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Blog Posted:8/9/2020 5:20:00 PM

I write poetry and I write about love a lot and in doing so I sometimes pick out some spices

from my life, but there are many responses like " I'm sorry for your loss " if it's a sad poem

or " I'm happy for you" if it is a happy poem it's as if some people believe poetry is being

written about an event that actually happened, not written from imagination...I'm dumb-founded

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Date: 8/18/2020 7:55:00 PM
How is the reader to know if you are writing fiction rather than writing about a real event? My question is relevant because poetry accommodates both fiction and non-fiction.
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Koplin Avatar
Mark Koplin
Date: 8/23/2020 2:09:00 PM
I'm sorry you felt attacked. It sounded like you were attacking those of us who commented on your poem and worried about your well being.
Parker Avatar
Frederic Parker
Date: 8/23/2020 11:55:00 AM
never said I didn't want to hear your opinion, rather you attacked me personally, and that's ok too, as most who answered my blog question I have interacted with for years so they have a sense of what I am about, don't apologize you are who you are, as we all are
Koplin Avatar
Mark Koplin
Date: 8/23/2020 8:08:00 AM
Just my opinion, if you didn’t want to hear it then I apologize. My bad I thought this was a PUBLIC BLOG
Koplin Avatar
Mark Koplin
Date: 8/22/2020 11:21:00 PM
Parker Avatar
Frederic Parker
Date: 8/22/2020 6:25:00 AM
I was having a civil conversation with Paul, then your projecting emotions showed up
Koplin Avatar
Mark Koplin
Date: 8/20/2020 7:19:00 PM
This is not a poetry book. This is a website where people post their poems. The owners of this website have indicated that they want positive and encouraging comments left. Also blogs are not for venting and being rude. Maybe this platform of nice and caring people is just not for you mr. Parker
Parker Avatar
Frederic Parker
Date: 8/20/2020 3:33:00 PM
please guide me to a poetry book where the poet wrote fiction or real after their poetry
Parker Avatar
Frederic Parker
Date: 8/20/2020 3:31:00 PM
hard to do since in this poem I just died
Schneiter Avatar
Paul Schneiter
Date: 8/19/2020 7:50:00 PM
Yes, you need to "say fiction" because some readers will assume that some lines are based on real-life experence.
Parker Avatar
Frederic Parker
Date: 8/19/2020 3:15:00 PM
I found no comfort in your final breath...Forgive me, as I drink this bitter wine...Release me from my vow before your death...As your lost love chokes me with shadowed twine...This poison drips slow from my lips charade...To bring dark,silent dark, light begins to I really need to say fiction?
Date: 8/13/2020 2:04:00 AM
Hi Frederic, don't be dumb-founded - be impressed. It simply means your eloquent word-flow has resonated with that particular reader. It also means they took time to carefully note it's content and that it actually hit a chord within them. It's not everyone can achieve this. All the comments here have confirmed this, so just continue with your writings. I'm an old prodigal son on this site and having just returned. It was your heading " WHY" which grabbed me. I am half way through my 2nd novel and it's named "WHY" - Coincidence or what ? The 1st is with a publishing agent , so I've all 'fingers X'd". So, you write onnnnn. Seán .
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Date: 8/12/2020 1:31:00 PM
I believe there is a little truth in every fiction and a little fiction in every truth
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Date: 8/12/2020 3:28:00 AM
I think it's part of the human equation of concern for the writer that they read. Their piece is so well written that they feel it is real. A credit to the writer to create such a convincing piece. Also people that read sometimes just plainly don't get what someone is trying to convey. Many factors attribute to this conclusion. It could be the readers interpretation or the writers inability to convey. In a perfect world we would all know whether it is fiction or the writers own happening. I dont think any of us who read someone else's poem are 100 percent correct in understanding each poem and determining whether its fact or fiction. Those that do," I am dumb-founded."
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Date: 8/10/2020 8:51:00 PM
Frederic, i can see your point, and if we generalize on the subject there will be many different opinions, BUT, What about the reader? Your poetry may be therapeutic have saved a marriage, a life, or other aspect of what this is all about, would a poet ridicule that, even though what's written is totally one's imagination. Some authors have said they have used some aspects of theirs lives, or ideas from that. Although i think Stephen King, must be suffering from his experiences, Then back to poetry, when thinking of its personal properties, does one believe the poet, when they write a Limerick?
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Dietrich Avatar
Andrea Dietrich
Date: 8/11/2020 12:03:00 PM
hey, watch it on Stephen King. I don't think he is suffering at all. he is hauling in a ton of money from having a COOL imagination!! I usually enjoy the few nightmares I have had and wish I could write them into a novel!!
Woodrow Avatar
Susan Woodrow
Date: 8/10/2020 11:14:00 PM
I do too!
Date: 8/10/2020 2:47:00 PM
hmmmm, a psychologist would have a field day frolicking in the fields of PS poppydom. :) x such a romantic notion, no footnotes.
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Labyrinth Avatar
Lady Labyrinth
Date: 8/13/2020 6:05:00 AM are the Labyrinth; look at that when you gargle after you brush your teeth clean. Kind of cool, but dreadful.
Labyrinth Avatar
Lady Labyrinth
Date: 8/12/2020 4:30:00 AM
ha..ha...welcome to my couch.
Labyrinth Avatar
Lady Labyrinth
Date: 8/12/2020 4:05:00 AM
Read this tonight Lovers, "TRUTH“ is like poetry… and most people hate poetry. But if you like poetry, it will speak and speak and speak to you… and it will be meaningful every time.”
Labyrinth Avatar
Lady Labyrinth
Date: 8/12/2020 4:04:00 AM
You are a rabbit Trestrail, lol, where's Elmer these days?... a snappy carrot for you, above. wish.... keep dreamin' ;)
Parker Avatar
Frederic Parker
Date: 8/10/2020 3:00:00 PM
my dear friend I would love to frolic with a psychologist in a field of poppies but one of us would turn into a dealer, selling footnotes of romantic notions to those who didn't understand what Alice in Wonderland was really about...take care my friend
Date: 8/10/2020 1:22:00 PM
use footnotes. I do all the time in case people like I'm telling truth about something I do NOT want them to think is true!!
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Dietrich Avatar
Andrea Dietrich
Date: 8/10/2020 8:33:00 PM
oops, I wrote it wrong. I meant to say, in case people "think" I'm telling the truth... anyway, it's everyone's right to put footnotes or not. Personally I like when people do it because I do not know what to say to the person's poem. If it's tragic, I feel I am being insensitive not to say sorry (though I wonder if the poem is just fiction.) well, you get my meaning!!
Parker Avatar
Frederic Parker
Date: 8/10/2020 1:44:00 PM
You are a rabbit Trestrail, lol, where's Elmer these days, covert under a bush somewhere?... a snappy carrot for you, above. wish.... keep dreamin' ;)
Date: 8/10/2020 12:02:00 PM
and yet many 'poets' like to go on about 'truth'...I find it irritating when they insist its fictional....
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Woodrow Avatar
Susan Woodrow
Date: 8/10/2020 10:56:00 PM
yeah who are you gonna believe, me or your own eyes? I'll raise a lemon drop to yours...Cheers :)
Woodrow Avatar
Susan Woodrow
Date: 8/10/2020 8:18:00 PM
Hi Keith...not just these's always been human virtuality to veer away from hard truths with delusions but these days there are far more to be had :)
Woodrow Avatar
Susan Woodrow
Date: 8/10/2020 3:18:00 PM
story versus poetry...'emotion' can be expressed in various forms of 'art' I guess I just don't particularly like footnotes in general cos if you need them, then you should have expressed yourself to reader's reactions, that is up in the air and not to be questioned unless you want a very specific reaction to a write?
Parker Avatar
Frederic Parker
Date: 8/10/2020 1:40:00 PM
Susan there is truth in the emotion expressed in a poem the story is there to express that, the story I write is fictional the emotion is from a place of understanding from having lived it
Date: 8/10/2020 4:53:00 AM
I like what Craig said.
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Date: 8/9/2020 8:38:00 PM
Frederic, many poems are based on a poets life but some are fiction so if a poet is a good writer as you are the poems can be very convincing, I have seen some poets write "fiction" at the bottom of their poem, perhaps that could clear up any unwanted comments _Constance
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La France Avatar
Constance La France
Date: 8/14/2020 9:26:00 AM
Frederic, I have been pondering the writing of the authors of fictional books, at how convincing they can write, we believe each word, although it is total fiction, it is a skill to be able to make the reader believe, to be in the moment with the emotion and you have that skill. I attempt to do this in my writing as well, sometimes I succeed, although most of my poems are based on life experiences but not all _Constance
La France Avatar
Constance La France
Date: 8/10/2020 3:40:00 PM
Yes, Frederic, take it as a compliment to your writing skill _Constance
Parker Avatar
Frederic Parker
Date: 8/10/2020 1:36:00 PM
yes Constance but at the same time for me the story is secondary to the emotion or point of view I'm trying to express, After reading the comments so far I'm beginning to realize I should just live with it
Date: 8/9/2020 8:14:00 PM
It's a compliment actually, your writes are convincing!
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Parker Avatar
Frederic Parker
Date: 8/10/2020 1:31:00 PM
yes Craig I should look at it as a compliment, but...When Cyrano said a kiss was as the humming of bees wings I didn't think of it as real rather as a for convincing...back at ya
Date: 8/9/2020 6:40:00 PM
Dear Frederic, all I can say is this. Many post actual moments that have occurred in their life, while others post from their imagination. Sometimes it is difficult to know which is real and which are just images created. Most of the time I can tell the difference, but not always. ~ Brandy
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Parker Avatar
Frederic Parker
Date: 8/10/2020 1:26:00 PM
thank you Brandy, like you I seem to know the difference

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