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Love Poems | Beautiful and Romantic Poems About Love

Sharing love poems is a way you can tell your partner how you feel about them. However, there are many types of love, including passion, agape, sexual, and romantic love, etc. This emotion can even be funny or sad. Nevertheless, everyone has their idea about each of these types. Writing about this intense passion and desire for emotional union with another person may lead to the perception of vulnerability, but it indeed is cleaning to the soul. While it is complicated to define this quality precisely, one this is certain; these love poems give us an excellent start. Don't forget to view the top 100 best love poems of all-time.
None Suffice
He holds out his hands unto me to lead me into the secrets of his love. I hold on unto his arms and feel the warmth of his love. Still all is darkness only faith lights the dim night My soul...Read More
Categories: heartbreak, love, love hurts,
Form: Free verse

Daphne has no plans to cry
Daphne has no plans to cry: She shall another man try: Not The Old with hairs to dye Nor One others think might die… Asking she has been: Why? Why? She never for once did lie To Mac with his Spurious...Read More
Categories: anger, anxiety, lost love,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Blush And Shy Sunrise Poem Remix
A flash the first strike, truth builds fantasy; A spell nothing short of spectacular; With a gentle word you became a shove; I began to recite a silent plea, racing the night upon desire’s streetcar on a...Read More
Categories: emotions, feelings, love, romance,
Form: Curtal Sonnet
Premium Member Every Story Runs itself Back
Every story runs itself back to her. If I use the word gray, she is thinking of buying a gray car. If I say “spot” she has one on the rug that is annoying her. No matter what...Read More
Categories: love, women,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Their Listener for the Day
I am a listener My eyes say “tell me” And people do Waitresses ask me to scoot over I have never seen them before They tell me their life story Strangers and I converse in grocery stores, on airplanes, at funerals...Read More
Categories: community, love,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Something Is Missing
Sometimes Something is missing One feels like singing One feels like laughing One feels like yelling. At times Something is not right It’s unnecessary to fight It’s better to carefully write About it day and night. Sometimes One wonders At times One ponders Like a genius mime. Copyright © June,...Read More
Categories: break up, cute love,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Cards
Cards I would write, and draw... and make a card every day, if I thought it would lesson the distance between us by only an inch. I would keep writing and drawing, in an effort to make it a...Read More
Categories: love, angel, forgiveness, freedom, friend,
Form: Free verse
The green rind of the two-wheeler remembers Anne & Louis with legs splayed. They scream and laugh as they race downhill, then his feet with friction still the excitement, as he turns around and faces her, above the watermelon cache. The kickstand in place, as he plants a kiss...Read More
Categories: love,
Form: Free verse
"Like purple a woman of color you are how beautiful are thy feet so warm soft tinting sweet I wash your foot as I look the joints of I thighs are like jewels...Read More
Categories: love, appreciation, beauty, black african
Form: Dramatic Monologue
In Guise And Surprise, Dove Plumages
It's been a while I handled my humble muse like this. Here is a duet between Mfoniso Ubaha and Wems Henry Temmy MU I am fine. You smile with head up, saying; good. I chuckled, putting up a...Read More
Categories: love, 1st grade, africa, allusion,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member AS DEEP AS AN OCEAN
The love we give Lies deep in our hearts An ocean with currents Running with emotion It is bound, you see Like waves to an ocean! And in that ocean Love waves will drown Filling those emotions Love now in motion Like waves clinging...Read More
Categories: feelings, love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Broken Locket
They divorced in the late sixties I was young, just turning ten and listening To their arguments, their disagreements Revealing words that I knew were injurious They walked away from each other Determined to find… a new way, a new...Read More
Categories: love, marriage, meaningful, relationship,
Form: Free verse
Luck or Something Else
I have for many years had a reputation for being Tinpot Lucky, Take this Tuesday for Instance, I was walking down past the Lawnmower shop, Where I bought my Wood chipper, Should I stop in and and say...Read More
Categories: love, age, appreciation, baptism, celebration,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
Premium Member Life is love
Life is a splash in the ocean, suffused by love’s magic potion, wherein, fully immersed in trance, joy and pain in rotation dance, an enactment for heart’s delight, until bestowed spherical sight, whereupon we dwell in the void, no longer by lower...Read More
Categories: life, love,
Form: Lay
Premium Member Heavens On The Phone
Born into a family of fourteen Never heard the words “I love you” She left home a girl with little education An army life she did pursue She fell in love and married a soldier Soon a mum...Read More
Categories: appreciation, inspirational love,
Form: Rhyme

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