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I  am a writer.  My poetry is sad, I write death, but I can write happy if I want to. I love art, classical music, reading, nature, meditation, dancing. I collect books, vintage clothes and  jewelry.   I adore the old building where I live with Snuggles Kitty. The avatar statue you see on my poems honors my elderly cat Smudges who died at 20 years. She loved to lay in the shade of the garden. 

Ten poems that define me as a poet . . . (from thousands)

1. The Dream Lingers This poem was written after a near death experience, it stills haunts me, I could hear my mother calling me.

2. Safe In My Heart Forever My mother was my anchor, the wings beneath my feet and my best friend, I miss her so very much.

3. Tattered Pages At the end of the poem, a baby born, died and I was told he was adopted, my parents lied.

4. Dad's Workshop I wrote this poem in 1997 but only posted it when I was posting on poetrysoup- it is about Dad.

5. Beautiful Scars This poem gives you just a small glimpse of the pain and grief I carry with me every single day.

6. And That Comes From Within My health is not that good, never has been and never will be, and no money will change my outcome.

7. in my green dream I love this poem, dreamy and spiritual, I am all about nature in this one, come on a green journey.

8. A Lost Feather This poem is very meaningful to me, it speaks of my Ojibwe roots and of my ancestors in the sky.

9. "Kindness is the Key" When awful things happen to us in life it is easy to become mean and resentful but kind is better.

10. I Write Fragments This poem sums up my journey in writing, fragments, snippets that drip, drip from my pen and mostly at night



















Are Writers Born ?

Blog Posted:1/12/2020 4:28:00 PM

I always knew that I wanted to be a writer.  From the time I first learned to wield a pencil I've been scribbling stories and poems, driven by a passion to see my words on paper, and cheered on by loving parents and grandparents who assured me that yes, I certainly had talent.

My grandma was the family storyteller and she sure could make words sing.  From an early age I would listen and watch her lips and how her tone, and facial expresssions changed.   I did the eulgy at her funeral without having to look at a written word and in the telling her life story I made my words sing.  That is the gift she left me, but, not a single story grandma told was ever written down and died with her.

I believe writing can be learned and develop at any age -

Through writing our thoughts and our feelings endure.  The spoken word falls into silence;  the written word is meant to last. I think even the greatest writers must have made mistakes, but they just kept working at it, and that is what we must do, always trying to improve. to choose the right words, write graceful sentences, use correct grammar although I believe in poetic license,  consider punctuation, and spelling, organise verses to make sense, link ideas, fill in the all important details, have a rhythm, make our poems sing

I am sure you have said, "I think I'll spend a few hours writing for the fun of it!"  This is not something most people would say, as most do not write unless they have to, but we poets would say that!

What are your thoughts on any of  this?






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Date: 1/21/2020 9:52:00 AM
I started writing three years ago when I joined Poetry Soup ... I wrote some poems when I was eight and then won a writing award in prep school (Payson-Bird Prize), the first to do so as a freshman, but I never took it seriously. I started writing here as a means to heal, but I've always been creative, (I am a musician, I draw, etc), so I think I was born with the talent.
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La France Avatar
Constance La France
Date: 1/24/2020 8:43:00 AM
Greg, that is hard to imagine that you have only been writing for three years, as your writing is so magical and skilled, it obviously has always been within you. I feel poetry, art, and music are sisters, I like music (dancing to it ) I like to draw, do watercolor and acrylic, and of course write, so we are very much alike, but like you, I write to heal _Constance
Date: 1/16/2020 4:07:00 PM
I think that writers are born with the talent but not all know they have it at a young age. I started writing poetry as a tool for healing. I do remember having poems running through my head for years before I actually put them on paper!
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La France Avatar
Constance La France
Date: 1/16/2020 11:17:00 PM
Tania, I think you are correct in your comment, many just do not know, I wrote poems but never thought anyone else would want to read them except my family but then i was encouraged to put them on line and here I am _Constance
Date: 1/13/2020 6:30:00 PM
I was always drawn to music, lyrics and rhythmic speech from a young age. Although I was never a big reader, I loved (and still love) to play around with words and sounds...then as a teen, I discovered poetry...though I didn’t nurture it for years. It has only been the last 5 yrs. or so (and discovering this site) that I have learned and grown as a poet. It’s interesting to read all the ways a person comes into poetry!
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Leiser Avatar
Laura Leiser
Date: 1/14/2020 4:25:00 PM
Yes, Tommy, and I love your crazy creativity and spark! Your imagination knows no limits...seeking out new life, new civilizations... boldly going where no man has gone before! (cue Star Trek theme) Lolol! :)
La France Avatar
Constance La France
Date: 1/13/2020 7:04:00 PM
Laura, yes, like you this site has really helped me too to develop my poetry and style, I was destined to write sad poetry, and I embrace that although I can write a funny poem or a nature poem as well, but I know my forte, as a kid I loved to roam the library reading a bit of this book, and that book, I would sit and look at the dictionary fascinated with the words... odd but true _Constance
Date: 1/13/2020 2:31:00 PM
I read all the comments and I couldn't explain how I feel nearly as well as Besma. I feel exactly the same as she. I rarely have time to read a blog, but have certainly enjoyed this one Constance. New year blessings, Connie xxoo
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La France Avatar
Constance La France
Date: 1/13/2020 4:45:00 PM
Connie, thanks for coming to my blog, I am honored that you choose to read it and all the great comments it has generated. It is so interesting to read about each poet's journey to writing whether born writers or discovering it later in life. Yes, Besma put it all so beautifully, happy new year to you also _ Constance
Date: 1/13/2020 2:08:00 PM
i can only speak for myself, but certainly i wrote stories and poems from a very early age, and before i could write i told stories verbally, so yes, i tend to think the 'writing gene' is there from birth
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cornish Avatar
craig cornish
Date: 1/13/2020 8:38:00 PM
Charlotte, I'm not sure what it is...but YOU are one of those who was truly born with this gift-------PLEASE do not leave it unwritten---LOVE you dear Charlotte
La France Avatar
Constance La France
Date: 1/13/2020 4:41:00 PM
Charlotte, I agree with you, as obviously there was something there right from your early age that over time just became more and more, I think you are right also about the writing gene, as I came from a family of storytellers so naturally I became one, my mother used to say, that girl has a vivid imagination as I would make up stories when playing with my dolls _Constance
Date: 1/13/2020 8:56:00 AM
I was born left handed, spent the first five years of my life, as such, then the education system decided it could cause health problems once a grown up..and forced my right hand into play...I think it shows in my poetry, Constance, the negativity that is....
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horsman Avatar
harry horsman
Date: 1/13/2020 5:53:00 PM
oh yes, i remember the devil did have something to do with it.
La France Avatar
Constance La France
Date: 1/13/2020 9:37:00 AM
Harry, your poetry negative, no, not so! I am both right and left handed, what is that about? Can use either, my right is faster and my left is more thoughtful. I think the nuns in my catholic school thought I was a devils span, trying to force me to not use my left but they gave up _ Constance
Date: 1/13/2020 8:15:00 AM
"Do you know the legend of the cicadas? They say they are the souls of poets who cannot keep quiet because, when they were alive, they never wrote the poems they wanted to". (John Berger) Everyone of us are born with some inherent gift and spend our lives on a journey to discover and nurture it. If we attempt to nurture what we were not born with we will improve but only to an inherent aptitude. That said, if we make efforts to improve what we love to do we can achieve more than expected than someone who doesn't, but then, someone who is born can achieve as much and usually more with little effort. The shame is those who waste whatever gift they were blessed with.
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La France Avatar
Constance La France
Date: 1/13/2020 9:33:00 AM
Craig, that is a beautiful comment and so well said, I have read many poets of old that were not even read when they were alive (artists too) so many go to their graves unknown, being able to write our thoughts is a gift either known quite young or discovered later, I am always learning, and I have a lot more to learn, and I love that _Constance
Date: 1/13/2020 8:13:00 AM
I believe some are born to write. Some are by life experiences led to write. Some are by need of healing- write as a medicine for the soul. True poets write as if it is bread and water.. Such poets are sweet, dear and true gifts unto this dark world, IMHO... Such poets awe me and I do so admire immensely..
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La France Avatar
Constance La France
Date: 1/13/2020 9:29:00 AM
Robert, I know that I write most of the time to heal past wounds and I write and write and write poems but the pain remains but still my poems do touch others and I have received hundreds of responses telling me that my poem helped them, so that is a blessing to be able to speak to others with words _Constance
Date: 1/13/2020 8:12:00 AM
We are born with natural abilities and when we recognize those abilities and practice them, then we are "born again" Thought I would put a religious note to it for Tommy boy. haha. I was more a reader than a writer in my early childhood, but around 5th grade when I wrote my first limerick, I kind of knew that writing was a "thing" for me!!
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Dietrich Avatar
Andrea Dietrich
Date: 1/14/2020 8:50:00 AM
you were well nurtured for writing, Constance.
La France Avatar
Constance La France
Date: 1/13/2020 9:25:00 AM
Robert, yes the ability to write from your heart and soul is a gift given _Constance
La France Avatar
Constance La France
Date: 1/13/2020 9:25:00 AM
Andrea, I agree, the seed is always there somewhere deep inside our soul and at times it takes something for it to be born again... for me, I always knew, and my parents knew because I was writing silly poem on the wall in my bedroom _Constance
Lindley Avatar
Robert Lindley
Date: 1/13/2020 8:17:00 AM
So true. Sometimes all it takes is an life experience that leads us into writing. Then the natural talent leads us deeper into the realm of writing and communication with others. In poetry--such is a gift we may give to others..
Date: 1/13/2020 7:56:00 AM
At The Knife Edge Of That Deep, Dark Abyss.... I that was born on a dark, stormy night.So gifted at young age, deeper insight. Felt such abhorrent fear as such oft goes. And in darkest of dark began to write A child begging Nature to my pleas hear. Oft with whimpering words and falling tears. Imaginative child from head to toes. Tempting shadows to hit me with more fears. A teen, mourning a death that my soul broke. Farther into books my heart sat to soak. Awaiting each as black the ill wind blows. Writing beneath my home tree a black oak.By birth, sponge set to seek out Master Poe. Living, pen and paper, writing to grow.
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La France Avatar
Constance La France
Date: 1/13/2020 9:22:00 AM
Robert, such beautiful and honest comments, thank you, I was an odd little girl, instead of playing games in the school yard, I had my nose in a book, I wanted to be unseen, other times I was writing and became lost in my story being written.. words were my friends, I had to face death situations at a very early age and it broken me inside and thus the true poet was born and destined to write dark and death poetry, although I write nature _Constance
Lindley Avatar
Robert Lindley
Date: 1/13/2020 8:34:00 AM
Played marbles at school , was the best at it. Serious writing took over at age 15. After my father's death-- and yes it was morbidly dark. Poe became my guide and after that I studied the classic greats of old. Not to copy but rather to understand what poetry was and how it manages to heal, gift and so soothe the human soul. Still researching my friend..
Lindley Avatar
Robert Lindley
Date: 1/13/2020 8:02:00 AM
Sonnet slammed out, please excuse the rawness my friends. Felt good to let it go...
Lindley Avatar
Robert Lindley
Date: 1/13/2020 7:56:00 AM
* I wrote short stories from age 6 to 13, Poetry age 13- 65, still inking..
Date: 1/13/2020 1:07:00 AM
I would say writing is an ability! and I think we can all acquire the ability of writing with perseverance.. reading and writing, "good readers are good writers", and this is applicable to everyone! I would also say that writing is a gift! a feel! a dimension reached by those who can paint unique paintings with their very inks.. those who can compose singular music with their own words.. those who can walk untrodden paths of words and create works.. those who can blend a soaring imagination with a deep sensitivity to reach an outstanding beauty! I think, it is that fine missing link that is behind ability and gift.. writers and artists! A lot to be said here, Constance! Thank you for sharing!
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La France Avatar
Constance La France
Date: 1/13/2020 9:15:00 AM
Besma, oh, such a beautiful comment, and I totally agree with each thought, writing is a gift given- but it can also be a curse, and I say that because the need is so great, it almost hurts _Constance
Kingston  Avatar
Wayne Kingston
Date: 1/13/2020 2:19:00 AM
Perfectly balanced input. So well presented. DH will be proud. :o)
Date: 1/12/2020 6:34:00 PM
Poets are born...Writers are woke Poets...J.A.B.
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Bordner Avatar
Justin Bordner
Date: 1/16/2020 6:17:00 PM
No doubt...
La France Avatar
Constance La France
Date: 1/13/2020 9:04:00 AM
Justin, oh that is so beautifully written and I totally agree _Constance
Date: 1/12/2020 6:26:00 PM
I only began writing about 8 years ago, however my entire childhood i was in the folk scene listening to, joining in with and playing ballads and stories and yarns. Nothing was ever written during those years, it seemed super organic. I enjoy the nights around the fire, in the old halls, on back verandahs and the singing. Ironically, ive never considered myself a poet or painter though.
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La France Avatar
Constance La France
Date: 1/13/2020 4:51:00 PM
Lewis, we have all been in a dark place where no words come forth, even the most famous poets have been there, so I feel confident telling you it will pass. Thank you for the compliment on my writing, I try to reach deep inside my soul for my tone and emotion when writing as because I am still broken inside I have no trouble pulling out the words _Constance
Raynes Avatar
Lewis Raynes
Date: 1/13/2020 11:52:00 AM
The carefree freedom of youth... to sing and story and poet without a care. Thankyou for thinking my writing is nice, lately ive been in a bad head space, and everything seems forced from me, and wrt ur post, i think ppl are born able to write, and ive tried to learn but struggle. I love ur writing heaps, it seems to just roll out and flow and make sense,
La France Avatar
Constance La France
Date: 1/13/2020 9:03:00 AM
Lewis, those scenes you describe remind me of my childhood listening to stories told, I come from a family of storytellers so it seemed natural that I would be one, but what differs in my journey is that I write it down, you do not consider yourself a poet yet you write beautiful poems _Constance
Date: 1/12/2020 5:44:00 PM
I started writing poetry more on a whim, and the more I explored, the more I found the therapeutic effect of poetry on my mood and thought process. I agree with you that people are born with the gift but they need to work harder in a steady process to shine through.
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La France Avatar
Constance La France
Date: 1/12/2020 6:03:00 PM
Tamanna, many start writing poetry on a whim and then they fall in love with it, for me it was a way to express my innermost thoughts and sadness, to share with the world my life and over the years I have grown as a writer, yes some are born with the ability but we need to practice that ability in order for it to sing _Constance
Date: 1/12/2020 5:26:00 PM
The cliché is true, in my opinion. Talent, for anything, is innate. Some people know from a very young age that they have it in spades and some do not, until they serendipitously stumble upon it. I fall on the latter. I wasn't aware that I had it in me until I was in my late teens. I always knew I could write poetry but I never took it seriously. People would read greeting cards--or even letters--that I wrote them and say something like "Hmm, that sounded poetic". Positive comments like that gave me the impetus to start writing. Way before I started, I was an avid reader of poetry. It really helps to be a fan of literature as it helps fuel one's creativity and work harder to better your craft
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La France Avatar
Constance La France
Date: 1/12/2020 6:00:00 PM
Edward, your comment perfectly describes many poets, who stumble on their ability, people often tell me that I even speak in a poetic way, and you are so right reading and reading poetry and literature is a great way to learn and be inspired, never stop writing because it is beautiful to read _Constance

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A Curious Cat Roams At Peace Imagismchristmas,imagery,
Sentiments on Aging Free verseage,emotions,
Heavens Eternal Love Monokuheaven,inspirational,love
The Queen and Her King Free verselove,
Deep Purple Sensation Rhymelove,
Poetry Cats Monorhymeanimal,cat,conflict,humor
Heart Snow Rhymelonging,love,
An Omen Of The Taste Of Twilight Free verseangst,animal,death,fate,g
THE LITTLE FIR TREE Rhymechild,christmas,inspirati
On Rescuing An Injured Pigeon Personificationanalogy,animal,pain,
Daddy's Snowman Shapefather,inspirational love
Humility In America Proseappreciation,football,god
Dreams of India Free versebeauty,culture,desire,dre
Snippets Of The Mind Prose Poetryallusion,appreciation,int
Sharks in the Soup Rhymeanalogy,conflict,desire,f
The White Roses Died With You Rhymechange,sad,
Dancing with the Devil Rhymeangst,introspection,psych
Flood Gate Of Memories Haikumemory,
My Aunt Rosy-FV Free verseflower,remember,rose,
Define Yourself Free versetruth,wisdom,
A HA MOMENT Free verseengagement,
The Inflated Nation Rhymefood,health,inspiration,
Purple Makes Me Cry Rhymeappreciation,nature,purpl
- Go Fly A Kite - Lanternejoy,wind,
HELLO AND GOODBYE COCO Rhymedeath,dog,love,
Rider On The Storm Free versemusic,sad,storm,
My Angie Baby Sonnetdaughter,
The Autumn Man Verseautumn,men,
King Rhymeafrica,animal,men,
Humanity Free versehumanity,life,
The first day of Spring Rhymespring,
Night Shoes Iambic Pentameternight,
Between the whispers and the sighs Lyricdesire,love,romantic love
The Gift Of Quietness Rhymeuplifting,
Broken People Free versepeople,
Old Friends Sonnetnostalgia,
Life Spent All Alone Sonnetboat,death,deep,devotion,
Put On Your Night Shoes Quatraindance,
WHAT WOULD IT BE LIKE Lyricdestiny,hope,how i feel,k
The Maple Leaf Forever Limerickpride,
Heaven Will Manifest Rhyme10th grade,anxiety,death,
Desert Dreaming Free verseanxiety,nature,suicide,

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