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Funny Poems That'll Make Your Day & Make You Laugh

Read popular funny poems that will make you laugh, giggle, or smile. Humor in literature and especially poetry has a long history. Whether it is a funny poem that rhymes and makes you laugh or a subtly engaging and witty way of expressing a thought, everyone loves humor. Read and share these funny poems full of wit and wisdom and then write your own by using these as tips for writing funny poetry. Maybe you will get a laugh out of someone and make their day. 
Premium Member Harvest
A local farmer's cabbage Exceeded county tonnage, The judge said hey Joe You got any mo', My ol' pickup's now wreckage....Read More
Categories: autumn, farm, fun, funny,
Form: Limerick

The Duck With No Web Feet
This little duck didn't have webbed feet Other ducks laughed when they'd meet His mama said, I think it is really neat He swims and waddles to his own beat This little duck was named Webless Hank When others laughed...Read More
Categories: emotions, encouraging, feelings, funny,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member no no
No pen for a pocket No purpose with a pull No left with a reason No right with a rule No lessons on Tuesday No Wednesday at home No makes for the model No data on...Read More
Categories: allusion, conflict, funny love,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The Queen's Long Journey
"she carved her own road . . . " ...Read More
Categories: funny,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member On an Outback Plain
On an outback plain where big Roos were few A gang went riding their Harley’s Their plan was to stop at the pub for a brew So they headed at top speed for Charley’s It wasn’t too long as...Read More
Categories: funny, humor,
Form: Rhyme

What were we
like lightning flashes by It all went on so quickly, despite all the risks we allowed our love take control Shouting the rest of the world away My heart would take time to heal like a...Read More
Categories: black love, depression, funny
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member she is running down the staircase
she is running down the staircase que pasa, que pasa, echoes before her i am on the front balcony watching the butterflies wander from one miniature rose to the next having my third cup of coffee cream, Kahlua, a tad of...Read More
Categories: fate, funny, humanity, relationship,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Demo Man
Dan the Man was a demo man demolitions were his main plan lost his toes then his nose poor Dan’s plan’s a flash in the pan...Read More
Categories: funny, giggle, humorous, silly,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member Freddy
There once was a man named Freddy he worked very hard and steady his battery wore out recharged in the blackout now he’s Freddy Never Ready...Read More
Categories: funny, giggle, humorous, silly,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member The Joker
The spotlight flashes funny flair on the showy sagged dress, miniature crimson cold sun stuck on the puckered porcelain face. An animated caricature captured in comical frail human figure, tramps round and round the circus arena to amuse. The...Read More
Categories: funny, life, sad,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Halloween Fortune Cookies
don't give in to temptation this week anticipation is half the fun its easy to suffer in silence if they know you are suffering seek advice for a difficult problem why should you take...Read More
Categories: funny, halloween,
Form: Monoku
Spinderella Glamorous Granny Contest Circa 2022
My Fair Lady Winner of 2022 Glamorous Granny Contest I know it's deemed in polite society unacceptable to enquire or speculate upon a ladies age But you to me as other's look young enough to be rather better suited to be...Read More
Categories: funny,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Prom Night
hairdo updo mani pedi assess short dress high heels appeals oh dear he’s here in tux big bucks limo let’s go arrive alive fruit punch some munch slow dance my chance break heel big deal issues no shoes barefoot toe cut dismayed band aid pedi shreddy updo downdo big night sad plight down trend sad end...Read More
Categories: funny, 12th grade, boy, dance,
Form: Footle
The Cap On This App
The cap on this app Brings the hour of trap. The hour of trap? Yes, the hour of trap. They shake it hard. They throw it back. They praise God But....Then they talk smack. The Trumpettes shouting threats... Any more, I might...Read More
Categories: funny, social,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Pulling Pickles
[Written with ‘Pickle Party’ contest in mind but missed the deadline.] [A pickle (USA) = A Gherkin (UK)] ——— Mr Gherkin from Great Britain Met Miss Pickle, USA A cross Atlantic soirée That was going A Okay He looked her up and...Read More
Categories: funny love,
Form: Rhyme

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