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Bio: Eve Roper

I grew up in Texas, where I developed a love for art.
At twenty-one I moved to a small town in Oregon with my family.
And I opened my own small business creating signs and oil paintings.
At thirty-eight I decided to go back to school
and attended college taking a course in Early Childhood Education.
Upon graduating I started teaching
and worked in the school system for sixteen years
as well as teaching “Prep” in the Catholic Church.
I had to quit work due to health issues and
ten years later I started painting and writing poetry.
My husband passed in August 29, 2018 and
I now reside in Texas with my children and grandchildren. 


          Menagerie of Poems, Beachcombers, Rhapsody of Poems covers are my own work. My grandchildren are the models for Menagerie of Poems, my son and nephew  for Beachcombers, and my daughter in-law for Rhapsody of Poems. 



Eve Roper grew up in Texas, where she developed a love for art.

At twenty-one moved to a small town in Oregon with her family.


Living in Oregon she opened her own small business in signs and oil paintings.


At thirty-eight went back and attended college in Early Childhood Education.

Taught Prep in the Catholic Church and worked in the schools for sixteen years.

After developing a tumor, on the left side of the brain she decided to quit working.


Ten years later she started painting and writing poetry.

She resides in Texas with her loving husband, children, and grandchildren.

(My husband wrote my biography  to place in the back of my books, since then he has passed. In memory of my beloved husband and soul mate of thirty-eight years this is the biography I will place here on PoetrySoup.) 


Favorite Artist – a biography of me; being an artist has let me see and feel into my human self

A Vision of a Child - Catholic, recite my rosary every night, a desire   to be closer to Christ

Batter UP - tribute to my nine-year-old granddaughter and her love for sports and desire to succeed, my constant companion

White Roses Subtle Elegance - written for my son and his new wife of their wedding day, I finally didn't have to worry

My Alphabet - poem I published, used as a teaching tool for preschools and kindergartens

Admiration for the Person You Have Become - dedicated to my three sons that I cradled in my arms and wish I still was

Tribute :

Abandon – tribute to my husband, his love for the woods; my first experience of the Callahan Mountains


The Voices Echo in Emptiness - inspired by the lonely nights that kept me awake with images of him

Wisp of Love - about my heartfelt mournful emotions I was feeling

Christmas Mourning – the hollow feelings I was experiencing on the first Christmas without my husband






Pantoum Contest

Blog Posted:6/29/2020 2:26:00 PM
  • Please make sure your syllable count  is the same through out

  • that all ending rhyme words are true rhymes

  • Pantoum - each line needs to be repeated word for word,

  • the punctuation can change, but not the words

  • the last stanza; 
first line --- is the 2nd line of your last stanza before the last stanza

second line --- is the 3rd line of the "1st" stanza
third line ---is the  4th line of your last stanza 
fourth line --- 1st line of the "1st" stanza



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My Recent Poems

Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
7/6/2020 The One That Got Away Coupletlost love,
7/6/2020 Sweet Trickling Rain Versenature,rain,
7/6/2020 Time POTD Free verseimagery,love,time,
7/4/2020 She the Ship Free versemoon,sea,
7/2/2020 Tidal Wave Of Lust For Favored Love Romanticismlove,lust,
6/29/2020 In Loving Memory of You Free verselove,memory,
6/27/2020 Memories Haibunlost,love,
6/27/2020 Sin Through the Taste of Ecstasies Free verselove,lust,
6/27/2020 Till Heart Explodes Verselove,passion,
6/25/2020 Opinions Senryuart,voice,words,
6/24/2020 Maze Free versechildren,night,summer,
6/23/2020 Summer Beach Haikusea,
6/22/2020 Make Believe Dreams Verseimagination,moon,stars,
6/22/2020 Reflection in Silence Free verselove,
6/21/2020 Thanks Acrosticthanks,
6/21/2020 stone skimming Haikusun,
6/19/2020 Enthusiasm Giggles Free verseboy,emotions,rain,
6/16/2020 Abandoned Verselost,
6/14/2020 ignore the world Free versepassion,
6/14/2020 romantic breath Free verseromantic,
6/11/2020 upon his lips Senryulust,
6/10/2020 Spring Garden Free verseflower,garden,
6/9/2020 ACT OF KINDNESS Rhymespiritual,
6/8/2020 Find Me Then Versefear,nature,
6/8/2020 GROWS THE NIGHT Verseemotions,imagery,nature,
6/7/2020 A Day in the Life of a Farmer Cowboyanimal,farm,
6/6/2020 2nd Part Canzon Form Example Canzonepoetry,
6/6/2020 Canzone Poem Form Example Canzonepoetry,
6/5/2020 Given Eternal Life Tail-rhymefaith,god,love,
6/5/2020 An Orchid Free verselove,
6/5/2020 An Orchid Free verselove,
6/3/2020 summer Haikunature,
6/3/2020 RHYMES AND REASONS Haibunpoetry,
6/2/2020 Heaven a Life of Forever Free versechildren,heaven,love,natu
6/1/2020 A Promise Free verseloss,love,sick,
6/1/2020 Lion Spirit Animal Free verseanimal,
5/31/2020 June Free versebird,june,moon,nature,sum
5/30/2020 Footprints of Peace Sijomuse,
5/30/2020 A World Without You Rhymelove,
5/30/2020 Fairies Carrying Berries Free versefantasy,
5/30/2020 Caused Quite a Stir Vogonbreak up,
5/29/2020 Sun and Moon Free versemoon,poetry,sky,stars,sun
5/29/2020 Hidden Nest Haikubird,moon,
5/27/2020 Rehash Passed Events Versedark,metaphor,
5/26/2020 A Moment of Love Free verselove,nature,
5/25/2020 Brokenhearted Senryudepression,
5/24/2020 Love Upon the Sunrise Sijodesire,heartbroken,nature
5/23/2020 Ardent Dreams Acrosticheartbreak,love,
5/23/2020 remembrance of 2020 Senryuanxiety,conflict,
5/22/2020 Morning Star Versecreation,morning,star,
5/22/2020 Gingerbread Houses and the Frosting Factory Narrativefood,house,parents,sweet,
5/21/2020 reverence awe Haikunature,
5/20/2020 God's Imprint Ethereelife,nature,world,
5/18/2020 In the Fragility of Dreams Free verseanxiety,
5/17/2020 Evenfall Verseheart,romance,
5/17/2020 Verdant Mountains of Nirvana Free verseanimal,mountains,nature,
5/16/2020 Paper Boats Free verseboat,boy,sea,
5/15/2020 SEVEN Paper Boats Free verseboat,boy,sea,
5/15/2020 Perfect Accord Diminished Hexaverseflower,garden,nature,sky,
5/12/2020 Storm Outbreak Acrosticanger,depression,society,
5/11/2020 Take My Hand Not My Life Free verseabuse,immigration,
5/10/2020 LUNE--DOLOR Versebetrayal,emotions,
5/10/2020 Spiritlessness Pantoumbetrayal,
5/9/2020 Lost in My Ardent Dreams Dizaindeath,dream,husband,love,
5/8/2020 garden eatery Haikuart,flower,imagery,
5/7/2020 lighting up the sky Haikunight,stars,
5/6/2020 Fragile Heart Cinquainemotions,heartbroken,
5/6/2020 A Life of Sailing ABC Abecedarianboat,sea,
5/6/2020 January 25 ABCjanuary,
5/6/2020 longtime bosom buddies Pantoumdog,friendship,fun,
5/5/2020 In Times Like These Prosegrief,sick,society,world,
5/4/2020 Ardor Free verseemotions,imagery,love,mus
5/3/2020 God's Human-life Pantoumgod,nature,
5/2/2020 Lily of the Valley Cinquainbutterfly,flower,
5/2/2020 The Last Good Days Of Innocence Free verseage,grandchild,love,youth
5/1/2020 Waterfalls Haikuimagery,nature,
5/1/2020 Voices in the Wind Sonnetimagery,love,wind,
4/30/2020 Walking the Dog Haikudog,rain,
4/30/2020 The Crazy Things Those Apes Do Lyricdance,fun,romance,
4/28/2020 April Showers Free verseprayer,weather,
4/28/2020 I Am Listblessing,family,
4/28/2020 Leaves Fall on My Face Coupletgarden,inspirational love
4/27/2020 welcome bird song comfort Haikuday,flower,nature,night,
4/27/2020 romantic dream Senryuimagery,
4/27/2020 neighborhood Senryuchildren,moon,night,
4/27/2020 Spring Unlatch Rhymebutterfly,flower,garden,s
4/26/2020 Weaver's Thoughts Rhymemuse,
4/25/2020 Sun Brakes the Horizon Haikumorning,nature,sun,
4/25/2020 early in the morn Senryucat,farm,
4/25/2020 Pray Shapeconfusion,lonely,prayer,
4/25/2020 Whispers Of Spiritual Self Sonnetinspiration,nature,self,
4/24/2020 A Promise Till Eternity Sonnetage,husband,marriage,memo
4/22/2020 April Rhymeapril,butterfly,flower,ga
4/22/2020 Poetry CK Cinqkumuse,poetry,
4/22/2020 Graceful Butterflies Cinqkubutterfly,flower,garden,
4/20/2020 THE LAST ACORN Personificationnature,
4/19/2020 10 POEMS THAT DEFINE ME Listself,
4/18/2020 What is the meaning of Isolation and Insanity Questionkuprayer,
4/17/2020 Walking with the Lord Versegod,spiritual,
4/17/2020 Breezing Trees Heard the Whispers of Leaves Sonnetbird,imagery,nature,

My Photos

Fav Poems

Leaving Me Behind Rhymefeelings,
This I Vow Rhymelove,
DREAM COME TRUE Sonnetblessing,
In my sanctuary Rhymelife,psychological,symbol
The Wind Free verselove,
Blackbirds In The Rain Free versebird,insect,music,nature,
What's up with Santa Rhymechristmas,fantasy,fun,fun
LIGHT OF CHRISTMAS Epigramchristmas,light,love,
Love Harvest I do not know?love,
Where Roses Never Die Free versebeautiful,life,love,rose,
Tea Cup Concreteart,
The ABCs of Peace and Joy Acrosticfaithme,life,me,
Grey Skies are Raining Poets Light Versedeath,introspection,metap
Holy Ruins Free versesymbolism,
Farewell to summer Rhymesummer,
In The Moment I do not know?grief,life,love,
Frozen Howl Free versebeauty,dream,emotions,hea
THE POND Epigraminspiration,truth,wisdom,
Not Missing Loves Beat Free verseallegory,beauty,emotions,
GOD'S GIFT Epigramblessing,introspection,
SOUL EYES Epigramgod,inspirational,
Wind From The Sea I do not know?conflict,depression,forgi
Faith Is A Powerful Thing Acrosticfaith,
Stand by me my Lord Rhymegod,
Sweet Sugar Cookies and Peanut Butter Bars Alliterationaddiction,candy,fantasy,f
Magic Beans Free verseadventure,chocolate,love,
IS IT TRUE Epigramgod,love,sorrow,
if I had money Narrativedrug,introspection,univer
YOU LIGHT UP MY LIFE Rhymededication,son,
This is not a poem--- A singled out page Blitzafrica,america,community,
Love in the Silence of the Soul Narrativedeath,love,sorrow,
After the interim Free verselost love,
Any Old Poem Contest: echoes and whispers uncut Free verseautumn,senses,spring,summ
Aurora and Avalanche Coupletnatural disasters,
My Three Mirrors Coupletreligious,
Beginnings Matter I do not know?poetry,
WINTERS END Epiclife,loneliness,longing,l
A Drop of Relief Fibonaccibreak up,cry,depression,h
To Walk A Mile In Her Shoes Free verseabuse,
THE LEAF AND THE TREE Personificationpride,thanksgiving,truth,
- Wings On An Elephant - Light Versemetaphor,poetry,
Tears from my Ancestors Rubaiyatsorrow,perspective,
Soft Chains - Cold Steel Rubaiyatamerica,change,perspectiv
Slave Quatraincourage,death,slavery,per
The Scent Of Your Soul Free verseabsence,love,
The Infinitude of the Private Man Versereligion,
COME MY BROTHER Free verselove,peace,world,
THE LIFE OF JESUS CHRIST LORD Pastoralamerica,religious,tribute
Blossoms and Bubbles Sonnetchildhood,garden,
YOUNG WICKED AND BLACK Rhymecrazy,hip hop,life,spoken
Dancing Haikuappreciation,dance,tree,
WORKSHOP POEM: GRAND TOUR TO FAIRYLAND Personificationbeautiful,fantasy,imagery
The Other Side of Winter Villanellebeauty,snow,winter,
An Open Window Free versefaith,imagery,inspiration
Beauty and the Beast Epicadventure,animal,beautifu
DRESSED BY NATURE Haikubeauty,nature,
LUNAR NIGHT'S BEAUTY Haikubeauty,light,moon,night,
Mum Coupletcaregiving,joy,mother,mot
WAVE INTO YOU Rhymedesire,kiss,love,metaphor
Carrie R Biointrospection,
JAN ALLISON Coupletmum,
Broken Wings Versedeath,life,writing,
Peter Holmes Free verseidentity,
My Waltz With Life Verse 
My lacking Quatrainemotions,river,
The Clouds Narrativeangel,beautiful,beauty,bl
HANDS THAT DIPPED ME Free versefathers day,inspiration,m
My day as a woman Rhymeencouraging,feelings,jour
The Maid of Orleans Coupletchristian,conflict,courag
My Father Was Iambic Pentameterdad,father,inspiration,li
Like A Girl Free versebeautiful,girl,identity,r
The Way Of The Cross Quatrainchristian,death,easter,li
You Are The Cedar Of Lebanon Free versebeauty,blessing,child,my
Light On the Devil's Chord - Day 7 Free verseabuse,adventure,allusion,
Ohoo, little butterfly Light Versebutterfly,
Quarantine of the Soul Free versedepression,emo,future,met
- You Must Be Brave - Free verseemotions,feelings,light,l
I Write Free versedream,imagination,love,
Apply Within - For Contest Listfriend,love,soulmate,drug
Black Bird and Midnight Butterfly Free versebaptism,beauty,
Love is Free verseallegory,emotions,feeling
The Child Verseangst,feelings,
FREEDOM'S CALL Acrosticamerica,
AN INNOCENT MAN - FOR CONTEST Senryuinnocence,murder,
VietGodnam Light Versededication,heartbroken,lo
THE LOWEST OF THE LOW Free versecareer,drug,identity,life
Make It Count Monorhymeart,education,encouraging
Wings Shapedream,
In Opulence You Lie and Dream Epiclove,sensual,
The SnaffyLaffy Swiger Rhymefantasy,,cute,
THE CURSE OF BLACK BEARD Free verseadventure,boat,evil,fanta
Dirty Laundry Epicabuse,betrayal,devotion,h
Eagle out of Egypt Blank versebible,blessing,freedom,
INTELLIGENCE'S USE Senryucorruption,philosophy,
The Birthday Party Narrativebirthday,
Solemn Seduction - for contest Personificationbeauty,nature,strength,

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