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Bloggers PhotoHi it is time i introduced myself, I was born in Skipton Yorkshire, England, and still have a accent belonging to my birth place. in 1966 my wife Elaine and i and our two sons moved to New Zealand, where the boys were raised. then we  moved on to the city of Perth  in Western Australia.
After 45 years away we both decided to have a move back to the yorkshire dales where we were raised. leaving our children and grandchildren in what i consider the best places on the planet. (NZ-OZ)
Our reason for the move back to the uk was to be able to discover our back yard so to speak, and we have a desire to go to europe, especially scandinavia and germany.
 I would like to say how much i'm enjoying my trip here on soup, and really loved the poems posted, my bigest problem being time, i always seem to be catching up, being able only to spend two to three days on here, even then with limited hours, so please forgive me if my comments seem later than most.  I also love football (soccer) Newcastle United in England being my team, then music, all kinds but mainly Rock 'n' Roll, i'm  a avid record collector, especially old vinyl LP's of the Fifties. my favourite poet is W. H Davies, along with a few on soup here, I do not get a lot of time to read these days, but my favourite Author is Dennis Wheatley, also i love  the the Bronte Sisters, being raised only 10 miles from Haworth, one gets a real feel for their literature, when one visits the area.   Harry

I'm Off

Blog Posted:4/5/2019 6:16:00 AM

I am going to Perth western australia, for a month: to vist my Great grandchildren(4) not yet seen. Grandchildren(3) and children Stephen and his wife Sheryl, also hopeful of seeing my second son, Richard and his wife Fran from Brisbane......will vist soup time permitted....Harry

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Date: 4/9/2019 10:21:00 AM
Have a great trip.....I am glad that you will be spending time with your children/family and that you will be enjoying the pleasure of returning to treasured places. Safe voyage!
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Date: 4/8/2019 10:09:00 PM
Be safe Harry and enjoy moments with your family. Many wonderful blessings to you and yours. ~ Brandy
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Date: 4/8/2019 5:58:00 PM
though you'll be missed, the very thought of bonding with your family is one you must be looking forward to... blessed be, merry be and have the best time of your life, harry... huggs
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Date: 4/7/2019 5:16:00 PM
I'm just off! (No comments from the peanut gallery)
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Trestrail Avatar
Keith Trestrail
Date: 4/8/2019 6:42:00 AM
Pistachio, thank you very much!
Date: 4/5/2019 9:34:00 PM
I'm the pub! Safe travels, mate. You'll probably get to Perth before I get home!
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Date: 4/5/2019 8:07:00 PM
Have a really happy time, harry, and I hope to see you around at least a little!!
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Date: 4/5/2019 7:36:00 PM
Safe travels, Harry... my daughter and I leave next week to go see my dad as he turns 80 on the 13th, and has no wish to fly long distances anymore :)
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Date: 4/5/2019 6:15:00 PM
Enjoy, Harry - have a great time! (I have five grandkids and one great-grandson, NONE of which I've yet to hold or sit on my knee - and most are now too big ... soon, I hope!) Blessings, My Friend! :-)
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Date: 4/5/2019 3:29:00 PM
Have an awesome trip, Harry. You'll be bursting with exotic poetry ideas on your return.
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Date: 4/5/2019 9:52:00 AM
Vaya con Dios, Harry. Have a safe trip. See you on the get back.
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Date: 4/5/2019 9:32:00 AM
Oh, have so much fun loving all of them.
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Date: 4/5/2019 8:20:00 AM
I hate long journeys, Harry, but the thought of seeing children and grandchildren would certainly encourage me to go for it. Take care and enjoy. // paul
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Date: 4/5/2019 8:17:00 AM
My friend, I wish you a safe , blessed and most fruitful trip and visit with you loved ones. As you traverse the great -down under- a place I've always dearly wanted to visit myself. God bless....and grant a safe return...
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Date: 4/5/2019 7:08:00 AM
I wish you a safe journey Harry and hope you have a great time with your family. Tom.u
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One Second Delay Free verseintrospection,me,me,
wishful Dramatic monologueinspirational,journey,lif
The Dart Chalker Rhymehumorous,sports,
He Touched Me Free versemiracle,
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