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I was born and raised in the south-central West Virginia. I graduated from Nuttall High School, Lookout, WV in 1959 and went off to Berea College, Berea, Kentucky. After my freshman year, I enlisted in the United States Air Force, where I served for four years in the beautiful state of Hawaii. While there, I attended Jackson College and the University of Hawaii.

Upon my return home to West Virginia, I married and had two exceptional children, Emily and Adam Hankins. Unfortunately, that marriage ended in divorce after about seven years. During those same years, I graduated from the University of Charleston, Charleston, WV, receiving my baccalaureate degree in history.

About this time, I published my first chapbook of poetry, The Lady in the Pink Hat. It was published by Candor Press in 1969.

(More recently) I obtained my master's and doctoral degees in Theology at Trinity Theological Seminary. I served churches in West Virginia, Ohio, and Virginia before retiring in 1997.  A compulsive writer, my poetry, articles, short stories, and theological writings have appeared in numerous national journals and periodicals, including Christian Century, Biblical Illustrator, and the renowned Pulpit Digest. In 1992-1993 I was elected to Who's Who in Religion. I was also elected to the international poetry society, Escambi Y Internationale. One of my poems was read into the Congressional Journal of the United States. I am also a member of Pi Gamma Mu, an honorary sociological fraternity. 

(Even More Recently) I published a book of Appalachian short stories, Ashes on the Snow, and, A Sensible Theology for Thinking People (A retired Southern Baptist minister talks candidly about the Bible, Theology and Contemporary Concerns). For about eight years I wrote a weekly column for the Huntington, WV Herald-Dispatch.

I have been interviewed on both radio and television.

My wife Deborah and I moved to Catlettsburg, Kentucky to operate The Presidents' House Bed and Breakfast, where we remained until we retired a second time and moved to Ashland, Kentucky. My wife Deborah of 35 years died November 22, 2018. 

I continue my work as a public speaker and freelance writer.

Judging My Couplets Contest

Blog Posted:9/27/2021 5:55:00 PM

Hey everyone --

As the entries are down to the wire and I start to judge the couplets contest, I realize it is the most difficult task I have set for myself since sponsoring contests.

First of all, the entries, for the most part, are absolutely superb.  If you were not considered for placement among the top ten, it probably has to do with one or more of the following reasons:

1. You submitted more than one couplet, even though I clearly indicated I wanted only TWO RHYMING LINES, and even wrote a blog clarifying that. More than two lines were automatically eliminated.

2. Your entry had clear grammatical, punctuation, and/or spelling errors.

3. Your couplet simply did not hold together as a story or a meaningful, memorable couplet, and in a very few cases I felt like you had merely thrown something together for the contest. If you will read the winners, you will see the differences.

4. Or, lastly, I only had ten spots, and so, after eliminating all of the aforementioned, I picked the top ten couplets I enjoyed the most, and your couplet was probably number eleven, twelve, or thirteen.

Thank you to everyone who entered the contest. I appreciate all of you. I do believe that the premiere contest tradition calls for excellence, so I am very happily going to reward those poets whom I felt submitted the best of the best couplets. And, I think we will do this again, okay?

Most cordially,


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Date: 10/6/2021 6:52:00 PM
Thanks Milt, your contest called me to write an epitaph for Carolyn, very much helping me emotionally deal with her departure, I just added this tribute at the end, how did you know? Thank you...
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Date: 9/29/2021 9:43:00 AM
Thank you for the contest Milton... I enjoyed writing... It's not always about winning, it's about enjoying writing... Congrats to all winners... ~ Ani
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Date: 9/28/2021 4:20:00 PM
Thanks again for my placement, Milt:-) So honored. Heartiest congratulations to all your winners!
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Date: 9/28/2021 9:54:00 AM
hey I got a sweet surprise seeing I made your list today. Barely, but I made it!!! Thanks so much. I really enjoyed that contest, Milt.
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Dietrich Avatar
Andrea Dietrich
Date: 9/28/2021 9:21:00 PM
when I was on Soup today I saw two really humorous ones that two poets had entered. You should do a humorous contest sometime. Those were very good ones also! (your list was VERY good, Milt. The wins were well deserved and the ones at the top were stunning)
Date: 9/28/2021 11:04:00 AM
Andrea, I had such a time deciding on the final three or four on the list, I'm telling you. I honestly felt bad that four or five very fine entries didn't make it because there were ten clear winners! Frankly, to be on a list of ten out of fifty is bragging rights, IMHO. I'm hoping that some of the newer people will enter and some of their names will appear on the second go-round list. Anyway, congratulations!
Date: 9/28/2021 7:43:00 AM
Have fun judging, I'm looking forward to seeing the results Milton, hugs Jan xx
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Date: 9/28/2021 5:52:00 AM
Milt, I agree with William, I am sure your judging will reflect the best couplets, there can be great beauty and emotions in two lines ~ peace and tranquility _Constance
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Date: 9/27/2021 7:19:00 PM
Win or lose, nicely said, that's true sponsorship, Milt, Aloha!
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