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Mother Daughter Poems

Mother Daughter Poems. Read and share great examples of poetry about mother daughters. This list of mother daughter poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples of mother daughter poetry. This list of works about mother daughter is an excellent resource for examples on how to write mother daughter poems.

Poem Topics Related to Mother Daughter

mom, mommy, mum, parent, child, children, mothers day, girl, woman, offspring, female offspring,

New Poems

A life story
No father has been seen since birth
The school near the estate didn't teach me a lesson
Relatives other than my mother have lived with me
How could I do anything except what mom did...Read More
Categories: life, mother, mother daughter, society,
Form: Free verse

The Highlight Of This Poem
Traveling with mom throughout Paris 
was an amazing and rewarding experience, 
As she truly was the highlight 
Of this trip. 

It is only natural that I dedicate 
an entire post to her 
and thank her for being 
my companion and...Read More
Categories: appreciation, mother daughter,
Form: Prose Poetry
My Wish for Her
I wish for my daughter
The greatest capacity for love.
I wish that she finds strength
Most can only dream of
I hope that she loves
With reckless abandon
Sharing faith and compassion
Always at random
Spreading joy where most needed 
Teaching others how love is seeded 

I...Read More
Categories: mother daughter, anti bullying, appreciation, children, courage, faith, family,
Form: Rhyme
The Priceless Job of Motherhood
God of Heaven!
I am here on Earth
To follow a Divine mandate
Of being a loving Mother
I know I have no strength
To this on my own
I pray for your wisdom
So, I can carry this task
Without a fright

As I raise these children 
Please...Read More
Categories: care, mother daughter, poetry, prayer, wisdom, woman,
Form: Ode
Premium Member Home to Rest
Home to Rest
(She said, "I love my room." 
The very happy feeling of being home.)

my daughter came home. 
She was not crying this time, 
so my heart is lighter than last. 
She showed me new shirts, 
gathered items from...Read More
Categories: mother daughter, allah, angel, appreciation, daughter, depression, divorce, mother
Form: Ballad

Premium Member Silly Non-entry Number 2 for Brenda Chiri's Photo Contest
Mommy, what are those two doing?
   Why, honey, they're kissing and cooing

Mommy, why don't you kiss and coo with dad?
   Oh, a peck on the cheek's enough to make us glad

Mommy, if that tall boy was...Read More
Categories: kiss, mother daughter, silly, word play,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member sing to me a soft lullaby

              tunes my mother sings
     brings an aria of light-
             ...Read More
Categories: mother daughter,
Form: Senryu
I love how life in the midst of its wars, its killings, 
its behaviors so thoughtless and vile
will set set aside a moment every now and then
a moment to make us smile.

Little Women is a popular book- 
I had just...Read More
Categories: mother daughter, women,
Form: Verse
Abandoned Me
It all started when I was three
You just left me, 
to be free?
That was selfish if you ask me.
How could you just simply flee?
How could you just abandon me?
I can’t just merely be...
Can’t you see?
You broke me!!
I can’t be who...Read More
Categories: family, mother, mother daughter,
Form: Monorhyme
Premium Member things you did for me as a child, now I do for you
daughter tends to mum
helping change her depends pads...
our roles have reversed

Senryu on Mother Poetry Contest
Jenish Somadas 

...Read More
Categories: care, mother daughter,
Form: Senryu

               Decades together 
               Laughter, tears, joys,family
     ...Read More
Categories: celebration, love, mother daughter, new year,
Form: Haiku
Morning Stars
Poem by Koffi Mtonga

She woke up early that morning, opened the window that had a view of a blue sea, just in time for the rising mellow sunrise.
The fresh cool wind blew gently on her face as she drew the...Read More
Categories: family, morning, mother, mother daughter, mother son,
Form: Imagism
Maa Lift Me Up

Most ravishing phrase in my life,  maa lift me up! 
It made me glory, when i am glad. 
It made me glory, when i am sad. 
Maa lift me lift me up!! 

Most abominate phrase in...Read More
Categories: mother daughter, daughter, love, mother,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member After Glow
After Glow

The pumpkin pie is steaming in the oven, 
just exactly right for the evening dessert. 
A sweet remembrance of all things...
that have happened since the first hello, 
the first hug, the first call, and laugh. 
Until the last goodbye,...Read More
Categories: angel, atheist, bereavement, forgiveness, happy, mother daughter,
Form: Free verse
Prayer Works: Lessons from a prayerful Mother
In the darkest hour of the night
During the hardest time of life
When unsure if things will be all right
You should pray!

When your mind lacks peace
And your heart is too broken to beat
When you struggle to stand on your feet
You ought...Read More
Categories: mother, mother daughter, prayer,
Form: ABC
I Pray For This Girl
Oh yes! For the young girl
Who just landed on Mother Earth!
The one about to turn five with a smile
Or the other one who just turned nine
She is not only mine
My Mother’s, Grandmother’s
Neighbour’s or friend’s daughter
She is like a flower
Very fragile,...Read More
Categories: daughter, love, mother, mother daughter, wisdom, words,
Form: Ode
Happy 88th Birthday Mum
Throughout my life you've cared for me
In oh so many ways.
You were my Florence Nightingale
Way back in childhood days.

And nestled in your cosy lap
I'd readily engage
With captivating stories as
Your voice lit up each page.

Returning home from school each day
I knew...Read More
Categories: birthday, love, mother daughter,
Form: Rhyme
Letting Go
I gave birth to you
But God gave the earth to you
To live — to explore...Read More
Categories: mother daughter, mother son,
Form: Senryu
I Imagine
I imagine her pearl-pink clouds crashed into gray and the wind 
grew too stiff, blowing leaves into sparring wars over a dull earth. 
I imagine the sun flashed peculiar rays and slanted in odd directions 
leading her along mossy, twisted...Read More
Categories: change, encouraging, journey, mental illness, mother daughter,
Form: Free verse
The sun slowly set,
As we silently walked,
Our minds clearly set,
Upon the task ahead.

No one imagined,
Nobody thought then,
Jane could be dead,
Before we caught the men.
...Read More
Categories: depression, heartbroken, mother, mother daughter, sad love,
Form: Epic
Premium Member Safe surrender called Naomi
I'm so sorry to leave you dear, hard to say good bye to one so new,
  The nine months and few hours in my arms held, are far as I can go.
  Your fireman guardian angel will protect...Read More
Categories: mother daughter, birth, child, heartbreak, loss, love, mother, mother
Form: Villanelle
Premium Member When You Find Me

“When You Find Me"

Virgo, when you find me
through your heart turned inside out,
yell the Daughter Yell

Strength in the Mother Power
Leo growl, a fierce smile to you,
turned inside out

Inside the Daughter,
The Mother Key
opens out


Inside the Mother
The Daughter Key 
opens out

FREEDOM...Read More
Categories: mother daughter, devotion, freedom, home, i love you, love,
Form: Free verse
Fall Into My Arms

Fall Into My Arms

A red rose for my dearest bloom
Your love is true
This I assure you
Your hugs melt my heart
You stand out in the crowd of valentines 
A smile upon your face 
Makes my day worthwhile
Look out your window 
I...Read More
Categories: mother daughter, best friend, christian, farewell, humanity, light, love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member HOME


Inside my heart
like a beating 
fleshy molusc

unfurling like 
the darkest 
Blood Red Rose

there in the 
very core 
of Me

sits stoic enthroned 
an etheric Pearl

like a Key

On it is written

Travel with it
in your memory
as you cross your Seas

In your heart is...Read More
Categories: home, i am, light, love, mother daughter,
Form: Free verse
Pretend Little Princess
Oh the elegance of diamonds 
Soft allure of indulged perfume
A beautiful, ceaseless onslaught 
As it wafts clearly through the room 

I dance blissfully in ball gowns 
If only urban elastics 
Thin pink veil and silk ribbons 
Stepping light, I cast...Read More
Categories: child, cinderella, daughter, kid, mother daughter, princess,
Form: Free verse

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