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RAIN - Rape, Abuse, Incest Nonsense

The sun was out this morning
But soon the R.A.I.N came and erased any ray of hope I had left
It committed theft
Of my virginity
Flooded and damaged my fertility
R.A.I.N. drops were falling on my head
My secret garden became a water bed
And growing within it 
Was the clitoral swelling
That became a dwelling
For constant pain
And while Gene Kelly is singing in it
I’m crying from all the R.A.I.N.

I can’t stand these April showers
How can it bring May flowers?
But deflower me?  
What have I done to deserve
Falling victim to the second nature
Of a worthless soul
I guess not realizing the devil could be so bold

When it was all said and done
All I could see was the RED blood between my thighs
That I unwillingly sacrificed 
For the R.A.I.N. to stop
The ORANGE that represented my strength was slowly fading
The YELLOW became a brick road that I couldn’t ease on down
Because it was now blocked
I didn’t know how to get back to my sanity
I couldn’t see the GREEN in me that once represented my dreams
And like the BLUE in the oceans, skies and the heavens
I became distant
The INDIGO made me suddenly aware that 
I could no longer trust anyone.
All my shame and sorrow 
Was clad in VIOLET 
Bright enough for the world to see

Feelings of hopelessness and insecurities
Were trapped inside the rainbow
The R.A.I.N. left behind
No lucky charms or pots of gold
I beg for the R.A.I.N. to stay away
But no matter how much I pray
It continues to pour on unsuspecting souls

Copyright © Latosha Mitchell | Year Posted 2014

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Raining cats and dogs, we didn’t want to get wet through We dashed to the bus stop, to shelter as you do There we huddled under the shelter as a cosy retreat But a storm was brewing right under our feet A lady held her umbrella up to protect her head It was dry under the shelter but still she went ahead She was twirling it round and poked a man in the eye He wasn’t going to let this selfish action pass him by He asked her very nicely to put the umbrella down She got VERY irate and started to shout and frown Soon expletives were flying- we moved out of the way She cursed in Italian, we could understand what she did say Umbrellas started flying- it turned into quite a fight They were whacking each other with all their might Suddenly a huge wave broke from the sea shore We jumped out of the way to avoid any more But the fight it continued and spilled on to the street The words that were flying I could never repeat! It was such a spectacle, everyone was staring The foul mouth woman retreated but continued swearing All she needed to have done was put her umbrella down Sadly in reality she became the talk of the town. A true event which happened on 1st November 2nd November 2015

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2015

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Pluie de La Paix

Today the raindrops slashed at the window pane while the sky, sullen with the weight of gray, 
hangs low enough to show us its frown.  
On this day we all cry.  

Tonight we fight to show our smiles. 
False but necessary, in hopes that tomorrow we can enjoy the sun, 
even if just for a moment again.

Fear not the rain that falls, but rather weep for the colors we lost. 
Taken from us; effaced from our magnificent canvas, blanketed by eternal night.  

Extinguishing light, 
tonight we pray,  
tonight we fight.  

Let us never forget the sun on our shoulders for we are all children at play. 
Not for a God, but for ourselves.  
And that we all live together, under the same sky, 
from which the rain might fall.

In Honor, Paris
November 14, 2015

Copyright © Sam Jameson | Year Posted 2016

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savages. arms muscular
and tatooed - 
a radio, wine bottle and
and they've tried to wash them
but failed,
to hide the hideous acts
of their past
and to predict
those they have yet to commit.

thieves. shadows clingining
from wall to door, 
who's reflections
in the glass eyes of
their victim
recall to mind 
a young man
dark hair
dark eyes. 
a man just like yourself or 
who blends into 
the anymonity of 
the night.

pimps. in suits with
bow ties and crooked smiles and
walking canes too,
trampling over hookers
bloody and bruised.
smeered lipstick
they assure me,
but i know better.
have seen all the
limps and scars
far gone minds
smoking in the backs of bars.

and she weeps on
us all and
i weep with her.
i swear
each night
there's one less star in the sky. 

Copyright © Daniel Day | Year Posted 2014

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The Rain and the Void

The rain falls gently past my face
Not touching though, to my disgrace

The cleansing rain, that from head to toes
Creates placid sweet peace, anyway it goes

Had abandoned my skin, my flesh it avoids
As silently drifting I fall through the void

Copyright © An Anomaly | Year Posted 2017