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Anniversary Poems

Anniversary Poems. Read and share great beautiful examples of all types of anniversary poems. This list of anniversary poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Always reflect on and remember your wedding anniversary by sharing poems about your special day with the one you love, a friend, parent, boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse. Send an anniversary poem card to your husband or wife. Whether you've been married one year, two years, 25 years, or 50 years you can always remember these moments of happiness and love with poetic words. Find beautiful examples of all types of anniversary poems. Always commemorate your wedding anniversary by sharing and reading poems about your special day. Send an anniversary poem card to your husband or wife. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples of anniversary poetry. 

New Poems

Premium Member Remember Pearl Harbor Seventy-Eight Years Ago
Remember Pearl Harbor
Seventy-eight Years Ago
By Franklin Price

Seventy-eight years ago,
At the rising of the sun
Came the day of infamy; 
Our present times begun

The sleeping giant awakened,
To become the greatest power 
Would take four years and many lives
To have our finest hour

A...Read More
Categories: america, anniversary, world war ii,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member Pools of water gleam
The pools of water on the pavement gleam
Reflect  the colours  of the   shops and cars
Giving us a feeling all’s serene

As I walk I wander and daydream
I sit on an  old wall,  the moss like...Read More
Categories: absence, anniversary, appreciation, autumn, creation, mothers day,
Form: Villanelle
this is the time of year
when love is near
you spend with a grim
to buy gifts for friends
for someone calls 
you honey
...Read More
Categories: adventure, anniversary,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member The Snow Falls
The Snow Falls

Softly my love, 
I watch every flake,
come slowly from no where, 
outside my vision, 
beyond the window boundaries,
magical…even whimsical…
the white soft “above”, 
to the hard ground here below. 
soon a giant blanket of pure…beauty. 

You fell asleep in...Read More
Categories: anniversary, christmas, december, grandparents, happiness, marriage, wedding,
Form: Narrative
Snatching People
E-ach listener
B-y sharing the good news, 
S-natching people from fire to live
I-n light.

Topic: Christian Era Broadcasting 
Service International 50th 
Anniversary (February 10,2019) 
Form: Acrosticinquain...Read More
Categories: anniversary,
Form: Cinquain

Premium Member If It Bleeds After Scratching It
If It Bleeds After Scratching It

If it bleeds after scratching it, then you went too far.
I see a parade of dead people walking by me in this old dream.
They are eating bananas and I recognize their faces as friends,
I hear...Read More
Categories: anniversary, memory,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Unwanted Glance
The Unwanted Glance

Look closely at my hand. 
Proudly I display a band. 
It tells everyone in the room, 
I am taken. 
I do not have to say more. 
It is not necessary. 
God is the witness, 
and none shall separate....Read More
Categories: angel, anniversary, depression, divorce, faith, forgiveness, friendship,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member The Forgotten holidays
The Forgotten holidays

Written or in this case typed…
correctly; “The” as it was at the beginning correct. 
“Forgotten” as it was naming not the action but the lost.
(holidays) No capital as they are thought to be small, 
and unimportant by most...Read More
Categories: anniversary, celebration, chanukah, christmas, easter, graduation, presidents day,
Form: Narrative
Love Query
Whisper you love me
and I'll tell the whole
We can dance fantango
The audience is the
So than it's time
So than we do
Shout it out
You love me
I'll send a shout out
To you
Say you'll marry me
And wanna keep me
Cause there's a lot of
And places...Read More
Categories: anniversary, kiss, love, music, song, sound,
Form: Diamante
Love Query
Whisper you love me
and I'll tell the whole
We can dance fantango
The audience is the
So than it's time
So than we do
Shout it out
You love me
I'll send a shout out
To you
Say you'll marry me
And wanna keep me
Cause there's a lot of
And places...Read More
Categories: anniversary, kiss, love, music, song, sound,
Form: Diamante
Premium Member Time I Hate You
Time I Hate You

I love to Hate You. 

You are too late, 
too early, 
too fixed, 
too fluid, 
too much, 
too little, 

I need you. 
I want more of you. 
I can’t stand they way you use me, 
I should...Read More
Categories: adventure, allusion, angel, anniversary, appreciation, atheist, blessing,
Form: Free verse
christmas  is a prince was born
the world was torn
it was  our lord  comming in
to fight sin
and  he came our way 
this is jesus brithday
this is not a dream
this is
...Read More
Categories: adventure, anniversary,
Form: Prose Poetry
Remarkable Devotion




Topic: Anniversary of Ricardo & Judy Jacinto (December 01) 
Form: Vertical Monocrostic...Read More
Categories: anniversary,
Form: Acrostic
Poem by Koffi Mtonga

SEEING through the window, are clouds which move slow or maybe the dozing fellow has decided to recall of the vibrant days as he digs deep into his bag of memories 
Alas! He's all...Read More
Categories: africa, anniversary, dad, depression, emotions, father, i
Form: Imagism
Premium Member Dance by the Fire
Dance by the Fire

My dear, my dear, I fear…
It has been years and years.
I will not let that stop me. 
The candle in the window is lit. 
The children are gone…

The lights on the tree, sparkle. 
The scent is...Read More
Categories: adventure, anniversary, dance, funny love, lost love,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Amber Angel
Amber Angel

Made of glass, 
from some far off place. 
Brown like gold, 
warm like fire, 
dance upon the logs, 
of every house pyre. 

Love and gentle thoughts, 
for the few without a home, 
some that have lost, 
all, even their...Read More
Categories: angel, anniversary, chanukah, childhood, christmas, devotion, discrimination,
Form: Free verse
A place where butterflies live
A place which helps me get happy
My own home,my own phone
My wonderful view of a drone
Shinning lights and wondrous piles
You must come along sometime
And greet upon a passing pansy
My Grandfather's wishing valour
A home away from homes!...Read More
Categories: adventure, age, angst, anniversary, autumn, beautiful, beauty,
Form: Ballade
Premium Member Stone Cold
His Heart of Stone felt no reaction,
He could get no Satisfaction.

November 30 2019
Sponsor: Maureen McGreavy....Read More
Categories: anniversary, celebrity, death, heart,
Form: Epigram
My love
Hold me, dance around this floor like you want me. Never let go of me, keep me around like you need. Tell me there are things to be that will make me happy.
Secrets will not be, there are no room...Read More
Categories: anniversary, desire, poetess, poetry, poets, spoken word,
Form: Prose Poetry
Anniversary Poem
Got married on Thanksgiving Day;
A backyard was the venue.
Extended family gathered;
There was turkey on the menu.

It inconvenienced everyone
Yet those who loved us made it.
The traffic was horrendous
And the stress did thus pervade it.

But now, 44 years later,
Here we are and...Read More
Categories: anniversary,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Anniversary

                                       ...Read More
Categories: anniversary, america, december, world war ii,
Form: Rictameter
A Selfless Love - A Tribute To My Dad
I was not ready to lose you.
But you were taken from me, anyway.


On a sunny day that started so normally.
Without any sign of the emotional pain to come.


Life’s like that, I guess.
It shouldn’t be that way.  It just is.


Losing...Read More
Categories: anniversary, dad, emotions, family, missing you, sad,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Important Me
Important Me

I drive a bright car. 
It is not a lemon 
but it has the same color.
I don’t understand, 
why the man laughed, 
as I drove it off the lot. 
I should go back…
and punch him.

It smells just right, 
no...Read More
Categories: abuse, angel, anniversary, anti bullying, divorce, marriage,
Form: Narrative
147 miles away

Love is hiding from me
I’m aware of it
Every flaw that I have can make you scared a bit
Did I hear insecure ?
If the shoe fit wear it 
And in my case every pair will fit 

I can’t find love because...Read More
Categories: 11th grade, age, allusion, angel, angst, anniversary,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Fifty Years
Fifty Years
(To Barbara, with love, on our 50th wedding anniversary)
By Franklin Price

It has now been fifty years, of love, and work, and play. 
Seems that when we first began, was only yesterday.
I know God had a voice in it. I'm...Read More
Categories: anniversary, appreciation, love, marriage,
Form: Couplet

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