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Memorial Day Poems

Memorial Day Poems. Read and share great examples of poetry about memorial day. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for memorial day.

Poem Topics Related to Memorial Day

war, veteran, death, friend, friendship, america, usa, may 25, holiday, united states, observances

New Poems

The river you need is just beneath if you can dig below
The money you sole desire is just inside of you only if You can work it out
The heaven you desire is in you create it out 
The wealth of...Read More
Categories: abuse, blessing, books, courage, creation, memorial day,
Form: Lyric

Premium Member The Fine Lady
The Fine Lady

It is the first time I can remember, 
that I cared about china. 
Which pattern to pick, 
where to buy it, 
and why. 

The first ladies pick their dishes. 
They pick special placements, 
for the guests of the...Read More
Categories: allah, america, atheist, endurance, memorial day, mental
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Historical Outlaws
Historical Outlaws

What, are you talking about? 
I am saying that we have a past. 
It is full of guns, and law, 
and law breakers. 
It is full of heroes and villains
and homemakers. 

We are America(s). 
We stand up, 
we do...Read More
Categories: america, imagery, leadership, memorial day, patriotic, political,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member The Forgotten holidays
The Forgotten holidays

Written or in this case typed…
correctly; “The” as it was at the beginning correct. 
“Forgotten” as it was naming not the action but the lost.
(holidays) No capital as they are thought to be small, 
and unimportant by most...Read More
Categories: memorial day, celebration, chanukah, christmas, easter, graduation, presidents day,
Form: Narrative
Our Heroes

I repost this poem this Memorial Day in honor of my 19 year old uncle who was killed in battle in WWII. He sacrificed his life for others. May he rest in Heaven.

Our Heroes
What have our son’s...Read More
Categories: memorial day, hero, war,
Form: Rhyme

White Marble Stones
White Marble Stones
White marble stones
Stand side by side
Reminding us of
Those who fought and died
White marble stones
Memories of
Parents or children
Or friends that we loved
White marble stones
Row after row
Freshly turned soil
Rain, sleet or snow
White marble stones
New chiseled names
Soft bugled notes
Echoed refrains
White marble...Read More
Categories: memorial day, military,
Form: Rhyme
O, Slip In Between the Dukes Of Darkness
O!  Slip in between!  The Dukes of Darkness,
In this cold part of the year!

The Baron of Night!
The Baron of Wind!
The Baron of Seeds!

When the Copper Trumpet
Bells out, bright and clear!

And men brood the quiet,
Men who have sinned,
And recall...Read More
Categories: appreciation, courage, memorial day, memory,
Form: Free verse
Millennials Dont Know
Millennials standing most assured
need no knowledge of the war
Too evolved, won’t be anymore,
Yet lessons prevent they ignore

For war was long before their time
and now all are living fine
how or why not on their mind
assured all war is left behind 

Oh...Read More
Categories: conflict, education, history, memorial day, world war
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member our Life goal
On the open fields across the river
Where the land is parched sallow 
The patchy grass in cold quiver
When the freezing icy winds blow!!

The grassy fields have tales to tell,
Of heroes and the many dead,
Of blood, of flesh that painful yell
As...Read More
Categories: 10th grade, anxiety, memorial day, murder, pain,
Form: Rhyme
The celestial light is about to go and escapes;
As dawn enters, and cover it with darkness.
She was able to finish mysteries, with less air to breathe.
Rosary is on her side, and then closes her eyes and fall to sleep.

White candles...Read More
Categories: memorial day, 8th grade, 9th grade, farewell, i miss
Form: Elegy
Dear Brother,
Dear Brother,

How I wish I could have known you, you wanted to be, the brother with life so planned, so carefree not these memories of you filled with pain but not hidden enough by the rain. You did whatever you...Read More
Categories: memorial day, appreciation, dedication, grief, i miss you, loss,
Form: I do not know?
Taj Mahal
Noor* of Taj Mahal, jeweled in red stone 
 death or love, tranquil oasis alone
 rich jasper and jade hanging on its walls
 in cold melody, mourning music falls

 Mesmerizing bride in gossamer gown
 Veil reveals... the majestic palace crown.
...Read More
Categories: beautiful, celebration, love, memorial day, memory,
Form: Sonnet
In Memory of my Mamma
Author Dana Redricks 
June 29, 2019 

In memory of my Mamma 
Although we went through 
a lot you meant the world to 
to me 
I miss you like crazy but I
Know I will see you again 
Until we meet...Read More
Categories: memorial day, appreciation, deep, hope, how i feel, love,
Form: Free verse
Losing a loved one is not easy on the living
You get people telling you in time it gets easier
However, in your eyes it really does not,
Because you remember, how they were so giving.

Whether it is a parent, sibling or dearest...Read More
Categories: memorial day,
Form: Light Verse
Graves Have Memories Too
Once I paused, with my dusty feet
Braving the heat, to cast a mournful look
At the fancy graves along cemetery street;
The erect old brown stones too are hard to overlook;
They must be fine places of rest, perhaps,
Or mere monuments in memory...Read More
Categories: death, eulogy, funeral, journey, memorial day, memory,
Form: Epitaph
Great order
Life, aloud it sings with strings 
but none know its lay. 
Shouting here and there of no help it ensures. 
Setting the blink of the microscope across onwards,

The memory of her blocks my skull, 
Till almost getting to where our...Read More
Categories: memorial day, allegory, anxiety, break up, deep, fate, love,
Form: Bio
For the ones we lost Memorial Day Poem
For the ones we lost

over cast gray cold 
we were young
strong bold
the waves tore us to shreds
as the foam on the 
beach head
turned red
the rain was hot as 
the sun
tearing flesh apart
even our guns 
this was not a walk 
in...Read More
Categories: memorial day, war,
Form: Free verse
I Never Really Knew My Dad
I Never Really Knew My Dad (A Memorial Day Tribute) 

I never really knew my dad
As well as I wish I might;
He was a sailor in World War II
In the great Pacific fight.  

He survived the war but died...Read More
Categories: memorial day, conflict, courage, dad, dedication,
Form: Free verse

I roam through this pathway of life's gravesite
The air is calm upon the rubblestone,
Where buried reveries no longer stray
For those who left a tired, embattled world.

How they lay at rest unknown or unsung
Decreed by time, wait in mercy of God,
And...Read More
Categories: memorial day, dedication, soldier,
Form: Verse
Yes and No
Translated by Przemyslaw Musialowski 5/27/2019

Hush now, Mother, it's only poverty grumbling 
in the chimney that it's better because I also think so, 
but only probably, because they claim that it will pass, 
those experts who think of simple people only...Read More
Categories: memorial day, memory, mother, mother son, poverty,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member School Wastes My Time
School wastes my time
I want to be President
I want power and prestige.

I want to be able to be mean to the handicapped
I want to be able to snatch children from their parents
I want to disregard every law that was ever...Read More
Categories: memorial day, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 7th
Form: Political Verse
Let me tell you about my eldest brother.

I am: the "Scram!", the "Beat it!", the "What you looking at?!", and the "Turn around and watch the movie!", younger brother. As you can see, he has, a lot of phrases he...Read More
Categories: beach, beautiful, brother, celebration, memorial day, memory,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member Memorial Day
Remember those who have fallen
              so we may stand in freedom.

Remember our military heroes not with sadness alone
but remember them with love
They gave all, more than their...Read More
Categories: memorial day,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Memorial day, 2019 in America
Americans are Americans, period.
No matter color, sex and for heavens, sake!
Not ....Their "party affiliation,"
On which some are insanely fixated.

We were born au natural.
We were not born as a member of political party.
That's a choice you make way later.
But some think...Read More
Categories: memorial day, america, angst, holiday, patriotic, political,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member May is the Queen of Happiness
May is my happy month, for she is my birth month 
Some people treat themselves with a birthday.
I made the decision to celebrate my birth month
And I do. I buy whatever I want. Packages arrive daily.

Lilac trees, snowball trees, red...Read More
Categories: memorial day, happiness, happy, joy, may, summer,
Form: Personification