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Dark Poems

Dark Poems. Read and share great examples of poetry about dark. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for dark.

New Poems

You Are My Adorable Poetry
where are you? 
let me see 
oh nothing is still!
morning has gone, 
noon, afternoon, twilight also gone 
look there is still nothing 
night has come
moon is absent tonight
as if my alliance with the dark and insect-worm-spider 
lizard on the...Read More
Categories: dark, beauty, poetry, writing,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Dizain Contest
I met death very early in my life,
he took my big sister one snowy day;
my mothers scream still echoes like a knife,
broken within-  not a word I would say,
and dealt with death by penning my dismay.
Years and years- ...Read More
Categories: dark, death, grief, writing,
Form: Dizain
Premium Member Brexitland Brexitain
The great Tory brexitland tour calling off at:
Islamaohobia, followed by a short visit to 
the tax havens, via the museum of the NHS. 

Then a look at the much ballyhooed ‘pension 
age of the working class’ - they can’t read...Read More
Categories: abuse, crush, dark, destiny, discrimination, fate, fear,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Five Nights on the Fifth Floor
Five Nights on the Fifth Floor

8 December

Names and monikers are just smokescreens for the feckless. 
They hide like poachers in the mud, behind a fake title of hubris.
Nevertheless, I am Doctor Harry Pim, MD, PH.D, LL.D. 
It is all pointless...Read More
Categories: dark, memory,
Form: Free verse
Final Snowfall
quiet birch forest                                
endless fortress of white drifts 
fast fading sunlight
struggling fight through deep powder
snow erases existence...Read More
Categories: dark, death, snow,
Form: Tanka

I Am Envious of the Sky Bird
It all began one afternoon

The ground was hot and the world seemed bounded
But up the sky the boastful sky bird glided gaily
Enjoying the boundless splendour of the universe
Huh! If only I had wings like that bird!
The bird heard me, swooped...Read More
Categories: dark, allegory, anger, bird, imagery, jealousy,
Form: Imagism
Premium Member Midnight sky
Shimmering stars through barren trees –
I see far as the eye can see!
For clouds are in and snuggled tight,
reveling in this midnight sky.

Others join, as one by one,
each darkened house awaits the sun;
they slumber as the night doth play
and prosper...Read More
Categories: dark, blue, love, night, sky, stars,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The thing in the pool
I drown you in wine, the goddamn squatter 
who lives in me. Flow, Lethe, dark and deep!
But even through a drunken dreamless sleep,
like a nude drowned man in see-through water,
the memory is seen… That very sunny
day on the river, tender...Read More
Categories: dark, death, fear, river,
Form: Rhyme
My state of mind critical condition
Yes, I lost who I was and I walked the wrong way
Alcohol and drugs, I was killing the brain I was deep in my blood and weakened my love like that others and self-esteem I hated myself, I hated my...Read More
Categories: dark, abuse, anxiety, crazy, death, depression, evil, heaven,
Form: Bio
Love Darkness

Learn to love the darkness too,
From it comes your need for more vibrant colours....Read More
Categories: color, dark,
Form: Free verse
Margarita, fair girl with blue eyes
Come tonight to the hidden spot
When fool moon rises in the dark skies
To the edge of the watery lot
Where the mysterious willow
Washes her long silky braids 
In warm splashes of water
Reflecting shiny moonlight
I will be...Read More
Categories: dark, allusion, analogy, deep, desire, evil,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Fulfilling Rushing Waters That Never Runaway--
Lord I'm so thirsty my mouth is parched
I am so hungry I need nourishment
It all Lord I am thirsty
You are my cup of water
In a drought
And Lord You Are My substance
Throwing my stomach Cries Out
When I'm hungry oh Lord...Read More
Categories: dark, allusion, analogy, assonance, blessing, confidence, engagement, inspirational,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Eleventh hour cometh repost
Eleventh hour cometh

Eleventh hour cometh, and e'er nun too soon
Bad tidings beckon, wicked's dark days of doom
Tears for fears, death's time's near
Cause, evildo'rs oft n'er hearing ear

Knave's and thieves, may scoff'n scorn
Malevolent scheming's oft so forlorn
Military men's might n'er a...Read More
Categories: dark, christian, faith, hope, jesus, spiritual,
Form: Verse
The Host
He is evils willing host
He’s catering to it’s every need.
He doesn’t understand the danger of the
Monster that he feeds.
He’s naive and blinded by
Eyes full of hope and belief-

Fooled by evils disguise-
Gullible, he’ll continue to
Help this demon thrive.

Just how can one...Read More
Categories: betrayal, character, corruption, dark, dream, evil,
Form: Free verse
Social Gibberish
an unsolved case 
of a murder profile
the chief inspector clueless
one that got away

death of a poet 
all his work did not vanish
soon another one is born
and the verses continue

a friend in need indeed
some-fair weather friends
my pocket was full of money
where...Read More
Categories: dark, emotions, social,
Form: Free verse
New Meanings
My world is so different now,
The stars and sun both shine.
Dark days are far behind me
Because  you walked into mine.
Your caring eyes and warm smile,
Or a single thought of you
Warms my heart , touches my soul
With feelings deep and...Read More
Categories: dark, true love,
Form: Free verse
Acid rose
Acid rose

you the beauty which went far from me 
you the beauty for which i am obsessed day to night 
for your love you the beauty for which i introspect myself that to care of you    ...Read More
Categories: dark, 7th grade, rose,
Form: Romanticism
Premium Member FREEFALL
Crows flying through a chill winter sky.........

Time begins to stall........

The moment becomes a vast pool
Without edges or ending 
A place for dead things to live anew
Rise up and sink
Move torment back and forth 
Take me to the brink..........

The moment captures...Read More
Categories: crazy, dark, gothic, imagery, loss, perspective,
Form: Free verse
Oh sweet stench of death, kiss my lips thy night…

Release me from thy clutches of loves’ rot,

Unchain my soul from loves’ barbarous byte…

Where heavens display their hells and have fought,

Only to bleed bated tears in their fraught;

Be gone thy feverous...Read More
Categories: dark, death, love,
Form: Dizain
Premium Member Too quickly does the sun retreat
Stately fir trees
Sturdy brick houses
Smile, as suns rays warm their surfaces
   Their faces so much brighter
   Their greens and red lighter

Too quickly does the sun retreat
this cold month of December
Shadows engulf the trees and houses
 ...Read More
Categories: color, dark, light, sun,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member ebony silence
in the shadows of the depth
of woe's existence, 
i was awakened by thoughts
of disregard

never ceasing to reason 
without intellect I seek
the gloom that greys the
ivory glazed moon in 

i fear not the obscurity-
but lather myself in
dim swarthiness of loss
and...Read More
Categories: dark, deep, metaphor,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member I Know Some Of Life's Sorrows, Fate Decrees Everlasting
I Know Some Of Life's Sorrows, Fate Decrees Everlasting

I saw seven dying newborn white horses
I stumbled upon seventeen darken courses
I ran through twenty-seven ancient burnt temples
I found love may be hard, even when life is simple.

I sat at thirty-seven broken...Read More
Categories: art, creation, dark, deep, fate, life, sorrow,
Form: Rhyme
Dance slow on the palm of death 
Bring a box of straps for dirty chaps 
Zip that hip
Breathe lifeless 
Spread a little more hate like daddy did
Dunk the priests attitude deep
Listen to the Lies...........creep ;

Plug your pocket into Satan’s socket...Read More
Categories: conflict, dark, deep, fate, life, perspective,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Dark
Beyond the distant saddened sight,
inside this lonely broken place,
I see the light that slowly fades,
the flame that burns like love's gaze
into this empty soundless space,
the void of mind and thought and name,
where all has gone and naught remains
as time dreams...Read More
Categories: dark, gothic, loneliness,
Form: Free verse
Guilt Without Apologies
                                       ...Read More
Categories: dark, america, autumn, november, vacation,
Form: Narrative