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Deborah Guzzi writes fulltime. When not writing she’s reading. She travels for inspiration. Her new book The Hurricane is available now through Prolific Press. Her poetry appears in: Existere - Journal of Arts and Literature in Canada, Tincture in Australia, Cha: Asian Literary Review, Hong Kong, China, Eunoia in Singapore, Vine Leaves Literary Journal in Greece, and Ribbons: Tanka Society of America’s Journal, Sounding Review, Kyso Flash, The Aurorean, Crack the Spine Literary Magazine, Liquid Imagination, Concis, The Tishman Review, Page & Spine and others in the USA. 

Thoughts on Faith

Blog Posted:3/29/2014 7:07:00 PM
 My exposure to Christianity was primarily through interaction with the Catholic Church. When I was growing up we lived in walking distance of a convent. I often played with the novitiates in the apple orchard behind their dorm. Their chapel was one of the most beautiful places I had ever seen. The stations of the cross exquisite tempera's with gold leaf, the statues, the flowers, the scents, the music; this was really my first exposure as a child to ART.

I thought I'd put up for you, some of the poetry, The Church has inspired in me. Maybe it will help you to speak the beauty you have found in your own relationships with the Creator?

St. Brigid's Well

A rush reverberates through sodden air.
Birth and afterbirth abound;
candle's burnt stumps root in wax puddles.
Within the cave like enclosure over the fresh water course,
before chipped plaster statues of Mother Mary and Himself;
rush crosses run rampant.

Strings laden with pacifiers, babies barrettes and bows,
icicle the age crusted walls... thick with longing and grief.

Knee polished granite near tear drenched moss.
The air was thick with angst.
Prayer cards vie with business cards, photo memories,
a favorite baby doll, gifts from supplicants,
petitioning for aid in home, hearth, health and verse;
Saint Brigid’s domain.

From Wikipedia
Bríg was a pre-Christian Celtic Goddess. She is said to have invented keening, a combination weeping and singing, while mourning for her son Ruadán, after he is slain while fighting for the Fomorians. Brigid is the patroness of POETRY, smithing, medicine, art and craft, cattle and livestock, sacred wells, and serpents she also brings on the Spring. 

In the Christian era, nineteen nuns at Kildare tended a perpetual flame for the Saint, which is widely believed to be a continuation of a pre-Christian practice of women tending a flame in her honour. Her festival day, Imbolc is traditionally a time for weather prognostication:

Saint Brigit of Kildare (Irish: Naomh Bríd; c.?451–525), also known as Brigit of Ireland, is one of Ireland's patron saints. She is sometimes known as Mary of the Gael. She was said to have been an early Irish Christian nun, abbess, and founder of several monasteries of nuns. Her feast Day is 1 February, formerly celebrated as the Imbolc quarter-day of the pagan Irish year, which marked the beginning of spring, lambing, lactation in cattle, etc.

 Absolution's Font: Mosque of Ibn Tulun, Cairo, Egypt

Await the zenith of the sun,
cross clay courtyard a beckoning
barefoot walked, heartstring undone,
Oh Lord, there’s poems/love'>love, no reckoning.

Soundless clarion of tears fall
toward absolution’s bright blessing,
within the domed sabil I call...
Oh Lord, there’s love, no reckoning.

The fountain's dry, but not my eyes
sounds of grace rebound, amazing,
Amazing Grace, sang such as I
Oh Lord, there’s love, no reckoning.

We are but one beneath the sun
for all our fears and wandering
all creation our companion...
Oh Lord, there’s love, no reckoning.

Let spirit rise on minaret
and phantom penitents come hieing
all is well, we are God’s get
Oh Lord, there’s love, no reckoning.

Peace is not a relationship of nations. It is a condition of mind brought about by a serenity of soul. Peace is not merely the absence of war. It is also a state of mind. Lasting peace can come only to peaceful people.
Jawaharlal Nehru (1889 - 1964)

Mission Dolores

The air heavy with the scent and weight
of sea green is trapped in the enclosure
of the century old graveyard languishing.
Inside the crumble of stucco walls,
walls which do little to keep
the soot of San Francisco's traffic
from the ancient pocked crosses of
of Mission Dolores and its rich benefactors.

The sad spirits of Yelamu Ohlone
indians haunt behind, beneath and between
the spaces which hold their unmarked graves.
Sad the day when the Christ worshipers came,
with their tales of crucifixion and their flaming hell.
Came and brought the shame of naked Eve
and Adam, came like God's to judge.

From the bounty of the land they had lived in harmony,
fed on roots, berries, nuts and small wild life,
their ways teaching of man's place with nature.
Clothed, schooled, worked and worried
were they by the emissaries of Rome.
Even today, it is the Vatican which takes credit
for the rising up of the heathen.
Yet, it is the art and artisans of Ohlone
who built Mission Dolores, and upon
their unmarked graves
white feet still walk.

People look many places for their own path, where have you looked and have you found your own path?

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Date: 4/3/2014 12:36:00 PM
Braaaaavo Debbie, a mature discussion indeed, Agape, Moses
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Date: 4/3/2014 11:53:00 AM
The wicked cat 'so called of men' actually the lower nature of conscious itself. We must recapture the rotten egg and place him back in check by knowing the truth that will make us all free, for the power of love already knows what our derivative lives have yet to learn. Agape, Moses
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Date: 4/3/2014 11:33:00 AM
"It is also a state of mind. Lasting peace can come only to peaceful people." The mind of love is derivative of the energetic seed itself, but unfortunately a mind of the lower concept of death has interrupted the book(bible) written about it. It was the human concept(reasoning) overshadowed by the death concept that soiled the absolute truth of which was Agape's right of sovereignty. Tragic that it was the immaturity of babes in Christ that first led the shadow and type, for at first there were no mature adults to do so. Agape, Moses
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Date: 4/3/2014 1:52:00 AM
With regard to Cyndi's quote (see below) her quote is from Mark 9:40 in the context of 9:38.. of a follower of Jesus who was NOT one of the 12...Whereas in Luke 11:23 Jesus says 'He who is NOT with Me is AGAINST Me' in the context of His kingdom.The one who does not intentionally support Jesus opposes Him making neutrality impossible.Rgds Brian
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Date: 4/1/2014 4:35:00 PM
“These things will destroy the human race: politics without principle, progress without compassion, wealth without work, learning without silence, religion without fearlessness, and worship without awareness.” VERY profound teachings nette
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freeman Avatar
john freeman
Date: 4/3/2014 12:27:00 PM
I perfectly agree, Debbie. Agape Moses
Date: 4/1/2014 4:15:00 PM
our country has the largest percentage of catholic upbringing in asia... this is a salient exposition on religion, debbie.. i accept all kinds of worship and lean more towards spirituality.. read anthony de mello if you have time... thanks!
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Date: 4/1/2014 7:22:00 AM Their are a thousand ways to follow Christ. You can follow His teachings without believing He is God. I make no judgement. Hey, how can I when He did not. "Who so is for us is not against us." I believe there are seekers, followers and believers. I hang with believers who don't use bibles to beat heads, only to open the eyes to possibilities. Organized religion has done so much harm, but it can do absolute good... as soon as we all let go of fear and hatred, the peoples of the world will learn, we are not truly that different from one another. Hugs and love... we may be off to the hospital today. Our girl has a fever /whoop-whoopy cough
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Strand Avatar
Brian Strand
Date: 4/3/2014 1:50:00 AM
Cyndi Your quote is from Mark 9:40 in the context of 9:38 of a follower of Jesus who was NOT one of the 12.Whereas in Liku11:23 Jesus says 'He who is NOT with Me is AGAINST Me' in the context of His kingdom.The one who does not intentionally support Jesus opposes Him making neutrality impossible.
Date: 3/31/2014 8:43:00 PM
So true Dee, at the very least people need to understand you can not kill and enslave & torture people to get them to believe what you do - how do they not understand there is no 'truth' in that sort of conversion - Why don't they see they are prideful & vain to think they can do this and not allow for God to do as he wishes in his own good time and for reasons we know not?
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MacMillan Avatar
Cyndi MacMillan
Date: 3/31/2014 9:11:00 PM
How does "Turn the other cheek" translate into "May he burn in hell?" Over and over, the hypocrisy. "Love your neighbour." Interpreted: as long as he believes what you do. "The most important is love." becomes, "It's more important to build a bigger church than to feed more people. Hear ya, hon. Really do. xoxox
MacMillan Avatar
Cyndi MacMillan
Date: 3/31/2014 9:06:00 PM
They don't see because they aren't listening to the true prophet of their faith... I can not speak for other faiths, it wouldn't be right of me, but I can say that it hurts me when I hear another Christian both use the word hate and demonstrate it. You can not be a Christian and hate. It is that simple.
Date: 3/31/2014 8:30:00 PM
Hi Sis, Mission Delores is beautiful! Such a strong poem. What I take from it is what I, too, believe, that truth must never be hidden, that those who have done wrong using religion as a shield, forgetting the heart of their faith, the words of peace and love that are central to that faith, must not bury the past. Wrongs must be admitted, even when nothing can ever be done or said to compensate for murder and bloodshed. My church was the first to stand up and acknowledge their role in the horrors of residential schools in Canada. The Six Nations People and The United Church of Canada are working together... action speaks.
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MacMillan Avatar
Cyndi MacMillan
Date: 3/31/2014 8:33:00 PM
It was important to me to find a church that supports diversity of beliefs, does not put women into minor ministry roles and supports all believers regardless of their sexuality. Not easy to find this!
Date: 3/31/2014 2:00:00 AM
Thank you Eileen for your comments on mine below perhaps for those interested to know more on this topic may I suggest reading Acts 17:22 through 33(Paul's address to the Areopagus of Athens) I doubt there is a more succinct overview.Rgds Brian
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Manassian Avatar
Eileen Manassian
Date: 3/31/2014 11:54:00 PM
Brian...Paul wanted to speak the heart language of the Greeks so he used the tactic of reason and philosophy...He talked about the staute they had to the UNKNOWN god...and brought them round to Christ. Thanks for sharing this. Paul knew his stuff. His writings are a joy to read. Some of my all time favorite passages which are underlined in my Bible are from the writings of Paul. Thanks for sharing.
Date: 3/30/2014 11:00:00 AM
Hope I haven't offended in any way, Debbie. You know how highly I think of you! I do believe you asked for open discussion, and I feel safe to share here. :) Thank you for this opportunity to look into man's search for answers and meaning in life. As Andrea is a journey....a journey we are all on. I believe that those who are searching for GOD will find Him...for He is not far from anyone of us, but He longs to be revealed IN and THROUGH us. Ok...I WILL shut up now. ;)
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Manassian Avatar
Eileen Manassian
Date: 3/30/2014 1:59:00 PM
HUGS, Debbie!!! :)
Guzzi Avatar
Debbie Guzzi
Date: 3/30/2014 12:40:00 PM
Nope Eileen, you have not offended me & I likewise mean no disrespect to you or anyone else we are sharing our hearts
Date: 3/30/2014 9:10:00 AM
Thank you for sharing Eileen, as you say God speaks to us in the way it is easiest for us to hear. And it is wonderful you have such a personal relationship with God. We are all sons and daughters of God. And since the beginning of time many have been martyred for their faith. We must learn not to force our path to Higher Power on other for we are the entirety of God and do not know how best to approach each person to have them learn the life lessons they are here to learn. People should not be killed or DIE for their faith. Life is God, death is beyond our knowing.
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Manassian Avatar
Eileen Manassian
Date: 4/1/2014 3:27:00 AM
2 Dear friends, do not be surprised at the fiery ordeal that has come on you to test you, as though something strange were happening to you. 13 But rejoice inasmuch as you participate in the sufferings of Christ, so that you may be overjoyed when his glory is revealed. 14 If you are insulted because of the name of Christ, you are blessed, for the Spirit of glory and of God rests on you. 15 If you suffer, it should not be as a murderer or thief or any other kind of criminal, or even as a meddler. 16 However, if you suffer as a Christian, do not be ashamed, but praise God that you bear that name. (I Peter 4: 12 - 16)
Manassian Avatar
Eileen Manassian
Date: 4/1/2014 3:13:00 AM
Oh, Cyndi....I know what you mean. Sometimes things can be taken to an extreme....however, Christians...are not exempt from suffering...But if we should be for the right reasons...We don't SEARCH for it...We don't SEEK it...but if we need to take a stand for what we believe me, I believe GOD will supply the strength to do what is right...
MacMillan Avatar
Cyndi MacMillan
Date: 3/31/2014 8:19:00 PM
Eileen, I'd heard about that girl... she stuns me, that maturity of faith and humbles me, too. I also think of the horrors that happened to those Amish girls who were slaughtered by a madman and the oldest saying, "Do what you will to me. I beg for the lives of the babies (five year olds)" All so hard to take, breaks us, sometimes...
Manassian Avatar
Eileen Manassian
Date: 3/30/2014 10:54:00 AM
OH YES...We are ALL HIS children. Yes. I concur.... :) It's so sad that in this part of the world, Debbie, people are being slaughtered for their faith. The situation in Syrian...Christians being beheaded...children...for just bearing a name...It should NEVER be and yet....the question does begged to be ask...Is our belief system such that we would be WILLING to die for what we believe. I think of the girl in Columbine who said..YES..when a gun was pointed to her head and she was asked, "Do you believe in God?" She said, yes, would be the last thing she would ever say.
Date: 3/30/2014 9:05:00 AM
Good Sunday morning to you all! What we believe and why we believe and how we believe is so very hard to communicate to other people, TOO many incidents, TOO much hereditary baggage. How to explain to you why I do not think of Jesus as God? You were not raised to quake at the sight of a statue of Mary or an image of Christ on the Cross, to believe a LITERAL lightening bolt would KILL you for even looking? When from birth to seven this is what you are taught what else can be expected?
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Manassian Avatar
Eileen Manassian
Date: 4/3/2014 12:53:00 PM
Hi, Cyndi....Of course. We must never become narrow minded. I'm so glad that you are thinking of exposing Verity to other faiths and cultures. I was brought up and pastor's kid, and church was very much part of my life. In can desensitize you when you've heard it ALL YOUR LIFE. It is a PERSONAL walk and journey...As I said, we can find truth everywhere we look. A true seeker...WILL find! :)
MacMillan Avatar
Cyndi MacMillan
Date: 4/1/2014 6:57:00 AM
HARD! HARD! I am grateful for the festivals in our area that will expose her to other cultures and their faiths. One book for this summer...put away... I look forward to showing her this.
MacMillan Avatar
Cyndi MacMillan
Date: 4/1/2014 6:54:00 AM
WOW! Just read these words this morning, Sis. I agree and disagree. I was taught as a young girl that God was non-existent, that it was, in fact, a dirty word. I had to seek out and then find my faith. As a parent, I was able to see too many points! So, I have picked up books on the beliefs of other faiths for Verity.
Manassian Avatar
Eileen Manassian
Date: 3/30/2014 10:47:00 AM
Oh Debbie! YES YES YES! We dishonor the name we bear...SO MUCH! I am ashamed to say I have...and still I do. Yes, I understand what is in your heart, and NO..I would NEVER force my beliefs on others. I believe there will be people from all walks of life and faiths who will be in paradise. Yes, those who do not even know who Christ is, but who have lived according to the dictates of their conscience, have shown the spirit of love...Yes, God is merciful. I know of Messianic Jews who keep to their beliefs with the exception of accepting Christ as the Messiah. There are so many the Old Testament, that have found their fulfillment in Christ...But, that is for another time. You are right, if Christians lived the life they were supposed to...the world would be a better place. Love and hugs
Guzzi Avatar
Debbie Guzzi
Date: 3/30/2014 9:05:00 AM
Until most recently I was not even historically convinces Jesus [& I will not title him Christ for me the Messiah has not come] existed as anything other than a metaphoric concept. Having said that it really does not matter to me if YOU are 'right' what ever 'right is?' because if all Christians emulated Jesus Christ the world would be a glorious place.
Date: 3/30/2014 2:39:00 AM
In Hebrew(the original thought language of Christianity) Debbie, faith is something we do ie trust,in a relationship with Jesus,a person on whom we lean(submit).Faith as a belief word, is a Hellenic ( European) idea of the mind,not of the heart.As my favourite hymn has it(based on Paul's scripture..I KNOW whom I have believed.and am persuaded He is able..Rgds Brian
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Manassian Avatar
Eileen Manassian
Date: 3/30/2014 10:51:00 AM an acronym...Forsaking...All...I...Take...HIM! Brian, the Bible says that even faith is a gift of God. Yes...we ask for it, and it is based on WHO He is...I so appreciate your thoughts on this. Jesus also spoke Aramaic...and the New Testament was written in Greek. Greek. Belief. Pistevo...I believe. :)
Manassian Avatar
Eileen Manassian
Date: 3/30/2014 10:42:00 AM
To keep that which I've committed, unto Him against that day! I love that song! I love to sing....Beautiful!
Date: 3/30/2014 2:26:00 AM
Debbie in regard to our desire for art /poetry etc it is because we are His poiema(Workmanship) Ephesians 2:10...(as per this backward acrostic of mine)..God's poiemA/created foR/works of arT/in poems & pictureS.I pray and know Jesus will provide an answer to your search.Have a good Sunday.Rgds Brian
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freeman Avatar
john freeman
Date: 4/3/2014 12:13:00 PM
A great way, Brian, to illustrate we the workmanship, God's Poiema. Agape, Moses
Date: 3/30/2014 2:21:00 AM
.A good question Debbie,Here is a freeform sonnet I wrote a few years back--What if you opened that door /when you heard His voice/and made this choice/What lies in store?/After He enters in/and forgives your sin /what lies in store,/after you open that door? /New life now,and then,/when we begin again;/Truth sets us free, /His perspective to see/ Placed as a son and co-heir../ open that door ..if you dare./inspired by Rev 3:20
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Manassian Avatar
Eileen Manassian
Date: 3/30/2014 10:41:00 AM
Beautiful, Brian! :)
Date: 3/30/2014 1:27:00 AM
Fantastic blog, Debbie. Loved that first poem...SO expressive. You did encourage us to share, and so, allow me to share the "Case for Christ" (title of a book). I've written a piece on this and now, perhaps after this blog, I will post it. For me, Jesus is EVERYTHING. There are many good, saintly people who have founded world religions. There is much truth spread in all world religions for God wants to be known by His children, and thus reveals Himself in any way He can, even through nature. However, for me...Christ is sole Redemptor. Why? Which other was willing to lay down his life. Even if he were NOT divine, simply a mad rebel claiming divinity, I would love Him for going through that.
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freeman Avatar
john freeman
Date: 4/3/2014 12:07:00 PM
Many human concepts(of natural reason) but only one precept(Love), love, love. love, Amen, Amen. Agape, Moses
Manassian Avatar
Eileen Manassian
Date: 3/30/2014 1:43:00 AM
It all comes down to....LOVE. LOVE LOVE LOVE...for God...for one another. THAT for me is what I base my faith on. What does he feed the hungry, clothe the naked, defend the defenseless. Practical things...acts of service. We get caught up in theology and forget what matters...improving quality of life for others. James 1: 27- Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress. God's love for me...I never question. I only know that I sometimes let go of His hand and want to go my way...When I can get to the place where I can say, with Paul (my FAVORITE Bible author) "For me to live is Christ, to die is gain" Philippians 1: 21. ...Then I know...I have found the meaning of life. SORRY this is long. You did ask! ;) LOVE AND HUGS
Manassian Avatar
Eileen Manassian
Date: 3/30/2014 1:36:00 AM
Cont. People complicate things. The want to WORK to gain eternal life, when Someone has given that as a GIFT. We just need to ACCEPT. I John 5: 12- He who has the son has LIFE. Acts 4:12 (New International Version)Acts 4:12 12 Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved.” Yet, He asks that we love. In fact, the sign of our connection to HIM is if we can love as he loved. We know that we have passed from death to life, because we love each other. Anyone who does not love remains in death.
Manassian Avatar
Eileen Manassian
Date: 3/30/2014 1:30:00 AM
CONT. No one can negate the fact that he exited. Historians have written of him. Check texts from Josephus. Yes, even the time of his crucifixion is noted. He was either insane, or really who He said He was....the SON OF GOD. Love is very much part and parcel of my belief system. It isn't just about reaching a state of peace...letting go of wants and is about sacrifice, and giving till it the point of giving a life. He did that. He went through excruciating pain. For that....He is MY understanding of TRUTH AND LIFE. What and who I would like to emulate to become.
Date: 3/29/2014 10:24:00 PM
I'm still meandering, Debs!! Like my sonnet Avenue of Aimless End!
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6/26/2015 Summer Stews Sijofun,
6/19/2015 False Love Quintain (English)lost love,
6/14/2015 Risen from the Foam Ottava rimaallegory,beauty,love,
6/4/2015 Cling Sijoadventure,
5/14/2015 The Mirage Free versebeauty,family,
4/29/2015 A Day in the Life of a Bag of Potatoes Free versechange,
4/28/2015 Spider Robinson's Plug In Sijoaddiction,
4/27/2015 The Sandy Shoal Free versedeath,
4/26/2015 A Stream of Laughter Free versechildren,nature,
4/25/2015 Boxed In Free verseabsence,beauty,love,
4/21/2015 Pick Your Poison Acrosticabuse,death,
4/20/2015 The Tall Ships Burn Villanelleart,
4/19/2015 I, ICON Acrosticself,
4/17/2015 The Song of Deborah Bioallegory,
4/15/2015 Barred Camp Sonnetfunny,
4/15/2015 Cross Pollination Versefaith,nature,
4/13/2015 The Wayward Child Pantoumfairy,
4/12/2015 Straw Men Free verseallusion,planet,
4/5/2015 Elemental Answers to Being Verselife,
4/3/2015 Mother's Days Acrosticmother,
4/3/2015 A Crown of Thorns Crown of Sonnetsbeauty,betrayal,identity,
4/2/2015 Sun and Life Painting by Frida Kahlo 1947 Free verseart,
3/31/2015 AFI 9th Art Wave Tankaart,
3/31/2015 AFI TAG ART Tankaart,
3/28/2015 Van Gogh sans une Oreille Free verseart,
3/27/2015 School's Out Haibunkiss,snow,
3/21/2015 The Teetotaler Terzanellememory,
3/20/2015 The Sin and God Within Verseallusion,faith,forgivenes
3/20/2015 A Penny for My Thoughts Sonnetcreation,
3/18/2015 What Dreams Are Made Of Versefear,night,
3/15/2015 Steamers Free versesummer,
3/10/2015 A Mother Drawn Free versebeauty,birth,earth,faith,
3/9/2015 The Precipice Free verseart,
3/5/2015 The Score Free verseloneliness,night,
3/3/2015 Moonlight Serenade Haibunsensual,
3/1/2015 Trumpets of the Dawn Sonnetflower,
3/1/2015 Femme Fatales Balladbirth,mythology,woman,
2/28/2015 The Doldrums of March Free verseloneliness,daffodils,
2/26/2015 Death Tolls Free versebeach,beauty,bird,ocean,
2/24/2015 Forgotten Valentine Haibunsad,
2/21/2015 Ice Castings Pantoumbeauty,
2/20/2015 Amusing Free versemuse,

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Fav Poems

God Free verselife,mystery,
Hard Times Cowboycowboy-western,family,fun
For Things Once Counted Rhymeintrospection,loss,uplift
Petal Verselove,
Defender of the Wastes Free verseart,life,parody,world,
Birth Imagismchildhood,life
this is why i woo words Verseart,inspirational,philoso
Forbear Free versesad,
Belongings Rhymeloss,love,me,mother,
Gold Fever Free versefaithfaith,political,pers
Splattered I do not know?life
Echo Quatrainlost lovewords,love,
Bells (after Poe) Lyricpassion
Respectfully, Emily Dickinson Lyricintrospection
Give the End Back to the Beginning Free versededication,faithme,
The Bruised and Rotting Pear Coupletfaith,hope
fly Free verseanimals
ABC's for a Young Captain ABClife
Not Entirely About Living In New York Free verselifeworld,light,light,
Woodcutter I do not know?warold,old,
Dreams Free versefaith,forgiveness
A Feed of Chips Narrativefunny
Weep O Willows Versedeath
Harlem Blues Free verseblack-african amerchildre
Summers Everlasting Free versenostalgia
EASTER IVY Narrativefriendshipeaster,cousin,
End of days Rhymeinspirational,lifeme,war,
Past-Life Nightmare Narrativemystery,autumn,
I dream of you (to JEW) Free verseimagination,lovenight,swe
jellyfish back strophe Imagismallegory,nature,on writin
Disposable Wisdom Rhymeage,cat,life,wisdom,world
Loneliness Rhymeintrospection,life
Remission (In Memory of William Watt). Elegybrother,death,nostalgiawo
The Day That Died Forever Free verseadventure,angst,art,confu
Heritage Quatrainadventure,cowboy-western,
Summer Matinee Narrativebrother,me,
The Moon and I I do not know?hope,life,love,nature,pea
Seeking, Searching Free verseimaginationlove,universe,
BEFORE SPRING CAME Narrativeadventure,animals,childho
Pledge Sonnetdevotion
Wild Cherries Free versedevotion,nature,nostalgia
Words from the Oracle Layallegory,philosophy
Science Free verse 
Mona Lisa resembles Chokaart
AND WITH MERRIEST SPIRIT Quintain (English)faith,father,holiday,insp
Cotton-Pickin' Paradise Versechildhood,life,nostalgia,
Where The Sycamore Grew Narrativeautumn,family,house,life,
Larks Free versedeath,devotion,imaginatio
Big Bang Limerickfunny,science,
winter (do not forget among the loss of flowers) me Free verse 
Violin Personificationdeath,love,rose,
Let I do not know?loveme,me,
He Was Smoking Hot I do not know?funny
Alabaster Night Free versenature,planet,sea,
Haunted Orb Haikufantasy,nature
This Night Sonnet 
Tombstones & Teacups Rhymeallegory,childhood,death,
Today Not Tomorrow Free versededication,depression,gir
Years Of The Rose Free verselost love,loveday,
The Joy that Sweetly Stays Free verse 
Cinder Girl Rhyme 
Biography (Thesis Statement) Versehistory,life,philosophyli
Figure Fusion Verseart,sports
Dancing Bird - with video link Free verseanimals,introspection,nat
Poem for a sensuous poet Free versefantasy,on writing and wo
The Road Walked Down Through the Years Rhymelife,on writing and words
The Iceman Cometh! Rhymenostalgia
He says/ She says Narrativelife
I've seen so many Sonnetintrospectionnight,night,
Searching for Michelangelo Free verseart,hope,life,people,imag
Indifference Free verse 
realisation of self (War Child) Free verseme,me,
Reporting Live On The Soup (Colorado) Rhymefunnyme,me,
Late at night Lyricimaginationme,fear,me,
Reverencing Nature Balladfaith,naturenature,heart,
Dreams Coupletimagination
Simple Pleasures Rhymehappinesssummer,summer,
I Exist Pantoumintrospectionlife,me,
Madrid: Circa 1974 Blank versenostalgia,travel,
Magnolia Song Free verselove,romance,
yellow bus roars through Haikuallegory,nature,places
Ethel's Remedies Rhymefunny,people
A Dream In The Mist Narrativefantasy,imagination,natur
volga 1 - 3 Prose Poetryfantasy
Mama's Cleaning Quatrainintrospection,life,mother
WAKING HEART'S VEINS Free verseangst,hope,
Revelation Free verseimagination,lifesong,epic
Sports Limerick Limerickfunny
The Snowflake Italian Sonnetromance,
Jack Lyricintrospectionlife,
The Ghost That Travels Far Personificationnature
Kite Flying - Test Free verseallegory,art,imagination,
Dining with Crow Rhymeanimals
Beauty, yes Sijohope,imagination,philosop
Smart and Final Prose Prose Poetrypeoplepeople,red,city,peo
Tiger in the Sea Rispettoadventure,animals,seame,t
A Song of Michael's Rose Narrativeme,
Where my True Love Lives - A Ballade Balladedeath,love,ocean,
Into Morning Free verselife
Play Me A Teardrop Rhymelost loveme,me,

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