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Attention all " "Pick A Title, Vol 6 - Personification" entrants!(Very important) - Edward Ibeh's Blog

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Easy-going, Diligent, Creative, and Spiritual
Brother of Stephen, Mildred, and Jeanette 
Lover of Nature, Women, and Poetry
Who feels Pain, Love, and Empathy
Who fears The Unknown, Snakes, and Heights
I would like to see The Eiffel Tower, El Castillo, and The Great Wall of China
Resident of Moravia Park Drive, Maryland

I'm currently working as a Lot Associate at The Home Depot
I'm a Navy veteran 
Born in Lima, Ohio in October 28th, 1976
Graduated from Lake Clifton Campus(formerly Lake Clifton Eastern High School), Baltimore, Maryland in 1995
Graduated from Essex Community College in 2003 and Brightwood College(formerly TESST College of Technology) in 2005
Certifications: Electronics Technology, Telecommunications, Fiber-Optics/Copper Network Cabling 

I started writing poetry in November 2006. However, after losing my poetry notebook with about 135 poems in early 2009, I lost my passion for poetry completely. I was jobless for almost a year due to the recession of 2014, during that time period, I reignited my passion for poetry to stave off boredom. I discovered Poetrysoup and started posting my poems in 2016. The first poem I posted, "Wings of A Butterfly." My poems "Sing To Me, Nightingale, Unfulfilled Dream" and "A Waxing Crescent" appeared in the first issue of Poesis Online Journal


Attention all " "Pick A Title, Vol 6 - Personification" entrants!(Very important)

Blog Posted:6/30/2019 4:59:00 PM
Guys, I do apologize. I should've made it clear that all entrants use the "I" language for the personification contest. For instance, if you choose "The Mockingbird", you become the bird itself.  So, if you wrote your poem from the perspective of an observer, you must fix it in order to place. PLEASE don't forget! Thank you...

Good luck everybody!:-)
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My Recent Poems

Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
7/3/2019 On The Button Verseheart,love,write,
7/3/2019 Compromise Dodoitsuperspective,truth,
7/3/2019 In The Mood For Love Senryulove,romance,
7/3/2019 Power Rictameterperspective,power,write,
6/30/2019 Spread It All Around Verseencouraging,humanity,insp
6/30/2019 Transmogrification Senryuchild,emotions,happy,moth
6/30/2019 Zinnia Rhymeappreciation,beauty,flowe
6/28/2019 Behemoth Acrostic10th grade,11th grade,9th
6/23/2019 A Chattering of Starlings Imagismbeauty,bird,imagery,natur
6/23/2019 A Struggle For Survival Free versemetaphor,people,perspecti
6/22/2019 The Honey Badger Personificationanimal,humor,imagery,natu
6/22/2019 A Sparkling Diamond Diamanteart,creation,
6/22/2019 Toadflax, A Wildflower Verseflower,nature,
6/21/2019 Al Pacino Clerihewcelebrity,people,tribute,
6/20/2019 Ghosts Free verseangst,memory,symbolism,
6/20/2019 Detachment Verseboy,crush,flower,girl,sad
6/20/2019 Open Marriage Lyricmarriage,perspective,writ
6/20/2019 Kiss of Life Haikuanimal,bird,nature,
6/20/2019 A Long Unvisited Memory Imagismimagery,memory,
6/18/2019 An Anomaly Versecourage,encouraging,schoo
6/18/2019 The Catalyst Versehusband,success,wife,
6/18/2019 The Impaler Haikubird,imagery,nature,
6/17/2019 Mahalia Jackson Clerihewcelebrity,people,tribute,
6/16/2019 Mundane Necessities Verseperspective,write,
6/16/2019 Gotta Laugh So I Don't Cry Rhymefather son,grief,happy,hu
6/16/2019 An Infantryman Senryufaith,patriotic,soldier,
6/16/2019 All The Broken Pieces Verseheartbreak,poetry,simile,
6/16/2019 A Return To Yesterday Free verseday,imagery,longing,night
6/15/2019 I Weep For You Than-Baukemotions,longing,loss,pai
6/15/2019 To My Dearest, Helen - MTY Nonetdedication,for her,romant
6/14/2019 Please, Be Gentle Dodoitsufeelings,heart,metaphor,
6/14/2019 Capricious Hollywood Verseart,people,perspective,pl
6/14/2019 Smitten Dodoitsucrush,love,memory,romance
6/12/2019 Managing Anger Sijoanger,emotions,perspectiv
6/9/2019 Arresting Reflection Monokunature,night,sky,stars,
6/2/2019 Musings of An Aging Man Free verseage,introspection,life,tr
6/2/2019 A Good Scream Monokuemotions,encouraging,
5/31/2019 'You Have Cancer' Free versecancer,encouraging,perspe
5/30/2019 Addiction Personificationaddiction,drug,metaphor,w
5/30/2019 Dog Bark, Unexpected Verseanimal,dog,sound,
5/30/2019 an honor killing Senryubetrayal,dark,family,murd
5/29/2019 Reaching God Sijogod,metaphor,perspective,
5/29/2019 I Hold You Dear Versehappiness,memory,remember
5/27/2019 Sunset Imagismimagery,sunset,
5/27/2019 I've Forgotten You Rhymeemotions,how i feel,
5/26/2019 Paper Tiger Senryuanger,encouraging,politic
5/26/2019 A Walking Dichotomy Free versei am,perspective,self,
5/26/2019 Fear of Vulnerability Senryuemotions,men,
5/26/2019 Music, My Escape Free verseart,fun,music,perspective
5/26/2019 Scent of Wisteria Haikuflower,nature,
5/25/2019 Let Your Imagination Take Flight Proseencouraging,inspirational
5/22/2019 June Rhapsody Lanternejune,nature,
5/22/2019 The Venus Flytrap Haikunature,
5/19/2019 A Letter To My Adolescent Self Prose Poetryencouraging,inspirational
5/19/2019 A Monoku Monokuperspective,
5/19/2019 An Emptiness Versedeath,emotions,loss,pain,
5/15/2019 A Beautiful Woman Versebeauty,metaphor,woman,
5/13/2019 Zephyr Of May Versemay,nature,peace,wind,
5/13/2019 Of Lions And Lambs Free verseconflict,corruption,power
5/13/2019 May Your Halo Never Lose It's Heavenly Glow Free verseappreciation,dedication,e
5/11/2019 Rays of The Summer Sun Quatrainfun,summer,sun,
5/8/2019 A Friend In You Free versechild,games,
5/8/2019 Sweetest Release Senryuchild,emotions,happiness,
5/8/2019 Just Because Verseallusion,devotion,love,
5/8/2019 Gun Violence Verseanger,perspective,violenc
5/6/2019 Youthful Cinqkuanimal,cute,dog,imagery,
5/6/2019 The Skies Above Are Blue Versebeauty,hope,nature,
5/5/2019 Hypocrites Versepeople,perspective,social
5/5/2019 Lily Of The Valley Trioletflower,nature,spring,
5/5/2019 The Breadth of True Love Versetrue love,
5/4/2019 A Blithe Half Moon Haikuemotions,moon,nature,nigh
5/4/2019 The Bridge Across To Dreams Free verse10th grade,dream,encourag
5/3/2019 The Great White Egret Sedokaanimal,bird,nature,
5/3/2019 Back In Time Senryuchildhood,happy,memory,yo
5/3/2019 Morning Caffeine Coupletdrink,morning,
4/30/2019 Diamond Dust Imagismimagery,nature,weather,
4/28/2019 Twilight Abandon Crystallineart,dance,husband,night,w
4/28/2019 Forgiveness Verseforgiveness,freedom,metap
4/28/2019 Sacrifice Your Light For Me Free versedaughter,father,love,rela
4/28/2019 Beyonce Clerihewart,celebrity,music,
4/27/2019 ThisClose to Nirvana Tetractyshappiness,love,passion,ro
4/27/2019 Apologize Free verseencouraging,perspective,t
4/26/2019 Greed Haibunmetaphor,money,people,per
4/23/2019 Nocturnal Reverie Ethereenight,peace,
4/20/2019 Numb Senryufeelings,heartbreak,
4/20/2019 Love Unrevealed Fibonaccideep,love,passion,romanti
4/19/2019 Insomnia Dodoitsuimagery,night,
4/18/2019 Light of Positivity Verseencouraging,
4/18/2019 To Everyday Heroes Odeappreciation,dedication,p
4/18/2019 Ill Will Dodoitsuemotions,perspective,
4/18/2019 A Pound Of Flesh Haibuncorruption,dark,imagery,m
4/15/2019 Oh, Dandelion Haikuallegory,beauty,flower,ho
4/15/2019 Cracks In The Wall of Your Prison Verseencouraging,freedom,
4/15/2019 You've Got More Waiting To Do, Death Sijobeautiful,death,life,
4/15/2019 Baby Face, What's You Thinkin' Free versebaby,cute,
4/14/2019 Him And Her Kimolove,metaphor,passion,rom
4/14/2019 Paul Laurence Dunbar Clerihewcelebrity,
4/14/2019 Failure Is Not Death Free verseinspirational,perspective
4/14/2019 An Everlasting Bond Kimorelationship,
4/14/2019 I Surrender Tankacourage,poetry,self,

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Fav Poems

Changing Sky Pantoumnature,sky,
Truth To Truth Free verseconflict,devotion,heartbr
Whiteness Acrostictribute,
Ransomed Free versefaith,jesus,
Then I Wake Rhymeabsence,love,miss you,mis
Listen To Life Free verselife,philosophy,truth,wis
Tell the Night to Hold Me Lyricforgiveness,heartbreak,he
To Read You Free verseappreciation,metaphor,pas
I wander the desert alone Free verseimagery,metaphor,nature,o
The Red Leaf Free versedeath,emotions,grief,hear
Your Cloud Rhymelove,simple,sky,wind,
Ineffable Free verseallusion,appreciation,bea
The House of Light Rhymebeauty,nature,
The Sounds Of A Rose Free verseflower,rose,
Roses Roses Roses Free versered,rose,
Child Diminished Hexaversechild,
Polka Dots And All Sonnet10th grade,beautiful,beau
Some Are Not Meant For This World Free verseabuse,allusion,death,dest
UNBEARABLE THIS LONGING Dramatic Versedeath,how i feel,
Inside a Cubicle Terza Rimawork,
In My Beautiful Dream Versedream,
My Winter Free verseinspirational,lost love,
My Darling Boy Quatrainanalogy,boy,childhood,inn
U G L Y Personificationanti bullying,beautiful,b
Civil Twilight Free verseappreciation,beauty,memor

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