Wedding Poems

Wedding poems for and about topics related to weddings. Whether they are wedding anniversary poems or poems about the wedding day, these romantic and sometimes funny poetic writings will express unique feelings and memories associated with this special occasion. Wedding poems are not merely for the bride and groom but are for anyone who has been involved in or attended a ceremony.

New Poems

Premium Member Honeyed

The fresh scent of April is in the air;
a garden wedding and their sweet smiles bloom.
The sun drops honey from the sky so fair.
Soon to come is their honeymoon.

Six nights as warm as soft cashmere now loom
for the newlyweds, who...Read More
Categories: wedding, romantic,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member All Stand
All Stand

Here comes the President, of Our land, Our Nation. 
He is tall and smart, and speaks from the heart. 
Not always nicely. 
Not everyone hears him, some wish he would be quiet. 
Not everyone likes him, some wish he...Read More
Categories: wedding, allah, america, atheist, god, heaven, holocaust, jesus,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Bread of Life
Bread of Life

His name is known all over the world. 
Some cheer, some do not. 
All will bow in the end. 
It is written. 
It is true. 

I make bread every day now. 
I bought a machine to keep up....Read More
Categories: wedding, color, confidence, dedication, family, first love, grandparents,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Needy

They are so hard to handle.
Everyone has one, even if they don’t want one. 
Some try to hide theirs, but it shows. 
I hate to be the bearer of bad news. 

What are they exactly?
Hard to say. They show up...Read More
Categories: wedding, atheist, city, community, crazy, daffodils, depression, education,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Quiet this Morning
Quiet this Morning

Skipping rocks.
Crying sometime.

The echo in the hall way is deafening. 
I try hard to make no noise at all. 
I don’t want to wake even one memory. 
It is quiet this morning, I am going outside. 

I brought...Read More
Categories: wedding, anxiety, bible, courage, death, grief, jesus, marriage,
Form: Narrative

Premium Member Go Football
Go Football!

Hope is undefeated.
Faith is the cheering section
Joy is playing together.
God is everything.
Jesus is Savior, also Our Quarterback.
The Mighty Holy Spirit with us even now. 
We are never alone. 
...Read More
Categories: wedding, cute love, dad, encouraging, father, football, grandfather,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member Resume

“Rocks and socks, I need a job, 
What is it that I can do?” 
My new friend was waiting… for an answer. 

“I can fly across the channel on a hot air balloon. “
“I can build a ship of candy...Read More
Categories: wedding, allah, cute love, dream, games, good morning,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Tripped Up
Tripped Up

Things take us from what is important, easily. 
Distractions of life, responsibilities we deem high on the list. 
Missed promises, forgotten details, getting older now. 
Things have less importance, and time has new meaning. 

Say hello to those that...Read More
Categories: wedding, cancer, dream, giving, god, growing up, hair,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Yellow House
The Yellow House

On the corner of first and no where, 
is a place that serves biscuits and gravy. 
They have grits and liver with onions. 
Wednesday night, all you can eat fish, mostly cat…
Frog legs, when they can catch them....Read More
Categories: wedding, butterfly, courage, daffodils, emotions, humanity, imagery, innocence,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Because They Were In Love
I attended my sisters wedding
as she married an Italian man quite charming
the promise between them a delicate flower
the wedding was in a huge church with a thousand stairs
or so it seemed
while they vowed their love in the church it began...Read More
Categories: wedding, love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Whip Whistle
Whip Whistle Garden Spot

There is a garden. 
It is in a small town, in the middle of the park. A place has been dug up on purpose. 
No one was angry when it happened. It was just fine, with all...Read More
Categories: wedding, art, dance, first love, freedom, good morning,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Dorothy's Pancakes

My wife, I remember makes the very best, or she did. 
I have to get that through my head. 
She is back at the hospital, laying there, not moving. 
How did that happen, 
I don’t know. 

We were at breakfast...Read More
Categories: wedding, appreciation, blessing, christian, cute love, forgiveness, inspirational,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Bad Cheese
Bad, Cheese

The carpet smelled old, with dust… and other things. 
I sat outside your door, on the floor, smelling it. 
The odorous sweetness, would never leave me, 
Until I asked God to take it away. 
You had nothing to do...Read More
Categories: wedding, abortion, abuse, addiction, allah, america, anti bullying,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member scented leaves
dried floral bouquet
made with blooms from my garden
a precious keepsake

rose petals and leaves
pink sweet peas and lavender
floral scent lingers

fragrant oil revives
crystal bowl of potpourri  
wedding memories

Scented leaves poetry Contest
Kim Rodrigues

...Read More
Categories: flower, memory, senses, wedding,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member Another One Down
Another One Down
And another one bites the dust. 

My friend, my neighbor, the lady next door, 
Rampant miscalculations of being too nice, 
two people that complain, endlessly.

She does not do enough. 
I have not had “any” in weeks. 
I...Read More
Categories: wedding, appreciation, betrayal, divorce, drink, grief, heartbreak, heartbroken,
Form: Ballad
Premium Member A Stranger Called
A Stranger Called

The first time, she was angry. 
I have no idea why. 
Was there a reason to be had, 
or did she just make it up? 
Some times, that happens.
We don’t talk about that… 

I am lost today,...Read More
Categories: wedding, age, beautiful, birthday, emotions, encouraging, endurance, faith,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Red Rover
Red Rover

You know the rules. 
You had your chance. 
You lost. 
My turn. 

I will tell her the sky dims when she smiles, 
As her beam is bright, and lights up not only my life, 
but the world. 
God knows...Read More
Categories: wedding, atheist, childhood, dance, growing up, love hurts,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Restaurant
The Restaurant 
(55+ )

Crows eyes and acorn feet, 
What will I look like, 
When I get old?
When will that be?

Kindergarten ABC’s, 
Elementary 123’s, 
High (School) on something they call life, 
College a scam, 
Marriage demand(s)
Family, a fan, 
and then…

When will...Read More
Categories: wedding, 12th grade, angel, bible, confusion, gospel, grandparents,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Chickens

Are by far my favorite bird. 

They give and take very little. 
They kill the bugs on the property, 

Not by chemical intervention, 
but by simply eating the problem away. 
What more can I say. 

Chickens are my favorite bird....Read More
Categories: wedding, bird, cute, forgiveness, fun, funny, nonsense, nostalgia,
Form: Ballad
Premium Member Praying and Talking
Praying and Talking

I would bow my head and pray, 
just as grandma told me to do. 
Every word meant with my whole heart. 
Then things happened, 
that can not be explained. 
few would understand, 
even less, believe…
perhaps…that is the...Read More
Categories: wedding, anti bullying, appreciation, art, bible, cancer, faith,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Maza-ratee
Maza-ratee!           (Maserati) 

The computer of choice. 
A tele-byte of memory, plus,  
a few extra sticks for looks. 

You can see into the main frame, 
from the side of the...Read More
Categories: wedding, car, chocolate, christian, computer, graduate, leadership, technology,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member A Change of Heart
A Change of Heart

My heart saw things differently. 
In it we were still in bed. 
We were laughing and talking, 

It was Saturday morning, 
No where to go…
The best thing to do, 
was be with you. 

A moment later, 
you...Read More
Categories: wedding, abuse, addiction, anniversary, anti bullying, anxiety, appreciation,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Modern Cinderella
The Fairy Godmother, imposingly tall,
Exclaimed as she raised her silver star-tipped wand,
"You, dear Cinderella, shall go to the Ball,
For I know Prince Charming dearly loves a blonde".
Soon Cinders looked finer than she could recall,
And she agreed they would have Prince...Read More
Categories: beauty, fantasy, girl, wedding,
Form: Ottava rima
Premium Member My Son Today
My Son Today

He is waiting for me. 
Maybe. I am not sure he knows, 
I am coming. 
We don’t say that to him, 
Until we know…
It is okay. 

Visiting day. 
The hospitals the needles the places no one sees, 
Freeze...Read More
Categories: wedding, america, confusion, death, depression, emotions, endurance, grief,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Woof
Translated: small package

Four legs, four paws, big jaws, 
fancy ears and a long tail. 
My dog is from the pound. 
What did I expect?

He is six foot at the shoulder, 
Reads books, on Saturday nights. 
But, sadly he won’t...Read More
Categories: wedding, dog, friend, friendship, humorous, jesus, peace, trust,
Form: Free verse

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