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Love Poems - Top 100 Best All-time

Top 100 Best Love Poems. These are the all-time best and most beautiful love poems ever written by modern international poets. PoetrySoup members chose this select list of contemporary love poetry. Read and share these 100 greatest love poems ever written on affection, lust, passion, desire, and romance. Don't forget to view our great list of the Top 100 Famous Love Poems by famous poets.

1 Violin Elaine George
2 Love Passing By elizabeth wesley
3 A Cathartic Weave Of Three Maurice Yvonne
4 Twilight Aurora Silent One
5 A Tale of Fire and Ice Andrea Dietrich
6 Wind From The Sea David Meade
7 Petal Keith Bickerstaffe
8 Tell the Night to Hold Me Gregory R Barden
9 Glory of her magnificence Silent One
10 PLAGIARIZING Poet Destroyer A
11 Death of the Poet Destroyer Poet Destroyer A
12 The Breadth Of My Love Maurice Yvonne
13 Uncharted Waters Rhonda Johnson-Saunders
14 I Think Of You - An Alternative Universe - 6 Maurice Yvonne
15 It Matters Not Andrea Dietrich
16 A Tulip Grows Under An Evergreen - Inspired By The Poets At PoetrySoup Maurice Yvonne
17 H-E-A-R-T of L-O-V-E Pace INK-U-SCRIPT
18 To all the heart breakers -a ZOMBIE's valentine SKAT A
19 Does your heart share this moon tonight Chris Green
20 A Near Death Experience of A Sweetheart Linda-Marie SweetHeart
21 Cup of Empty Richard Lamoureux
22 Like Ice --- THE WALTZ Poet Destroyer A
23 If Only I Could Love You Becca Teagan
24 Will You Tie My Shoes When I Grow Old Rachel Kovacs
25 Midnight Secret Poet Destroyer A
26 Love in the Silence of the Soul David Meade
27 In The Stars Poet Destroyer A
28 Thinking Out Loud Maurice Yvonne
29 Dreams of India Connie Marcum Wong
30 A girl named Sue Maria Williams
31 Best Friend Defined Dana Smith
32 FALL IN LOVE Andrea Dietrich
33 Love Beyond the Pale Debbie Guzzi
34 For One Pass Of Your Breath Maurice Yvonne
35 Poetry Soap Carole Duet
36 True Colors Maria Williams
37 A Gift of Love Daniel Turner
38 The last goodbye Vijay Pandit
39 As Flowers Crumble Collaboration with Silent One Daniel Turner
40 With Love for You John Gondolf
41 TOUCH Linda-Marie SweetHeart
42 Ice Cream Poet Destroyer A
43 The Swan Poet Destroyer A
44 No thunder without lightning Silent One
45 Waterfall Wishes on Stars with no Swings Andrea Dietrich
46 Under the Stars Connie Marcum Wong
47 My Heart Will Go On Maria Williams
48 If this was my last poem Silent One
49 ONLY EVER WITH YOU Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser
50 The Stone Terry O'Leary
51 How Do I Love Thee - Let Me Count The Ways Maurice Yvonne
52 Love's Alchemy is Eternal Gary Bateman
53 Unwritten ink Silent One
54 The Red Leaf Susan Ashley
55 WORLD DAY AGAINST RACISM Demetrios Trifiatis
56 Love Is Free Paul Callus
57 Yesterday Love Was Such An Easy Game To Play Maurice Yvonne
58 Magic Beans David Meade
60 - I Tried To Say - Sunshine Smile
61 The Wind Charmaine Chircop
62 These Eyes Have Often Been Solaced Charmaine Chircop
64 It Rained That Day Freddie Robinson Jr.
65 I Write Tim Smith
66 Revelation in the Rain Andrea Dietrich
67 Honeymoon Serenade Andrea Dietrich
68 Obsessed with love Silent One
69 Try arthur vaso
70 Never Stop Dancing Darren White
71 It is Quiet Tonight Connie Marcum Wong
72 She Walks In Silence Besma Riabi Dziri
73 Our Love is Eternal Frederic Parker
74 So Soft is the Sonnet of Willows Chris Green
75 Pardon From The Storm Charlie Smith
76 The day I became a poet Silent One
77 Tears on her pillow - continued from A girl named Sue Maria Williams
78 Whisper Soft Into The Night Tim Smith
79 The Time Traveler - A Visual Art Poem Maria Williams
80 My Winter Subimal Sinha-Roy
81 What is Love Silent One
82 Life, To Me Gregory R Barden
83 Desires of the Heart Silent One
84 Life Spent All Alone Connie Marcum Wong
85 Last letter Vijay Pandit
86 Dance To Love - A Visual Art Poem Tribute Maria Williams
87 Behold Death Connie Marcum Wong
88 BECAUSE I LOVE YOU Demetrios Trifiatis
89 BUTTERFLY KISS Poet Destroyer A
90 Eyes of Kaleidoscope Poet Destroyer A
91 - My Dreams - Sunshine Smile
92 The Rose Bowl Andrea Dietrich
93 Belongings Carrie Richards
94 Hero Silent One
96 winter's afterglow Lynn Marie
97 In The Moment David Meade
98 Where Your Eyes Shine I Want To Lie Down Maurice Yvonne
99 In the Sun's Last Glow Andrea Dietrich
100 On One Knee Maurice Yvonne