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Defender of the Wastes

What makes a speech out of words,
I have just washed the tombs of lords.
Oh, what’s my knot?
What’s my knot?

You can judge the theme not.
Words, trickle of the destructed thoughts
Shaped in a dim light.
No matter what you say, I am right.

Denouement, is that what you’re looking for
Or the numb world of an alienated whore?!
Are you still seizing the time?
Or I am just trying to impose the rhyme?
Is music the tool for beauty?
Or you want to distort the confusion for purity?
Have you read the book “Thus Spoke Zarathustra”?
Oh…that’s really a great one!
But it’s just the business of the dumb!

Oh Masters of the waste land
Are you still counting the seasons?

Circulation, is that the word
You are searching to play?

Or a good reason for pastorals
To make a pile of hay?

Listen to the land and say:
“When the sunshines and things are done
I find myself alone and my mistress is gone!”
It might be the nauseous feeling of an outcast,
Or the graveyard style in mourning the time past,

I have no aim, are we determined?
Or pessimistically trying to blow it through the wind?

From deform and artificial essence
I am not that much interested hence,
Why being entrapped in metamorphosis?!
Whoever dares to have zeal for catharsis?!

Oh my wing, my wing
My straw-like string 
I am writing to you and sing
The notes of nonsense fling

In the world of the posts
When all the ways are done utmost
All the forms, all those repetitious gross,
Everything seems notorious

Still do I obey the stupid legends of the olds
In defending and dressing the stupid codes…
Who is the postal outsider?
The one within the theme when it comes
Or the mere watcher outside?!

Theme is crumpled.
Oh…someone has just blown his nose in it.

Oh purity: Shall I compare thee to a green stuff
Or the unreadable inky words?

Conscious or unconscious
No matter where the stream goes
The concept is coming!
Oh wing, why don’t you say ever a word?

Oh…I have forgotten,
You have been disillusioned!

I want to ask:
Can’t you come when you are disillusioned?
Wing: “Yes, why not…!”

It seems I am rejecting myself
Who am I defending so!?

Rhyme is fading
May be it has just experienced the climax,
So it comes through the tempo again
Don’t worry…

They say the word never dies
Wing, you are an invisible character
How the hell you take part
Without even one word from your mouth?

Oh I have forgotten you are
Rejecting some rules.
That should be postsomethingsim.
To what extent shall I sing
These false lines?

Copyright © | Year Posted 2006

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Date: 8/23/2010 2:00:00 PM
Lordy lordy!!! Halleluyah! Pass the plate...I'd give you money! Just marvelous and no ones read it but me? Shame shame on them! To my fav's Light & Love (Maybe you'd read my 2 parter Part 1 When Madness Rides on Moonlight & Part 2)
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