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So here I am late at night, on October 14, 2015, and I just became a Premium Member. I couldn't be happier to be a part of something so amazing. Since I have started posting poems on Poetry Soup, I have had a renewed sense of passion for writing. I started writing simple poems in 4th grade (Basically poems of boys I had crushes on that particular day). That's about the time I started journaling. To this day I still keep a journal but now it's saved on my hard drive. I have over 36 journals since 1990. As I got older, my poetry started taking a different avenue with the form of flow and style. My junior year of High School I won a poetry contest and it was published in a book consisting of over 250 pages of raw poetry from high school students all over the country. My old school uses that book in English Literature class as of 2000. Needless to say, it was at that exact moment I heard the wind whisper my name and I felt my passion for writing has gone far beyond a high school class collection book. I met my husband in 1995 (at age 15) and have been together ever since. Over 20 years to be exact, and I am only 35 years old. My love and our passion for each other continues to grow daily. Our cute love relationship turned into marriage at age 22, and just celebrated 13 years last week. Most of my work is a reflection on the honest love we share as a couple and as an individual. He moves me in ways I never thought could happen. I love him as deep as the deepest sea's flow, and the most beautiful part of this story is that I know he feels the same about me. Over the years we have been keeping our own special "Nick & Laura" journal. Whenever we feel like expressing our feelings we keep it in that journal. We've collected over 1,200 cards and love letters. I know one day my daughter will grow up and learn about "true love". She sees it everyday as we communicate and respect each other the way we do in everyday activities. Being together for 2o years has given us so many cherish able memories. With that, we have faced a ton of trials, loss, money hardship, and brokenness. When I write about him words alone can not be expressed and that is why I am constantly writing about him or us as one unit. We have lost 2 sisters, 4 grandparents, 5 cousins and 2 friends over the span of 20 years. But, one thing I have definitely learned is that I can turn a "lesson" into a "blessing. I have no choice but to keep moving forward and trust my faith in the Lord will carry me through, as He always has done. I am so humbled because I know where I came from, and where I am today. I enjoy reading all the poems you guys post. Most of my time is reading and commenting because I enjoy it so much. I am learning so much also. I have never really had proper "schooling" on writing poetry, but I am slowly learning. I hope my poems will convey my utmost passion for my life, loss and love. My inspiration comes from a deep core inside my heart, and from all you poets on Poetry Soup. So thank you very much for all your kind comments, my confidence is slowly peeking through. I am still a tiny bit insecure because I have never had anyone really read my poems except my family and my husband. It's so refreshing to see everyone's views and beliefs are encouraging and I am grateful I stumbled upon this amazing group of talented poets. Thank you for reading my poems and be blessed. :) -Laura

Free Verse is 200 words or less finalized

Blog Posted:2/15/2017 11:36:00 AM

Thank you for all the beauty- this contest may have been the hardest one to judge only ten placements. Be blessed and thank you again. Below are the winners:


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  1. Date: 2/18/2017 3:08:00 AM
    ohh, glad i am part of this, laura... many thanks and congrats to the winners!..huggs

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  1. Date: 2/15/2017 9:00:00 PM
    Thank you, Laura for the placement and the inspiring contests. I've gotten to dust off a couple old poems with some revisions, and I've enjoyed it! Congrats to all the winners. I hope to read all.of them soon...hugs, Rhonda

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  1. Date: 2/15/2017 8:13:00 PM
    Thank you, Laura, for my placement in your contest and congrats to all the winners!

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  1. Date: 2/15/2017 2:15:00 PM
    Laura, you always have the best contest, thanks for my spot and congratulations to all the winners ~

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  1. Date: 2/15/2017 12:11:00 PM
    congratulations to everyone and thank you for the placement and the contest

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My Recent Poems

Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
4/30/2017 Me 20 Years From Now Sonnetfuture,life,
4/29/2017 Nocturnal Versenight,
4/27/2017 Limerick Contest-Bawdy Limerickgrandmother,humorous,
4/27/2017 As The Night Drew Near Coupletday,nature,night,
4/27/2017 Light As a Feather, Stiff As a Board Rhymescary,
4/26/2017 Misty Blossom Haze Haikuflower,spring,
4/26/2017 The Sweet Bliss of Heavens Abyss Monorhymegrandmother,heaven,
4/25/2017 Tender Silhouette Ethereebeauty,love,
4/25/2017 Time's Hourglass Dodoitsubeauty,love,
4/25/2017 Your Favorite Song- Brick by Brick Lyricdeath,song,suicide,
4/25/2017 My Hero Connor Quatrainhero,soldier,war,
4/24/2017 Hawaii-My Favorite Destination Rhymebeautiful,vacation,
4/24/2017 Ebony Mist Lanternedark,deep,
4/24/2017 A Brave New World Rhymebooks,life,
4/20/2017 High School Politics Coupletjealousy,school,
4/20/2017 Dazed and Numb Ninettebetrayal,
4/19/2017 Rest in Peace Grandma Quatraindeath,grandmother,
4/19/2017 Fire Cloud Phenomenon Rhymebeautiful,nature,rainbow,
4/19/2017 Mesmerized Verseinspiration,memory,
4/18/2017 No Breath I Could Breathe Rhymelove,passion,
4/18/2017 The Twilit Constellations Verselove,stars,
4/17/2017 Stargazing Tonight Rhymestars,
4/14/2017 Leukemia Versecancer,god,health,
4/13/2017 Angels and Lyres Quatrainangel,beautiful,music,
4/12/2017 A Rosy Meander Monorhymebeautiful,flower,
4/12/2017 And Then There Were None - Angels and Demons Free verseangel,conflict,creation,h
4/11/2017 Unshackle My Verse- Forbidden Authority Rhymeadventure,betrayal,confli
4/11/2017 Ode to Flowers Odebeauty,flower,
4/10/2017 Broken Wing Rhymeaddiction,celebration,dep
4/9/2017 Painted Tankaart,beautiful,love,
4/9/2017 I Have Become A Predatory Great White Shark Coupletfear,ocean,
4/9/2017 Death's Precision Rhymebrother,cancer,
4/9/2017 There is Only You Free versegod,
4/9/2017 He Walked Once Again Verseeaster,god,
4/8/2017 The Chartreuse Leaf Lanternebeautiful,flower,
4/7/2017 Brick By Brick Rhymeanxiety,betrayal,loss,
4/2/2017 A Broken Keepsake Kimoart,heartbreak,old,
3/30/2017 Funny Bunny With No Money Rhymecat,children,fun,riddle,s
3/29/2017 The Bizarre Threshold Coupletjourney,
3/28/2017 Rainbow Colored Camouflage Narrativebeautiful,color,emotions,
3/26/2017 The Strength of Your Word Lyriccourage,god,wisdom,
3/26/2017 Photos of My Life-Someone, or Something, Replaceable - Poetry Contest Rhymefire,memory,perspective,
3/25/2017 A Willow Born To Weep Haikudaughter,death,nature,
3/24/2017 The Reverie Song Rhymebeautiful,nature,
3/23/2017 Broken Memoirs Rhymebetrayal,break up,feeling
3/22/2017 A Saddened Soul Rhymedepression,sad,
3/22/2017 Utopia and the Soap Bubble Rhymechildhood,giggle,imaginat
3/22/2017 The Order of the Black Cage Haibunabuse,courage,discriminat
3/22/2017 Ashes To Ashes Dust To Dust Free versedeath,
3/21/2017 A Love Not Returned Couplethow i feel,loneliness,los
3/20/2017 Spring Time Coupletbeautiful,flower,spring,
3/20/2017 A Jaded Farewell Juejudeath,sister,suicide,
3/19/2017 Fabulous Fun Footles Premenstruation Complication Footlehumorous,silly,women,
3/19/2017 Precious Moments Rhymelove,
3/19/2017 A Breath Of Spring Crystallinebeautiful,flower,spring,
3/18/2017 Darkness Inspired Free versedark,inspiration,introspe
3/17/2017 My Puppy Love Turned Into My True Love Free verseblessing,inspiration,love
3/17/2017 New Day Rhymeappreciation,blessing,ins
3/17/2017 Six Years Ago Rhymedeath,march,sister,suicid
3/16/2017 WHAT THE EYE SEES THE HEART CANNOT FORGET Verseanalogy,angst,confusion,e
3/16/2017 The End Of Days Rhymeencouraging,faith,god,
3/15/2017 Time For An Intervention Limerickdrink,silly,
3/13/2017 A Tale About Your Death Rhymedeath,sorrow,suicide,
3/13/2017 Unheard Desires Versebetrayal,feelings,pain,wr
3/13/2017 Rome Would Be The Perfect Destination Sonnetbeautiful,travel,
3/11/2017 Upside Down World Rhymecorruption,how i feel,lif
3/9/2017 Ebony Cries Rhymedeep,depression,grief,
3/9/2017 The Noise Rhymeanalogy,conflict,introspe
3/9/2017 Kneeling Versefaith,god,
3/8/2017 Hot Chocolate, Coffee and Tea Concretesilly,
3/7/2017 Eight Years of Sobriety Rhymeaddiction,courage,depress
3/7/2017 The Legend of Talos, Sero and Jack Narrativechildren,courage,myth,
3/6/2017 Never See You Again Rhymedeath,sister,suicide,
3/6/2017 A Tiny Angel, My Inspiration Rhymecancer,child,
3/5/2017 The Ivory Castle II Narrativeadventure,child,fun,silly
3/5/2017 What's Lost Can't Be Found Verseanxiety,emotions,forgiven
3/4/2017 Jade Versebeautiful,engagement,
3/1/2017 Tranquility of the Night Versebeauty,confidence,love,me
3/1/2017 An Unwanted Guest Mother in Law Coupletangst,humorous,mother,
2/28/2017 To My Nicholas Free versedevotion,love,passion,
2/26/2017 River Line Verselife,river,
2/25/2017 Up-Chucking Limerickhumor,silly,
2/25/2017 Indigo Verseblue,color,
2/24/2017 What Doesn't Kill Us-contest example Rhymepoetry,
2/23/2017 Anxiety Filled Days Rhymeangst,anxiety,depression,
2/21/2017 TRIAD IN 7 BEATS Opaque Hue Versebeautiful,nature,
2/20/2017 Night Of Sweet Hunger Haikulove,passion,
2/20/2017 Invisible Rhymeconflict,deep,fear,
2/19/2017 Forever Immortal Love Italian Sonneti love you,marriage,
2/19/2017 Hubby Versehusband,i love you,
2/16/2017 FROM THE WORDS OF WALT WHITMAN Quatrainbetrayal,emotions,heartbr
2/15/2017 Life In An Aquarium Rhymebeauty,fish,imagination,
2/14/2017 February 12 2006 Rhymebeautiful,birth,blessing,
2/13/2017 Sangria Sunset Rhymebeautiful,color,nature,
2/12/2017 Lessons In Life Learned Rhymejourney,life,
2/10/2017 Beyond The Breakers Versebetrayal,death,deep,emoti
2/10/2017 What Lies Beneath The Lies Rhymeanalogy,angst,betrayal,fo
2/9/2017 Valentines Day 1998-To My Baby Free versebeauty,love,marriage,pass
2/9/2017 Crimson Stain Versedeath,emotions,lonely,
2/8/2017 Bad Bunny Silly Puppy Limerickdog,silly,

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