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Wedding Poems and Vows

The art of poetry is all about making thoughts and emotions come alive. And there is no better place for one to read a poem than at a wedding. Here you are, staring into the eyes of the bride or groom that you intend to spend eternity with. You feel so much love towards this particular human and you are thinking of how lucky you are to have them. For many people, weddings are a miracle or a dream come true. And a poem can best help you express your thoughts in the most romantic way possible.

A poem can be read as a wedding vow. Or, you can fit it wherever readings are appropriate. For example, during the start of the ceremony, you can have a poem recited, you can also include a poem as part of your wedding vows and you can also offer it as a gift to your loved one.

Irrespective of where you decide to fit a poem into your ceremony, it’s imperative that you find or create a poem that best suits your thoughts and feelings. It is also important to weigh out between choosing a poem that rhymes and a modern free verse. For those with old souls, a classic or a haiku can be a perfect choice.

Are you considering reading a poem on your wedding day? Are you wondering where to start in your search for the perfect words? Well here is everything you need to know about wedding poems and vows.

Benefits of Wedding Poems

The most important benefit of reading a poem at your wedding is that it allows you to express yourself. You have already told your partner a thousand times how much you love them. Your wedding ceremony is a special event and you want everything to be unique. A poem can help you achieve this and much more.

Additionally, a wedding poem goes a long way in showing how thoughtful you are and dedicated to making your relationship work. It sets a pleasant theme for the entire celebration and ensures your lover, family and friends will never forget this special day. Not to mention, reading a poem is fun and will have the audience cheering, smiling, and adoring the love you have for your bride or groom.

Why Read Romantic Poems at a Wedding?

We can all agree that our hearts always skips a beat when we hear romantic love poems being read during a wedding ceremony. This is one of the reasons why romantic poems are often read during weddings. For the bride or groom who can’t hide his/her love for their better half, when words fail, poetry says it all. Whether you decide to write your own poem or read out a classic, you will be expressing your heart’s truest feelings.

And one thing that most people don’t acknowledge is the role romantic poetry plays in a reader’s emotional life. You as the reader, as you narrate those words of reassurance and compassion, you are increasing your sense of empathy. As a matter of fact, you may end up falling deeper in love with your partner after reading out a romantic poem to them.

Why Read Funny Poems at a Wedding?

Of course, it’s not all of us who are comfortable with showing our vulnerable ‘lovey-dovey’ side. Mostly, the grooms fall under this category. So, what do you do if romantic wedding poems are a no go zone? Funny poems are easier to say and have the same impact as the above genre.

With funny poems, you are guaranteed of bringing on happy tears as you narrate your love story. Also, if you are experiencing pre-vow jitters, a funny poem can ease the tension in the room. And once you find the right jokes to say, you can create a happy theme that will last till the end of the ceremony. Also, it’s a good way to make your bride’s or groom’s family love you because everyone loves a cheerful soul. And a little humor can significantly uplift the spirits of your audience.

Why Recite a Poem for Your Wedding?

A carefully selected romantic or funny poem can be a meaningful addition to your wedding ceremony. It can assist you in expressing sentiments that are hard to verbalize in the form of words. Poetry allows a bride or groom to capture the essence of love by conveying emotion through compassion.

If you are worried that your wedding vows may not pass the entire message to your loved one, then complement it with a poem. Reciting a poem at your wedding shows next level devotion. Those sweet words will touch the hearts of your bride, groom, family, and friends. Poems are heartfelt declarations that show you mean what you say in your vows.

Should I Choose a Famous Wedding Poem or Write One Myself?

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You have already made up your mind that you are going to recite a poem at your wedding. However, here comes a dilemma; should I choose a famous wedding poem or write one myself. There are a few things you need to consider before choosing which option is best for you.

If you are a fan of poetry, there is no harm in going back to your favorite anthologies and plucking a classic which you will recite in your ceremony. Alternatively, if you have the creativity, you can grab a pen and paper and start expressing thoughts that are meaningful to you and the bride or groom as well as family. With the latter, you can capture all experiences you have shared and add a personal touch.

Should you decide to choose a famous wedding poem, en, ensure it touches on subjects that appeal to your personal life. It should be appropriate and blend with the type of ceremony you are hosting. And most importantly, it should be meaningful and easily understandable by the audience.

On the other hand, if you want to write your own poem, first evaluate how you feel and put it down in words. Ensure you capture the most romantic or memorable experiences. If it’s going to be a funny poem add a few embarrassing details but don’t overdo it. Run it through friends and family for approval. But don’t recite it to your partner, it's best that you read it as a surprise.

If all else fails, create a poem using our love poem maker.

What Should You Say at Your Wedding?

We all want our wedding celebrations to be flawless. But the biggest challenge is usually practicing what to and not to say in our wedding vows or poems. This event is quite sensitive and one should be careful of what comes out of their mouths.

Below we have compiled some things that you should say at your wedding;

  • Declaration of love; I love you
  • Words of reassurance like; I will be with you through thick and thin
  • Personal stories both romantic and funny
  • Promises
  • Acknowledge the role of religion, family, and friends in the success of your marriage

How to Write Your Own Wedding Vows?

In these times, most couples are opting to forgo the traditional vows, instead prefer to write their own. If this is what you want, then here are tips on how to find special words and compile them to express your love and commitment to one another.

  1. Kick things off by acknowledging who the person standing next to you is. Is he or she your best friend, a partner in crime, or everything?
  2. Define what makes this person so special to you.
  3. Include a story about your love life. This can be how you met.
  4. Start making your promises and declare your love.
  5. Feel free to add humor so that you can break the silence in the chapel.
  6. List the things you want to do together.
  7. Reassure your loved one that you will always be there.
  8. Layout future plans you have for each other.
  9. Wrap it up with one last promise such as, ‘Till death do us apart’.

A Brief History of Traditional Wedding Vows

In the past, weddings weren’t formal or religious events. Families would congregate to witness the merging of two people. There would be a form of celebration after, not really sure open bars were a thing back then, but people would definitely make merry.

It’s not until the 1300s when couples started reciting vows in front of clergymen. The Catholics were the first to formalize vows in churches in 1563. Evidence of traditional wedding vows can be traced back to the Anglican Church in the Book of Common Prayer of 1662. Ever since vows have become part and parcel of weddings.

Final Thoughts on Wedding Poems

Fast forward to the 21st century, modernization has seen to it that couples are allowed to write their own vows and even include poems into wedding readings. When you make a vow in front of a congregation, you are expected to keep that promise. And this is what makes wedding vows an important tradition.

Whether you are a bride, groom, maid of honor, parent, sibling, or friend, a poem can help you express your feelings about marriage. With thousands of poems out there, you can be assured of finding one that speaks your exact thoughts about the wedding. Don’t forget that you can also write one and include sentiments that are personal to you and the one standing by your side.