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Welcome to my page!

I am a man of many interests - TOO many, I think, lol - and because of that I never gave writing the attention I should have when I was young. I started writing poetry about two years ago, in the fall of 2016, and joined Poetry Soup in December. I am currently working on an R&B/Soul album for a mojor label, so, as has usually been the case, poetry does not get the time I'd like to give it ...

I like to incorporate classic styles and phrasing into a modern frame when I write poetry, and try to cover a wide range of genres, but I enjoy the darkly sensual the most, despite its limited audience. I hope you'll give my rather unusual style a chance, read a piece-or-two, and leave a comment, if you'd be so kind. I also hope you'll visit my music web site as well, (at the following address under my moniker "Bahku") - mostly (very) old recordings there, but also a snippet of the first single coming, and more new stuff soon!

Thanks for stopping by my page - blessings!

Strength Thru Adversity - My Last Premiere Contest

Blog Posted:4/3/2019 2:53:00 PM

The "Strength Thru Adversity" Premiere Contest has been finalized, and it was the most difficult contest I've had to judge here at The Soup ... by FAR. There were SO many wonderful writes that I had to cut, and it was excruciating to have to do so. For that reason I will NOT be running any more "Premiere" contests, at least any time in the foreseeable future ...

I just plain do NOT have the stomach for it. I DO believe there is a place for them, and that they tend to lend the site a bit more credibility and integrity as a "serious" poetry site, but I personally go through far too much turmoil within, especially when I have to N/A twenty-plus poems that are worthy of serious placement. I was dreading this one for that reason ...

I sincerely apologize to all those who did not make the final ten in this contest, because honestly, there was only a couple of poems that did not fit the boundaries of the rules, and ALL the rest were so amazing, and so VERY worthy of placement ... poems that represented hard work, emotional times and events, and extraordinary talent and creativity ...

I wish I could start this one all over again as a standard contest, because only then would I be satisfied with the results, and only then would YOU be getting the attention you deserve for your wonderful poems and incredible writes. Life, to me, is about kindness, love and friendship, and hurting others for the sake of "official" rules is not worth the outcome ... not for me personally ...

I hope, in time, you'll forgive me, because this was the largest group of amazing poems that I've ever seen on this site, (my contests or ANY), and almost EVERYONE deserved a prize. Blessings, Dear Poet Brothers and Sisters - I'm sorry that this rather powerful lesson and catharsis of mine was done at the expense of your amazing writing and loving creations. You are all so talented, and such good folks. <3

     - The Bard

** Just to be clear, I am NOT saying that I dislike Premiere Contests, nor am I saying there is not a place for them here at Poetry Soup, because I actually feel quite strongly that they are an important part of the site and the community, and I not only enjoy entering them, but I believe they give balance to the contest process and insure a certain amount of integrity. I AM saying that at this time, I PERSONALLY do not feel good about JUDGING them, and the process of cutting thirty wonderful poems from a group of forty ... it is just a personal decision, NOT a statement aginst Premiere Contests. Thanks you! **

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Date: 4/6/2019 1:43:00 AM
Hi Greg, I don't feel you have to apologize to anybody. Weather or not people swim in the ocean or splash around in the tide pool is their choice. its all long as the community is participating and interacting it will thrive. People who are overly sensitive and cannot handle a little disappointment , maybe should stay away from contests all together Judging a contest is very subjective and often times comes down to the taste(s) of the person judging the contest.. We all need to just relax and have fun.. this is not a life or death situation. We're all in an adult lets make castles and sand pies and pretend eat! anthony
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Leiser Avatar
Laura Leiser
Date: 4/11/2019 12:34:00 AM
Lolz! SOS will liven up any blog convo, for sure!
Slausin Avatar
Anthony Slausin
Date: 4/6/2019 2:40:00 PM
Vulcan children are so good at "pointing" out spelling errors. Thanks S.O.S
Spock Avatar
Son of Spock
Date: 4/6/2019 12:14:00 PM
Speaking of the weather, it's feeling a bit like Spring
Date: 4/4/2019 6:10:00 PM
** Just to be clear, I am NOT saying that I dislike Premiere Contests, nor am I saying there is not a place for them here at Poetry Soup, because I actually feel quite strongly that they are an important part of the site and the community, and I not only enjoy entering them, but I believe they give balance to the contest process and insure a certain amount of integrity. I AM saying that at this time, I PERSONALLY do not feel good about JUDGING them, and the process of cutting thirty wonderful poems from a group of forty ... it is just a personal decision, NOT a statement aginst Premiere Contests. Thank you, Everyone, for your heartfelt and thoughtful comments and discussion! **
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Date: 4/4/2019 1:32:00 PM
...Ah, tis better to have loved and lost.....than to have sat at home writing poetry.......Being a lifetime Boston resident and sports fan I remember the 1950's Red Sox, the original Boston Patriots, and the original SIX....6...NHL TEAMS...but i digress.
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Barden Avatar
Gregory R Barden
Date: 4/4/2019 6:12:00 PM
I see and hear everything in double these days, John, so it was just status quo for me, lol! ;-)
Spock Avatar
Son of Spock
Date: 4/4/2019 4:40:00 PM
Though they say three times a charm...
Parmenter Avatar
Nina Parmenter
Date: 4/4/2019 4:13:00 PM
If you’re going to digress John, it’s worth doing twice, I always find...
lawless Avatar
John lawless
Date: 4/4/2019 1:32:00 PM
Date: 4/4/2019 1:32:00 PM
...Ah, tis better to have loved and lost.....than to have sat at home writing poetry.......Being a lifetime Boston resident and sports fan I remember the 1950's Red Sox, the original Boston Patriots, and the original SIX....6...NHL TEAMS...but i digress.
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Trestrail Avatar
Keith Trestrail
Date: 4/4/2019 11:11:00 PM
John and Bard, do you actually have a pair of red socks and, if so, do you actually wear them during the games?
Barden Avatar
Gregory R Barden
Date: 4/4/2019 6:13:00 PM
A fellow Bean Town Boy - bless you, Sir John!! (I, too, remember those teams fondly ... though the Celtics have always been first-and-foremost). :-D
Date: 4/4/2019 10:51:00 AM
I am very much in agreement with Nina, Greg. We all know ahead of time that a premiere contest means ten places only, and those who cannot deal with that, should not enter. I found all your contest themes to be very inspiring and your judging excellent. I myself enjoy entering both formats, even when I do not place in a premiere contest, which I know is more competitive. But, in the end, you should always do what's best for you as a contest sponsor and judge. :)
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Barden Avatar
Gregory R Barden
Date: 4/4/2019 6:18:00 PM
Thank you so very much, Sandra, I greatly appreciate your input and viewpoint ... perhaps I just need a break from judging premieres for now, and see what the future holds. Some people have no issues with it, and I guess I just come up a bit short of that ... for now. Blessings! :-) <3
Date: 4/4/2019 1:39:00 AM
I’m sure no-one’s losing sleep over not getting placed Greg, and neither should you. We know the odds when we enter premiere contests - it just makes it that but more exciting if/ when a “premiere contest winner” email lands. So please please don’t tear yourself up about it! It’s only a bit of fun after all...
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Barden Avatar
Gregory R Barden
Date: 4/4/2019 6:16:00 PM
Thank you for the kind consideration and proper perspective, Nina, I can always count on you for sensibility and wisdom ... I will not get too torn up about it, but this particular contest had such a high percentage of amazing writes, and it was torture. Time will tell. :-) <3
Date: 4/3/2019 9:57:00 PM
Greg, what you feel is legit (not that you need my approval) but unfortunately you are among the few credible poets who can truly "judge" what is artistic writing and separate that fine line between good, better and best. Friends and feelings be damned as I gladly retreat to your post "Struggle cultivates strength" and that means that you don't always win, but more so, that in your losses you become stronger. If you think I take my choices any more lightly than you, you are mistaken, but that being said...I make them and I will never host a contest unless I'm prepared to do so nor will I apologize nor feel the need to except for my shortcomings. It is subjective - live with it & not life or.
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cornish Avatar
craig cornish
Date: 4/4/2019 12:35:00 PM
You are a true gentleman Greg
Barden Avatar
Gregory R Barden
Date: 4/3/2019 11:21:00 PM
(2) But there were so many wonderful pieces this time that I felt should have been placed, and it felt wrong not to do so. I can't take back what's said, but I will most assuredly be giving it all some very deep consideration, for it may simply be a self-confidence issue. Thanks so much for your honesty and input, my friend.
Barden Avatar
Gregory R Barden
Date: 4/3/2019 11:20:00 PM
I hear you, Craig, and please know that I very much take it to heart, as I respect and value your opinion and your knowledge with respect to poetry ... I still have so much to learn when it comes to writing, and maybe that's part of my hesitancy towards being hard-edged and critical, I don't really know. I imagine, after more growth and reflection on this particular instance, that I may feel differently.
cornish Avatar
craig cornish
Date: 4/3/2019 10:08:00 PM
You're a good guy Greg, one of the best, if not the best among us - to contribute beyond that as a mentor has more responsibilities than you are exhibiting in this blog. Be the leader you can be....that is what should give you pause. Lift up by strength and you'll be more respected for it in the end. You'll note that I don't use the premium format but also note that I make choices---make those tough choices with no apologies
Date: 4/3/2019 8:24:00 PM
Greg, thanks for your contests and your nice comments about judging the last one. I agree that premiere contests are very difficult to judge, especially when there are so many qualified poems. I did submit a poem to your contest that I wrote years ago, when I first started writing poetry. It was written all from emotions and overcoming a huge experience in my life. I didn't expect to place in your contest because I wrote it when I knew nothing about poetry form, etc. I never wanted to edit though because it is still a very powerful poem for me in it's raw state. Thanks for sponsoring such a great contest! Looking forward to your next one!
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Kitchin Avatar
Tania Kitchin
Date: 4/4/2019 4:32:00 PM
Craig, that is so true!!
cornish Avatar
craig cornish
Date: 4/4/2019 12:39:00 PM
Funny that you say that about an old writes Tania because as we learn and grow we see how to improve our skills and there are some/many writes that deserve to be improved, yet there are some with way too much emotion attached and must be left as they've always been - screw perfection, there is beauty in their innocence.
Kitchin Avatar
Tania Kitchin
Date: 4/4/2019 4:32:00 AM
Thank you Greg!
Barden Avatar
Gregory R Barden
Date: 4/3/2019 11:29:00 PM
(2) I may run this same contest again so I can place them all as I feel they SHOULD be. Please, be VERY proud of that poem - it is wonderful and powerful!
Barden Avatar
Gregory R Barden
Date: 4/3/2019 11:29:00 PM
I tracked your poem down, Tania, (Black and Blue), and it honestly was one of those right on the cusp - one of the wonderful pieces that was excruciating to not place ... I loved it, and I can tell it was very difficult and emotional to share, and something that others should see, (and a very important topic). The EXACT reason why I feel strongly about not going this route again.
Date: 4/3/2019 5:20:00 PM
At first, I did not like the idea of the premiere contests, especially since poetry is so subjective. Strict placements are more apt for objective pursuits. However, despite this, I actually like hosting Premiere contests. But The Premiere Only Group (POGs) are still in error if they maintain absolutely that Premiere contest are always superior to Standard contests. I agree with instances in which there are 35 first place winners, however, forcing a limit of 10 can be just as bad. Could have 11 excellent poems, but number 11 is never seen. This is just as bad, if not worse, than camouflaging number 11 among 34 other poems.
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Dietrich Avatar
Andrea Dietrich
Date: 4/4/2019 4:03:00 PM
about the all first place contests, I agree with you totally, Rob. Though I personally would not do them that way, it is each judge's option to choose that way if he wants. I too think that Soup has struck a good balance with the two types of contests, but of course, the debate on that will never let up!
Spock Avatar
Son of Spock
Date: 4/4/2019 11:55:00 AM
Robby bobby, (sigh) ok let's do better. How many pulitzer prizes awarded each year per category? How many Nobel's for literature? How many Oscars per category? How many Grammy's for song of the year? In any case, it's not really even worth debating. Fake contests, real contests, who cares? To quote Freddie: nothing really matters, anyone can see. Nothing really matters, nothing really matters to me... anyway the wind blows. ..........
carmack Avatar
rob carmack
Date: 4/4/2019 11:15:00 AM
Andrea, yes, I don't like the all 1st place contests either, but support the sponsor's right to do so. I think TPS has a good balance with offering Premieres for the POGs while still letting the Participation Trophy Group (PTG)s have their format.
carmack Avatar
rob carmack
Date: 4/4/2019 11:07:00 AM
Tommy, you being one of the leading PS POGs, I like our debates. The sports examples you used are all objective. Poetry is a much different animal, therefore, it is fallacious to try to force an absolute comparison. Not saying a partial comparison is not valid, it is just that the comparison does not make your position absolutely valid. The Saints being robbed of the NFC championship game is like the 11th great poem not being seen since Premieres only allow 10 placements.
Spock Avatar
Son of Spock
Date: 4/3/2019 6:55:00 PM
Lol It's good to see your humorous side Greg. Life's too short, if ya know what I mean
Barden Avatar
Gregory R Barden
Date: 4/3/2019 6:39:00 PM
Now you folks lost me ... as a Boston sports fan I just can NOT get behind getting rid of the Super Bowl, World Series, or NBA Finals, lol - that's just kwazy! ;-)
Dietrich Avatar
Andrea Dietrich
Date: 4/3/2019 6:38:00 PM
Of course, but Soup is certainly not the Super bowl of poetry. The contests are sometimes run by sponsors who do not even know how to spell the name of the form they are promoting, let alone understand the form they are judging. I teach all day and i just want to come here for a good time! There ARE lots of ways to track down some very worthy contests all over the internet! i am just too lazy to do it, and many of them require cash to enroll! There are too many types of personalities here, SOS. It's like getting liberals to vote with conservatives. I probably lean more to liberal side. Soup made a compromise and that's why I say leave well enough alone.
Spock Avatar
Son of Spock
Date: 4/3/2019 6:07:00 PM
Personally I don't care for them either, but I do believe in the basic idea behind competition and winning (and losing, which has value since it can make one strive harder the next time)
Dietrich Avatar
Andrea Dietrich
Date: 4/3/2019 6:02:00 PM
thanks for that!
Spock Avatar
Son of Spock
Date: 4/3/2019 5:50:00 PM
Lol I have no doubt. It's okay we disagree, you're still A-1 with me
Dietrich Avatar
Andrea Dietrich
Date: 4/3/2019 5:47:00 PM
Yes, please, Tommy, let's at least rid the world of Super Bowl and World Series. Won't bother me at all.
Spock Avatar
Son of Spock
Date: 4/3/2019 5:44:00 PM
Agreed! And all who enter a spelling bee should place first just because they tried. And while we're at it let's eliminate the Super Bowl, and the World Series, and the grading system in all schools globally. Peace, love, tranquility and, um, mediocrity
Dietrich Avatar
Andrea Dietrich
Date: 4/3/2019 5:44:00 PM
Exactly, Rob! My only issue with standard contests is when they give everyone a first placement. If anyone ever looked at my winners from the past, they should be able to realize my top ten was actually my top three. I would do like one first place winner, three or four second place, and four or five third place. The other placements were my way of showing the poems of poets who made an effort but who were not, in my own opinion, as good as my top winners.
Date: 4/3/2019 3:41:00 PM
I totally get you,greg. I did a Premier contest once, and never will I ever again do a Premiere contest. I believe the Standard Contests do not have to be "substandard" if the sponsor puts only the truly best poems at the top of his winner list but puts the majority of the other winners beneath the top three. This web site is not just about contests, it's about relationships and friendships. I have heard many stories of people hurt by contests (and sometimes the complainers have just cause when the judging is obviously bad or biased.) Also, the only fair way to do a contest is when the judges do not have knowledge of whose poems they are judging(and no matter what people say, it's easy to know whose poem you are probably seeing when you know the style of so many of the poets here).Also, the contestants should not have knowledge of who is judging THEM. People who say otherwise probably are those with very thick skin who do not care what others think about them as a judge. Those who care about personal relationships here cannot very comfortably do premier contests. I am a people- person, and Greg,I believe you are , too. Those who are not afraid to cause displeasure in others are the types who can easily judge a Premiere contest. not me, I'm a big fat chicken.
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Spock Avatar
Son of Spock
Date: 4/3/2019 5:03:00 PM
Cluck cluck
Date: 4/3/2019 3:21:00 PM
You're right Greg, if you don't have the belly for it you shouldn't do it. Do you remember spelling bees in grade school? 1 winner. How about any sports contests? 1 winner. I could go on with examples but you get the point. I have no problem judging (though admittedly I'm no more a poetry expert than anyone else on this amateur site) because I understand what a real contest is. You're an excellent poet Greg keep up the great writes
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Barden Avatar
Gregory R Barden
Date: 4/3/2019 3:30:00 PM
Thank you for your comments and understanding, SOS, I greatly appreciate it ... as I said to Craig, I understand the need for them, but on a personal level, it's not worth it to me. I'd rather be a kind friend than a strict sponsor. Just me. Blessings, Friend.
Date: 4/3/2019 3:09:00 PM
All of that is fine but actually goes against the quote you posted. You are correct - "Struggle cultivates strength that cannot be developed any other way" and contests where almost everyone wins diminishes struggle and therefore development. What most contests lack, at least here, is that more difficult road that sets the bar just a little higher. There is no guilt in that.
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Barden Avatar
Gregory R Barden
Date: 4/3/2019 3:28:00 PM
And Craig, I TOTALLY understand that, (which is why I said that I believe there is a place for them), but I personally just don't have the heart for it. I guess some folks are more adaptable (?) or cut out for judging "seriously", and I've found out that I am not one of them. I know how strongly you feel about this and I so respect your perspective, but forgive me, I am too negatively affected by it.
Barden Avatar
Gregory R Barden
Date: 4/3/2019 3:28:00 PM
(2) Call me a softy or a wimp or whatever, but it's not my cup of tea. Blessings, Bro - maybe down the road.
Date: 4/3/2019 3:08:00 PM
Greg, but it's for all the same reason that I don't sponsor a Premiere Contest. I will get around to reading the winners work.. Congratulations to all the winners.
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Barden Avatar
Gregory R Barden
Date: 4/3/2019 3:25:00 PM
Thanks, Eve ... they were ALL winners, that's what stinks. Blessings. <3

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2/14/2019 The Trump Card Free verseperspective,political,
2/13/2019 El Jaleo Free verseappreciation,art,beauty,
2/13/2019 Sundial Personificationmetaphor,sun,time,wisdom,
2/12/2019 The Blade, Abiding Free versebreak up,emotions,goodbye
2/10/2019 Coyote Kid Rhymebetrayal,childhood,confli
2/10/2019 Strings Free versescience,

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Fav Poems

A Midsummer Night's Beach Free versebeauty,color,creation,sea
Joy May Our Love Say Dizaindesire,devotion,love,roma
Highveld Storm Rhymebreak up,longing,
The World Around US Rhymeearth,environment,war,
The Ride Iambic Pentameterimagination,memory,sad,
Never Shame a Woman Quatrainpassion,women,
Surely, I Shall Prosebirth,death,
Cry For Wind Quatrainanalogy,animal,beautiful,
Love of Nature Coupletnature,
AURORA AT DAWN Rhymebeauty,inspirational,morn
My Big Fat Gypsy Poem Rhymehumor,marriage,wedding,
A Prince for Roseanne Rhymefantasy,
Picture Perfect Rhymeamerica,corruption,deep,p
It don't really matter Rhymefun,humor,love,
BEHIND CLOSED DOORS - EMOTIVE WRITE Rhymeabuse,bullying,house,lone
Broken Soldiers Rhymeage,humanity,soldier,
I DANCE Prose Poetryabuse,dance,music,pain,
Love will come to you Lyricintrospection,longing,lov
Violin Free verselonely,muse,romance,roman
Gutter Pavement Runway Flight Free verseaddiction,appreciation,da
The Potter and the clay Narrativechange,character,conflict
Worlds Of Ice Free versedream,love,memory,sleep,w
May Showers Contest Haikunature,rain,
Time Lost In The Current Verseemotions,fear,ocean,
Yet not broken by the blues Free verseanti bullying,holocaust,m
Lost Childhood -Part 4- Rhymeabuse,child,child abuse,c
Freedom Is Written In Stars And Moon Free verseabuse,change,dark,freedom
Diamonds From The Sky Blank versebeautiful,beauty,desire,e
Starshine and silhouettes Rhymebeauty,dance,desire,image
Hollow man Rhymehappiness,introspection,i
From glory to dust-2 Acrosticangst,confusion,corruptio
Rainless Clouds Pantoumblue,sad,
Landscape - Beach Scene Quatrainart,
What Poetry Is Free verseimagery,poetry,words,
A Candid Rainscape Free verseflower,imagery,nature,rai
White Rainbows Imagismcolor,garden,imagery,
Amethyst Fate Ottava rimaflower,imagery,metaphor,
Love Lies Bleeding Rispettoflower,metaphor,
TOUCH -Sharon's Acrostic contest Acrosticspiritual,
my solitary wandering Free versememory,solitude,
MAWU AMONGST STARS Sonnetbeauty,magic,memory,
Real Men Wear Pink Rhymecharacter,funny,humor,per
POETS Rhymeappreciation,encouraging,
Sea of Love Rhymelove,love hurts,sea,
Collateral damage Dramatic monologuecharacter,courage,freedom
The Pearl Free versebeauty,blue,love,moon,nig
Morning Cues Versebeautiful,
Words-The Heart of Imagination Free verseuniverse,words,
He Has My Heart Verseart,longing,lust,passion,
July Free versesummer,
Transition to Death - Part I Free verseabsence,anger,dark,death,
a night of passion Couplethappiness,lust,passion,ro
The Stars and Beyond Sestinaspace,stars,
For the Fisher King on His Golden Jubilee Sonnetbirthday,friend,
NEVER TO BE MINE Free versegrief,i miss you,memorial
GOODBYE, MY LOVE Versedeath,goodbye,
Be Yourself Free verseconfusion,courage,emotion
A Kiss Remembered Rhymelove,
as cold sudden rain Haikulove,nature,
In Silence Personificationautumn,death,
O, the murmuring waves -- Versespiritual,
Snow Falling Personificationbeauty,winter,
Realization Sonnetlife,
You Echo, Silent Still Free verselost love,
DESPICABLE Free verseabuse,evil,girl,
Insomnia Rhymeanxiety,imagery,lonelines
For the Love of Poetry Blank versepoetry,poets,words,
Rape Free verseabuse,
ulan at sinag ng araw: pagmumuni ng isang tulirong isip Free verseangst,feelings,introspect
Chasing the man in the moon Free verseabsence,childhood,father
Miss Allegheny Mountain Monorhymeimagery,mountains,nature,
Mister Joe Jangles Free versepoetry,poets,
I am Every Woman Biobeauty,deep,emotions,enco
LAKE'S MUSIC Free versepeace,river,song,
Moonlight tango Dramatic monologuedance,desire,men,moon,rom
Shadow Free verselost love,
Memories, In The Silent Dust Prose Poetrychildhood,nostalgia,old,
If I Let My Mind Meander Free verselost love,metaphor,
What Might Have Been Verselost love,
Late Summer Nights Dream at the Cat in the Hat Coupletimagination,nonsense,
46 Free versebereavement,brother,love,
INDIAN PIPE Blank versedeath,nature,
Collecting teardrops Free versefriendship,lost,
Under the Stars Verseautumn,poetry,romance,sta
HIS EVENING'S MYSTERY Lyriclove,mystery,
As I Journey East Free versebeauty,journey,
As the Year Matures Monorhymejune,
When I No Longer Love You Romanticismlove,romance,
Fated Hell Monorhymedeath,destiny,evil,
Love's Eternal Death Sonnetemotions,lost love,
One Last Time Free verselost love,
Prisoner Of Words Free versemetaphor,poetry,words,
Laws Of Attraction Free verseabuse,addiction,forgivene
When Her Roses Bloom Romanticismlost love,rose,
Crystal Blue Waters Rhymenature,
Poetry Rhymeart,meaningful,poetry,poe
Nestled Under Your Wings Free verseimagery,inspirational,upl
A Chorus Sang Its Last Concerto Elegybeach,emotions,
Dance of the Firebird Free versebeautiful,dance,sensual,
AUTUMN ROYAL Rhyme royalautumn,sad,

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