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I am a retired Ironworker(35 years Local 7), a lifetime Boston, Mass resident.  I am old enough to know better - but don't.


Blog Posted:9/14/2022 5:51:00 AM

Something has gone awry with my attempt to post the results of this contest.  Perhaps I shouldn't have written the titles on that paper airplane....OOPS....

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Date: 9/16/2022 7:38:00 AM
John, happy you were able to judge your contest, and thank you for my placement, I enjoyed writing my poem so much and congratulations on your other winners, blessings ~
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Date: 9/14/2022 12:19:00 PM
John, like Hilo said, re-open the contest, and try again, it has happened to me before and I was able to fix by reopening and going through the steps again, best of luck....I have read some of the wonderful poems written for your contest, it would be sad to not see them on a winning list, blessings ~
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Date: 9/14/2022 9:30:00 AM
Hi John, have you gone to your contest page, at the bottom where it says to "Finalize Contest" click no (since you have closed it), then go through your steps, 1, 2, and 3, verifying and updating, then when you've completed this task, go back to your contest page, "Finalize Contest" and then click on yes, and voila--it should work then, lest there's a window of opportunity? Aloha William
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John lawless
Date: 9/14/2022 8:05:00 PM
WILL DO.....

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My Recent Poems

Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
9/30/2022 SHE HAS ARRIVED Free versebeauty,
9/29/2022 Beware the Leaves of Autumn Rhymeautumn,earth,fate,fear,
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9/21/2022 I Wandered Lonely as My life Sonnetdeath,joy,life,sorrow,
9/20/2022 I wandered lonely as the crowd Rhymeamerica,anger,violence,
9/18/2022 I Wandered Lonely As My Grief Rhymegrief,loneliness,loss,
9/16/2022 This Poetry, This Demon's Game Rhymemuse,poetry,writing,
9/16/2022 HEART STRINGS Rhymeloss,love,sorrow,
9/16/2022 AUTUMN - CONSTANZA Rhymeautumn,
9/15/2022 Autumn - Constanza Verseautumn,metaphor,
9/15/2022 LOOSE LEAF BINDERS Senryuautumn,humor,nature,
9/12/2022 SEPTEMBER SIGHS Free verseseptember,
9/10/2022 FAREWELL Free verseeulogy,
9/9/2022 CLASS ACT Monokuhumor,kid,school,
9/8/2022 AUTUMNAL ANNOUNCEMENTS Senryuautumn,nature,seasons,
9/8/2022 HOORAHS HOORAYS Coupletpoetry,writing,
9/2/2022 I'm no longer a deplorable Versebullying,confusion,discri
9/1/2022 HEROIC KNIGHT, COWARDLY KNAVE Coupletlife,philosophy,spiritual
8/30/2022 The Hints of Fall Free verseautumn,beauty,
8/28/2022 because Monokuhumor,writing,
8/25/2022 PLAYING FAVORITES Free versechildren,grandfather,love
8/25/2022 FACES, FACES EVERYONE Free versechildren,education,school
8/23/2022 The Meaning of Life Proselife,
8/22/2022 The I's Have It Couplethumor,word play,
8/22/2022 Where's Your God Now, Moses Versegod,introspection,religio
8/20/2022 CRAYONS REVISITED Free versechildhood,growing up,imag
8/19/2022 August, you lazy dog Rhymeaugust,
8/16/2022 Somewhere Within The Words Versemetaphor,words,
8/15/2022 I WRIT IT Free versefun,humor,poetry,writing,
8/14/2022 DEATH CONCEDES Sonnetaddiction,fear,night,scar
8/13/2022 GOOSE BUMPS Ninetteautumn,mystery,nature,
8/11/2022 The Egret's Feet Are Dry Rhymeplanet,river,weather,
8/10/2022 AS I DREAM Free versebetrayal,dream,lost love,
8/10/2022 POETRY SOUP Acrosticmuse,poetry,poets,
8/7/2022 EDEN'S FATE Free versefate,
8/6/2022 OF FATALISM Free versefate,irony,
8/6/2022 I WILL NOT STOP Villanellelife,
8/1/2022 SOUL SCAVENGERS Rhymeamerica,power,truth,
7/30/2022 SPIRITUAL MULTITASKING Free verseconfusion,life,spiritual,
7/29/2022 RIVER MOMENTS a six pack of Senryu Senryuhumor,nature,river,
7/28/2022 A POESY OF RHYTHMIC SWIRLS Rhymepoetess,poetry,poets,
7/28/2022 MUTED Rhymemuse,poetry,writing,
7/26/2022 I Think That I Shall Pen a Tome Rhymefun,humor,poetry,poets,wr
7/26/2022 LOST Senryuday,dream,
7/25/2022 My Lyin' Eyes Free verseallusion,
7/25/2022 WHERE'S THE BEEF Rhymefood,humor,satire,
7/24/2022 UNREDACTED REDACTIONS Rhymefun,humor,satire,
7/22/2022 HOW HOT WAS IT MOMMA Coupletenvironment,satire,sunset
7/22/2022 A Hint of Autumn Monokuautumn,
7/16/2022 A QUIET PLACE Free versenature,peace,
7/15/2022 THANKSGIVING CRYSTALS Crystallinelife,water,
7/15/2022 Suspicion Fell on the Butler Free versefun,humor,mystery,pets,
7/15/2022 A Ghost's Story Free versescary,
7/14/2022 The Faces of God Free versegod,people,
7/11/2022 We Will Write - We Poets Bold Rhymehumor,poetry,writing,
7/11/2022 THERE ARE NO HEROES Free versefamily,immigration,
7/6/2022 They sit up here alone with me Sonnetirony,religion,
7/6/2022 ANCIENT RIVER PASSING SONG Rhymelife,metaphor,
7/3/2022 JULY SKY Haikujuly,
7/2/2022 I Pledge Allegiance to a Dream Free versefeelings,independence day
6/27/2022 The Olde Country Fair Senryuamerica,celebration,famil
6/27/2022 from somewhere within Haibunchildhood,children,joy,
6/23/2022 HOT STUFF Senryuhumor,senses,sexy,summer,
6/23/2022 REMORSE Free versechildren,food,poverty,
6/17/2022 Speaking of Essentials Monokuirony,political,word play
6/15/2022 OLDING Coupletage,humor,
6/13/2022 THEY EXIST Free versenight,
6/9/2022 I KID KU YOU NOT Senryuchildren,humor,parents,
6/7/2022 holy blue jeans Monokufashion,irony,work,
6/7/2022 JUST A SOULLESS TRAVELER Rhymeage,introspection,life,
6/6/2022 I found a poem Free versepoetry,poets,
6/5/2022 The Kiss of June's Moon Quintain (Sicilian)june,moon,rose,
5/31/2022 MONO KU KU Monokufun,humor,nature,
5/31/2022 SAY WHAT Monokuirony,word play,
5/30/2022 false dawn Monokumorning,
5/25/2022 TO BEE OR NOT TO BEE Personificationflying,humor,nature,
5/25/2022 MY HEART SINKS Free verseamerica,pain,sorrow,
5/25/2022 I LONG TO WRITE A POEM - JUST RIGHT Rhymebullying,poems,writing,
5/21/2022 TREES COMPANY Rhymelife,love,nature,
5/19/2022 Just Passing Thru Free verseirony,wind,
5/17/2022 Quarantine Quazy Rhymehumor,
5/15/2022 Long Needle Pines Free verselife,nature,tree,wisdom,
5/12/2022 The Cat Just Shook Its Head Rhymebeach,cat,confusion,dog,
5/11/2022 Broken Hearted Fools Sonnetlost love,lust,
5/10/2022 ONCE Free verselife,mystery,time,
5/10/2022 WHAT A LOAD Coupletnature,
5/10/2022 EQUAL PAY Monokuwork,
5/9/2022 SPRING FLING Haikucreation,life,nature,
5/9/2022 WORKERS WOE Monokuwork,
5/8/2022 THEY TELL ME Rhymegod,religion,war,
5/7/2022 ODE TO AN ODE Odewriting,
5/6/2022 ENOUGH ALREADY Free versehumor,irony,
5/4/2022 Ah, perfection Rhymelife,poetry,writing,
4/28/2022 i have spent time near death Free versedeath,
4/28/2022 Take a Guess Personificationenvironment,nature,silenc

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She's Always Drawing Mermaids Sonnetsad,
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The Wintered Soul Among Wisteria Sonnetgrief,
And still she smiles Free versedepression,friendship,lov
Death becomes art Rhymedeath,depression,poetry,
'Theatre Of The Absurd'-Catoptric Corridors of Time Rhymehumanity,metaphor,solitud
Sacred Dwellers Coupletanimal,native american,sp
moonless curse Senryuappreciation,hope,longing
Rise up and sing the sun Sonnetday,

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