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Wedding Poems | Poems for and About Weddings

Wedding poems for and about topics related to weddings. Whether they are wedding anniversary poems or poems about the wedding day, these romantic and sometimes funny poetic writings will express unique feelings and memories associated with this special occasion. Wedding poems are not merely for the bride and groom but are for anyone who has been involved in or attended a ceremony.
Duper woman
I used to miss your touch, now your hands feel like claws I used to melt in your stare, now your eyes come with bristles I used to miss your shag and plaits, now you wear a...Read More
Categories: wedding, africa, age, feelings, freedom,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member my barbecue buddy's lovely bride
I couldn't be prouder than the day you were born my beautiful little miracle your tiny fingers curled over mine your pretty eyes captured me and I melted I knew you then and every day since your arrival from heaven we won't talk about what I...Read More
Categories: wedding,
Form: Free verse
On This Magical Day
On this magical day, A couple looks so happy, Bind to be together, Destined to love forever. It's an unforgettable day, God always finds a way, To unite and share one's life, To be called husband and wife. Two hearts will never be...Read More
Categories: love, wedding,
Form: Rhyme
Plighting our troth or trothing our plight
We plight our troth for little but froth To be whelmed in plight, ashes and sackcloth The phrase is plain but blind we remain It is hard to enjoy a stone broth!...Read More
Categories: divorce, wedding, wisdom,
Form: Rubai
Marriage, a path to prosperity or a door to adversity
Some see serenity in parity Some seem open to disparity An institution as old as the hills Marriage is marked with unclarity Some people unable to think straight Champ at the bit, they just can’t wait To make the...Read More
Categories: divorce, wedding,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member WEDDING VOWS
He had worked hard on his wedding vows but when it came to their wedding day as he gazed into her eyes…he put the words he prepared away. “Since the moment you said yes you’d marry...Read More
Categories: wedding,
Form: Rhyme
Black Tie
I’ll never understand it When an invitation states “Black tie.” Who cares what’s worn When everybody celebrates? If guests must follow certain rules About the way to dress, It’s taking out excitement And replacing it with stress. Of course, a bride and groom...Read More
Categories: wedding,
Form: Rhyme
The ceremony is over, The register has been signed: Two people, very much in love, Walk slowly down the aisle. The bride, radiant and happy – The man she loves right by her side; The groom smiles proudly at his wife...Read More
Categories: love, marriage, wedding,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Wedding Plans
A beauty, she, and, he a dandy, strutted though the park that sunny midafternoon. Arm-in-arm the two strolled, lost in dialogue about their wedding plans. NB: Waltz Wave form – created by Leo Waltz. Inspired by, but not entered in Emile Pinet’s Waltz Wave Poetry Contest....Read More
Categories: beauty, confidence, sun, wedding,
Form: Verse
Brides worldwide
That slow and spectacular gait of a bride Brimming as she is with nuptial pride With grace and beauty each regal stride as invitees whisper, 'here comes the bride'. She for her big day so perfectly embellished Her love-match said...Read More
Categories: marriage, wedding,
Form: Villanelle
Twisted tea
I invite you to see my milestones; Twisted tea tastes better. I want you to understand my goals; Twisted tea tastes better. I want you to be in my life; But you drink until you steal a strangers...Read More
Categories: wedding, addiction, best friend, betrayal,
Form: Free verse
Purple and Gold White, and Silver The plates are fancy People are dancing The food is amazing People are singing The doves fly over The rain pours People take cover. Overwehelmed in gifts A huge large tent The couple smiles People going the extra mile Extravagant food Appetizers, snacks,...Read More
Categories: wedding, celebration, family, remembrance day,
Form: Free verse
The Wedding
The bride walked down the aisle at slow pace With all the dignity and grace like at funeral I wanted her to turn and run away. She was all the girls and women that still seek the validation through a marriage It has nothing...Read More
Categories: wedding, emotions, freedom, relationship, society,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member A Split Peach
It never got to ripen before it had started splitting at the seam. It was still too yellow. Not soft enough. Too smooth like it was pulled out of the tree too soon before it had...Read More
Categories: wedding, earth, fruit, heartbreak, heartbroken,
Form: Free verse
A Knot Of Hope
Let's hope to soar like an eagle Let's fly over the clouds of despair Don't shut the doors of light Let's stop the darkness to spread despite... A ray of faith...a ray of hope That's enough to break the glass...Read More
Categories: wedding, devotion, faith, flying, hope,
Form: Rhyme

Specific Types of Wedding Poems

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