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Smart and Final Prose

Daylight fades, a city pulsates, and traffic is reflected in store windows.  
Hurrying headlights come out of the darkness. 
They crisscross like dueling knights.  People in the crosswalk scamper 
as if squirrels and streetlights leer gleaming yellow eyes, like watchful hawks.
The shrill trumpets of the charging gale force winds, rattle an awning,
and newly planted maple saplings bend and sway 
in random pairs.  Set in concrete planters, they hang on by tender rooted toes. 
Pages of a discarded newspaper are hurled into the air, 
buoyed on the steely breath of a frigid winter evening.  
Several leaflets scatter into the street and down the sidewalk,
into the path of one lone pedestrian.
He slaps away the sports page, that flies into his chapped, red face. 
Without hesitation, this castaway vagrant, down and out 
by the rape of hard times, will accept an offered dime,
from a passing man in a Red Sox ball cap. 
Head bent low, face hidden, a worn and dirty pea coat
pulled tightly around his thin frame, he carries all his meager belongings
in a large paper grocery bag, wrinkled and beginning to tear. 
Serving as his satchel, the brown bag, damp and worn, 
still displays big bold red and black letters 
advertising "Smart and Final Grocery"--"Located in Three Convenient Locations".
A city bus roars by, splashing through three days of rain, 
and a siren and a blaring horn is heard from the next block. 
The dark silhouetted outcast, stops for a moment, 
peers into a sidewalk trash receptacle, then continues slowly down the sidewalk.
A taxi pulls up along the curb behind him, and the attractive couple, 
dressed in evening wear, emerge, pay for their taxi, and arm in arm, 
enter Mario's Italian Restaurant, the brick bistro 
that sits on the corner of Broadway and 1st. 
It begins to rain again, and across the street people open umbrellas 
and like the afore mentioned squirrels, they scurry home to supper.
The lone man walks in the rain, his pace doesn't quicken, his voice never spoken, 
a spirit broken, ............ his sack held together by circumstance. 
A passerby takes a brief glance...just a quick, chanced moment, 
to take notice of "Smart and Final's" last stance. 

Copyright © | Year Posted 2011

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Date: 2/24/2011 9:42:00 AM
Congratulations Carrie on your well deserved win for your poem in Debbie Guzzi's contest "Anything Goes". Love, Carol
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Date: 2/15/2011 11:14:00 AM
Carrie, I loved this poem the first time I read it. So creative! Congratulations on your win in Deb's contest! Love, Carolyn
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Date: 2/15/2011 8:57:00 AM
congrats to you, some wonderful writing here, the first line sets the tone beautifully...
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Date: 2/14/2011 11:06:00 PM
You have painted this heartbreaking scene so vividly it brought tears to my eyes. A sad truth! Congrats on your win in Deb's contest with this MASTERPIECE of writing. Carrie. Lainie.
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Date: 2/14/2011 10:17:00 PM
whooo, racy action going on here! delighted by your great WIN in the contest, carrie! congrats..:) huggs, nette
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Date: 2/14/2011 8:41:00 PM
Congratulations on winning in Debbie's contest with this exceptional entry. A lot of reading, but worth it.
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Date: 2/14/2011 8:28:00 PM
Oh Carrie, what a completely captured the moment.Congrats. BG
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Date: 2/14/2011 7:54:00 PM
Congrats Carrie on another wonderful win in Debbie's contest .. enjoy much deserved success ..with luv..
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Date: 2/14/2011 7:53:00 PM
An awesome prose work Carrie. Many congrats
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Date: 2/14/2011 5:43:00 PM
Wonderfully descriptive, I was transported to that city street. Congratulations on your win. Love, Joyce
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Date: 2/12/2011 2:08:00 PM
Some one knows what Mama likies ;) if you can I know there may be too many words for their page layout...give me some line breaks??? Light & Love [read the long one I just posted]
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Date: 1/8/2011 2:57:00 PM
The irony of that grocery bag's "Smart and Final" ties in metaphorically to the state of this sad man's life. When I've visited NY, I've seen many street people such as the one you describe here, Carrie. It's such a heartwrenching experience to realize how destitute they are. A captivating story behind this poem and certainly a winner in my eyes. Best wishes in the contest. Love, Carolyn
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Date: 1/4/2011 4:49:00 PM
Kind of sad..I guess that is the dark part..Good one reads like a winner...May your gifted pen continously flow onto the pages of soup...Sara
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Date: 1/3/2011 2:58:00 PM
Wonderful piece of prose poetry you wrote, dear friend. You've satisfied my need of reading something great today (I wish I had some green walnuts too to satisfy my tummy :) Thanks for your comment and good luck in the contest. It's a winner for sure. Love, iolanda
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Date: 1/3/2011 12:55:00 PM
very very good! to my fav's Such a rich and discriptive write! Light & Love
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Date: 1/3/2011 11:25:00 AM
It meant so much to me today to receive your comment on my newest poem "My Mother". It was appreciated so much Carrie coming from you. I wish you the best in Catie's Contest. Love,Carol
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Date: 1/3/2011 4:57:00 AM
You do tell a wonderful story, reminds me of being in NY city walking around....luv Michael
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Date: 1/2/2011 10:00:00 PM
You would make a sensational novelist in addition to poet, Carrie! Nice and dark!! Luv, Andrea
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Date: 1/2/2011 5:49:00 PM
I enjoyed this suspense , Good luck in the contest, Carrie
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Date: 1/2/2011 5:04:00 PM
a thriller for sure, carrie... love the action and pace of this well-scribed piece... thumbs up for the contest..:) nette
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