love
Heavens Eternal Love Monokuheaven,inspirational,love
Deep Purple Sensation Rhymelove,
Wolf's Song Rhymediscrimination,loss,murde
To Heal A Vacant Heaven Free versefantasy,
Dreams of India Free versebeauty,culture,desire,dre
Cinder Man Free verseage,
High at the Library Rhymebooks,
Backyard Entertainers Tritinabird,nature,
Snippets Of The Mind Prose Poetryallusion,appreciation,int
HELLO AND GOODBYE COCO Rhymedeath,dog,love,
My Angie Baby Sonnetdaughter,
Thankful Enclosed Rhymefather daughter,forgivene
Dancing with the Devil Rhymeangst,introspection,psych
The first day of Spring Rhymespring,
Thankful for Four O'clocks Enclosed Rhymemother daughter,thanks,
Broken People Free versepeople,
Rider On The Storm Free versemusic,sad,storm,
Purple Makes Me Cry Rhymeappreciation,nature,purpl
a lightness of hunger Fibonacciallegory,analogy,apprecia
King Rhymeafrica,animal,men,
listen for the drum Rhymeappreciation,culture,envi
The Queen and Her King Free verselove,
Night Shoes Iambic Pentameternight,
Sentiments on Aging Free verseage,emotions,
The Inflated Nation Rhymefood,health,inspiration,
On Rescuing An Injured Pigeon Personificationanalogy,animal,pain,
Between the whispers and the sighs Lyricdesire,love,romantic love
Heart Snow Rhymelonging,love,
The Gift Of Quietness Rhymeinspirational,uplifting,
Humility In America Proseappreciation,football,god
Old Friends Sonnetnostalgia,
Humanity Free versehumanity,life,
WHAT WOULD IT BE LIKE Lyricdestiny,hope,how i feel,k
Life Spent All Alone Sonnetboat,death,deep,devotion,
The Maple Leaf Forever Limerickpride,
My Aunt Rosy-FV Free verseflower,remember,rose,
Slave to Love Free verseabuse,slavery,
A HA MOMENT Free verseengagement,
Desert Dreaming Free verseanxiety,nature,suicide,
Many, many long years ago Rhymecry,fantasy,garden,
on the other side of cobblestone streets Free versedestiny,dream,fate,
Manger Shadow Free versechristmas,
- Go Fly A Kite - Lanternejoy,wind,
Time After Time Free versefate,,western,

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