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In seeming innocence		you lie in the warm ochre
in the center of a dust-kicked street,
a remnant of larger issues	crushed to just the right size
	 by killing blows.

Before the mob merged   before catcalls
raised the hairs on the back of your neck,
you had been of a favorite pet		a cherished wife.  

A wife and mother now lies dead	brought down by 
the bloodlust	
	of the men around her.

Today,   the stones are coated rust-red with her blood 
as another women of Iraq is laid low by the men who own them 
husbands sons and fathers. 

*Stoning is called Rajm in Islamic literature, and a practice found in United Arab Emirates, Iran, Iraq, Qatar, Mauritania, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, Northern Nigeria, Aceh in Indonesia, Brunei, and Pakistan. Stoning is part & parcel of patriarchal societies.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2015

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Date: 8/28/2017 8:09:00 PM
Amen, we all need Jesus. The way, the truth and the life.
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Guzzi Avatar
Debbie Guzzi
Date: 8/28/2017 8:12:00 PM
all the major religions of the world treat women as second class citizens - since they blame Eve for the fall
Date: 10/3/2016 6:13:00 AM
Why condemn the means and not the practice? - Women are 'put-to-death' in America too. ··· Lenny Bruce, explaining why it was good the Jews killed Christ when they did said; “If Jesus had been killed twenty years ago, Catholic school children would be wearing little electric chairs around their necks instead of crosses.”
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Warlov Avatar
Robert Warlov
Date: 10/4/2016 8:59:00 AM
I noticed you told Funom it was only the first verse. Tried to find/read in entirety on net ( Google, Amazon, and your publisher's site ) but wasn't able to. My apology, but I did include a joke!
Guzzi Avatar
Debbie Guzzi
Date: 10/3/2016 10:24:00 AM
I would think my condemnation of the practice was more than implied?
Date: 10/13/2015 7:38:00 AM
longest time friend. You've just exhibited to the highest quality exactly what I have missed in here for months. Your lines are so exciting and your words are each having that second hand of drawing me back to them again and again and again irrespective of how many times I have gone through them. Its nice to be home and you are part of the reason I have this refreshing feeling. A definite 7. Cheers!
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Guzzi Avatar
Debbie Guzzi
Date: 10/13/2015 8:20:00 AM
Thank you so much Funom, this is only 1 of the verses I included in my new book The Hurricane it is available on line or through me & I can sign it for you [but beware the postage is outrageous $13 to Europe, I am not sure where you are dear?] I have been posting my published poems because I wasn't able to share my newer verses UNTIL they were published. I am so happy, you made my day with your comment!
Date: 10/5/2015 7:00:00 AM
Hi Debbie. These people that condone such hateful, disrespectful, irreverent, and totally barbaric activity should be held accountable for their actions. All I have to say is God is watching! An important poem you have written.....Robert.
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Guzzi Avatar
Debbie Guzzi
Date: 10/5/2015 8:19:00 AM
This poem is included in my new book The Hurricane- the whole world needs to look at its own barbarism!
Date: 8/9/2015 1:01:00 AM
Debbie.. Congrats on your important and well deserved first place win in TM's great contest!
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Date: 8/2/2015 1:28:00 AM
For too long the wrong people hold the innocent captive. This is an important message. Congratulations on your first place finish.
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Date: 8/1/2015 11:53:00 PM
Hi DG, congrats.... SKAT
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Date: 8/1/2015 11:33:00 PM
Harsh reality n powerful words n there u go Debbie! Pen for a cause,, congrats on top place win!
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Date: 8/1/2015 7:07:00 PM
Such a powerful poem Debbie i found the vivid imagery so chilling - many congrats on your win:-) hugs jan xx
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Date: 8/1/2015 6:11:00 PM
Very heartbreaking that anybody could be treated so savagely. Congratulations on your win. Hugs Eve
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Date: 8/1/2015 4:39:00 PM
You got to see the movie "The Stoning of Soraya M" There's your poem right there! Unfortunately, that's the part of a culture mankind should be ashamed of. Good you broach the subject.
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Guzzi Avatar
Debbie Guzzi
Date: 8/1/2015 5:25:00 PM
It really is unbelievable that people who supposedly love each other can do this. Each should mind their own actions & those actions should only reflect on themselfs.
Date: 8/1/2015 4:00:00 PM
Well written Debbie, pleased with your presenting this horrific issue in poetic offering. Not much to say about the issue, it is a black mark of the society. Glad you placed it in public light for scrutiny. Congratulations on your win.
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Date: 8/1/2015 3:24:00 PM
Debbie, the placard in the picture points out the contradiction.....for THERE IS NO HONOR IN KILLING.....OF ANY SORT.
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Date: 7/29/2015 7:57:00 AM
So horrible and so wrong, Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. And that will put an end to that. Thank you Debbie.
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Date: 7/22/2015 11:40:00 AM
this is an awesome piece. Its nice visiting your pages once again. Definitely a 7!
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Date: 7/20/2015 5:45:00 PM
Such a contrast to our way of life in America. It's hard to believe that in this day and age this is still happening and its legal in those countries. Great write, Debbie, on a tragic issue. Love, KIm
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