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Anniversary Poems | Examples of Anniversary Poetry

Anniversary Poems. Read and share great beautiful examples of all types of anniversary poems. This list of anniversary poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Always reflect on and remember your wedding anniversary by sharing poems about your special day with the one you love, a friend, parent, boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse. Send an anniversary poem card to your husband or wife. Whether you've been married one year, two years, 25 years, or 50 years you can always remember these moments of happiness and love with poetic words. Find beautiful examples of all types of anniversary poems. Always commemorate your wedding anniversary by sharing and reading poems about your special day. Send an anniversary poem card to your husband or wife. Read short, long, best, and famous examples of anniversary poetry. 
Having Blown Out The Candles
Dear Olabosoye Oluwafunmilayo Value the time everyone spent To make a mark for this event Surely be waiting to which extent In return of THANKS that would be sent Kiss the love that people heart To come...Read More
Categories: age, anniversary, appreciation, beautiful,
Form: Other

Birthday Blissful Blessings
Dear Olabosoye Oluwafunmilayo Raise up with joy your cup To thank Him- the standing backup Being off and on like an innocent pup Smiling at the lightproof to have a closeup Toast to the new leaf turned Hallelujah...Read More
Categories: anniversary, beautiful, birthday, blessing,
Form: Other
Ford's Theater April 15th 1865
Ford's Theater, April 15th, 1865... Petersen House, Washington, D.C. I admit to own a passion for the Civil War in general, and the life and death of the sixteenth president in particular between a hard spot of whiskey and draughts of arrack; nonetheless...Read More
Categories: absence, age, america, anniversary,
Form: Rhyme
A month ago we parted ways I thought of you every single day No one else can replace you I realized it the hard way ! All the memories we have together All the promises supposed to last forever I remember...Read More
Categories: anniversary, break up, cute
Form: Pantoum
Hoss Died Half A Century Ago
He's a deceased actor who still has plenty of fans, including me. Dan Blocker died fifty years ago today at the age of forty-three. He and his family moved to Switzerland because he was against the Vietnam...Read More
Categories: anniversary, death, dedication,
Form: Rhyme

My posterity Was a horizon away from The rest of the world...Read More
Categories: age, allusion, angst, anniversary,
Form: Bio
Hang fire
Heavy colours and sweet lights How am I supposed to keep you off my mind? Soft skin and wrong lips Why cannot I stop wondering if you aren't here tonight? Stars exploding and eyes closing What am I going...Read More
Categories: anniversary, appreciation, character, cheer
Form: Free verse
Three Cheers To Ann Maria Reeves Jarvis
Momma mia man date comb the second Sunday during month of May can be traced back to ancient Greeks and Romans devotional festivals held to honor mother goddesses Rhea and Cybele setting precedent for Mother's Day where early Christians fancied festival known...Read More
Categories: absence, anniversary, beautiful, celebration,
Form: Rhyme
My ebbing physical prowess and strength flows away ii
At long last... Beatle browed Beastie Boys attained Nirvana routing hellish existential crisis courtesy Earth, Wind And Fire rendered null and void celibate Journey knight in shining armor forever staind and tarnished compliments verboten extramarital whoopie. Herewith I forthwith take poetic license linkedin...Read More
Categories: adventure, age, anger, anniversary,
Form: Rhyme
I rip the cloth off Rip the clothes I am stripped Down to who knows Who knows me Without digging deep Who hears my voice When I speak Do I whisper Do I soar Do I...Read More
Categories: age, anniversary,
Form: Prose Poetry
We don't discuss death Civilized folk use funeral parlors Funeral at home? Why on earth We're good, clean entrepreneurs The next generation never learn How death is life, too, recycling Part of life, why fear it, discern God gives us children to...Read More
Categories: anniversary, culture, death, environment,
Form: Rhyme
Organic Faith : advice to myself
First, followers find Focus on worthy "subject" Atributes of God as creator are meditation staffs Introspect: watch your heart. It will shock you Think of those in need,pray for them. It refocusrs u on life Habituate yourself to enjoy...Read More
Categories: 2nd grade, anniversary, atheist,
Form: Acrostic
The sunflower leaned against the burning candle, fat. a quiet night of sumptuous feasting - notable, the crème brulee and berries covered in whipped cream, two flutes filled with asti spumante. the cheers that took two years to occur - after a pandemic and a death, but...Read More
Categories: anniversary,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member What Have We Learned From The Columbine Massacre
Political pundits will blame the gun; they'll say they have a right, but we have none. What played a role in the Columbine massacre? Tell me, why did it occur? Bullying did play a major role, but that's not all...Read More
Categories: anniversary, anti bullying, april,
Form: Couplet
Living life through lifeless times
We've somehow got to find the will to carry on The fire to fight will burn within us Ignited by the sweetness of the dawn We've traveled for so far and so Long The courses unmarked, across the...Read More
Categories: age, anniversary, betrayal, blessing,
Form: Rhyme

Specific Types of Anniversary Poems

Read wonderful anniversary poetry on the following sub-topics: beautiful, boyfriend, church, death, 50th, funny, girlfriend, grandparents, happy, her, him, husband, love, one month, one year, parents, pastor, 25th, two years, wedding, wife, and more.

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