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*Image is of Mauna Kea (White Mountain) 13,760 ft, in the foreground, on the windward side, is the county seat of Hawaii and our island's largest town of Hilo (to bond), with 48,000 residents, whereto, I call home.


Rural life on the island of Hawaii, I held an interest in poetry since my freshman year in high school. 'The Collection Plate', was my first published work in 1977 by a major national magazine. That opened the door for others to appear in several published anthologies throughout my early career.

My kid's Kenny, Ricky, the twins Liz and Franky, Princess, Rose, and Kimo, eleven grandkids, and two great-grandsons. I met my wife of 25 years, Elyse, of Spanish and Swedish descent from Seville, Spain, on my 17th birthday. We both attended the University, she was four years my senior. Sadly, she died shortly after Kimo was born.

Shortly before retiring to end after 48 years, I successfully sold online for a few years, continued writing, and with the help of my family, made videos for my YouTube channel. My adventure continues ...

Sonnet Salutation Finalized

Blog Posted:12/29/2021 8:56:00 PM

It was an amazing collection of diverse forms of sonnets and I am truly grateful to all who participated in this contest. I extend my courtesies to each and every one of you for the great array of talents you have expressed and shared.


I am presently 'homeless' until, 01/?/22, while I spend some time abroad, visiting my spread-out families who found paradise beyond Hawaii. Have yourselves a HAPPY 2022, Aloha! ~William

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Date: 1/1/2022 11:00:00 AM
thanks for this contest and my placement. It was a great theme too.
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Hilo Poet
Date: 1/1/2022 3:20:00 PM
You're welcome, Andrea! Too busy to post individually being abroad! Holding the baby in the lodge while my son and the rest of his family skiing--sacrificed his surfboard years ago. Tomorrow back in the USA, my son there said snowing and raining too. Happy 2022, mon amie!
Date: 12/31/2021 4:46:00 PM
Dear William, thank you for the honor of my placement in your Sonnet Salutation contest. It’s a joy to read so many exceptional sonnets and a delight to participate in your contest. Your sponsorship is appreciated. Enjoy your time visiting family. Warmest wishes for a happy new year! ~Susan
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Hilo Poet
Date: 12/31/2021 5:50:00 PM
You're welcome, Susan! Missed my flight to the USA, son's happy that'll be more of John Wayne/Jimmy Stewart say giddy-yap in French. More families await, anyhow, Happy 2022, mon amie!
Date: 12/30/2021 9:16:00 AM
William, thank you for the contest and inspiration and my placement , hope you are not "homeless" for too long ~ friendship and poetry _Constance
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Hilo Poet
Date: 12/30/2021 3:45:00 PM
You’re welcome, Constance! My home is being spruced up; painting, landscaping, interior deco, wallpapering, staining the decks, carpeting, furnishings and crossing fingers that all contracted spec’s are spot on, lest homelessness becomes contagious. Anyhow, Happy 2022, mon amie! (now with one of my kids whose wife’s a French-Canadien)
Date: 12/30/2021 8:18:00 AM
Thank you so much for my placement. and congratulations to all the winners. Happy New Years with best wishes and resolutions Have fun , William, with family.
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Hilo Poet
Date: 12/30/2021 3:25:00 PM
You’re welcome! My universal in lieu of individualism blog. Time flits for the homeless as does free will, for I’m at the mercy of the kids whims—per my blog Happiest 2022 Eve, and to your loved ones, Auvoir mon Cherie (now with one of my kids whose wife’s a French-Canadien)

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4/1/2022 the skateboard: seku Senryuappreciation,change,poetr
3/30/2022 The Ides of March Sijocelebration,character,con
3/28/2022 Coma II Free verseconflict,lost,sick,
3/9/2022 The Collection Plate Prose Poetryanalogy,character,money,r
3/9/2022 Lampyrid Rhapsody Tankainsect,light,
3/8/2022 Our Ring of Peace Tankapeace,world,
3/5/2022 Longanimity Lentoendurance,meaningful,meta
3/3/2022 the sustenance Haikuextended metaphor,flower,
3/1/2022 Huge Oak Tree Coupletpoets,tree,tribute,
2/26/2022 Out Of The Way Narrativedeath,perspective,
2/26/2022 Bids Thee A Night of Good Classicismappreciation,beautiful,mo
2/25/2022 Iris Pleiadesmythology,rainbow,
2/25/2022 Blessed Moments Free verseappreciation,blessing,day
2/23/2022 The Sixth of Daniel Free versebible,blessing,evil,faith
2/22/2022 Japan Surrenders Coupletcolor,extended metaphor,s
2/19/2022 stinginess smiles Haikuappreciation,happiness,im
2/18/2022 Winter Love: Lovers Lore Free versebeautiful,fantasy,hope,lo
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2/6/2022 Silly Masqued Cough It Light Verseangst,anxiety,fear,funny,
2/4/2022 The Garden of Good and Evil Coupletdeath,evil,fate,fun,life,
2/3/2022 My Shepherd Lord Lyricjesus,song,
2/2/2022 Interruptions Tankameaningful,perspective,
2/2/2022 Hope Free verseallusion,beautiful,confid
2/1/2022 'Twas Joy Quite Speakable Rhymebeautiful,inspirational,j
2/1/2022 Until It's Twilight's Time Quintain (English)bird,flying,moon,sunset,
1/31/2022 Squirrelly Strategist Haikuanimal,character,imagery,
1/31/2022 Doomed: Drafts of the Contented Dizainangel,beautiful,death,des
1/30/2022 The Adventures of Jonny Quest and The Talk Rhymecareer,celebrity,characte
1/30/2022 Catch-Phrase Verseword play,
1/30/2022 Celestial Christmas Eve '73 Trioletchristmas,eve,paradise,sp
1/29/2022 Lifetime Get-A-Way, A Survivors Tale Rhymeadventure,beautiful,crazy
1/29/2022 Pride of Place Monorhymemother,music,
1/29/2022 A Penitent Soliloquy Free verseappreciation,father,heave
1/29/2022 What's Bugging You - HLM Monokuallusion,image,insect,
1/28/2022 Appreciation Day Rhymeappreciation,character,ch
1/28/2022 The Gret of Regret, Soliloquy Narrativeangst,character,evil,fate
1/28/2022 a day of days Senryubirth,rights,
1/28/2022 Flipped Hourglass Villanelletime,
1/28/2022 Divinity Rhymefather,jesus,power,
1/27/2022 Annuals Advent Trioletflower,senses,spring,
1/26/2022 Wedding Top Mount Olympus Versedaughter,happiness,imager
1/26/2022 The Widower and Wife: LIND30 Versedream,endurance,lost love
1/23/2022 John Madden RIP Epitaphcharacter,eulogy,football
1/22/2022 Instruments of Mercy Coupletangst,fate,
1/20/2022 The Challenge of the Night Rhymeallusion,dark,depression,
1/20/2022 Scare Lyricinsect,scary,
1/19/2022 Autumn's fall - hiku Haikuautumn,death,life,tree,
1/18/2022 Sonnet Pleiadesanalogy,poetry,
1/18/2022 Suppliants Soliloquy Rhymecharacter,courage,enduran
1/18/2022 Carmel by the Sea Free versecity,places,sea,
1/18/2022 Winter Whites Sonnetcolor,winter,
1/17/2022 Keola - Acrostic-Fibonacci Acrosticuniverse,
1/14/2022 The Hole: Fibonacci-Acrostics Fibonaccidark,journey,
1/14/2022 The Spa: Fibonacci-Rhyme Fibonaccihappiness,imagery,recover
1/14/2022 Cliff Coupletimagery,nature,paradise,
1/13/2022 The Conch Shell Fibonaccianimal,beach,beautiful,im
1/13/2022 captivating moments - hiku Haikufate,freedom,life,
1/12/2022 Wishing Square Than-Baukdestiny,fate,
1/12/2022 Transcendence Terza Rimadeep,power,spiritual,
1/11/2022 pincushion - hiku Haikuanxiety,courage,fear,pain
1/8/2022 crossroads - hiku Haikuabuse,endurance,stress,
1/8/2022 African lungfish Haikuendurance,fish,sleep,time
12/28/2021 righteous courtesies - hiku Haikubird,silence,sound,tree,
12/28/2021 As Shadows Mend Rhymedream,imagery,meaningful,
12/19/2021 spent time Monokulife,time,trust,work,
12/17/2021 A Midnight Clearer Rhymebirth,celebration,christi
12/16/2021 Keola - Dizain Dizainearth,life,nature,people,
12/12/2021 Cute Christmas Cookie Crumblier Limerickchristmas,cute,feelings,g
12/11/2021 The Lying Truth Crystallineanalogy,trust,
12/9/2021 The Golden Rules Haibunanalogy,power,
12/6/2021 Keola - Sonnet Sonnettime,
12/5/2021 Bow Wow NOW Coupletcharacter,
11/28/2021 Land Lubber's Life Verseimagery,life,sea,
11/19/2021 Kenosha Senryuamerica,confidence,confli
11/18/2021 traded treats Haikuautumn,change,color,day,f

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Land of Lights Sonnetbeauty,nature,
Lily of the Valley Trioletflower,nature,spring,
We are wolves Free verseanimal,appreciation,dog,e
The Butterfly Nebula Rhymebeauty,nature,sky,stars,
Maui Sunrise Romanticismbeautiful,love,nature,rel
These Arms Long To Hold You Enclosed Rhymelove,marriage,
POETRY AND ME Acrosticme,poetry,writing,
Moving On Verselove,
Primeval Rhymeappreciation,beauty,natur
either or I do not know?muse,
Broken Wings of War Free versewar,
Musings of An Aging Man Free verseage,introspection,life,tr
My Railway Lines: Carnforth Rhymeengland,feelings,film,nos
Agapanthus Rhymeblue,flower,garden,poetry
Oceana Free verse10th grade,11th grade,12t
And We Call It Free verserain,weather,
MEMORIES of MELODIES Rhymemarriage,passion,
Rebirth Free versedark,life,light,morning,n
Petrichor and Vellichor Free verseart,
That Starry Night Ekphrasisart,depression,night,pass
Goddess of the Night Personificationfantasy,nature,
He Is Flawed Rispetto10th grade,9th grade,beau
The Woman They Know Free verseanalogy,courage,hope,wome
edges Haiku10th grade,11th grade,bea
Say You Will Verselove,romantic,
The Night Had Gone Awry Enclosed Rhymenight,woman,
She Will Rise Enclosed Rhymeanalogy,inspiration,journ
All in a Day at the Louvre Free verseart,paris,travel,
To Fly Away a Butterfly Free versegrief,
Phantasmagoria Trioletconfusion,imagination,
An Autumn Path Rubaiyatautumn,farm,nature,season
October Skies Lyricage,anniversary,autumn,gr
an autumn walk Free verseautumn,
Forlorn Hope Free versehope,
Season of Splendor Sonnetspring,
Winsome Wisteria Sonnet Sonnetbeautiful,beauty,flower,
A Nightingale Sings Of Dawn's Glory Rhymebird,sky,song,sun,
Zephyr's Silky Tendrils Verseromance,sweet love,wind,
Underdogs Versepeople,perspective,
Unsure The Shore Sonnet8th grade,beach,bereaveme
SLAUGHTERED MEMORY Free versefreedom,
A Road Less Traveled By us Free verseamerica,beautiful,nature,
Depth Perception Rhymeperspective,
Hope, Hushed Sapphic stanzabeauty,flower,longing,lov
Mimosa Sunrise Versebeauty,flower,morning,nat
Dragon's Tooth Sapphic stanzafantasy,
One Tear Layangst,depression,fear,sad
Part Time Poet Rhymeangst,conflict,inspiratio
All in a Day Sonnetappreciation,hope,morning
Zapped - AP Abecedariancat,
Wooing Winter In Autumn's Song Layimagery,winter,
The Wealth of Spring Abecedariandaffodils,spring,
A Beauteous Day of Spring Rhymenature,spring,
It Came Upon a Prophecy Lyricchristian,christmas,jesus
A Truth, a Whole Truth, and Nothing but a Truth Couplettruth,
Black Velvet's Rumble Box Haikucat,
After It Rained Free versebeauty,environment,rain,
The Smile in Your Eyes Sonnetlove,

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