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*Image is of Mauna Kea (White Mountain) 13,760 ft, in the foreground, on the windward side, is the county seat of Hawaii and our island's largest town of Hilo (to bond), with 48,000 residents, whereto, I call home.


Rural life on the island of Hawaii, I held an interest in poetry since my freshman year in high school. 'The Collection Plate', was my first published work in 1977 by a major national magazine. That opened the door for others to appear in several published anthologies throughout my early career.

My kid's Kenny, Ricky, the twins Liz and Franky, Princess, Rose, and Kimo, eleven grandkids, and two great-grandsons. I met my wife of 25 years, Elyse, of Spanish and Swedish descent from Seville, Spain, on my 17th birthday. We both attended the University, she was four years my senior. Sadly, she died shortly after Kimo was born.

Shortly before retiring to end after 48 years, I successfully sold online for a few years, continued writing, and with the help of my family, made videos for my YouTube channel. My adventure continues ...

Strict Haiku UPDATE

Blog Posted:1/31/2020 5:35:00 PM

At this point, there are 8 entries that need to read the posted rules, SO, if your poem does not state "Poem has been read", you are one of the 8 that needs to edit REMEMBER NO HUMAN REFERENCING, it is all about nature  -- Thank You

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Date: 2/2/2020 6:06:00 PM
Thank you , William, for the post it helps a lot.
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Date: 2/1/2020 2:42:00 PM
Should anyone want "Poem has been read" removed and "Remove From Contest" be reinstated -- just soup mail me
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Date: 2/1/2020 2:30:00 PM
gosh, how do you know all that stuff? I never noticed all those things before. I just see "poem has been read" so I assume I am in the clear. thanks for pointing out that we can see that!!!
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Kekaula Avatar
William Kekaula
Date: 2/1/2020 2:39:00 PM
Usually, poems I've read and marked as such would go to the winner's circle, prior to closing the contest, I will review those I've left as is and if they did apply themselves they'll go to the winner's circle or not
Date: 1/31/2020 10:42:00 PM
The entrant will click on the green "Enter Contest", whereto, they will be directed to opt either "Edit Poem" or "Remove From Contest" highlighted in blue, however, "Poem has been read" will appear in black replacing "Remove From Contest", "Edit Poem" will still remain in highlighted blue.
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Date: 1/31/2020 10:09:00 PM
I don't enter haiku 5/7/5 contests because I disagree with the requirement but if I did or those that did, I'm not aware that an entrant can see whether or not a contest entry has been read or not
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Kekaula Avatar
William Kekaula
Date: 1/31/2020 10:31:00 PM
The entrant will click on the green "Enter Contest", whereto, they will be directed to opt either "Edit Poem" or "Remove From Contest" highlighted in blue, however, "Poem has been read" will appear in black replacing "Remove From Contest", "Edit Poem" will still remain in highlighted blue.

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My Recent Poems

Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
11/28/2021 Land Lubber's Life Verseimagery,life,sea,
11/19/2021 Kenosha Senryuamerica,confidence,confli
11/18/2021 Autumn's Edible Farewell Haikuautumn,change,color,day,f
11/16/2021 The Great Mahele Sonnetamerica,conflict,england,
11/12/2021 Gauging My Own Sonnetdepression,loneliness,los
11/7/2021 Of Infinity Rondeaudestiny,fate,perspective,
11/4/2021 Blue In Centerstage Lentoblue,meaningful,
11/3/2021 Close Encounters of the Best Kind Dizainappreciation,christmas,fa
11/2/2021 Blissful Union Free versehappiness,mother son,toge
10/31/2021 Cape Cod Boy Rhymeboat,boy,fishing,
10/27/2021 Dance of Deliverance Rhymebeautiful,celebration,cul
10/26/2021 Invocation Sonnetangst,conflict,courage,ex
10/19/2021 Of Being Forever Rhymebeautiful,bible,character
10/18/2021 The Eternals Wake - AP Abecedariananalogy,heaven,meaningful
10/17/2021 Visitations - AP Free versecharacter,encouraging,fri
10/15/2021 obscurities Haikubird,nature,
10/14/2021 Training Experience: Novice Quintain (Sicilian)america,friendship,memory
10/3/2021 Rebirth Quaternbible,birth,extended meta
9/29/2021 Curly and Shemp Clerihewbrother,celebrity,funny,h
9/25/2021 Where Dreams Begin Coupletrainbow,
9/23/2021 On the Good Ship Bubble-Pop Rhymechildhood,fantasy,imagina
9/23/2021 What Is a Sundial in the Shade Rhymecharacter,encouraging,ins
9/5/2021 Harmony Rhymeboy,caregiving,friendship
9/4/2021 In Naught Out Wins Love Tankaanimal,conflict,extended
8/29/2021 Fifth of July Free verseamerica,celebration,desti
8/29/2021 the clam Haikulife,nature,sea,
8/27/2021 Patty Hearst Time Capsule Footleabuse,change,girl,life,
8/27/2021 A Superb Forenoon Quaternappreciation,i am,inspira
8/27/2021 Pipe Dream Down The Avenue Free verseboyfriend,fantasy,girlfri
8/25/2021 The Stranger Quatrainallegory,encouraging,fait
8/23/2021 Sally Sells Seashells, Rethinks Career Free versecareer,confusion,sea,sile
8/22/2021 Color-Filled Caroler Skipping Rope Rhymechildhood,color,games,gir
8/22/2021 Why I loved CD's poem: Trapped in the Human Mind Free versetribute,
8/20/2021 Calling All Non-Skiers Light Versesnow,
8/20/2021 Sunrise, Moonrise Versemoon,sun,
8/18/2021 My First Hour Free versebirth,emotions,family,inn
8/16/2021 Taps 10PM Lights Out Light Verseangst,missing,moving on,m
8/16/2021 Fair's Fair Light Verseage,discrimination,meanin
8/16/2021 Nightingale Haikubeautiful,bird,song,tree,
8/15/2021 The Dry Umbrella Light Versememory,prayer,weather,
8/15/2021 IHO Trixie Bee Rhymefantasy,imagination,seaso
8/14/2021 The Magic Of Words Quaterncharacter,encouraging,end
8/13/2021 Carolyn--a source of pleasure Monokuappreciation,love,poetess
8/12/2021 Dream Makers Verseflower,growth,metaphor,
8/11/2021 Simply Breathtaking Rhymehealth,life,meaningful,pe
8/10/2021 'San Francisco, Open Your Golden Gate'-DK Rhymeamerica,hilarious,imagery
8/10/2021 Starting Anew Verseimagery,morning,sunshine,
8/5/2021 until the twelfth of never Monokucelebration,encouraging,l
8/4/2021 Cup in the Curio Cabinet Imagismappreciation,imagery,
8/4/2021 Seasoned Creations Free verseappreciation,creation,sea
8/2/2021 Lampyrid enthuses Haikuflying,insect,life,light,
8/1/2021 Christopher Round-Robin Pantoumallegory,animal,celebrati
8/1/2021 Lady In Red Rhymeanalogy,beautiful,irony,
7/30/2021 Ignatius rose - hiku Haikufaith,fire,hope,rose,
7/30/2021 Think Big, Worry Less Sonnetanimal,boat,character,voy
7/24/2021 Our Daily Bread Rhymebible,blessing,prayer,
7/17/2021 A Gentle-man's Agreement Shapebusiness,character,irony,
7/17/2021 IHO We Ladybugs Who Started It Rhymefor her,for him,insect,pe
7/15/2021 Time Versetime,
7/15/2021 WANTED: Dead and Alive Free verseanimal,bird,imagery,persp
7/10/2021 fiery events Haikufire,love,
7/9/2021 The Manson's at Cielo Drive Footledark,death,
7/8/2021 The Grapes of Mirth Free versedeath,destiny,happiness,i
7/7/2021 sea master Monokucharacter,dedication,insp
7/7/2021 Errant Voyage Versemoon,sea,travel,
7/5/2021 making sense Senryuanimal,irony,
7/5/2021 IHMO Wladyslaw Szpilman Rhymecharacter,life,music,war,
7/3/2021 Jesus In My Life Terza Rimajesus,
7/3/2021 Scheherazade's throat vessels of time Haikuimagery,irony,metaphor,ti
7/2/2021 The Geo-Whiz Verseearth,world,
7/2/2021 greenhorns - hiku Haikuirony,planet,
6/28/2021 Thomas Jeffrey Hanks Clerihewhistory,
6/28/2021 A Cause and Effects Free versechange,men,natural disast
6/28/2021 summer-tameless Haikuimagery,metaphor,sea,
6/23/2021 Contemporary Sonnet Sonnetpoetry,
6/23/2021 Pockets Of Moon and Men Sonnetlonging,love,men,moon,wom
6/23/2021 Bell Of Another Kind Free versedance,paradise,sound,
6/14/2021 The Island of Alcatraz - SG Rhymehistory,imagery,places,pr
6/14/2021 The Two Drivers In My Life Free versebirthday,childhood,parent
6/11/2021 Coyote Corner Sonnetanimal,character,
6/11/2021 Mom's Morning Message Versefamily,mom,morning,prayer
6/4/2021 Continuance Sapphic stanzaendurance,feelings,love,
6/4/2021 sources Tankasenses,
5/30/2021 Aliferous Light Quaternfire,flying,insect,
5/29/2021 Token Steps Kwansabaafrica,hope,peace,tribute
5/28/2021 The Hawaiianism of Ho'oponopono Didacticforgiveness,power,prayer,
5/28/2021 Pluto Acrosticextended metaphor,planet,
5/27/2021 Lautrec At Night - SG Rhymeart,character,drink,happy
5/26/2021 Sunflowers Acrosticflower,
5/26/2021 That's The Way Love Goes Enclosed Rhymecharacter,fantasy,love,my
5/26/2021 Just A Second Of Your Time Rhymetime,
5/21/2021 Beauty Briefs Rhymeflower,imagery,perspectiv
5/21/2021 We Are Free verselife,peace,perspective,to
5/19/2021 Selenophila Sonnetcolor,moon,night,sky,
5/18/2021 Poetless II Coupletangst,lost,words,writing,
5/16/2021 What Dad Did Free versebaseball,fathers day,frie
5/16/2021 rain and pearl drops Haikuextended metaphor,imagery
5/16/2021 BLOOM Acrosticflower,
5/12/2021 Neath Fog's Face Villanelleimagery,metaphor,nature,r
5/9/2021 Boxing Day 2004 Rhymedeath,natural disasters,

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Fav Poems

When you booze Narrativeabuse,culture,drink,loss,
My Darling Boy Quatrainanalogy,boy,childhood,inn
A FRAGILE SELF Free verseintrospection,self,
Land of Lights Sonnetbeauty,nature,
Reaching Terzanellechange,desire,dream,hope,
Lily of the Valley Trioletflower,nature,spring,
We are wolves Free verseanimal,appreciation,dog,e
POETRY AND ME Acrosticme,poetry,writing,
The Butterfly Nebula Rhymebeauty,nature,sky,stars,
Moving On Verselove,
Maui Sunrise Romanticismbeautiful,love,nature,rel
These Arms Long To Hold You Enclosed Rhymelove,marriage,
Primeval Rhymeappreciation,beauty,natur
either or I do not know?muse,
Broken Wings of War Free versewar,
Agapanthus Rhymeblue,flower,garden,poetry
Musings of An Aging Man Free verseage,introspection,life,tr
Oceana Free verse10th grade,11th grade,12t
Carnforth Rhymeengland,feelings,film,nos
And We Call It Free verserain,weather,
MEMORIES of MELODIES Rhymemarriage,passion,
Rebirth Free versedark,life,light,morning,n
Petrichor and Vellichor Free verseart,
That Starry Night Ekphrasisart,depression,night,pass
Goddess of the Night Personificationfantasy,nature,
The Woman They Know Free verseanalogy,courage,hope,wome
He Is Flawed Rispetto10th grade,9th grade,beau
All in a Day at the Louvre Free verseart,paris,travel,
Phantasmagoria Trioletconfusion,imagination,
Say You Will Verselove,romantic,
edges Haiku10th grade,11th grade,bea
An Autumn Path Rubaiyatautumn,farm,nature,season
The Night Had Gone Awry Enclosed Rhymenight,woman,
She Will Rise Enclosed Rhymeanalogy,inspiration,journ
October Skies Lyricage,anniversary,autumn,gr
an autumn walk Free verseautumn,
To Fly Away a Butterfly Free versegrief,
Season of Splendor Sonnetspring,
Winsome Wisteria Sonnet Sonnetbeautiful,beauty,flower,
Zephyr's Silky Tendrils Verseromance,sweet love,wind,
Unsure The Shore Sonnet8th grade,beach,bereaveme
Underdogs Versepeople,perspective,
Useless Magic Sonnet8th grade,best friend,cru
Forlorn Hope Free versehope,
Hope, Hushed Sapphic stanzabeauty,flower,longing,lov
Dragon's Tooth Sapphic stanzafantasy,
A Nightingale Sings Of Dawn's Glory Rhymebird,sky,song,sun,
A Road Less Traveled By us Free verseamerica,beautiful,nature,
Depth Perception Rhymeperspective,
Mimosa Sunrise Versebeauty,flower,morning,nat
SLAUGHTERED MEMORY Free versefreedom,
One Tear Layangst,depression,fear,sad
Part Time Poet Rhymeangst,conflict,inspiratio
All in a Day Sonnetappreciation,hope,morning
Zapped - AP Abecedariancat,

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