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The Christmas Mule

So many years had passed, he was the offspring of a horse and ***. 
Quickly discounted, the young mule was sold over and over again 
until he finally ended up here, in Bethlehem.
Tethered to the carts, he was not a part of any herd born, 
just another beast of burden used and scorned,
when his stubborn disposition reared itself at last, 
shortlived defiance fell to the whip cracked hard and fast.
His rump still stung in a reddened burn for his resistance 
he had enough, too much to withstand his own persistence.

Tonight would be different, he swore himself an oath 
in the shadows of the night, he would never be broke,
beneath the low and distant starlight, he would escape, 
run far away never to be found or rediscovered by daybreak.
He would forge the desert sands, stretch out a gap between himself and man. 
Cornered off in the stable, against the cold breath steam
an open door with his master's voice awakened his dozing dreams.

Too bright were the stars that glowed, huddled back, low, unable to go
then what seemed a shepherd and his young wife 
stepped through the doors of his promised flight
his master pointed the manger where they could stay
as the distant light glowed brightly on the hay,
donkey stepped in the stall old mule shared 
as disdainfully he eyed the pair. 

Commotion in the stable, wakened creatures spread the ancient fable
of a savior to come greater than all kings,
free every soul of earth bound things.

He sighed in his strongest inner creed
he heard stories long ago, never once believed.
The donkey nudged him in the side, speaking softly in his pride

"This child born in poverty was Him
  the savior, the Messiah, the promised king."

Not possible, mule said as he shook his head,
the stories were tales unreasonably to the foolish fed.
Unannounced, angelic voices swept in and sang
brilliant light, soft tidings and heartbeat pangs
filled the stable as shepherds entered and bowed
and foreign kings bore riches to the simple shroud.

Curious and taken by surprise, mule stepped to view the child's eyes
and the mother's face, gentle, soft and sweet
raised her hand to touch old mule's cheek
and as if by miracle he knew, the prophet's tale was true.

In this manger solitary and aside from the world,
the truth and love began to unfurl,
towering above the powerful and rich, this child
came as gift and promise of Almighty God's loving smile.

The old mule, now humbled in his heart
succumbed to the wisdom God planned from the start.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2018

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Date: 12/18/2018 11:25:00 AM
ohh, the succession of the plot and sub-plots makes this story a most defining one... so well quilled with a lesson on humility, DM..huggs
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Date: 12/17/2018 3:54:00 PM
DM,WOW, what a wonderful write, I was clinging to each word, beautifully penned and a fav for me !
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