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" Once upon a time... "

Blog Posted:2/10/2017 3:47:00 PM


All the entries were all wonderful poems…. , but a few of the poets failed to follow instruction 

Quote; instructions:

Write a fairy tale,   make be believe , let me see, let me smell, and so on…. 

1. First sentence " Once upon a time...  "

2. New

3. Date

4. Your own title

5.  No Name


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Date: 2/12/2017 5:39:00 AM
Thank you for my placement, Eve:) congratulations to all the winners:)
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Date: 2/12/2017 5:25:00 AM
how nice to go back to fairy tales, eve.. thanks for a lovely contest and congrats to all winners and entrants..huggs
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Date: 2/10/2017 6:27:00 PM
Eve, what beautiful images on your blog, I enjoyed your theme very much and thanks for my placement and congratulations to all your winners ~
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Roper Avatar
Eve Roper
Date: 2/10/2017 6:51:00 PM
Thank you, Constance, I love your poem Hugs Eve
Date: 2/10/2017 4:32:00 PM
Thanks so much for my placement in the contest Eve I really enjoyed the challenge:-) My congrats to all the winners:-) hugs jan xx
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Roper Avatar
Eve Roper
Date: 2/10/2017 4:56:00 PM
You are very welcome Hugs

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12/27/2017 Happy New Year Senryunew years day,
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12/24/2017 MORNING RITUAL Free versemorning,prayer,
12/23/2017 Stay Upright Limericksilly,snow,
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12/8/2017 Unanswered Questions Coupletabsence,anger,dream,
12/7/2017 A Christmas Wish Sonnetchild,christmas,desire,
12/7/2017 A Gift Free versebird,
12/6/2017 Age Doesn't Matter When You're In Love Free verseage,love,
12/6/2017 Poetry Brought to Life Versepoetry,
12/5/2017 Santa's Old Reindeer Rhymechristmas,old,
12/5/2017 Computer What Is It Rhymecomputer,technology,
12/4/2017 Moon's Mirth Haikumoon,nature,
12/2/2017 The Hearth and the Black Coal Boots Rhymechristmas,
11/30/2017 Small Bit Of Fame Revised Rhymeart,
11/30/2017 Shroud Wrapped Around the Corpse Verseloss,
11/29/2017 Childhood Christmas Memories Free versechristmas,meaningful,memo
11/28/2017 Sad Silent Christmas Night Nonetabsence,heartbroken,sick,
11/28/2017 Sleep My Love Rhymechild,love,mother,sleep,
11/27/2017 Forever Until After Broken Vows Senryulost love,
11/23/2017 Broken UNSAYABLE Free verseold,
11/21/2017 Nestling Upon the Snow Terzanellecat,snow,
11/20/2017 I Am My Own Hero Sonnetfreedom,
11/18/2017 Cornucopia Free versegod,thanksgiving,
11/18/2017 - PIC MOTIFS--VISUAL 2 Versefear,
11/15/2017 I Will Write All Rhymepoetry,poets,
11/12/2017 The Fire Inside Free verseabuse,
11/11/2017 Place of Refuge Senryubullying,
11/10/2017 In An Enchanted Forest Quatrainfantasy,
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11/8/2017 Judgmental People and Haters Back Off Rhymebullying,
11/7/2017 Lilith Free verseimagery,
11/7/2017 Act of Kindness Blessed Senryuabuse,
11/5/2017 Preserved in My Breath Personificationearth,imagery,nature,
11/4/2017 Gray Wolf Silently Waits For the Raven Sonnetanimal,bird,friendship,

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Leaving Me Behind Rhymefeelings,
This I Vow Rhymelove,
DREAM COME TRUE Sonnetblessing,
In my sanctuary Rhymelife,psychological,symbol
The Wind Free verselove,
Blackbirds In The Rain Free versebird,insect,music,nature,
What's up with Santa Rhymechristmas,fantasy,fun,fun
LIGHT OF CHRISTMAS Epigramchristmas,light,love,
Love Harvest I do not know?love,
Where Roses Never Die Free versebeautiful,life,love,rose,
Tea Cup Concreteart,
The ABCs of Peace and Joy Acrosticfaithme,life,me,
Grey Skies are Raining Poets Light Poetrydeath,introspection,metap
Holy Ruins Free versesymbolism,
Farewell to summer Rhymesummer,
In The Moment I do not know?grief,life,love,
Frozen Howl Free versebeauty,dream,emotions,hea
THE POND Epigraminspiration,truth,wisdom,
Not Missing Loves Beat Free verseallegory,beauty,emotions,
GOD'S GIFT Epigramblessing,introspection,
SOUL EYES Epigramgod,inspirational,
Wind From The Sea I do not know?conflict,depression,forgi
Faith Is A Powerful Thing Acrosticfaith,
Stand by me my Lord Rhymegod,
Sweet Sugar Cookies and Peanut Butter Bars Alliterationaddiction,candy,fantasy,f
Magic Beans Free verseadventure,chocolate,love,
IS IT TRUE Epigramgod,love,sorrow,
and that comes from within Narrativedrug,introspection,univer
YOU LIGHT UP MY LIFE Rhymededication,son,
This is not a poem--- A singled out page Blitzafrica,america,community,
Love in the Silence of the Soul Narrativedeath,love,sorrow,
After the interim Free verselost love,
Any Old Poem Contest: echoes and whispers uncut Free verseautumn,senses,spring,summ
Aurora and Avalanche Coupletnatural disasters,
My Three Mirrors Coupletreligious,
Beginnings Matter I do not know?poetry,
WINTERS END Epiclife,loneliness,longing,l
A Drop of Relief Fibonaccibreak up,cry,depression,h
To Walk A Mile In Her Shoes Free verseabuse,
THE LEAF AND THE TREE Personificationpride,thanksgiving,truth,
- Wings On An Elephant - Light Poetrymetaphor,poetry,
Tears from my Ancestors Rubaiyatsorrow,perspective,
Soft Chains - Cold Steel Rubaiyatamerica,change,perspectiv
Slave Quatraincourage,death,slavery,per
The Scent Of Your Soul Free verseabsence,love,
The Infinitude of the Private Man Versereligion,
COME MY BROTHER Free verselove,peace,world,
THE LIFE OF JESUS CHRIST LORD Pastoralamerica,religious,tribute
Blossoms and Bubbles Sonnetchildhood,garden,
The Clouds Narrativeangel,beautiful,beauty,bl
HANDS THAT DIPPED ME Free versefathers day,inspiration,m
My day as a woman Rhymeencouraging,feelings,jour
The Maid of Orleans Coupletchristian,conflict,courag
Dancing Haikuappreciation,dance,tree,
The Other Side of Winter Villanellebeauty,snow,winter,
My Father Was Iambic Pentameterdad,inspiration,life,
Like A Girl Free versebeautiful,girl,identity,r
The Way Of The Cross Quatrainchristian,death,easter,li
YOUNG WICKED AND BLACK Rhymecrazy,hip hop,life,spoken
An Open Window Free versefaith,imagery,inspiration
DRESSED BY NATURE Haikubeauty,nature,
WORKSHOP POEM: GRAND TOUR TO FAIRYLAND Personificationbeautiful,fantasy,imagery
Broken Wings Versedeath,life,writing,
My Waltz With Life Verse 
Beauty and the Beast Epicadventure,animal,beautifu
JAN ALLISON Coupletmum,
Carrie R Biointrospection,
LUNAR NIGHT'S BEAUTY Haikubeauty,light,moon,night,
Mum Coupletcaregiving,joy,mother,mot
WAVE INTO YOU Rhymedesire,kiss,love,metaphor
Peter Holmes Free verseidentity,
My lacking Quatrainemotions,river,
You Are The Cedar Of Lebanon Free versebeauty,blessing,child,my
Light On the Devil's Chord - Day 7 Free verseabuse,adventure,allusion,
Ohoo, little butterfly Light Poetrybutterfly,
Quarantine of the Soul Free versedepression,emo,future,met
- You Must Be Brave - Free verseemotions,feelings,light,l
I Write Free versedream,imagination,love,
Apply Within - For Contest List friend,love,soulmate,drug
Black Bird and Midnight Butterfly Free versebaptism,beauty,
Love is Free verseallegory,emotions,feeling
The Child Verseangst,feelings,
FREEDOM'S CALL Acrosticamerica,
AN INNOCENT MAN - FOR CONTEST Senryuinnocence,murder,
VietGodnam Light Poetrydedication,heartbroken,lo
THE LOWEST OF THE LOW Free versecareer,identity,life,sold
Make It Count Monorhymeart,education,encouraging
Wings Shapedream,
In Opulence You Lie and Dream Epiclove,sensual,
ENGELBERT EFFLEFLUMP FOR DR SEUSS CONTEST Coupletfantasy,flying,for kids,m
The SnaffyLaffy Swiger Rhymefantasy,,cute,
THE CURSE OF BLACK BEARD Free verseadventure,boat,evil,fanta
Dirty Laundry Epicabuse,betrayal,devotion,h
Eagle out of Egypt Blank versebible,blessing,freedom,
INTELLIGENCE'S USE Senryucorruption,philosophy,
The Birthday Party Narrativebirthday,
Solemn Seduction - for contest Personificationbeauty,nature,strength,

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