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Family Poems

Family Poems. Above are examples of beautiful Poems about families, relatives, and the bonds they share. This list of family poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. When the husband, wife, kids and other family members make an effort to notice and acknowledge each other's good qualities, the family unit flourishes. However, families can also experience severe problems which often leads to a poet expressing emotions about these strained relationships. Still, you may be able to relate to these beautiful poems about families and relatives whether you have a traditional, extended, or stepfamily. Read all types of family poems and share these poems with the ones you love.

New Poems

Tenderness itself
I hear a voice to my heart dear,
It contains all the tenderness.
And he calls me like
It is not the voice that speaks, but her soul.

You are precious to me,
My ray of light is my mother.
I love you forever,
My love will...Read More
Categories: family, love, mother,
Form: Blank verse

Limericks I - Relatives and Relativity
Limericks I - Relatives and Relativity

The Cosmological Constant
by Michael R. Burch

Einstein, the frizzy-haired,
said E equals MC squared.
Thus all mass decreases
as activity ceases?
Not my mass, my ass declared!


by Michael R. Burch

Relativity, the theorists’ creed,
says mass increases with speed.
My (m)ass grows when...Read More
Categories: family, humor, humorous, light, nonsense, science, space, time,
Form: Limerick
The Giant Nazi Spider Speaks
General Zero
the commander of the Khan imperial forces
took over the earth

was a eight foot giant spider
accompanied by two legged rats
and two legged cats

in 24 hours they were in charge
he spoke to the world
People of earth greetings
I am commander Zero

and I...Read More
Categories: family, soldier, stars, war,
Form: Free verse
Bio Modified - Optimistic Patriot
Optimistic me, let's have a look-see,
featuring false teeth, hearing aids, glasses and gray hairs. 
My Savior, my family, my friends are who I talk about.
Hate hurts while love forgives and patience cares.
Joy, anticipation, mercy: these are feelings I tout
snakes, liars...Read More
Categories: family, 11th grade, cancer, freedom, love, usa,
Form: Bio
Ghost Towns
Imagine yourself
In a small gold mining town
you know that gold will run out
you know that for now you have money

but the future is not guarantied
without money a gold town 
become a ghost town
yet you decide to change

talking to the people...Read More
Categories: family, inspiration, international,
Form: Narrative


A rookie poet,quote lover,business oriented,college student
Who loves her pet dogs,fond of Korean pop music and addicted to reading manga
Concomitant of someone’s joy is your joy,Art is a dormant talent in all,Love is life
I feel safe in my own space,content with...Read More
Categories: family, art,
Form: Bio
Premium Member Weather
The Seasonal family of
Mother Nature
and Father Time
When it comes to
a family reunion,
they are never far behind.
Winter, spring, summer 
and fall.

With her daughter 
always on the ball.
Mother nature’s 
first born, Weather.

She is not as predictable 
as we would like to think.
With...Read More
Categories: family, fantasy, funny love, nature, seasons,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member He is Herding the Hens
Where is the new foreman I asked.
He’s down in the barn, herding the hens
I ran right down. Hens are quite a task.
He had brand new bib overalls; he fit right in

He’s a little young isn’t he? I asked my mom
You...Read More
Categories: family, farm, pride,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member Smitten with Kittens
My doggie had kittens just the other day.
How it happened I just can’t exactly say.
It happened underneath my front porch there.
When I found them all I could do is just stare.

Never before has this ever occurred.
To all others it sounds...Read More
Categories: cat, child, children, dog, family, funny, nursery
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Precious Preemie
Precious Preemie (Alouette)

Precious little lass
Time will come to pass
When your preemie days have gone.
As spring flowers bloom
You'll be blooming soon
As you grow with every dawn.

Mommy loves you so
Daddy too I know
That you'll grow up sweet and strong.
Two pounds and a...Read More
Categories: family, baby, birth, daughter, granddaughter, love,
Form: Rhyme

You Never Know That Feeling
A word in saddened whisper, and conversation brief,
you see the people coming, then they go,
bringing food, flowers; condolences for grief,
plus sympathy for such a telling blow.

You take your turn, to acknowledge what is pain,
and find it hard to hold back...Read More
Categories: family, bereavement,
Form: Rhyme
To Her
To My Sis..

Every second every moment, I recall you..
Your absence is irreplaceable, just like you..
You may have entered into the another world..
Still our gladness is swayed by you..

You were light, you were a blessing,
You were divine, you were cherubic,
You were...Read More
Categories: deep, family, feelings, sister,
Form: I do not know?
Sudden fear struck by body
And I could barely breath
Move or speak
When I first heard about
The corona virus and
All its destruction
It's even scarier to
Believe that it's in
Your city and your town
What makes it even worse is
That I don't know who it
Has...Read More
Categories: family, emotions, feelings, hope, inspiration,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Alfresco Dining

sliced thick.

French wine
baguettes and cheese
sound fine.

blankets on grass


Finding Your Musette Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Joseph May...Read More
Categories: 7th grade, 8th grade, 9th grade, family,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Plague Journal at the Ides of March 2020, Abandoned
The sound of a piano playing a dirge lies in the air. It was the day before general quarantine measures were implemented by the Austrian government. That same night, for the first time in recent memory, Vienna's stars were visible.

The...Read More
Categories: family, angst, death, depression, international, political,
Form: Prose Poetry
Artemis and Her Dragon
O’Great Nations of the West,
To you I pen my loving best,
A Warning for all Military,
Leviathan that Dragon waits for thee,

When thou thought all is well,
Plotted against thee from burning hell,
This ‘Artemis and her Dragon’s be,’
Two arms of this 'Evil-Octopussy!'

Though! In...Read More
Categories: family, inspirational, international, military, political, soldier, usa, war,
Form: Quatrain
First Day Of Lockdown
First day of lockdown 
I was enjoying everything 
Had a healthy breakfast after that 
Watched tv ,played on line chess 
Had a good nap to complete relax.
About 11 o clock i left the bed
Put on sleepers and stepped forward to...Read More
Categories: anxiety, family, friend, funny, natural disasters, social,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Corona And Lock Down
The dangerous dusty world is now comfortable for the Covid-19
The severe filthy world is now well residual for vultures
The fearful world is now full with divine fair for the dead
The dead now rest in divine with grievance while the alive...Read More
Categories: family, death, life, world,
Form: Free verse


Categories: anxiety, family, natural disasters,
Form: Rhyme
Of Ivory and Glass
Of Ivory and Glass
What do I care about politics and politicians for?
They live in their Ivory Towers and Glass Houses.
Making up their damn laws to rule over me.
And should I care about the rest of you?

The other common man and...Read More
Categories: family, anger, evil, political,
Form: Verse
Like the dust of snow
And the triplet blades
Of man-made breeze,
Dependence roars ultimate

Dependence on a core,
The battery in the radio.
Such is family
Whose core is attachment

Not of blood
But of emotion
The truth of family
Lies in its fallacies
...Read More
Categories: family,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member Pestilence - COVID19
The wrath of nature
reaching out
a pestilence
hungry for those
with gold in their hearts
silver in their hair
struggling to breathe
in a lonely room
family not allowed
where is the love
taking a last breathe
no embrace
no goodbye
there is no time
leaving memories
starts another day
one less candle

Edward J...Read More
Categories: family, grandparents, health,
Form: Lyric

I love you
I love you the way you live me
I live you the way you made it
That's why I say 
I can't leave you...

Dreams are mine
Dreams are yours
All in one 
We are both each other's bond
That's why I say 
I...Read More
Categories: family, 12th grade, beauty, emotions, heart, love, passion,
Form: Narrative
Barely a chance
Please can I go past
Said the salmon to the bear 
Sure swim right on by
Just licking down my hair 

I’ve already caught my fill
Had more than I prefer 
That’s mighty nice of you 
Thought I was a goner there

So how...Read More
Categories: family, allegory, animal, fish, life, meaningful, nursery rhyme,
Form: Rhyme
Early Morning Friend
My wife found a grocer that opens from 6 to 7am for seniors only before serving the general public.  And I kid you not. Yesterday, on an early morning mission for my wife to purchase mustard greens, I was...Read More
Categories: family, animal, bird, food,
Form: Narrative