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Hope Poems

Hope Poems. Read and share great examples of poetry about hope. This list of hope poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples of hope poetry. This list of works about hope is an excellent resource for examples on how to write hope poems.

New Poems

Premium Member She That Time And Fate Can Never Erase
She That Time And Fate Can Never Erase

BEHOLD- she that a torn heart can repair,
a Venus that bright stars envy and praise
she that reflects morn's firstborn golden rays
sumptuous love, beyond mortal compare!

Soft as silk glistening as fallen dew
blithe spirit, born...Read More
Categories: hope, appreciation, beauty, inspiration, love, passion, romantic, sensual,
Form: Sonnet

Take a Leap
Sometimes spontaneity is the best,
For your entree into a particular quest

Too much thinking holds you back,
So does confidence if it is lacked

Is it fear that overrides a yes,
Or that we won’t do our best

So often the delay,
Is procrastination in a...Read More
Categories: courage, engagement, faith, hope,
Form: Rhyme
Realizing Imaginatioin
Words are written,
To stimulate imagination 

Their meaning defined,
By a picture in our mind

Thoughts too, reveal themselves,
As how we see ourselves

Or want to be,
Or wish to believe 

Each day we are thinking,
That it is “us”we are making

Judging the present and the...Read More
Categories: confidence, courage, growth, hope, how i feel,
Form: Rhyme
Who the R evolution

As from the plaintiffs
their voices rise
come speak with us
come converse
with words of love

Here we raise no battle cry
no hymn or anthem
but with gentle heart
and loving mind
raise this protest

Too long we cling
with this skin of nostalgia
those so called better times
and in...Read More
Categories: hope, children, community, love,
Form: Free verse
Our life is defined by choices,
Improved by the ones avoided 

Each day making me,
I want to believe 

But what if I had chosen differently,
I wonder what would have become of me

How much of me would be the same,
Or would I...Read More
Categories: courage, hope, inspiration, self,
Form: Couplet

Monet had his garden to paint,
Water lilies and a bridge so quaint

So many times he swiped his brush,
To capture the flowers and mistle thrush

Soothing pastels and budded greens,
So content, each day for him seemed

 Never tiring of his view,
Suggests it...Read More
Categories: hope, imagery, introspection, uplifting,
Form: Couplet
In pieces
In pieces

The debris of my shattered soul,
Is all that remains of the old me I used to know.
I, the ghost, who haunts my life of cold,
Just sits here shivering…lost without a hope.

Broken by love a thousand times.
Crippled permanently by all...Read More
Categories: hope, death, depression, emotions, how i feel, sad,
Form: Bio
I Shall Not Live In Vain
These words so literally inspiring
the pen of Miss Dickinson no less
one wonders where it comes from
what imagery this brings one to dress

This world is filled with vanity
from way out east to furthest west
but this poetess has a way of ink
displaying...Read More
Categories: hope, life, poetess, vanity,
Form: Rhyme
A complex God
A complex God

I can’t always be your salvation.
One day I will rip you apart.
I won’t always be a helping hand,
Because one day I will reach inside and tear out your heart.

If you allow me to love you, utterly and truly,
Then...Read More
Categories: hope, love, love hurts, metaphor, poems, relationship,
Form: Bio
Premium Member Humanity of Horses
My internal experience of depression
today shames
external ecology of elation,
all I might know as warm extended family
of profoundly peaceful impressions
still bare surviving
at end of this slow-fading thread.

This morning
one Epictetus sentence
speaks of blaming left-hemisphere dominant GodVoices:

"People are disturbed not by things,
but by...Read More
Categories: hope, anti bullying, depression, health, integrity, peace, political,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Your's Truly
Your smiles-gone, from past setbacks
 Use my candle and melt my wax 
To fill the holes in all your cracks 

Your hopes of dim, Re; loss of trust 
Use my polish of magic trust 
To blanket your hardship's- layered crust...Read More
Categories: hope, sad,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Free Verse on Love
I’ve never felt this way before.
The joy comes from the depths of my soul.
I don’t know how to explain this feeling.
It’s a feeling that is beyond words of description.

I’ve never imagined so much passion from the heart.
It’s almost like I’ve...Read More
Categories: hope, blessing, inspiration, inspirational, love, romance, romantic love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member You make me feel
You make me feel like dreams…
Are being brought to life…
Like the moment that we met…
Ended all my worst strife.

You make me feel like true joy…
Has been kindled in my soul,
Bringing about those precious moments…
Reminding me that my heart is in...Read More
Categories: hope, blessing, love, passion, romance, romantic, romantic love,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Defining Friendship
Does it mean we are friends if I mirror your thoughts,
That we like the same jokes, should our politics sing
A conventional melody?

Or on ground that's more shakey when boundaries slip,
When emotional dams burst, magnetic fields flip
As convection cells change, when...Read More
Categories: hope, friendship,
Form: Rhyme
The Dust Rises - LM

In illuding dunes 
chasing the mirage
the state of actuality infringed
by surrealistic  perception.

The lattice of dream
crumbles on scorched sands
of ember time  
hope squelched
by whirlwind of verity.

At the edge of darkness
dawning fortitude
beckons the zephyr
embalmed with philtre of oasis.

From the ruins...Read More
Categories: courage, hope, life, surreal,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member I Will Pray For You - LG
As I live my truth I remember
The death you experienced in December
I will pray for you my good kind friend
Sending you warm thoughts that will not end

The death you experienced in December
Like one that I dealt with last November
Sending you...Read More
Categories: hope, prayer,
Form: Pantoum
the poet's mind
races facing
in the mirror
they say my
muse but

even Beethoven
composed him
self before 
a mirror not

he was deaf
as all that say
"my muse" isn't
up to writing right
at this moment but

then they wait
and wait for their
muse to sate their
lust or love or hate...Read More
Categories: hope, muse,
Form: I do not know?
Pushkin translation: I Loved You
I Loved You
by Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin
loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

I loved you ... perhaps I love you still ...
perhaps for a while such emotions may remain.
But please don’t let my feelings trouble you;
I do not wish to cause you...Read More
Categories: hope, absence, break up, divorce, farewell, god, moving
Form: Verse
A chance of a lifetime
Today I hoped to achieve something great,
Something many would consider a heroic trait,
Giving plasma to those in need,
With the hope that the doctor's treatments would succeed.

Taking me back after a two hour wait,
I realized there were some things which they...Read More
Categories: hope, desire, endurance, longing, meaningful, motivation, time, tribute,
Form: Narrative
No reason to be afraid, 
Let not your heart be coward; 
Let not mire make your faith fade, 
Let not your steps go backward.

There are many a reason
To be brave and valorous; 
Amid the tribulation, 
You'll emerge victorious.

God is there...Read More
Categories: hope, courage,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member Farewell To My Murdered Friend
I would love you till the end 
I would never be able to comprehend 
Why your destiny had to meet a drastic end
But as your friend I would give you a warm parting
Letting the world know that your departing
Would be...Read More
Categories: hope, death of a friend, farewell, friendship, grief,
Form: Free verse
Never Be Her
every time i reach out
you pull away 
i wish you could see me
instead of your past

i'm not who you see
i'm someone who's just me
i can't be what you're afraid of
i can only be me

i know you've had a rough time
but...Read More
Categories: hope, emotions, girl, giving, heart, hurt, love, relationship,
Form: I do not know?
Take a look inside my little friend,
I hope you find what you seek.
Try standing up for what's right,
stop preying on the weak.

Can you really be proud,
of the web you weave?
Make a change today,
stop making people leave.

If you continue to attack,
and...Read More
Categories: hope, anti bullying,
Form: Rhyme
The Monstrous Past
The Monstrous Past
I try to put the past to bed and tuck it up so it can’t escape
I say goodnight and creep away, but it’s always by my side.
I try not to look and hope it disappears, but it lingers...Read More
Categories: hope, 11th grade, 12th grade, conflict, endurance, remember,
Form: Ballad
Premium Member Out To Pasture
Retirement from community development,
facilitating cooperative economic justice
in this post-millennial time of climate crisis,
feels like being put out to pasture
with the rest of us toothless and feckless horses

Stalking senior centers
and gated communities
to weather the fade-out storm
of physical
and mental,
and spiritual encroaching unease
and...Read More
Categories: hope, age, health, horse, integrity, political, power, psychological,
Form: Political Verse

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