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Urdu Poetry | Urdu Poems

Urdu poetry is a rich tradition of poetry and has many different forms which were basically originated from Arabic and borrowing much from the Persian language. Urdu language poetry is today an important part of the cultures of Pakistan and India. Like other languages, the history of Urdu poetry shares origins and influences with other linguistic traditions within the Urdu-Hindi-Hindustani mix.

Urdu is the national language and lingua franca of Pakistan, and an official language of five Indian states and one of the 22 scheduled languages in the Constitution of India.

Definition & Discussion of Urdu Poetry

Forms of Urdu Poetry

Ghazal (pronounced as "ghuzzle"), Fard, Hamd, Hazal, Hijv, Madah, Manqabat, Marsiya (muhr-see-yaa), Masnavi (pronounced "mus-na-vee"), Munaajaat, Musaddas, Naat, Nazm, Qasida (pronounced "quh-see-daa"), Qataa, Rubayi (pronounced "ru-baa-ee"), Ruba'i, Rubaiyat, Salaam, Seharaa, and Vaasokht.

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Below is Urdu Poetry written by PoetrySoup members. These examples illustrate what Urdu poems looks like and its form. There is also a link (above) to the definition where you can discuss Urdu poems.

Urdu Poetry by Form

Premium Member Poem Thought of the daygod,RubaiyatSeeker, Unseeking
Mirror in heartheart,mirror,GhazalPathak, Aniruddha
Premium Member Poem THANKFUL FOR THE SEAsea,thanks,VaasokhtYerman, Jim
Rhyme as if asks refrainpain,rain,GhazalPathak, Aniruddha
Premium Member Poem In the bardospiritual,RubaiyatSeeker, Unseeking
Just like thatlife,GhazalPathak, Aniruddha
Premium Member Poem Tonn Chliodhnamyth,mythology,sea,GhazalJones, Lacey
Premium Member Poem I FORGIVE YOU YET STILL I MUST LEAVE YOU CARELESS LOVER-analogy,change,cheer up,cVaasokhtLee Sr., James Edward
Premium Member Poem In the g'night of spacedeep,solitude,space,GhazalScorpio, Anonomus
OBSERVE10th grade,11th grade,12tSalaamhaya786, Noorul
Premium Member Poem Bliss boatjoy,spiritual,RubaiyatSeeker, Unseeking
Premium Member Poem Traditions, Our Way of Life: Countsappreciation,character,fuGhazalPoet, Hilo
Spun from the Nightgrief,heartbreak,lost lovGhazalEmate, Thompson
In the world of lovefeelings,love,poetry,GhazalCarter-wells , Daniella
Premium Member Poem People of this Temporary Worldallah,faith,god,heaven,liQasidaKHAN, UMER
Premium Member Poem Fable of the Nightromantic,GhazalPandit, Vijay
Premium Member Poem Lightangel,hope,night,rain,stoGhazalKauffman, Sam
Premium Member Poem Unnamed Heartadventure,analogy,appreciGhazalPoet, Sotto
Premium Member Poem Magenta Skyline Clusterbeautiful,birth,celebratiRubaiyatKerr, Howard
Premium Member Poem Be to becomespiritual,RubaiyatSeeker, Unseeking
Premium Member Poem To feel evergreenanalogy,love,romance,GhazalOne, Silent
Premium Member Poem Gaping Paindeath,loss,pain,GhazalSands, Heidi
Premium Member Poem THE GIFT OF AN OPEN MINDinspiration,VaasokhtYerman, Jim
Premium Member Poem My Pearl From the Seaemotions,feelings,love,seGhazalGuptar, Krishnanand
Premium Member Poem Samson and Delilahallusion,analogy,appreciaVaasokhtPoet, Hilo
Premium Member Poem Within the Realm of Tranquiltylife,GhazalAchara, Chetta
Premium Member Poem The Kingdom of Sweden: Parting Complimentanalogy,betrayal,conflictVaasokhtPoet, Hilo
Premium Member Poem Please Don't Look Awayhope,GhazalLane, Lin
Premium Member Poem Ghazal Form Poetry Contest--Crystalline River Meditationsintrospection,meaningful,GhazalEtgen-Baker, Sara
Premium Member Poem Peace and Deathgrief,GhazalLa France, Constance
Premium Member Poem Our Hillschildren,GhazalVolumes, Speaks
Premium Member Poem My Mother Landemotions,GhazalDutta, Anisha
Premium Member Poem Depth Of Silenceanalogy,peace,silence,GhazalSinha-Roy, Subimal
Premium Member Poem Dread Your Touchangst,anxiety,death,faithGhazalPinet, Emile
Premium Member Poem Thought of the daylust,RubaiyatSeeker, Unseeking
Premium Member Poem When you leavelonging,loss,love,love huGhazalRadhakrishna, Krish
Premium Member Poem Lovelost,lost love,love,GhazalBartolo, Mark Anthony
Premium Member Poem I THINK OF HERdeath,grief,GhazalRodrigues, Kim
Bullet-like bursts forth her dawn wife,woman,work,GhazalPathak, Aniruddha
Premium Member Poem Lost Lovelost,love,GhazalNarain, Jay
Premium Member Poem Before Youlove,GhazalMiller, Terry
Premium Member Poem Fullness in emptinessspiritual,RubaiyatSeeker, Unseeking
The Wayfarer and the Thirteen Kingdoms Part 3christian,jesus,night,relMusaddasHyatt-Bickle, David
The Wayfarer and the Thirteen Kingdoms Part 2baptism,beautiful,child,mMusaddasHyatt-Bickle, David
The Wayfarer and the Thirteen Kingdoms Part 1beautiful,mystery,myth,myMusaddasHyatt-Bickle, David
The Ghazal Collaboration-True Lovelove,GhazalHold, Merv
SPRINGspring,GhazalOsborne, Howard
Premium Member Poem It Is Springspring,GhazalKendrick, Sara
Premium Member Poem On This Landanalogy,appreciation,beauGhazalPoet, Sotto
Premium Member Poem Oasisadventure,analogy,appreciRubaiyatPoet, Sotto

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