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Good Morning Poems

Good Morning Poems. Read and share great examples of poetry about good morning. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for good morning.

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new day, cockcrow, daybreak, daylight, sunrise, crack of dawn, wee hours, clear skys

New Poems

Catfucious 15
I put a cricket by your head
As you were sleeping in your bed.

             Why scream, it's dead?!!
...Read More
Categories: good morning, animal, cat, conflict, cute love, giving, good
Form: Senryu

Premium Member Mum The Financial Advisor
Mum, The Financial Advisor

‘You are the tea leaves I am the teapot, I the tiny snowflake and you the snow’
Thus sets the stage of similarities and whatnot, lighting the mood for the afterglow,
The morning after, we see what had been...Read More
Categories: good morning, food, meaningful, money, morning,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member HOME
Good morning love,
I'm here thinking about you.
About when we first met,
when I first saw you and knew.

You encased my heart,
you took my world by surprise.
I will forever be lost,
in those beautiful brown eyes.

You are my true love, 
my dearest best...Read More
Categories: good morning, death, love, true love,
Form: Rhyme
Cerebellum's Synaptic Soiree
Lifted lightly from familiarity
Sleep's gesture caresses cells
Taken to nearby bewilderment
Where stagnancy busily dwells

Liquid lambent shooting star forms fragment
Vapid vexations vanquished in fantasy's fire
Mist masked span transcends measurement
Vision's fusion surpasses language quagmire 

Imprisoned waking cognition 
held in category's secure structure 
Dispelled...Read More
Categories: dream, good morning, sleep,
Form: Enclosed Rhyme
Premium Member My Friend with Privileges
How shall I begin,
we say we're not a couple,
but we had been living together 
since I don't know when.
Why I can tell you how the day will go 
by the way she breaks wind.
Now I'll say good morning, 
no matter...Read More
Categories: good morning, cute love, fantasy, humor, life, meaningful,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member sticky

warm cinnamon bun

steaming aphrodisiac

      awaken soft porn

(sticky)...Read More
Categories: good morning,
Form: Imagism
Another Day
The scream was enough for neighbors to hear , 
The hairs on her arm didn't stand up 
Blood dripped slower and slower warm getting hot a little to fast 
Screams in her head were already there , she pinched herself...Read More
Categories: confusion, dream, extended metaphor, forgiveness, good morning,
Form: I do not know?
We don't see things as they are
"We don't see things as they are,
We see them as we are. "  -Anaïs Nin
Its all about the perspective
And depending what mood we're in.

When joy is what your feeling
And Lady Luck is on your side
Your more likely to see...Read More
Categories: good morning, perspective,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Valentine's Day 2020
Valentine’s Day 2020

Good morning my love
How are you today?
Did I take time to say 
Thanks for marrying me?

Days like this I stop and wonder
Why would a girl like you 
Marry such a blunder?
Thanks for marrying me.

I was a project at...Read More
Categories: good morning, celebration, emotions, encouraging, holiday, love,
Form: Free verse
two entries in honor of this day
good morning all
below are two entries in the name of love and valentine’s day 
may this day find you well and your life with love

“pearls and things”

follow me to pearls and things
where flowers bloom where birds sing
the road to love...Read More
Categories: good morning, love, valentines day,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member Little candy hearts

I thought about
giving you
one of those
little candy hearts
that say
"I love you"
on it

But I decided
to give you
my heart
instead and hope
it says
the same


Happy Valentine's Day Soupers...Read More
Categories: good morning, valentines day,
Form: Free verse
That time of year is here again,
When we say to one another. 
I'm happy that you're here,
and I'm glad that you're my lover. 

Cupid did a fine job
Bringing us together,
If I had done the job for him
I couldn't have done...Read More
Categories: good morning, pride, valentines day,
Form: Rhyme
Notes of the day
Morning, a dawn chorus rouses me
rising notes intensify with the rising of the sun
with its ascension a world awakens
a new day- filled with hope,promise and newness
can you but smile? rise with optimism
dreams fading into...
a world alive with noise- sounds inviting...Read More
Categories: bird, day, dream, good morning, moon, sun,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member A glow within


I find a hint of orange
peeking out from all the rain
That hung around my world this week
and caused me to complain

But now the clouds are fading
as the sun comes into view
To make this day just like my heart
that shines because...Read More
Categories: good morning,
Form: Rhyme
Love Over Under Sideways Down
Lady Love Under-Over-Sideways-Down..

I miss the sun sparkling in your eyes, the moon glow of your skin 
the air, as fresh as your shrug that conceals 
all pain matching my acceptance of my fate  
I can feel the breathe of...Read More
Categories: emotions, good morning, hope, love, poets, romantic
Form: Free verse
A Bridge
there's a bridge
built in spite of
doubt, fear, and, division, 
It was built with patience
 and a caring Love

The builder's mastered
time to serve each other
with a perfect Love

like watching the 
sun rise in smiles
they labored all
while watching
and waiting on
God's Glory

 Light...Read More
Categories: good morning, beauty, black african american, black love, blessing,
Form: Ode
Premium Member Moments with the moon


I saw the moon beyond the mist
its glow this darkened sky, it kissed
Through branches of an old oak tree
as if it waited there for me

So as I gaze upon these skies
awaiting on the sun to rise
I’ll stand here as it’s...Read More
Categories: good morning,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Forever filled


The weather changes, hot to cold
they say don’t blink your eyes
One day will bring the sun so bold
the next finds frigid skies

But as I peer across the field
as this new day does start
One thing that cannot be concealed
the love within...Read More
Categories: good morning,
Form: Rhyme
Good morning
The sun slyly peeped in, 
In the room where the Kingdom of sleep, 
Quietly the walls winked, 
And let's play the wave. 

Ray jumps on the walls, 
Highlights tenderly flutter, 
On eyelashes, hair, 
And suddenly gleam with joy. 

Morning came...Read More
Categories: good morning, sun,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Blessed


The dawn awakes a tapestry
of painted clouds in pastel hues
A perfect morning’s majesty
as joy is found within its views

Where silhouettes so far away
still slumber ‘neath these colors bright
Enhance this elegant display
such beauty in this early sight

And as I stare the...Read More
Categories: good morning,
Form: Rhyme
The River Is Flowing
The remnant of last year’s summer bash lays bear on the ground
Staring at me without a smile or a frown, they just looked at me sitting on the big rock on the other side of the river 
The make shift...Read More
Categories: good morning, community, courage, education, encouraging, england, leaving, motivation,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member If I look in my heart
If I look in my heart


I woke up this morning
the sun it was shining
Its light through the window
was all I could see

It’s then that I noticed
the gray clouds now calling
Just another day
that was waiting for me

Oh how I wish
for a...Read More
Categories: good morning,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Forgotten memory
Forgotten memory


My heart
  is as dreary 
 as this day
   seeking only
  the warmth
    of your smile
   so that this 
     winter chill
...Read More
Categories: good morning,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Wishing


Streamers of orange, magenta and gold
bringing a gift to the day
Fill the horizon with beauty untold
vibrant their dawning display

Chilly the wind as I take in the scene 
wintertime sings on the breeze
Echoing dreams laced in soft tangerine
wafting aloft through the...Read More
Categories: good morning,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Morningtide
As the bold sun rises with grace
Sparse soft light stretches wide afar
Cross flower's sweet scented field's mace
Powder blue clouds hide night's Dog Star

Damp murmurs of sleepy birds heard
As the bold sun rises with grace
Stout brown rabbit in his hole stirred
While...Read More
Categories: appreciation, bird, flower, good morning, morning, nature,
Form: Quatern