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Bloggers PhotoHi it is time i introduced myself, I was born in Skipton Yorkshire, England, and still have a accent belonging to my birth place. in 1966 my wife Elaine and i and our two sons moved to New Zealand, where the boys were raised. then we  moved on to the city of Perth  in Western Australia.
After 45 years away we both decided to have a move back to the yorkshire dales where we were raised. leaving our children and grandchildren in what i consider the best places on the planet. (NZ-OZ)
Our reason for the move back to the uk was to be able to discover our back yard so to speak, and we have a desire to go to europe, especially scandinavia and germany.
 I would like to say how much i'm enjoying my trip here on soup, and really loved the poems posted, my bigest problem being time, i always seem to be catching up, being able only to spend two to three days on here, even then with limited hours, so please forgive me if my comments seem later than most.  I also love football (soccer) Newcastle United in England being my team, then music, all kinds but mainly Rock 'n' Roll, i'm  a avid record collector, especially old vinyl LP's of the Fifties. my favourite poet is W. H Davies, along with a few on soup here, I do not get a lot of time to read these days, but my favourite Author is Dennis Wheatley, also i love  the the Bronte Sisters, being raised only 10 miles from Haworth, one gets a real feel for their literature, when one visits the area.   Harry


Blog Posted:3/23/2013 11:32:00 AM
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Date: 3/27/2013 8:43:00 AM
Hey there Harry, I am very new here myself, I do agree that an excess of 300 posts in a short time is excessive. I know I get a little excited some days and post 3 or 5 in one day myself. I certainly agree about the new posts and having an opportunity to read them before a massive barrage of poems hits like that, but I would not be too concerned about smaller amounts, like 5 or so.
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Date: 3/25/2013 8:11:00 AM
A limit to daily posts sounds like a good idea. I would imagine that most of the posting offenders are new and don't realize what they are doing, as far as lists are concerned. I've been on other poetry sites that seemed to encourage tons of posts...with more points and such...
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Date: 3/24/2013 9:58:00 AM
Dear Harry, Just a short P.S. I am guilty on August 25 and Nov.4th of more than 5 Poems per day. LOVE ALWAYS...Harry
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Date: 3/24/2013 9:53:00 AM
Dear Harry,Hope this finds YOU and Yours Healthy and High in the Spirit.I am pleading Nolo Contedra. I have my write some Poems days. I will write 3 or 4 POEMS one day and not write any again for a week or more.I don't see how any one can write 15+ quality Poems in one day(but I am an Amature Poet) Where is the Poetic Respect? I know this subject came up about 2 years ago and TPS came up with a temporary solution.I do not go to the New poems page since the last time I went 10-12 Poets filled the section out of the hundreds that were posted that day(week?) YOU are right something should be done.Superb Blog.With LOVE ALWAYS and FOREVER YOUR Eternal Liege...Harry (HG)
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Date: 3/24/2013 4:26:00 AM
You may Google "SEO" and read up on it. It is up to TPS whether they think this site is being used. TPS only makes money from paid up members ;-).
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Date: 3/23/2013 6:34:00 PM
Also, if Soup would not honor big-time posting with a top 100 list, maybe that would curtail it. The person who always posts the same poem but with different titles, for example, would have no reason for making such weird posts. has anyone here even told Soup about this problem and brought it to their attention? I have not done it because I am not concerned with that silly list anyway. Please guys, just boycott that list and only choose "new poem-by poet" list.
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Date: 3/23/2013 6:33:00 PM
Suz, at the bottom of this blog, brought up again what I keep telling everyone. DON'T use the list called Poems-new. It's as simple as that!! Use only Poems-new by poet. That way the offenders are always bumping themselves off that list because their name can only appear one time on it before scrolling off into oblivion.
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Date: 3/23/2013 4:22:00 PM
I saw who the writer is..Im sure he s doing it unintentionally.I agree with what James fraser stated.Many newcomers won t know how things go on ps.When i first joined ps i posted a lot too but never crossed my mind others poems were being pushed off the display page..Maybe tps should write something about limits and add it to the rules.
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Date: 3/23/2013 3:39:00 PM
Limiting poems per day sounds good. Hope TPS steps in this time.loveSandyIvy
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Date: 3/23/2013 3:24:00 PM
I rarely write anymore, now I feel gyped because I have 2 on the new poems list which will probably be bumped within the hour
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Date: 3/23/2013 3:20:00 PM
at the moment 54 out of 200 poems are from one poet, I also left a comment about "too much" and bumping off others, but restraint is obviously not his forte. When someone has 10 or more posteed all at once I usually read ONE, and only one of theirs.
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Date: 3/23/2013 3:11:00 PM
Maybe they have moved all their poems from one site to another. I did this at first not knowing that I was never giving my poetry the chance to be read.
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Roberts Avatar
Francine Roberts
Date: 3/23/2013 3:22:00 PM
This happens with many new members, but he has received comments from a few of us now explaining how he's bumping off others work before they can be read, he posted 3 more after my comment and is now bumping off his own stuff
Date: 3/23/2013 2:54:00 PM
it's a bit inconsiderate; if I see people dominating the new poems list and posting ridiculous numbers of poems I don't usually bother posting anything...
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Date: 3/23/2013 1:48:00 PM
Harry...well said... the thing we have to remember is TPS use the poems to make money, but if TPS used a traffic light system i.e. when we post we have to click on a button that would light up green for ok, amber getting near our limit and red we are at our limit and cannot post until the next day...
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Anderson-Throop Avatar
Victoria Anderson-Throop
Date: 4/7/2013 5:25:00 AM
It seems that a simple program of 2 per day on the 'new poems' site would be an easy fix. if someone wishes to read a certain poet, that could be searched. New poets have no way of knowing all the rules, so this will be a never ending problem if it isn' controlled by the site managers. ..BUT if it is bothersome, than 'fix it, dear Lilah....' (or am I the only duck in the pond that recalls that song?)
horsman Avatar
harry horsman
Date: 3/23/2013 4:59:00 PM
true David, when analysed today making money is the usually the motive, but as Marlon says, if 20000 poets decided to post 200 poems in one day we would get grid lock,, i think a limit on posting, would not deter say a prospect candidate for premium membership, but to allow this to go and on,, i think it could be detrimental to the site, by losing those it as already got, Harry
Date: 3/23/2013 1:46:00 PM
OK. Let us look at what this person could possibly GAIN by flooding PS. Higher rankings or higher up in an Internet search. I do know that Google takes it seriously if people try to manipulate the search engines... eg Appearing on the first page of a Google search. I do not think that any person in his right mind has the time to post 200 poems in one given day on ONE poetry site without an alterior motive. I think that you should bring this matter to TPS's attention as PS is being USED and ABUSED for reasons we could only speculate about. I do not know this poet's name and I do not know whether the poetry is worth reading - I have been inactive for a while here (except blog now & again).
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Chircop Avatar
Charmaine Chircop
Date: 3/23/2013 4:26:00 PM
i read his poems too..now i realized he s the guy pisting too many.His poems are great..at least the once i managed to read.Maybe its a misunderstanding..
A   Avatar
Poet Destroyer A
Date: 3/23/2013 2:29:00 PM
i meant to say.... I left his poems many positive comments.
A   Avatar
Poet Destroyer A
Date: 3/23/2013 2:28:00 PM
I left the poem many positive comments... at the same time I alerted the poet... too much posting... and SU' I had no idea, that thus bumps you up into the internet.. that is something I will research. nothing about his posting this many poems made sense...
Richards Avatar
Suzette Richards
Date: 3/23/2013 2:19:00 PM
I can only think that he wishes to bump himself up in an Internet search. But, there might be other reasons.... If he was notified of this inconsiderate behaviour, but still persisted, I tend to think that he must have a reason. Don't you find it fishy?
A   Avatar
Poet Destroyer A
Date: 3/23/2013 2:14:00 PM
he is a good poet.. i read a few and enjoyed the poems... but why post so many in a few days...
Date: 3/23/2013 1:38:00 PM
Hi Harry, good for you for posting a blog on this--I saw the New Poems list and it does look suffocating-- I wonder if TPS would be open to having some sort of "Report Abuse" button beside the poet's name? Then maybe the person reporting it can tick off a reason? Such as overposting... Then if they receive a sufficient number of reports, then they can act on it? Yeah, a ceiling per day (not sure is that how it's called?) might be a good idea to curb this problem.
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Chircop Avatar
Charmaine Chircop
Date: 3/23/2013 3:43:00 PM
hi jelly bean..nice to see you Nikko..Happy weekend..You too dave
k. Avatar
kabuteng P.iNk k.
Date: 3/23/2013 2:01:00 PM
btw Harry, is that a pic of you as a kid? So cute!
k. Avatar
kabuteng P.iNk k.
Date: 3/23/2013 1:56:00 PM
Nice to see you too, David :) I couldn't sleep (aka dilly dallying), found myself here...
Williams Avatar
David Williams
Date: 3/23/2013 1:49:00 PM
Nikko lovely to see you here....
Date: 3/23/2013 1:29:00 PM
This is crazy!! I know I've been off here more then on but I have noticed what Harry is saying. Maybe now that the Poets have spoken a change may be made.
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Date: 3/23/2013 1:18:00 PM
TPS , i strongly agree with Scribe, TPS.... hear us roarrrrrrrrrrr... LOL.... and by the way, the poet who posted over 200 and plus poems these past few days, was approached by other poets... and did not care obviously.
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Date: 3/23/2013 12:56:00 PM
i can t even get inspired to write a tiny haiku..So many in 5days..: )
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Date: 3/23/2013 12:38:00 PM
Well said 'arry! I will start trying the list mentioned by Andy while we get this sorted out. Thanks!! Deb
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Date: 3/23/2013 12:28:00 PM
Yes you are right this is becoming a real pain. I am missing so many good poems now because they are pushed off by these selfish or unknowing people ....Come on soup do something.
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Date: 3/23/2013 12:14:00 PM
I love going to the new poem list, I don't mind reading 2 or 5 poems from the same poet posting on the new list. Many-times when I'm at work I scan poems from the new list, and view poems I will later comment from my computer at home... sadly, when i get home and open my computer many times.. all the poets i want to read are all pushed off the new poets list, when someone is posting 20 plus poem.... anyways.... I tried the list Andrea, mentioned... I don't like missing any new poems.
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horsman Avatar
harry horsman
Date: 3/23/2013 4:45:00 PM
you are so right Linda, any new person yesterday posting for the first time would have been off the list of 200 with in a hour or so,,, that is not fair,, and yes i alsd like to go to this list...
Richards Avatar
Suzette Richards
Date: 3/23/2013 1:35:00 PM
Oh! I see :-(
A   Avatar
Poet Destroyer A
Date: 3/23/2013 12:15:00 PM
and this is a problem
Date: 3/23/2013 11:58:00 AM
As Andrea had helped me with this "problem", ie to view the poems posted; I think it may be shared here. I now only look at "Poems - New by poet". So, even if someone selfishly hog the new posts board, he/she cannot override this function. Maybe TPS could turn the "Poems - New" OFF and then it would automatically default to "Poems - New by Poet". That sounds like common sense to me. Love, Su
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Date: 3/23/2013 11:39:00 AM
I SO AGREE... HARRY, yesterdays list was crazily insane... I was about to blog about it again.. This time, this poet is pushing off all poets off the list.. I think you should address this blog to the soup.. OR MAYBE WE SHOULD ALL ADDRESS A BLOG LIKE THIS TO THE SOUP.... lets see what they have to say about it. Posting 20 - 30 poems is one thing, but to hog up all the new poem list, is insane. I think the soup should only allow 5 poems of each member to appear on the new poem list. let them post as many as they want, but only 5 should show up on the list... anything more than 5 a day is not an eye catcher... my thought indeed... pd
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Delaney Avatar
Suzanne Delaney
Date: 3/26/2013 1:12:00 AM
My apologies everyone. I think I was guilty of this very behavior today. I guess I didn't know about a new poems list. I thought they were just going onto my page. Gee Willikers..... I will cease and desist. Have a good evening evryone.....new friends and old. SuZ

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