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Aloha! I am an indigenous Hawaiian, native to the island of Hawaii, also known as, Big Island, or Volcano Island, or Orchid Island, and a few other lessor known names. I grew up in a rural life without electricity, with an out house, a rain-filled water tank, natural spring wells used for drinking and or like a refrigerator, outdoor rain-filled metal drums with a small long handled pot used for bathing, kerosene stove and lamps, a charcoaled iron being careful with the Sunday whites, and having our own KFC scamper about in our yard. I held a keen interest in poetry since my freshman year in high school. 'The Collection Plate', was my first published work in 1977 by a major national magazine. That opened the door for others to appear in several published anthologies throughout my career. Retired after 48 years, and nowadays, besides writing, with the help of my tech-savvy family, I have produced several videos for my two YouTube channels to occupy my time. *Image is of Mauna Kea (White Mountain) 13,760 ft, in the foreground, on the windward side, is the county seat of Hawaii and our island's largest town of Hilo (to bond), with 48,000 residents, whereto, I call home.

Strict Haiku UPDATE

Blog Posted:1/31/2020 5:35:00 PM

At this point, there are 8 entries that need to read the posted rules, SO, if your poem does not state "Poem has been read", you are one of the 8 that needs to edit REMEMBER NO HUMAN REFERENCING, it is all about nature  -- Thank You

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Date: 2/2/2020 6:06:00 PM
Thank you , William, for the post it helps a lot.
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Date: 2/1/2020 2:42:00 PM
Should anyone want "Poem has been read" removed and "Remove From Contest" be reinstated -- just soup mail me
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Date: 2/1/2020 2:30:00 PM
gosh, how do you know all that stuff? I never noticed all those things before. I just see "poem has been read" so I assume I am in the clear. thanks for pointing out that we can see that!!!
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Kekaula Avatar
William Kekaula
Date: 2/1/2020 2:39:00 PM
Usually, poems I've read and marked as such would go to the winner's circle, prior to closing the contest, I will review those I've left as is and if they did apply themselves they'll go to the winner's circle or not
Date: 1/31/2020 10:42:00 PM
The entrant will click on the green "Enter Contest", whereto, they will be directed to opt either "Edit Poem" or "Remove From Contest" highlighted in blue, however, "Poem has been read" will appear in black replacing "Remove From Contest", "Edit Poem" will still remain in highlighted blue.
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Date: 1/31/2020 10:09:00 PM
I don't enter haiku 5/7/5 contests because I disagree with the requirement but if I did or those that did, I'm not aware that an entrant can see whether or not a contest entry has been read or not
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Kekaula Avatar
William Kekaula
Date: 1/31/2020 10:31:00 PM
The entrant will click on the green "Enter Contest", whereto, they will be directed to opt either "Edit Poem" or "Remove From Contest" highlighted in blue, however, "Poem has been read" will appear in black replacing "Remove From Contest", "Edit Poem" will still remain in highlighted blue.

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My Recent Poems

Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
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2/27/2020 Gloom's Gift Narrativemeaningful,muse,
2/27/2020 An Annular Spectacle Monorhymecelebration,muse,
2/26/2020 WARNING: Saguaro Narrativedark,death,desire,muse,
2/26/2020 Behind The Curtain Door Rhymebereavement,death,life,me
2/25/2020 IT, Revisited Prose Poetryfun,halloween,imagination
2/24/2020 Solaris Sonnetmeaningful,poetry,sun,
2/24/2020 Plantae I Pastoralanalogy,poetry,tree,
2/24/2020 Musing Rhymefish,muse,
2/24/2020 The Slow Hands Flies Monorhymedance,meaningful,
2/24/2020 Mum The Financial Advisor Rhymefood,meaningful,money,mor
2/23/2020 FREE VERSE ON LOVE Free verselove,meaningful,poetry,
2/23/2020 Lunars or Luna Roman Moon Goddess, BC Rhymemythology,poetry,
2/22/2020 Whatever Weekend Rhymepoetry,
2/22/2020 Space Spiel Rhymefantasy,poetry,
2/21/2020 Narcissus And Echo Sonnetfantasy,myth,poetry,
2/21/2020 Epiphany Tristichmuse,
2/21/2020 Pabulum Of Nature Narrativemeaningful,poetry,
2/21/2020 When I Die Narrativebeautiful,poetry,
2/20/2020 Pabulum Epigrampoetry,wisdom,
2/20/2020 Defenseless Tristichperspective,poetry,symbol
2/20/2020 Bon Jovi: Always Lyricemotions,love,song,togeth
2/20/2020 The Filmmaker Pantoumfilm,imagination,poetry,
2/19/2020 Emily Dickinson: Drove He Knew Haste Free verseanxiety,character,meaning
2/19/2020 Alfred Lord Tennyson: First Love Regret Free versemeaningful,poetry,
2/19/2020 Good, Bad, And Special Rhymeimagery,meaningful,poetry
2/19/2020 Roses Are Crystallineanalogy,meaningful,poetry
2/19/2020 Burning Desire Rhymefire,love,poetry,song,
2/19/2020 Let The Pens Flow - Tanka Tankalife,poetry,truth,
2/18/2020 All Things Can Tempt Me Rhymepoetry,
2/18/2020 My Immortal Verselove,
2/17/2020 Cabaret - LM Rhymeappreciation,beautiful,po
2/17/2020 William Shakespeare: Carcass Rhymeallegory,analogy,characte
2/17/2020 Samuel Taylor Coleridge: Quietude Rhymeallegory,analogy,silence,
2/17/2020 Graduation Of Two Verseappreciation,celebration,
2/16/2020 A Lull Tristichocean,sea,surreal,
2/16/2020 Ataraxis Tristichappreciation,imagery,inno
2/16/2020 Hawaii, Where The Meek Is Obsolete Limerickabuse,betrayal,conflict,c
2/15/2020 Robert Frost:After I Sleep, After I Sleep Rhymesleep,
2/15/2020 The Lava Flows Rondeaulife,natural disasters,na
2/14/2020 Purposeful Valentine's Day Rhymemeaningful,memory,valenti
2/14/2020 Jolly Ye Olde English Rhymeallegory,language,poetry,
2/13/2020 Colonel Orenthal Thaddeus Simpson Narrativeallegory,future,humanity,
2/13/2020 War and Peace: That Midst Nations And Nationals Dramatic Verseallegory,angst,life,marri
2/13/2020 Cactuses Rhymegrowth,poetry,
2/12/2020 Pride and Prejudice: The Lacking Margins Dramatic Versemarriage,meaningful,men,m
2/12/2020 Trees By Me Rhymetree,
2/11/2020 To Kill a Mockingbird: The Unsung Heroes Dramatic Verseangst,character,muse,
2/11/2020 Moby Dick: Retribution, Be It Man Or Beast Dramatic Verseangst,character,conflict,
2/11/2020 The Picture of Dorian Gray: Paint Me As An Event Dramatic Verseangst,character,muse,
2/11/2020 Madame Bovary: Come And Take Me If You Can Dramatic Verseangst,character,muse,
2/10/2020 Docteur Bovary: Blessed Are The Meek Tritinacharacter,muse,
2/10/2020 Madame Bovary's: Her Silent Noise Senryucharacter,muse,
2/9/2020 By WEH Free verseangst,
2/9/2020 Twenty-Third Psalms ABCbible,poetry,
2/8/2020 'The Way, The Truth, And What A Life' ABCcharacter,poetry,
2/8/2020 Paul Jackson Pollock Lentoart,character,
2/8/2020 Gorgons - SHORT Alexandrineevil,mythology,
2/8/2020 Gorgons - LONG Alexandrineevil,mythology,
2/8/2020 Dreamscape Enclosed Rhymedream,poetry,
2/7/2020 Queen Elizabeth I Abecedarianengland,
2/7/2020 My Christmas All-Star Pantoumchildhood,christmas,
2/7/2020 Come here, my dear, and have no fear Rhymemuse,
2/7/2020 That Number Rhyme4th grade,death,muse,
2/6/2020 True God Vs Those Gods Villanellemuse,
2/6/2020 Mount O'Pompous Limerickhumor,
2/6/2020 Change Sonnetchange,future,
2/5/2020 Archbishop-Choice Of The Meek Acrosticreligion,
2/5/2020 The Nap Master Narrativepoetry,
2/3/2020 Alien Talk Limerickhumor,muse,
2/3/2020 Jasmine Jingle Sonnetsenses,song,
2/3/2020 Twelfth Night By William Shakespeare Rhymepoetry,
2/3/2020 Probabilities For Alexander Pope Listpoetry,
2/3/2020 Trees By Alfred Joyce Kilmer Rhymepoetry,
2/2/2020 Invictus By William Ernest Henley Rhymepoetry,
2/2/2020 Rendezvous Narrativepoetry,
2/2/2020 In A World Of Privilege Rhymemoving on,
2/1/2020 Ode To President Trump Odepolitical,
2/1/2020 Side Trip Rhymemeaningful,memory,muse,tr
1/31/2020 Mom And Alzheimer Rhymemother,
1/30/2020 The Entitled Rhymemental illness,
1/30/2020 Change - AN Sonnetchange,future,
1/30/2020 Always Sonnetlove,
1/30/2020 Quads And Whatnots Listanalogy,muse,
1/29/2020 the way of nature is Haikunature,
1/29/2020 'To be or not to be: that is the question' By William Shakespeare Narrativemuse,
1/29/2020 The Expected zzir Vogonanxiety,
1/29/2020 Of Fences Moment Narrativeallegory,america,apprecia
1/28/2020 'Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness' By John Keats Free versemuse,
1/28/2020 'I wandered lonely as a cloud' by William Wordsworth Rhymecharacter,cheer up,happy,
1/28/2020 'Tread softly because you tread on my dreams' By William Butler Yeats Rhymemuse,
1/28/2020 Van Gogh's Starry Night Lentoart,character,mental illn
1/28/2020 Van Gogh Lentoart,character,mental illn
1/27/2020 Schizophrenia In A Nutshell Senryucharacter,mental illness,
1/27/2020 Come here, my dear, and have no fear Rhymeallegory,character,
1/26/2020 Banana, 'Here Boy' Narrativedog,
1/26/2020 A Time For Us, Sonata Lyricsong,
1/26/2020 Cityscapes Narrativecity,
1/26/2020 Bid Thee A Good Night Classicismbeautiful,sleep,

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