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Judging Haiku Spring Explosion

Blog Posted:4/4/2019 12:24:00 PM

It  has been brought to my attention some question as to how Spring Explosion was judged; because I did not specify strict haiku rules, I tried to balance form with the "explosion" feeling I was looking for.  If I was judging strictly haiku form, the winners list would have been undoubtably different. My apologies.

That said, thank you to everyone who entered, and congratulations to the winners.


I will not host another Haiku Contest until I am sure I can judge it properly.

Again, my apologies. I am still learning as a poet, and as a contest host.

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Date: 4/5/2019 4:17:00 AM
I have never held a contest so I do not know what is involved, but I imagine there is a lot of work done behind the scenes. Yes ,there will be winners and losers as not everyone can place and if people can't handle that then don't enter the contest, simple. Tom
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Date: 4/4/2019 8:03:00 PM
Maureen, Thank you for sponsoring contests! Unless it is specified in the contest, the correct form, etc you can judge the way you want to! People need to be able to lose graciously and not question a person's judging! I can't believe you were questioned about it!! I hope you still feel that you can run another haiku contest!
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Date: 4/4/2019 5:48:00 PM
Maureen, I am no expert , but it is hard to change a habit that I am comfortable with. So not unless a sponsor states any different for them to judge, I will stay with the 5-7-5 and strictly nature. What I read they were all wonderful poems.. Congratulations to all the winners. Hugs Eve ~`*
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Date: 4/4/2019 3:55:00 PM
I had supposed you wanted 5/7/5 since so many sponsors want them that way, even though the 5/7/5 is not considered acceptable by many modern haiku societies today. Congrats to your winners, Maureen. I am sure you judged as best as you could, going by which ones touched you the most.
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Date: 4/4/2019 12:43:00 PM
Ironically Maureen there is no "specific" way to judge Haiku--I will lead you to something that will confuse you even more. There are no strict Haiku rules but there is a venue of adaptations that can play with ideas that will gladly fall under the definition.
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McGreavy Avatar
Maureen McGreavy
Date: 4/4/2019 1:37:00 PM
Funny you should say that, the 5/7/5 would be the first to go ;) thank you Craig
cornish Avatar
craig cornish
Date: 4/4/2019 12:50:00 PM
One thing for sure---you can toss the 5-7-5 syllable count as a fixed rule
cornish Avatar
craig cornish
Date: 4/4/2019 12:44:00 PM
and BTW we are all still learning...forever

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