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Dog Poems

Dog Poems. Read and share great examples of poetry about dogs. This list of dog poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples of dog poetry. This list of works about dog is an excellent resource for examples on how to write dog poems.

New Poems


Tiny gangster

Greatest showman of the all

Budding flower

Both open yet closed

To what is meant to be

A city without parks or tree's

A black and white 

3D modern day television

With supersonic fibre internet connection 24/7

Trapped inside a spider's webb
complete with all the trimmings

Chock...Read More
Categories: dog, slam,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Lilly the Bugs
I have a friend Lilly, she's a dog
She jumps and plays when she jogs
She's a pit bull and sweet, she is quick on her feet
It sounds strange but she likes to eat frogs

She has the prettiest eyes of her breed
She's...Read More
Categories: best friend, dog, love,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Life in a Mask
Keeping magic wands of happiness in hands
Why are we pleading for happiness outside?
We are the masters of our own happiness
And if mastered, will master the world in ease.

Bereft of courage there lived a poor soldier
Like a dear tiger living in...Read More
Categories: dog, happiness, life,
Form: Free verse

~~A Unique Wedding Ring~~

BRIDES have wedding rings so lovely,
in all colors, some with precious stones,
But you may not have mine, it's too

BRIDES really are their husband's sunshine,
in dresses traditional or new.
But I was married wearing a raincoat,
Love makes the vows,...Read More
Categories: dog, happiness, marriage, poetry, romantic,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Panda and Oakley Our Dogs
Panda decided to have a serious talk with Oakley
I always have to ride in the backseat, he complained
So tomorrow when we get in the car, can you jump in the back seat?
Oakley barked an okay, but not meaning it actually.

The...Read More
Categories: dog,
Form: Narrative

There Is Freedom Within And Freedom Without
Though you may be poor,
There is no freedom without cash,
Worked hard for the dollar,
Until I hit the floor,
The poor has gift of time.
The rich in cash has no woe of money,
where there is no lack.
Not where the green dog can...Read More
Categories: dog, anxiety, appreciation, freedom, judgement, money, poems, power,
Form: Free verse
King of Lies
King of Lies

I've seen many evil things, so that you didn't have to.
I've fought my share of evil, occasionally I bled for you.
Should that day come for me, where I cannot make it through.
that evil never took me, it was...Read More
Categories: dog, anger,
Form: Ode
Premium Member Defenceless
Against cruel taunts repeatedly uttered
In scornful tones one might use to a dog,
A sensitive child may be defenceless.

At school there may be damage done by those
Who do not wish to show themselves as week,
They do not wish to appear defenceless

Ill-treatment...Read More
Categories: dog, abuse, animal, child, emotions,
Form: Tristich
When Poetry Threatens
There is a greasy odor in the air

At the window
across the room

the diaphanous wings of a fly

peal off accompaniment,
--a staccato--contradictory notes

to the stretched rays of a dying afternoon sun

falling  on the face of my otherwise muse

And in her countenance
all...Read More
Categories: dog, allusion, angst, hyperbole, inspiration, loss, muse, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Saving Me From My Imagination
Sophie dog is bark-crying, howling in consternation
As if robbers with machetes are in the closets
As if home invaders have slept under our beds.
As if sixteen escaped convicts are eating her bologna.
As if someone is approaching with two assault rifles.
As if...Read More
Categories: dog, imagination,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member What it really means
A day when everything goes your way 
   I must be doing something wrong

when you do everything on your checklist
   Haven't I forgotten something? 

when all those checks arrive in the mail
   How many...Read More
Categories: dog, day, how i feel,
Form: Free verse
Hey you don't be blue
Hey you, don't be blue
Life is life an love is too. 
It's all, about the way
You take stock an make a change. 

Hey you, don't be sad
Get up it ain't that bad. 
Go an chase, a better way
Tommorow is a...Read More
Categories: dog, appreciation, life,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Pure Love
their heart in your hands
faith in you never shaken
pure love is your dog...Read More
Categories: appreciation, dog, heart, love,
Form: Haiku
Among our three dogs of mongrel breed
that mingle well with kittens 
in their jubilant mood
our African birds give us delight
cheering us while in their cage, verily secured.

Through their guarding prowess
our dogs keep us physically protected
while barking unceasingly 
signaling presence of...Read More
Categories: appreciation, bird, blessing, christian, dog, god, pets,
Form: Light Verse

Awakening with a romantic itch,
Then a scratch where I had burst a stitch,
looking at my beaut shagger named sheila,
as a randy ram, try to hug her,
tis Valentines Day in Whattabugga.

Love is in the bush out west,
all...Read More
Categories: dog, crazy, feelings, funny love, hilarious, humor, valentines
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Angels Come In All Shapes And Sizes
(This dog was an angel in a fur coat)

Angels come in all shapes and sizes
this one was full of prizes.
An Easter gift,
oh! so soft and not stiff.
Boys got her at the pound,        ...Read More
Categories: angel, dog, heaven,
Form: Rhyme
The Manipulator
Dog cross my path several times
Dog bark all night when there is no fight
Dog jumping up and down the solid roof
Dog is pulling and tearing my rubber shoes
Dog is telling the truth on two feet, 
And dog is listening to...Read More
Categories: dog, character, community, conflict, confusion, corruption, deep, environment,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Beauty Of Animal Kind
A  Animals other than my kind are
B  Beautiful, loving souls; empathic to their
C  Core and full of absolute
D  Devotion 
E  Expressed compassionately, to their
F  Family members.
G  Generous to a fault are their hearts...Read More
Categories: dog, animal, nature, pets, poems, poetry,
Form: Abecedarian
Premium Member Bow Wowzer
There once was a dog who could fly
But only when fed apple pie.
So we added honey
And he became runny,
Then morphed into a pet housefly....Read More
Categories: butterfly, cute, dog, fun, giggle, happy, humor,
Form: Limerick

Friday is free display day
For the old, the poor,
Plastc sheets spread over rain-filled  
Paths through the market square.

Step aside for an old woman
With a lined face
Equally dodging the puddles,
Automatic...Read More
Categories: dog, history, memory, old, rain, relationship,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Chalk And Cheese
Once there were two sisters named
Chalk and Cheese.
Long ago, Cheese was blamed,
Without reprise,
For a theft Chalk had committed.
Cheese, innocent, was soundly whipped -
Stealing could not be permitted,
In the bud it must be nipped.
Meanwhile Chalk, racked with guilt,
Slunk like a mongrel...Read More
Categories: dog, allegory, allusion, childhood, family, home, sister,
Form: Narrative
Buds and Buddies
my fluffy puppy with curly hair
wags the tail on his derriere  
he jumps on my lap in a slapstick scene
licking my face ‘till squeaky clean

his gitty kitty butter ball brother
is a spotted sibling by another mother
that chases red lights...Read More
Categories: dog, humorous, pets,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member My Lola Beans
4 little paws, how fast they grow.
Loyalty and love, she always shows.
God's greatest gift, for us to share.
She's thick and wide, with short black hair.

She will eat her toys, your shoes beware.
I love how she plays, and wiggles with care.
She's...Read More
Categories: animal, appreciation, best friend, dog, love,
Form: Rhyme
He never once mentioned the pressure of his blood
or his Mam
I found dead on the floor

his Dad’s cancer
or his younger brother
not once, during the best years of my life

he fixed cars
with a pipe slowly smoking

a magician with gauges and valves

he...Read More
Categories: dog, age, death, family, loss, love, society, tribute,
Form: Free verse
Miners Dog
High home summer hill

Straining, sucking, sitting

Staring, stopped and stick-

A pit-prop tight and gripped.

The trees across the valley

Much higher than he can go now.

I pant to reassure him

In time with his withered eyes.

His tongue, tombed gritty green

He’s faithful, though he’s fading

Bones...Read More
Categories: dog, career, community, metaphor, pets, symbolism, trust, work,
Form: Free verse

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