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Welcome to my page!

I am a man of many interests - TOO many, I think, lol - and because of that I never gave writing the attention I should have when I was young. I started writing poetry in December of 2016, and joined Poetry Soup at the same time. I am currently working on an R&B/Soul album for a major label, so, as has usually been the case, poetry does not get the time I'd like to give it, (though I plan to change that in the future, and write a book-or-two, a sci-fi novel and an autobiography) ...

I like to incorporate classic styles and phrasing into a modern frame when I write poetry, and try to cover a wide range of genres, but I enjoy the darkly sensual the most, despite its limited audience. I hope you'll give my rather unusual style a chance, read a piece-or-two, and leave a comment, if you'd be so kind. I also hope you'll visit my music web site as well, (at the following address under my moniker "Bahku") - mostly (very) old recordings there, but also a snippet of the first single coming, and more new stuff soon!

Thanks for stopping by my page - blessings!

Thank You A Thousand Times!

Blog Posted:7/23/2019 4:43:00 PM


** This is the one-thousandth (1,000) poem I have written and posted since joining Poetry Soup a couple of years ago, (12.6.16), at which time I had no intention of making poetry a "serious" thing, or anything beyond a hobby, lol ... you just never know, do you? It was meant as a farewell piece, but a dear friend here changed my mind ...

Despite the motivations behind that, I want to thank you all for the incredible kindness and encouragement you have shown me over these many months, as I was but an "ignorant newbie" when I showed up on this marvelous doorstep, (now a refuge), having written TWO poems in my entire life previous to joining, and barely knowing Free Verse from Rhyme, lol ...

I can't express sufficiently with words how much writing poetry now means to me, (I have always loved reading it) - what a huge part of my questionable existence it has become - but it was the sweet and thoughtful comments from all of you that made it so, proving once again that a website, much as anything in this world, is only as good as its people - members and administrators ...

As is ALSO true with most everything, some like my writing style, some don't, but I make no apologies in that respect, as I have tried my best to express myself with honesty, if nothing else, and within a unique framework  ... if that means sharing things a bit too personal, so be it, for poetry will rarely reach anyone if it isn't from the SOUL, (in my humble opinion) ...

Sincerest blessings and deepest appreciation to you all ... I can never repay the debt. ** <3


PS Resident Revenant ...
"I shall embrace it," he sighed, transmuting  -
Blood, no stain, he thought,
Not even frost on the pane ...
Missed ... he'd not ever be.


Copyright © , July 20, 2019


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Date: 7/29/2019 6:47:00 PM
hello Gregory R. Barden. When are you moving to the South Pacific? What is the reason to move there? I wish you the best of luck. Keep on creating poetry. Your friend Darlene
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De Beaulieu Avatar
Darlene De Beaulieu
Date: 7/31/2019 8:07:00 AM
Hello Gregory, well i am pleased you will be with us for a little while longer.I know that I will miss you when you go.While you are here i will enjoy your poetry. So by for now my friend.Later.
Barden Avatar
Gregory R Barden
Date: 7/30/2019 5:25:00 PM
(2) I lived in the Caribbean for a while so I know I'd enjoy the weather, (despite a lot of rain). I also want to see THIS country via RV, so I may do that for a couple of years first, visiting friends as I go. Thanks for your comments and friendship! :o) <3
Barden Avatar
Gregory R Barden
Date: 7/30/2019 5:25:00 PM
Hi, Darlene - I won't be moving until after my elderly parents are gone, (they are both 93 and I take care of them at home). Some of the places I'm considering are Vanuatu, Tahiti, Samoa, Mauritius, and Bora Bora ... possibly the Marshalls or Fiji. My reason is simply because it's my dream ... since I was a small boy I have felt like I belonged there and my heart has longed for it. (continued)
Date: 7/29/2019 11:35:00 AM
That is something to celebrate Greg! You have come a long way in one year and you were born to discover your talent as a poet. How do you find out how many poems you have here? Congratulations my friend. I hope you continue to write and share your poetry here. xxoo
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Barden Avatar
Gregory R Barden
Date: 7/29/2019 5:55:00 PM
It's QUALITY not quantity, Dear Poet, and yours are ALL quality! Aloha! I may someday be a "neighbor", (technically), when I move to the South Pacific ... although I think most of those islands I'm interested in, (Vanuatu, Tahiti, Mauritius, Samoa, a couple of others), are a LONG way from you, lol! ;o) <3
Marcum Wong Avatar
Connie Marcum Wong
Date: 7/29/2019 3:19:00 PM
Thank you Greg. I only have less than 600 poems then and I have been here since Jan. 2010. You are very welcome Greg. You have inspired me to grow as a poet. Blessings and Aloha
Barden Avatar
Gregory R Barden
Date: 7/29/2019 2:19:00 PM
(2) As far as counting, each page of your poems, (on your list of poems), has 100 poems on it, so when you reach page ELEVEN, you have at least 1,001 poems! Blessings, Dear Friend! :o) <3
Barden Avatar
Gregory R Barden
Date: 7/29/2019 2:18:00 PM
Thank you so very much, Connie, you have always been one of my most staunch supporters, and I am so thankful for that and your wonderful friendship! It has been about 2 1/2 years now, (12.6.16), but it sure went by quickly!
Date: 7/28/2019 11:15:00 AM
Congratulations, Gregory. You've certainly blossomed into a proficient virtuoso. Bring out the champagne!
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Barden Avatar
Gregory R Barden
Date: 7/29/2019 2:13:00 PM
Thank you so much, Line, you are a consistent supporter and always encouraging, and it is not unappreciated, my friend! Blessings! :o) <3
Date: 7/28/2019 12:00:00 AM
i always support your challenges except the last ( the door closed on me!) because i do relish your poetry... keep on truckin' and shinin', greg... huggs
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Barden Avatar
Gregory R Barden
Date: 7/28/2019 2:49:00 AM
Oh, that's very sweet, Nette, and I greatly appreciate the kind words ... blessings and thanks to you, My Friend! :o) <3
Date: 7/27/2019 5:37:00 PM
We can't deny the fact that we like him, right now, we like him...
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Spock Avatar
Son of Spock
Date: 7/28/2019 3:15:00 PM
You have to admit though she was a cutie back then.
Barden Avatar
Gregory R Barden
Date: 7/28/2019 2:48:00 AM
LOL - OK, Sally, we appreciate the sentiment, but we're going to an ad break now. (Cue the lights and shut the girl's mic off!) ;-)
Date: 7/26/2019 1:03:00 PM
Woohoo! What a monumental milestone! Heartiest congratulations, Greg:-) Keep the ink flowing, my friend. Oh, one more thing...publish your poems!:-) I'd buy a poetry book for every member of my family! The world is seriously missing out...
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Barden Avatar
Gregory R Barden
Date: 7/28/2019 2:46:00 AM
Ha - if only! Many kind thanks to you, Edward, I so appreciate it - I have no idea how to even start down that path, my friend, but I guess I should start digging. If you have any suggestions or info, please send me a Soupie ... and blessings to you, My Poet Brother - I value your friendship! :o)
Date: 7/26/2019 7:21:00 AM
...well Greg, as a mentor of mine once told me......"just shut up and keep writing"....OK< OK,,,,it was me and I told it to myself.....
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Barden Avatar
Gregory R Barden
Date: 7/28/2019 1:52:00 AM
And no finer words were ever spoken, (in the midst of such a place of writers and poet-lovers, at least)! Many kind thanks to you, my friend, for your guidance and friendship and fine words - you were also one of the first here to reach out to me, and I will always remember that with gratitude. Blessings, My Poet Brother! :o)
Date: 7/25/2019 6:41:00 PM
I think all poets on PS are missed when they take a break; we need our feed! Keep writing.
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Barden Avatar
Gregory R Barden
Date: 7/28/2019 1:48:00 AM
Amen, ML, you are so right ... and we DO keep writing, thank goodness! Many thanks and blessings, My Friend! :o)
Date: 7/24/2019 4:20:00 PM
Hope this isn't a goodbye Greg! Congratulations on your 1000th poem as well as your support on PS. You are a talented writer and I enjoy your poems!
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Barden Avatar
Gregory R Barden
Date: 7/28/2019 1:47:00 AM
Thank you very much, Tania, I so greatly appreciate your kindness and sweet comments ... you are always very good to me. Blessings, My Friend! :o) <3
Date: 7/24/2019 2:13:00 PM
- Congratulations on your 1000 poems, Gregory ... when I started ... my goal was 100 poems :)
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Barden Avatar
Gregory R Barden
Date: 7/28/2019 12:45:00 AM
Thank you so very much, Anne-Lise! I never dreamed I'd write this many, lol - I think even a hundred seemed out of reach when I joined ... crazy! Blessings, Dear Poet! :o) <3
Date: 7/24/2019 12:31:00 PM
Wrong Greg, you can repay by continuing to write.
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Barden Avatar
Gregory R Barden
Date: 7/28/2019 12:44:00 AM
Thanks, Bud, I will try to do so ... best wishes always - thank you for your mentoring me, and for your patience, (I'm not always easy to deal with, lol). Blessings! :o)
Date: 7/24/2019 12:21:00 PM
"One-thousandth poem" -an awesome milestone my friend! You inspire us all. ~Mark
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Barden Avatar
Gregory R Barden
Date: 7/28/2019 12:42:00 AM
You are very kind, Mark, and I am so thankful to know you, and have the guidance and inspiration of your wonderful work! Blessings, My Friend! :o)
Date: 7/24/2019 10:38:00 AM
I read the poem at your page .It's so beautiful and you are a most sincere and lovely person, inside and out, Buddy!
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Barden Avatar
Gregory R Barden
Date: 7/28/2019 12:41:00 AM
As are you, Andrea, and I am so thankful for your wonderful work, your sincere kindness, your comments, your friendship, and mostly for listening to my endless complaining and venting Soupmails, lol - I don't know how you put up with it, but I'm so blessed that you do! Bless you, Buddy! :o) <3
Date: 7/24/2019 4:47:00 AM
The question as to what is a poet (or when one can call oneself a poet) has often arisen on various poetry sites. I would like to point them to your poetry which inspires me - you have set the bar high, my friend. A poet is someone who has the courage to wear his heart on his sleeve, and you certainly do that, Greg. Regards, Su
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Barden Avatar
Gregory R Barden
Date: 7/28/2019 12:38:00 AM
Oh, this is such a wonderful comment, Suzette, and it means so much! You always speak from your heart and never mince words, and this carries all the more import for that reason ... thank you SO very much for all you do, and especially for the blessing of your kind heart and friendship! :o) <3
Date: 7/24/2019 3:04:00 AM
Once a poet Greg,you never stop..even though there may be a pause or two from time to time.
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Barden Avatar
Gregory R Barden
Date: 7/28/2019 12:35:00 AM
Thank you so much, My Friend, you are so very correct ... the "bug" has bitten me, and I'm in this one for good! Blessings, Brian! :o)
Date: 7/23/2019 11:05:00 PM
My bias leans to the Bard being one of the most poesy poets on PS. Your work is enviable; your talent obvious; your soul on heartfelt display. Chart your course but PS always will relish your attendance. :o)
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Barden Avatar
Gregory R Barden
Date: 7/28/2019 12:34:00 AM
This is so very kind, Wayne, and it means a great deal to me ... you are of rare and wonderful character, My Friend, and I so appreciate your comments, work, and friendship! The Soup would not be nearly as flavorful, were it not for the spice of your personality. Blessings, My Friend! :o)
Date: 7/23/2019 10:05:00 PM
Congratulations Greg!!! :) I am so happy that you are here. Sharing your heart (your soul) through your words. Many Wonderful Blessings to you. ~ Brandy
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Barden Avatar
Gregory R Barden
Date: 7/28/2019 12:30:00 AM
Oh, this is very sweet of you, Brandy, but then everything you write is dipped in sugar and spice ... I'd expect no less! Thank you so very much - you are a sparkling gem of Poetry Soup, and I'm blessed to know you, My Sweet Friend! :o) <3
Date: 7/23/2019 7:10:00 PM
Happy one thousandth, Bard. When next are thee appearing at the Globe? I'll be there if I can find my codpiece.
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Barden Avatar
Gregory R Barden
Date: 7/28/2019 12:28:00 AM
Ha - don't I WISH, lol! If that should ever happen, you'll have a backstage pass, a limo, dinner, and drinks after with a evening boat ride on the Thames - on me! (Just bring an extra lady for me) Hey, we can dream, right? ;-)
Date: 7/23/2019 6:56:00 PM
THE POET'S TRUE CALLING, A GIFT_ Your soul dipped words gave me this* To contemplate, thus not miss*... A tear here, morn's rays over there* In poetic ocean we share* Love of writing, beyond compare.* Congratulations on your one thousandth poem my friend... _
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Barden Avatar
Gregory R Barden
Date: 7/28/2019 12:22:00 AM
This is wonderful - I'm going to post it with a poem of mine, (with credit to you, of course), for it has inspired an idea! Thank you, Brother! :o)
Date: 7/23/2019 6:43:00 PM
A poet is a poet, is a poet, is a poet my great friend. Your poetry exhibits the depths, beauty and heart that fine poetry must have. And also your character and kindness both are blessings to this poetry site and certainly to myself in particular. Your first poem that I read told me you are a poet to be read, enjoyed and supported in your poetic journey! Stay true to your calling my poetic brother in arms...
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Barden Avatar
Gregory R Barden
Date: 7/28/2019 12:20:00 AM
You are so very kind and thoughtful, Robert - you were one of the very first to reach out to me here, and I will always treasure you and your poetry! You have always been honest with me, but always with kindness and care - I am blessed to know you, My Poet Brother! :o)
Date: 7/23/2019 5:48:00 PM
Greg, farewell poem? How could you even consider such a thing? You have too much poetic talent for that to happen! But, I know it must be difficult with your father needing you more and more. Step back at times but never leave for you would be greatly missed. And as a poet who writes some dark poems sometimes difficult to read I do because I must, for it all pours from my soul and I think you are the same ~ Your poem is quite beautiful !
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Barden Avatar
Gregory R Barden
Date: 7/28/2019 12:19:00 AM
(2) THAT'S what I love about poetry - it's a piece of our soul that we can SEE, and it becomes beauty, even the darkest. Thank you, My Dear Friend - you know how I feel. :o) <3
Barden Avatar
Gregory R Barden
Date: 7/28/2019 12:18:00 AM
Yes, you're right, Constance, the darkness pours from my soul sometimes, and like you, I have to write it down. There's always something positive that comes from it though - a healing, a kind comment, someone who shares those feelings, a peace from venting - always something.
Date: 7/23/2019 4:50:00 PM
You're a wonderful poet and a fine asset here Greg
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Spock Avatar
Son of Spock
Date: 7/28/2019 7:44:00 PM
Yeah? Well Bob's your uncle!
Barden Avatar
Gregory R Barden
Date: 7/28/2019 12:14:00 AM
We're ALL longer fellows in our minds, Keith, but reality ... ouch! (And I'M the Supertramp fan ... the man with the lonely eyes). ;-)
Trestrail Avatar
Keith Trestrail
Date: 7/24/2019 6:28:00 PM
People say I possess a Longfellow-like quality. Jus sayin!
Spock Avatar
Son of Spock
Date: 7/24/2019 3:54:00 PM
You're excellent too cwaigy. Gotta get over your way
cornish Avatar
craig cornish
Date: 7/24/2019 12:30:00 PM
Sigh, You misspelled my name Thwomas, it's Craig
Spock Avatar
Son of Spock
Date: 7/24/2019 9:56:00 AM
Well... I am logical after all
Trestrail Avatar
Keith Trestrail
Date: 7/24/2019 7:39:00 AM
Ah, a Supertramp fan I see!
Spock Avatar
Son of Spock
Date: 7/23/2019 7:10:00 PM
Bloody well right!
Trestrail Avatar
Keith Trestrail
Date: 7/23/2019 7:03:00 PM
Yes he is, Tommy, whereas you possess a Poe-like quality...raven mad!
Barden Avatar
Gregory R Barden
Date: 7/23/2019 5:06:00 PM
Thank you so much, my friend, I so appreciate it! :o)

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A Midsummer Night's Beach Free versebeauty,color,creation,sea
Joy May Our Love Say Dizaindesire,devotion,love,roma
Highveld Storm Rhymebreak up,longing,
The World Around US Rhymeearth,environment,war,
The Ride Iambic Pentameterimagination,memory,sad,
Never Shame a Woman Quatrainpassion,women,
Surely, I Shall Prosebirth,death,
Cry For Wind Quatrainanalogy,animal,beautiful,
Love of Nature Coupletnature,
AURORA AT DAWN Rhymebeauty,inspirational,morn
My Big Fat Gypsy Poem Rhymehumor,marriage,wedding,
A Prince for Roseanne Rhymefantasy,
Picture Perfect Rhymeamerica,corruption,deep,p
It don't really matter Rhymefun,humor,love,
BEHIND CLOSED DOORS - EMOTIVE WRITE Rhymeabuse,bullying,house,lone
Broken Soldiers Rhymeage,humanity,soldier,
I DANCE Prose Poetryabuse,dance,music,pain,
Love will come to you Lyricintrospection,longing,lov
Violin Free verselonely,muse,romance,roman
Gutter Pavement Runway Flight Free verseaddiction,appreciation,da
The Potter and the clay Narrativechange,character,conflict
Worlds Of Ice Free versedream,love,memory,sleep,w
May Showers Contest Haikunature,rain,
Time Lost In The Current Verseemotions,fear,ocean,
Yet not broken by the blues Free verseanti bullying,holocaust,m
Lost Childhood -Part 4- Rhymeabuse,child,child abuse,c
Freedom Is Written In Stars And Moon Free verseabuse,change,dark,freedom
Diamonds From The Sky Blank versebeautiful,beauty,desire,e
Starshine and silhouettes Rhymebeauty,dance,desire,image
Hollow man Rhymehappiness,introspection,i
From glory to dust-2 Acrosticangst,confusion,corruptio
Rainless Clouds Pantoumblue,sad,
Landscape - Beach Scene Quatrainart,
What Poetry Is Free verseimagery,poetry,words,
A Candid Rainscape Free verseflower,imagery,nature,rai
White Rainbows Imagismcolor,garden,imagery,
Amethyst Fate Ottava rimaflower,imagery,metaphor,
Love Lies Bleeding Rispettoflower,metaphor,
TOUCH -Sharon's Acrostic contest Acrosticspiritual,
my solitary wandering Free versememory,solitude,
MAWU AMONGST STARS Sonnetbeauty,magic,memory,
Real Men Wear Pink Rhymecharacter,funny,humor,per
POETS Rhymeappreciation,encouraging,
Sea of Love Rhymelove,love hurts,sea,
Collateral damage Dramatic monologuecharacter,courage,freedom
The Pearl Free versebeauty,blue,love,moon,nig
Morning Cues Versebeautiful,
Words-The Heart of Imagination Free verseuniverse,words,
He Has My Heart Verseart,longing,lust,passion,
July Free versesummer,
Transition to Death - Part I Free verseabsence,anger,dark,death,
a night of passion Couplethappiness,lust,passion,ro
The Stars and Beyond Sestinaspace,stars,
For the Fisher King on His Golden Jubilee Sonnetbirthday,friend,
NEVER TO BE MINE Free versegrief,i miss you,memorial
GOODBYE, MY LOVE Free versedeath,goodbye,
Be Yourself Free verseconfusion,courage,emotion
A Kiss Remembered Rhymelove,
Mister Joe Jangles Free versepoetry,poets,
Rape Free verseabuse,
INDIAN PIPE Versedeath,nature,
As I Journey East Free versebeauty,journey,
LAKE'S MUSIC Free versepeace,river,song,
When I No Longer Love You Romanticismlove,romance,
Under the Stars Verseautumn,love,poetry,romanc
HIS EVENING'S MYSTERY Lyriclove,mystery,
I am Every Woman Biobeauty,deep,emotions,enco
as cold sudden rain Haikulove,nature,
In Silence Personificationautumn,death,
O, the murmuring waves -- Versespiritual,
My Unborn Child Sonnetbaby,
Snow Falling Personificationbeauty,winter,
Realization Sonnetlife,
You Echo, Silent Still Free verselost love,
DESPICABLE Free verseabuse,evil,girl,
Insomnia Rhymeanxiety,imagery,lonelines
For The Love of Poetry Blank versepoetry,poets,words,
ulan at sinag ng araw: pagmumuni ng isang tulirong isip Free verseangst,feelings,introspect
Chasing the man in the moon Free verseabsence,childhood,father
Miss Allegheny Mountain Monorhymeimagery,mountains,nature,
Moonlight tango Dramatic monologuedance,desire,men,moon,rom
Shadow Free verselost love,
Memories, In The Silent Dust Prose Poetrychildhood,nostalgia,old,
If I Let My Mind Meander Free verselost love,metaphor,
What Might Have Been Verselost love,
Late Summer Nights Dream at the Cat in the Hat Coupletimagination,nonsense,
46 Free versebereavement,brother,love,
Collecting teardrops Free versefriendship,lost,
As the Year Matures Monorhymejune,
Have a lovely day Rhymegoodbye,
Fated Hell Monorhymedeath,destiny,evil,
Love's Eternal Death Sonnetemotions,lost love,
One Last Time Free verselost love,
Prisoner Of Words Free versemetaphor,poetry,words,
Laws Of Attraction Free verseabuse,addiction,forgivene
When Her Roses Bloom Romanticismlost love,rose,
Crystal Blue Waters Rhymenature,
Poetry Rhymeart,meaningful,poetry,poe
Nestled Under Your Wings Free verseimagery,inspirational,upl
A Chorus Sang Its Last Concerto Elegybeach,emotions,

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