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*Image is of Mauna Kea (White Mountain) 13,760 ft, in the foreground, on the windward side, is the county seat of Hawaii and our island's largest town of Hilo (to bond), with 48,000 residents, whereto, I call home.


Rural life on the island of Hawaii, I held an interest in poetry since my freshman year in high school. 'The Collection Plate', was my first published work in 1977 by a major national magazine. That opened the door for others to appear in several published anthologies throughout my early career.

My kid's Kenny, Ricky, the twins Liz and Franky, Princess, Rose, and Kimo, eleven grandkids, and two great-grandsons. I met my wife of 25 years, Elyse, of Spanish and Swedish descent from Seville, Spain, on my 17th birthday. We both attended the University, she was four years my senior. Sadly, she died shortly after Kimo was born.

Shortly before retiring to end after 48 years, I successfully sold online for a few years, continued writing, and with the help of my family, made videos for my YouTube channel. My adventure continues ...

Dot Your i's and Cross Your t's FINALIZED

Blog Posted:9/30/2022 10:05:00 AM

As always, difficult choice to add the *suffixes to the *great poems submitted for this contest, but as such being the case, 10 were needed for a premier placing.


A few did not follow the rule of the 1st line couplet starting with an "i" followed by the 2nd line of said couplet beginning with a "t". A blog was sent concerning this factor once it was discovered during the early stages of the contest that affected a few submissions, unfortunately, it went unheeded.


My thanks to all participants, and compliments to all the winners.


The glitch I experienced with Amazon, hopefully, has been resolved. Apparently, my extensive use of Amazon via variable addresses throughout the world overloaded their system, they had suggested doing one transaction every other day or so, which slightly involves my private use of them. Soupmail me regarding your address that'll determine the method of Amazon receipt, be it a Visa Gift Card for Americans or a Gift Card for Internationals or cash by mail (be it at your own risk--depending on the integrity of your Postal Network, as well as, the "good fences" around your house).


First Place: $100.00

Second Place: $75.00

Third Pace: $50.00

Fourth through Tenth Place: $25.00

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Date: 9/30/2022 5:08:00 PM
Hilo, thank you so much for the inspiration and contest, and although I did not place, I enjoyed writing my poem, Why God, for you and now, it is a wonderful addition to my poetry collection, congratulations to all your winners, Constance
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Date: 9/30/2022 12:48:00 PM
I enjoyed the contest, William. Thanks so much for my placement and congratulations to all of your winners!
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an autumn walk Free verseautumn,
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All in a Day Sonnetappreciation,hope,morning
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Dragon's Tooth Sapphic stanzafantasy,
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Unsure The Shore Sonnet8th grade,beach,bereaveme
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Wooing Winter In Autumn's Song Layimagery,winter,
It Came Upon a Prophecy Lyricchristian,christmas,jesus
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