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Cowboy Poems

Cowboy Poems. Examples of Cowboy Poetry and a list of poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read Cowboy poetry while accessing rules, topics, ideas, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Cowboy. (New Poems Below)

New Poems

Premium Member My Umbrella
My Umbrella

It was the reason
for everything,
that had any value. 

It started with rain, 
on a Sunday morning. 
It moved to the car,
that would not start. 
Then there was a man, 
a stranger,
an unexpected hero. 

He stopped when no one...Read More
Categories: cowboy, angel, forgiveness, freedom, hello, inspirational, leadership, soldier,
Form: Narrative

Premium Member Waiting

Sitting in the office…
of someone, 
I rather not see. 
To talk about things, 
I rather not say. 
To hear, 
what does not need,
to be said.

I am over 18. 
I can vote, 
I can drive. 

I can leave. 

...Read More
Categories: cowboy, abuse, break up, depression, discrimination, divorce, encouraging,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Who Are You
Who Are You

What is your name?
Is it a crime to speak it out, loud?

Will someone come, 
from somewhere to here…
because we are too piercing, 
even as we whisper? 

The name of God. 
The holy name of the Lord. 
Places they...Read More
Categories: cowboy, abuse, america, angel, emotions, encouraging, endurance, political,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Stolen Life
Stolen Life

The years of innocence 
were short. 
You were not the mother, 
You should have been. 
Yet, I forgive you. 

Things were worse, 
as the ripples, kept washing up, 
on the shores of the sea..
“The Sea of Forgetfulness”! 
I embrace...Read More
Categories: cowboy, abuse, addiction, angel, growing up, heaven, miracle,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member A Big World, A Small Place
A Big World, A Small Place

Frogs in a small pound, 
battle over flies.
The competition is intense.
Sometimes there are not 
enough flies to go around. 

Leaving the pond is hard. 
The unknown, the outside, 
the dry place between here,
frog heaven… 
can...Read More
Categories: cowboy, abortion, adventure, angel, anxiety, appreciation, blessing, death
Form: Free verse

Premium Member The Flag of Our Nation
The Flag of Our Nation

Belongs to all that stand. 
We hold together this land, 
one person to another, 
part of the fabric, 
of all that we hold dear. 

Red, White and Blue, 
The colors never run! 
They are known the...Read More
Categories: cowboy, allah, america, chocolate, christian, god, jesus, leadership,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Black Lightning
Black Lightning

Strikes the ground, the tree, 
and me… in the heart. 

She left last night. 
The clouds gathered all day, 
So I should have expected it.

The most beautiful flower, 
I have ever seen…
hates me.
She says she does not, 
but she...Read More
Categories: cowboy, abuse, addiction, angel, chocolate, depression, divorce, husband,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member When I Grow Up
When I Grow Up

It will be okay. 
I will be six foot 
and five inches.
I will be bigger than him. 
I will be as big as grandpa.

I will take him to the shed.
Instead of you. 
I will make him shake....Read More
Categories: cowboy, abuse, caregiving, cinderella, death of a friend,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member 24 Days of Praise
24 Days of Praise

Thankful for the day, 
In every way, 
I bow my head, 
and bend my knee. 

My family is fed. 
No one is hungry. 
No one is terribly 
sick or ill. 
When there is, 
You send Your angels....Read More
Categories: cowboy, allah, america, christian, courage, faith, heaven, immigration,
Form: Free verse
The Dusty Trail, revised
A cowboy like a glacier sat
Upon the foothills. And just like that 
The climate changed from hope
To glad. Melt water eroded the grassy slope.
No bridge to cross. The swift stream glistened
Brightly under the midday sun. To spend
Another night camped stream-side...Read More
Categories: cowboy, imagery, nature, river, solitude, water,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member Loss

How can I express, 
something that can not be written down, 
unless you can grasp lightening, 
harness thunder, shush a whisper…
or ask your self if you should?

Loved ones go to heaven. 
A few of us, will go to hell. 
The...Read More
Categories: cowboy, chocolate, christian, death, forgiveness, funeral, grief, heaven,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Burden is Light
The Burden is Light

I go to your house, 
and make tea.
Talk to me. 

I clean your dishes. 
I mop the floor.
I start dinner. 
I am here. 

My life, 
it has things wrong.
Yet, it is you, 
you that is suffering. 

I...Read More
Categories: cowboy, christian, dance, forgiveness, friendship, heaven, i love
Form: Narrative
Premium Member The Tank
The Tank 

On empty, we drove on. 
There was no place to stop anyway. 
We got in the car before dawn, 
the kids in the back seat. 
the dog with them. 
“Good girl, good girl” stayed silent. 
She knew… 

Pocket...Read More
Categories: cowboy, abortion, abuse, angel, anniversary, anti bullying, death
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Ugly Face
Ugly Face

The law,
says leave no trace, 

but the eyes. 
a hateful rag, 
that smells;
of unclean things,
of sour food, 
and drink, 
of his taste, 
and his smell, 
when he is…

Cover yourself.
cover everything…
about you.
resounds in the image, 
of reflection, 

Cutting parts...Read More
Categories: cowboy, abortion, abuse, allah, angel, anti bullying, arabic,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member 7 Lies
7 Lies

We are friends.
We are the same.
My family likes you.
We can hang out.


Do you even know what a lie is?
Do you have any idea, 
what you are saying?

We are not friends, 
because your father will kill you. 
We are not...Read More
Categories: cowboy, allah, america, divorce, education, endurance, history, holocaust,
Form: Free verse
Three Greenbacks
There's three greenbacks in my pocket
Most I have had was ten
This cowboy's life don't make you rich
The green is pretty thin

Now I could take my three dollars -
An' that's the whole dang pot -
Then ride to town and have a...Read More
Categories: culture,
Form: Cowboy
Premium Member My Wife
My Wife

She is gone, 
and I thought my life over. 
She would be so mad at me. 
It is not, fair. 

There are things yet to be done. 
I need to go fishing, 
and teach someone…(small)
I need to volunteer to...Read More
Categories: cowboy, anger, chocolate, death, death of a friend,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Angels Touch the Earth
Angels Touch the Earth

The soft color of red, 
turned ever so slowly to pink… carnations.
The grand color of blue, 
the sky, the ocean, 
the color of my new born daughter’s eyes. 
They are just like yours my love. 
A mirror,...Read More
Categories: cowboy, angel, baby, birth, christian, dad, daughter, father,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member He Left
He Will

Be back soon. 
That is what he said. 

Don’t worry, it is just a phase. 
That is what his family chimed, 
nearly sang. 

He took the good car, 
He took all the money,
from every account. 
He took all of...Read More
Categories: cowboy, abuse, angel, anti bullying, cancer, children, divorce,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Keeping Still
Keeping Still

The fire has burned low my love. 
I dare not move to fix it. 
You have fallen asleep against my chest.
I feel you breathing.
I hear air, moving… in and out…
as you slumber.

Your hair is a wave of brown, 
like...Read More
Categories: cowboy, christmas, happiness, heaven, longing, love, miracle, missing
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Angel Tree
The Angel Tree

In the mall there is a…
plain green tree, 
with tags…
It has names, without faces.
It has stories, with few words. 

Wishes and fishes that make kids happy, 
Any small thing ready at hand. 
It is hard to fill out...Read More
Categories: cowboy, caregiving, childhood, christmas, devotion, encouraging, first love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Drawn On Paper
Drawn on Paper

The small house, mostly quiet.
No one up. 
No one to notice anything. 
Things just happened.

Lights sparkled…
from no where.
The soft sound,
of angel wings,
The ever so sweet smell,
of chocolate and peppermint, 
commingled with apple spice, 
permeates the very air.

That...Read More
Categories: cowboy, childhood, children, christian, christmas, december, faith, grandchild,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Words that Hurt
Words that Hurt

Fill in the blank.
Keep writing.
Stop crying.

It worked.

...Read More
Categories: cowboy, abuse, anti bullying, anxiety, art, atheist, death,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Lawn Mower Facts
Lawn Mower Facts

Briggs and Stratton is number one, 
Grandpa use to say…
They will last until the cows come home.
Then he dreamed a bit…

The Deere, Oh John, he plows forever, 
If you can afford one, that is. 

Fixing things that did...Read More
Categories: cowboy, blessing, butterfly, chocolate, devotion, encouraging, forgiveness, grandfather,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member The Gun
The Gun

On the wall above the fire place, 
Grandpa’s rifle still sits. 
I take it down now and then to clean, 
but put it back every time. 
That is where it belongs. 

Grandpa shot deer and elk, 
He even shot...Read More
Categories: cowboy, allah, america, encouraging, granddaughter, grandfather, grandmother, heaven,
Form: Narrative

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