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Urdu Poetry | Urdu Poems

Urdu poetry is a rich tradition of poetry and has many different forms which were basically originated from Arabic and borrowing much from the Persian language. Urdu language poetry is today an important part of the cultures of Pakistan and India. Like other languages, the history of Urdu poetry shares origins and influences with other linguistic traditions within the Urdu-Hindi-Hindustani mix.

Urdu is the national language and lingua franca of Pakistan, and an official language of five Indian states and one of the 22 scheduled languages in the Constitution of India.

Definition & Discussion of Urdu Poetry

Forms of Urdu Poetry

Ghazal (pronounced as "ghuzzle"), Fard, Hamd, Hazal, Hijv, Madah, Manqabat, Marsiya (muhr-see-yaa), Masnavi (pronounced "mus-na-vee"), Munaajaat, Musaddas, Naat, Nazm, Qasida (pronounced "quh-see-daa"), Qataa, Rubayi (pronounced "ru-baa-ee"), Ruba'i, Rubaiyat, Salaam, Seharaa, and Vaasokht.

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Below is Urdu Poetry written by PoetrySoup members. These examples illustrate what Urdu poems looks like and its form. There is also a link (above) to the definition where you can discuss Urdu poems.

Urdu Poetry by Form

Premium Member Poem POETRY THAT ENLIVENSbeauty,christian,faith,goRubaiyatAgustin, Beata
Premium Member Poem COLORS IN THE SKYgod,joy,rainbow,spiritualRubaiyatSeeker, Unseeking
Urdu Nazm Lochaaddiction,drink,drug,fireNazmHood, Robin
Premium Member Poem CHRISTMAS' ESSENCEblessing,christian,christRubaiyatAgustin, Beata
Premium Member Poem Baptised in the streamgod,spiritual,RubaiyatSeeker, Unseeking
Amore Nihil Mollius, Nihil Violentiusautumn,death,gothic,lust,RubaiyatHubbert, Courtney
negligence regarding lovelost,lost love,love hurtsVaasokhtBoreham, Paris-Maree
Premium Member Poem Dear Joan Letterangst,anxiety,betrayal,goVaasokhtPoet, Hilo
SILENT SONGwriting,VaasokhtCarvis, Roger
Flickering Flameanalogy,life,VaasokhtAlex, Christuraj
Premium Member Poem BLANK PAGES OF A DOORMATangst,writing,VaasokhtRodrigues, Kim
Premium Member Poem Forgettingage,life,VaasokhtKendrick, Sara
Premium Member Poem Luminous voidnight,spiritual,RubaiyatSeeker, Unseeking
Premium Member Poem Follow the scentgod,spiritual,RubaiyatSeeker, Unseeking
In Sanskritloneliness,poetry,religioGhazalZarSinner, Nazim
Takhayyulemotions,love,romance,romGhazalElam, Akmal
Premium Member Poem The Only Star For Meanalogy,appreciation,starRubaiyatPoet, Sotto
Premium Member Poem How did we land up herei am,spiritual,RubaiyatSeeker, Unseeking
THE CREATOR,ALLAHallah,HamdTalha, Muhammad
Kaiser Jeffimmigration,ManqabatConnelly, Jeff
Premium Member Poem Bliss energised stillnessjoy,silence,RubaiyatSeeker, Unseeking
Humiliationabuse,addiction,characterNazmOne, The
Premium Member Poem All is lovelove,spiritual,RubaiyatSeeker, Unseeking
I Praise Theeblessing,faith,peace,urduQasidaVillalon, Clifford
Jaltai khawaabaddiction,change,dark,deeGhazalUl islam, Misbah
Premium Member Poem The Pathless Pathspiritual,RubaiyatSeeker, Unseeking
Premium Member Poem Magnificent Magnetismanalogy,appreciation,meanRubaiyatPoet, Sotto
Voluptuousabuse,hindi,nonsense,pashNazmBoy, Hacker
Premium Member Poem Awake oh hermitgod,spiritual,RubaiyatSeeker, Unseeking
Premium Member Poem ONSLAUGHTcheer up,christian,faith,RubaiyatAgustin, Beata
Premium Member Poem God is lovegod,light,love,RubaiyatSeeker, Unseeking
Let my feelings feign some frissonfriendship,relationship,GhazalPathak, Aniruddha
Premium Member Poem MC1R Mutation Station 1: The Factoryfunny,humorous,RubaiyatBueckert, Hat
Breastsbeautiful,gender,girl,groGhazalZarSinner, Nazim
Einnocabsence,best friend,couraGhazalZarSinner, Nazim
In Literaturedeep,devotion,leadership,GhazalZarSinner, Nazim
Premium Member Poem Take me to Nirvanagod,heaven,joy,RubaiyatSeeker, Unseeking
Premium Member Poem Heavenheaven,joy,love,wisdom,RubaiyatSeeker, Unseeking
Premium Member Poem The practiceallegory,god,spiritual,RubaiyatSeeker, Unseeking
Premium Member Poem Be to becomegod,joy,love,spiritual,RubaiyatSeeker, Unseeking
Premium Member Poem Autumn Fuseautumn,extended metaphor,VaasokhtPoet, Hilo
Premium Member Poem Madah: Highest Be Praisedbeautiful,prayer,MadahPoet, Hilo
Sogaat-i-ghamanxiety,deep,feelings,firGhazalUl islam, Misbah
Premium Member Poem Pickled Pickle Partyhumor,RubaiyatBueckert, Hat
On Life's Voyagenature,RubaiyatEmate, Thompson
Premium Member Poem Touch mespiritual,RubaiyatSeeker, Unseeking
Premium Member Poem On Winds of Loveheart,love,wind,RubaiyatLogan, Jenna
Premium Member Poem The promised landallusion,celebration,imagRubaiyatSalehi, Pashang
Premium Member Poem River Stream Elixiranalogy,appreciation,beauRubaiyatPoet, Sotto
Premium Member Poem Nature's Rhapsodyappreciation,beautiful,eaRubaiyatPinet, Emile

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